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Avatar f tn It is totally understandable why having an undiagnosed medical problem can lead to anxiety and if left undiagnosed long enough, eventually to depression. Your initial dose of 3mg qd of Xanax in the hospital is a pretty hefty dose and I'm glad they reduced the amount upon your discharge. If that dose is keeping your anxiety under control, there should have been no reason, IMO, to switch you to anything else.
Avatar m tn How much do you know about PAWS and can symptoms last for months at a time everyday. I am on 2 mgs of xanax .05 mgs four times daily.
Avatar m tn I was curious if anyone has ever came off of xanax after taking 3-4 mg a day for 4 years? If so, HOW?
Avatar n tn Not only do you get the same symptoms as opy's(Flulikesymptoms,depression,hot-cold,restless body or leg. You get the wierd **** too. Ears popping, bizzare dreams(real clockwork orange **** here)Weird smells and tastes. No sleep for weeks, well and DEATH! Bite the bullet or become a slave to the traffic light. We tend to care for not only our own, but w/ others not abusing here. I will always give it to ya straight. THis site will help, I will always help.
Avatar n tn I didn't even correlate these symptoms with quitting the Xanax - I thought that I had some sort of terrible flu (I was also very confused and it was hard to think, so I was basically catatonic in a way and unable to tell what I was exactly going through). When I did finally find out that I was experiencing withdrawals, it was about a week later, and I was out of the danger zone in terms of seizures (I thought, and thank goodness didn't experience any seizures).
Avatar f tn I have been a regular Xanax user ever since my dad died 3 years ago. Although I'm an extremely anxious person I used to take it perioidically for certain situations, I now have to take it every night to sleep. I vary my dosages depending on how I feel. My sister was also taking it and developed an irregular heart beat, she has since been able to get off of it.
Avatar n tn anxiety/agitation; insomnia; muscle twitching/aches and some lesser symptoms (hot/cold sensations, etc.). Since you are now on .5mg per day, you could try breaking the pill in half and taking .25 per day for a couple of weeks, then .25 every other day for a week or so and then stop. You still may experience some withdrawal but it will likely be mild and last only a few weeks. Did you taper off the Zoloft or just stop?
Avatar n tn Since I stopped xanax and switched to kolonopin everything is so much better. I also awitched from zoloft to lexapro. I found that by the time I woke in the morning after taking xanax every 4 hours while awake I was already having acute withdrawal symptoms. Stomach ache, panic, ect. With the kolonopin none of this and I am taking 2 mgs of kolonopin a day next to 8mg a day of xanax. I wish I made the switch sooner.
Avatar m tn To help me thro' this period my Doc prescribed me 3 x .25mg tabs of Xanax per day - which I have taken for the past 10 days. Now I am over the worst news (in fact the news improved recently) I decided to stop taking the Xanax. When I stopped - within 24 hours I was experiencing stronger feelings of panic than I did before taking the Xanax and suffered night sweats and loss of sleep. I went back to 1 x tab a day (.25mg) and the feelings subsided and sleep was easier.
311051 tn?1193419806 Simular to that of people suffering from depression. Xanax targets your nervous system giving you more of the benzodiazepines that your brain produces naturally. However, your brain cuts back on the amount of this chemical since the xanax is providing it to you. As time goes on, you feel the need to increase the dosage as your brain has dropped back producing the certain amount. This is simular and in fact the same family as depression.
Avatar f tn Hi i have been on xanax since march 3 dr chnanged me from ativanto on a fairly high dose of xanax will the drowsiness from it evently go away..he had upped my adderall yesterday from 45 mg to 60 but my heartrate went to high so he dropped me down to 30 mg a day....i can tell its not helping me...its suppose to give me energy..
317787 tn?1473362051 Ask your doctor/pharmacist about everything they are giving you. Back in the day Xanax was just Xanax. Now we know differently. I am so glad your doctor is on board with you with this. Follow the taper plan he has you on. Crying is okay so let yourself just cry. It is actually healing. They tested happy tears and sad tears and found we release toxin type tears when we are sad so that is why we feel better once we do cry.
Avatar n tn I take .75 mgs a day of Xanax.(.25) 3 times a day. Are there drugs I could change to that would be easier and safer to taper off of and what are they? I get horrible muscle tension when I go any lower than this dose and panic attacks.
Avatar n tn DON'T start taking Kava or Valerian UNTIL you stop the Xanax or it will potentiate the effects of the xanax.
