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976084 tn?1270876039 I don't want to copy and paste what I wrote in my journal but if someone thinks they might want to help me can you please read it. Thank you for anyone who actually does...
Avatar f tn Losing interest in doing things, lethargy and lack of appetite are all classic symptoms of depression. I recommend that you talk to your doctor about this. I can tell you to just get up and do something but I know that is so hard if you are really depressed. Hormones in pregnancy can cause some women to be depressed. So, talk to your doctor. If you can exercise, it really does help. It releases a happy hormone in the brain that fights stress.
1564367 tn?1296001270 I have been diagnosis with chronic severe depression. And realizing as of lately I have Autism - Asperger's Syndrome. Is there a treatment for this disorder? I take Prozac for the depression.
Avatar n tn I am concerned on reading your two questions. Both depression and the weight as i said are very classic symptoms of being in a hypo state. Where are your levels at? Can you go into a bit more thyroid history on yourself? What labs can you post - and When was the last testing done? To answer your question on a personal level. Yes I was referred to a therapist for my early anxiety and depression - but is was not sucessful.
Avatar f tn She'll have all kinds of information for you about things like if SHE's ever felt that way or anyone else in your family, what she feels is normal and she would be the one to get further intervention if the two of you decide that you may have symptoms of depression. There are important things that go into being diagnosed as depressed. One of the criteria is that one must have the symptoms every day for at least two weeks straight.
459155 tn?1264011742 I don't feel much w/d but the depression is BAD!!! when will that get better?? before I went on sub I had my doctor increase my zoloft to 150mg and plan to get some of the vitamins that have been listed (the ones that I can take w/ zoloft) The depression is the worst part of this for me. I started using when I got divorced and my dad died suddenly of a heart attack (all happened w/in 7 weeks). Please tell me this gets better!
Avatar f tn My depression is back so obviously I am too. I haven't written in my journal in a while now and the only time I usually do is when I'm depressed or my OCD is coming back. I've been feeling really down lately. It's the holidays right now and I'm not in the holiday spirit at all. I miss my dad a lot. I've had a lot of dreams about him lately. I feel that he's with me and I'm communicating with him through my dreams but it obviously doesn't fill the void I'm feeling in my heart.
Avatar f tn You have all the classic symptoms of depression and it's important to get help so you can nip this in the bud and move on! Talk to your parents, they have to realize that everything has changed with you. If your parents don't take you seriously put it in a letter to them...often when we read something we truly hear what is being said.
Avatar n tn How long will this depression last? What can I do about it? 3 minutes ago - 3 days left to answer.
Avatar m tn Ever since I could remember I was considered forgetful and flighty. Now that my depression and anxiety (severe depression usually causes some level of anxiety) are treated with meds and therapy my functioning is much higher. I have completely turned around my work situation and am turning around my social situations as well. Notice your function went down after you went off your meds. My doctor says the goal of depression treatment is complete remission. e.g.
Avatar f tn Small things seem to worry me in a big way, etc. I've never taken anything for depression, but I wonder if it is time. Do any of you take antidepressants? What are the pros and cons?
775467 tn?1236786771 The rest of my symptoms I put down to depression.
Avatar n tn This relationship was filled with verbal abuse and constant mood swings from my very unstable EX-girlfriend (no wonder I self-medicaed with pot).. Currently my symptoms include anxiety/depression, irritability, irrational thoughts, and the occasional headache. The ups and downs have really begun to wear on me and I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever return to my normal self before the pot and the emotional roller coaster of a relationship.
Avatar m tn When we looked at the people in our study who had elevated symptoms of depression, they were more likely to eat more calories, they exercised less, and they were more likely to be current smokers. And as a consequence, they were also more obese," Golden, whose study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, said in a telephone interview. "And those are all known risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
461993 tn?1245696952 I know anxiety and depression are common W/D Symptoms and being on day 7, it sure is kicking in hard. I'm happy one minute and sad the next...any advice?
Avatar f tn I will journal, record symptoms and bring it up to my doc. Oh ya, my MD wouldn't do a refill over the I have to go in...thanks GOD I had enough ativans to get through to this week. Should I have my psychologist call her? How does all of this work...
756134 tn?1233823303 You can always go to the teen depression area, but this isn't really just depression.
