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1375480 tn?1313252049 Westaff interview @ Print Pad @ 9:00AM. Offered temp job. Drug test @ Industrial Medical. Balance of paperwork @ Westaff.
1787102 tn?1329453283 How do I print out my mood tracker so that I can take it to my Dr tomorrow?
Avatar f tn How can I print my daily diary?
Avatar f tn t remember the name for it) but not sure if she went through with it. The print kinda looks like a tree on the print. Good luck on your research!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, this is my first blog :-) i think i am allergic to newspaper print in the Daily Mirror (sounds weird) but i think its true, ive had breathing problems for the past week was checked out for asthma, heart lungs etc all ok came home to read the paper and my (dry cough and breathing probs returned) ive now banned newspapers from my living room, or am i just being paranoid? lol help please anyone else had this?
Avatar f tn 25p: managed to print Abilify patient assistance form at SCCC school library without anyone seeing.
Avatar f tn 25p: managed to print Abilify patient assistance form at SCCC school library without anyone seeing.
Avatar f tn The following DEPRESSION QUESTIONNAIRE has 16 simple questions that may help identify common symptoms of depression. The results can be a helpful way to discuss your condition with your healthcare provider and actually help him/her diagnose your condition. After answering the questions provided on the following pages, print the completed questionnaire and discuss any concerns with your doctor.
Avatar n tn Can I print my tracker? Even though there is no print button for the trackers at the moment, you can still print your trackers by following these instructions: * Right Click on the Tracker * Save the Image to your Desktop (you can send to someone or or open it from here) * Open your saved work from the Desktop icon * Print that image out Note that you must move the timeline to the right timeframe before saving the image in order to printout the timeframe that you need.
1515688 tn?1328151024 Does anyone know if you can print your entire tracker? I tried the print option but only got what was showing on the screen. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Im more worried. I spoke to my mom last night and I can hear the depression in her voice. I dont know what to do to cheer her up. Of course, given the circumstances, you cant blame her for how she is feeling. Also, no one can tell her how to feel - those feelings are her own and she is entitled to them. BUT, Im afraid she might be giving up. True, the blood clots are a complication - but theyre a relatively minor complication which are relatively easy to fix.
Avatar f tn Ask doctors office for a print out of test results. A lot of doctors will say your tests are normal when they are not. Post the lab results on this site and you will get good advice about whether they are really normal or not.
Avatar n tn Did she get tested for hypothyroidism???? Hypothyroidism is often mistaken for depression or anxiety disorders! Thats what happened to me at frist! The only way you will know is to get blood tests done! I notice that in my case I have horrible obsessive thoughts and worries. It happed all of a sudden... Woke up feeling this way one morning!
Avatar n tn Can a person suffer with depression to the point that they begin to hallucinate, e.g., see people, hear voices, and so on?
Avatar f tn Depression can occur by itself or as part of bipolar. Best to speak to your family or if they are not approachable a counselor and discuss this with them and they could help find you a psychiatrist to discuss this further and they could determine what would be most helpful for you from there. Its also good to keep a mood tracker here and you could then print out the results for them.
Avatar f tn 1) Warning signs of depression. A) When we are in the midst of our episode, it's sometimes hard to see the slipping into depression. B) Others might need to see the warning signs to help us. 2) It explains the affects of our illness in good detail for our loved ones (as well as those trying to answer the questions?) Check it out and see what you think.
623920 tn?1276478891 I felt like my whole world was caving in on me. I was worried about the results of the pregnancy test. I was worried if I was miscarrying because I was spotting. i was worried that if I was pregnant we wouldn't be able to receive good health care and lose the baby. I was worried about money. I was worried about ANYTHING possible it seems. This morning AF came in a vengeance. I have had severe cramping in both my stomach and back with sharp pains as well. Maybe the cyst is leaving too.
Avatar n tn Hypothyroidism can cause depression and in men it can cause low testosterone levels which also can cause depression. Hypothyroidism can also cause B 12, Calcium and Vit. D deficiencies. So the answer to your question the chicken came first. It is important that you keep taking your replacement testosterone as it can cause issues of it's own. I'm not sure about the estrogen relationship. If your taking your meds and still feeling depressed maybe you need a adjustment in your meds.
Avatar n tn How can i find out the herpes IgG test scores? My doctor did not explain the results in much detail. Do i call the lab or should my doctor have the score?
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any advice about dealing with this, I thought the weight gain, depression and mood where because I had stopped smoking (8 months) never thought it could be my thyroid or lack of it x
Avatar f tn i have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety on and off for three years, i take anti depressants and beta blockers but then stop taking them then end up back at the docs as i feel so bad. I'm not always low, sometimes i am elated and a proper loony or so my partner says. it's having a massive impact on my relationship as he says he can't cope with me any more. I get irritated very easily, loose my temper and become angry so i feel like my head will explode.
Avatar m tn You have every right to ask for a print out of your actual test results to have for your own records. Some clinics will charge you a fee per piece of paper that prints out, others don't. You have to check with your clinic to see if they charge or not. It's really good to have the print out in general because then you know exactly what you were tested for too.