Avatar n tn I think my low dose Xanax 0.25 mg is causing me to have depression. Is this possible? Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed with depression 10 years ago and was taking different type of SSRI. Last five years he started taking 150mg of luvox and for the last 6 months he made a decision to cut down the luvox to 100 mg/day and started to feel anxiety. He went to see a psychiatrist and was told that he is having a GAD and advise to take 0.25mg of xanax in the morning,at noon and half of xanax at night and also to increase his luvox to 150 mg. Is this the right advise ?
Avatar n tn I am trying to taper off of Xanax and my doc who specializes in addictions said that Xanax has a very short half-life and these body jerks are probably withdrawl symptoms. Have you noticed these body jerks come at times when you have not spaced your medication taking times in the usual way? I take mine only at night and this was the problem. The Xanax would not "hold" for the whole 24 hours. My doc suggested switching to a longer acting benzo like valium.
792787 tn?1259881440 hey everybody.can you tell me what some xanax withdrawl symptoms are and there duration.
Avatar n tn Taking xanax for any length of time can result in severe withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms that you describe are identical to some self-reports of xanax withdrawal that I have read. Your dad needs medical attention immediately, and a supervised withdrawal if at all possible, as withdrawal can be very severe. This post is very old, however I felt it necessary to answer the question in full so that others who find this post may refer to my response.
Avatar f tn Day five, I actually started feeling happier again than I have in a while. But yes, Xanax withdrawal is known for giving dysphoria (depression), spiked anxiety, shivers, and a bit of a muddled mind among other reactions. Do keep in mind that anything that your body does in response to your panic attacks, it will appear in your withdrawal symptoms because the xanax withdrawal does increase anxiety.
Avatar n tn I'd talk to her about getting into some kind of therapy to deal with your anxiety and depression. Medication helps with the symptoms but it will not cure the underlying cause of your problems.
Avatar n tn My psychologist recommended xanax and zoloft for some symptoms I described that came along after my son was born. I can only take the xanax at night because it makes me drowsy. My GP doctor also didn't want to continuously perscribe xanax because it was so addictive. I need something to control my current symptoms of anxiety that lead to rage and am interested to hear what others/doctors might say works. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I had social anxiety, not much of depression. The depression came with the Xanax. I was determined to reduce it to 1 mg, but I unfortunately could not bare the bad moodiness -- can't do my stuff, so I took the 3rd 0.5 like 15 mins ago -- so it's 1.5mgs today too :( I can feel the moodiness easing up coz I took it. Hope the withdrawal symptoms will reduce with time. If anyone have experience with this, please help. Thanks!
Avatar f tn hi everyone, I am new to this site, and have a concern with Xanax. My Gram/Mom passed away two weeks ago, and since then I have been taking Xanax .25 before bed. I have been a complete mess, as she is my best friend, and raised me. I have read about Xanax being very addicting, and am concerned as it seems like it isn't taking effect on me the way it was initially. Just wanting to see people's experiences with this drug. Also, does it make you thirsty?
Avatar n tn I've been on xanax on and off (mostly on) for over 20 yrs. It started as needed, then time would pass and I would be ok, then took some as needed again. Never felt like I abused it. (.25-.5mg only). For the past 1-2 yrs. I have taken it everyday b/c of insomnia and nervousness. This summer, after being on xanax xr between .5-1.0 mg. 2x day - I started getting all kinds of physical symptoms, including anxiety, but it felt different than it ever did before.
Avatar n tn After almost a year of being off the drug, she is experiencing weakness, jittery feelings, shaking of her hands, memory lapses, and depression. Could these still be withdrawal symptoms after this length of time off the drug? She has taken some kind of depressant/anti depressant for at least the last 30 years. Could these have done permanent damage to her brain functions thereby resulting in her present symptoms? She has had a battery of tests(mri, etc) and nothing else has been found.
Avatar m tn I wasn't even aware that Xanax could cause withdrawl like symptoms. I have been taking 2Mgs a day for about 5 months now. I cycle off it every 3 weeks for about 10 days to gain back effectiveness. The nice thing about Xanax is that when you do eventually build a tolerance for it, you can discontinue for a couple weeks and then get back the full effect. I stop for several days often and never experience any withdrawl from it.
Avatar n tn 's and wrecked 3 cars while taking xanax and drinking. I blacked out on xanax. I am blessed with means so I was able to beat the dwi's but it cost me an arm and leg. I got on Lexapro and it cured the attacks with no side affects. Please be careful with Xanax.