Avatar f tn It sounds like classic symptoms of depression. If you can't go to a therapist, what about your family doctor? He might be able to prescribe a drug for you, at least for a while, to see if it helps. I don't know your age, but if you are older, some of these things could be from hormones, like in menopause. Also, I don't know your family situation or if you're married or have a boyfriend. You might benefit from counseling if you can get it.
585994 tn?1218454219 Hi, im 26 years old and have suffered from "depression" since i was13. Of which i first attempted suicide.
Avatar n tn Hello Dr Gould, I would appreciate you input on Klonopin and effects on depression. I have a friend who is 11 weeks post-partum and has been having increase depression and anxiety. She has been using Klonopin over the past two months and has slowly been using it more. It seems to help here get through the difficult anxiety/panic times, but the depressive symptoms seem to be getting worse. I have been doing some online searching for her.
Avatar n tn Dear friend Don't ignore the symptoms of depression, talk to your doctor for an depression assessment. I was feeling well for the 6 month and I was ignoring the depression until one day I had to go to the hospital with suicidal thoughts and so depressed that I couldn't control myself. They put me on CELEXA and now I can say I function but still have very bad days. I cry a lot and feel empty and hopeless.They even put me on psychotherapy for severe depression.
Avatar n tn I have had depression/anxiety/dizzyness for almost 5 years. I also have a seizure disorder. I am 45, I am in perimenopause, but I don't have hotflashes or night sweats. I have the depression,anxiety, and very dizzy. I/ve been to psychiatrists, neurologists, endocronlolginst, gyn. They don't know what wrong with me, i/ve been on all the ssri's. nothing has worked. I even went to johns hopkins (psy) put me on nortriptoline hasn't helped the symptoms. He says I just have to live like this.
Avatar m tn The day after that i felt pretty much completely back to normal. Since then i've kinda of self diagnosed myself with anxiety/depression from what i've read online. fast forward to last night. I was eating sushi with my girlfriend and her friend that is visiting and i just kind of got dizzy all of a sudden. I stood up, went to the bathroom and washed my face. I can't believe this is happening again.
4753943 tn?1359938169 Depression and anxiety can totally be detox symptoms. I am 21 days clean and I look back at my journal entries from days 6-9 and all I am talking about is how depressed, unmotivated, hopeless and angry I am. Nothing positive at all. Give yourself a few days...these drugs are crazy,,what seems unbearable becomes doable in a week. You should def be monitored by a dr though. There is a difference btwn wanting to die bc you are miserable and having true suicidal thoughts...
382218 tn?1341185087 Hmmm, this is kind of interesting: I just read an article pubished on Jan 31/08 in the journal "Multiple Sclerosis" that concluded that depression is NOT associated with beta interferon treatment in MS. The study was conducted by the University of Calgary and was large in scale. Antidepressant treatment was used as a proxy indicator for depressive disorders.
7527404 tn?1391638060 hi i am 16 years old. for a long time ive struggled with depression and went away then a year ago my brother became and addict and i started to get anxiety (didnt know it at the time) so after awhile it also caused me to be depressed. i knew there was something wrong but i was scared to talk to someone cause i dont like opening up. anyways a year passedand i finally went to the walk in clinic, he told me i had anxiety and depression and put me on flouxetine.
1751481 tn?1312045088 Well oh this is a goodie Many months ago when I got on zoloft which I am now off of I started having serious doubts about whether I loved my boyfriend or not I mean they were reasonable doubts because he has treated me badly with his depression and we did have our problems but I have never questioned whether I loved him or not I always knew I did I just always questioned it for what seems no reason at all.
1692704 tn?1307215380 if you have Lyme, you have a bacterial infection that can be treated, and the symptoms -- including depression caused by Lyme -- resolve when the infection is treated. Can you have depression independent of Lyme? Sure, but rather than assume that's the case, getting treatment seems a reasonable course of action. Hang in there, everybody.
145315 tn?1192241113 Has anyone tried marijuana to help with feelings of depression? Can it be harmful to one while on treatment. I haven't smoked in 10 years, but the way I've been feeling lately, I've been thinking about it. It use to make me laugh alot. I just finish shot 7 and I actually don't feel bad at this time, but there's tomorrow. Has anyone's face gotten smaller during treatment. Thanks All.
380558 tn?1309045987 alot going at home (working, kids, etc etc). I need to know if anyone here has been suffering Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, Depression, anything unusual since they've stopped taking pain meds..