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Avatar n tn I don't think you can get social security for hep C which we have (liver disease) but that is just what I've heard. While we are ill we are not completely disabled and not able to do some form of work. I wish we could...I'd stay home on FLMA and get paid. That would be so much better than struggling to come in to work every day. I'm no expert and someone else might come on with opposite is what I've always been told though.
1225331 tn?1333369369 good morning kelly, I am not sure what you are asking. Do you mean if you are onn medicare? once someonne is approved to SSDI it is two years to have medicare. That is the date of from what you are deemed disableed by them. in the mean time you can continue on what insurannce you have, private or group and coverage would be the same . If you sign up for medicare, you would have toooo choose a medicare-D (for pharmacy) program. It is very confusing, I know.
Avatar f tn Has anyone been on Long Term Disability when Social Security Disability has been approved?
127512 tn?1193745816 I am just curious. Is anyone getting social security disability for anxiety attacks? I have suffered for many years.
Avatar n tn In my case for my Soc. Sec. disability, I DID need a S.S. lawyer. It only cost me approx. $50.00 for copies and then, they got a portion of my back pay. I don't have SSI, but SSDI. I went to the S.S. doctors and even they agreed that I was disabled, but I still got turned down when their own doctors said that I was. It took 3 rejections and my appeals on my own until I went with a lawyer. I was approved a year ago and I have 5 more years on it until I'll have to be re-evaluated.
Avatar f tn I have not been able to work for over two years. I have been denied social security twice and have been waiting on a trial for 8 months. Has anyone else recieved s.s.? If so, any suggestions. Right now my SX are as bad as they were during TX, I can barely do daily household chores. I've made an appt. to see Dr. J in Lakeland next week. Sure hope he can help. Thanks for any input you can give.
572651 tn?1531002957 Your impairment must last at least 12 months (or end in death) for SS to consider it a disability. There is no temporary disability. If depression is one of your disabilities, it is important that you be in treatment for depression – this can be drugs, but being in therapy is even more evidence on depression. If you do not have enough credits to collect SSDI on your own work history, you can only qualify on your spouse’s record if your spouse is either retired, disabled or dead.
1069644 tn?1276932463 Also check with your local social services - you may qualify for some state funded assistance at least until you get your determination from Social SEcurity. As I'm sure you already know - the Social Security process is not easy, not fun and definitely not fast!! I'm glad you do have any attorney and hope he/she is able to give you some further insight as to wht to expect.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Paula, Although Im in the health care field, does not mean I am not ignorant of the steps one has to go through in the process of obtaining disability from social security, but the way you described your experience, it seems as though this is the way they weed out those who are "not" disabled though claiming to be. It is so unfortunate to see our government treat its own Americans as if we are pariahs. Why can we not take care of our own first anyways?
1126418 tn?1326169592 I just posted this tonight from a webinar that I listened to last week - I hope one of these will help..... http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn 2007, but I am just overwhelmed with Life and Work, I fear I cannot fight Depresssion Symptoms that have never been cured, since 1997 and continue to work, I am afraind the stress of work as I fight these Deprsssive Symptoms is going to cause me to relapse bigtime. Should I apply for Social Security ? One person told me they thought not unless I try ECT - My one Doctor told me ECT was barbaric in his opinion.
127512 tn?1193745816 I was just wondering does anyone here get social security for their anxiety/panic attacks? I have suffered for many many years and can no longer work. I also have a heart murmur and miteral valve prolapse.
667078 tn?1316004535 I don't understand how my neighbor gets to be on disability for depression and someone like you gets denied.
Avatar f tn I have been considered to be disabled by my employer and the department of social security. At this point, I feel helpless and hopeless. I get mail with important information which requires my immediate attention. A lot of times I cannot make since of it and cannot handle it. It’s too much for me to handle at one time so I pile it up. This has been and has caused a real problem for me. I do not have someone that can be of help with this.
Avatar m tn As you stated above with work. Work credits accumulated are counted when applying for Social Security Disability which is entirely separete from SSI. Things like having an education, is going to come into play to hurt your chances of getting approved. You literally have to be disabled or have a really good attorney to win your case. They will consider whether you can sit at a desk and type words on your computer. If you can do that you might not get it.
508018 tn?1210792675 Are you in treatment? If so your doctor may be able to make a good case for disability. I have severe hemalytic anemia from the ribavarin. My doctor made the case that the fatigue and physical limitations from the anemia are severe and disabling. My disability carrier approved the claim. Good luck.
1396846 tn?1332463110 diagnosed with MS, in December (2009), and applied for Social Security Disability. I was granted SSD, in May (2010), so, I'm officially retired, due to medical disability. I will be 49, in October (2010). When I met with my Neurologist, the first time, he told me I could not return to work, and I didn't. He also told me, I would no longer be able to drive, and I haven't. So, believe it, I'm a living example, of how quickly MS can change your life, and forbid you from working, ever again.
672839 tn?1305796547 they no longer qualify for long term total disability. Which, for many of us who currently qualify for long term disability would equate to a comfortable monetary lifestyle to one of dependancy on our spouses, our family or other sources including government subsides programs.
Avatar n tn I was approved for Social Security 3 yrs. ago. It was a long process (years). I don't wish it upon anyone, as well as Chiari. However, if anyone going through the disability process, I would first make sure that you really need and want it, because once youre approved, it's permanent. You must take an inventory of your entire life and write down any symptoms that have disrupted your daily tasks, and especially those that have affected all of your jobs (including examples).
Avatar f tn Also as HE is one of the specifically qualifying disabilities you would qualify for Social Security disability. If you do have cirrhosis I urge you to see your liver specialist to check out if you have HE.
Avatar n tn Just got the mail, Social Security denied the review of my claim. I was laid off over a year ago as a computer programmer. My performance was lagging I will be the first to admit. I tried to work through the symptoms but the fatigue, body aches, and most of all the cognitive and memory skills required for my job. Social Security says "Your physical condition does not significantly limit my daily activities.
Avatar f tn Are you trying to get disability yourself? The symptoms you describe above don't sould like they would qualify for disability. You have to have an actual impairment that keeps you from being able to perform your job. Although, I have seen people get disability when they clearly are able to work and vice versa, seriously ill people are turned down. I don't really get it. I have been quite ill for 3 years. I have numbness, tingling, twitching, weakness, severe orthostasis and much more.
Avatar n tn From folks I've talked to, they found the VA easier to obtain disability than from Social Security. It seems to vary between insurance company, with most being reluctant to claim it as such, unless of course you are applying for a new life policy, in which case they mostly, oddly enough, claim it is a pre-existing condition which makes one uninsurable.
Avatar f tn If u get past round one here is more info ur attny should already know- Applying for social security disability and SSI benefits, with or without an advocate can be difficult due to how long a claim may take and the high chance of being denied. But those who are denied disability can win benefits by utilizing the appeals process. To increase the chances of winning, applicants should learn about the system and file an appeal when a claim is denied. http://www.disabilitysecrets.
Avatar n tn Hep C by itself is not considered a disability, although some symptoms of the liver disease it causes may be. It is difficult even then to collect as many here will attest, every symptom every problem tell your Doc and document it. Until your symptoms cover encephelopathy, or something that causes you not to be able to work, no. Then your age plays a major part in collecting, they have diffent rules for ages 45-49 and 50-52 then after that it's pretty easy to get.
605458 tn?1539232408 I cried when I sat in the social securities office to apply for disability. I was ashamed, embarrassed, and knew everyone would judge me. But my therapist, dr, and family had been telling me for a year it was what I needed to do, because I wasn't able to work at even simple jobs. I DO know my limits and that is why I applied for disability - I know my triggers are stress and sleep.
Avatar f tn I feel a slight difference, but I am no way 100% better. I still have trouble walking the stairs. Also just recently, I applied for social security disability; but they told me I would have to wait 120 days before I am informed if I'm approved. Can you please send me information about your GD speech? You can email me at ***@****. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I believe that the hypothyroidism can indeed account for the symptoms of fatigue and depression. The question to be asked here is whether, when your thyroid is adjusted properly to the right levels, your symptoms disappear. If so, and if you continue to need synthroid to maintain that level, then you should stay on it. You might want to consult an endocrinologist for a complete analysis of your thyroid functions.
Avatar f tn // You will find the requirement for Social Security under "section 5.05" in the SS Blue book. You will have to have some of the following complications of liver disease over a period of time. 5.
Avatar m tn So you know you are really are not going be disabled but you want the state to give you disability because it is convenient for you to stay home and take care of a baby while you send your wife out to work even though your wife makes little money and you just completed school, correct? I assume you went to school to have a better job and make more money? I feel sorry for your poor wife. A "disability" you don't even have and will probably never have? Seriously?