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Avatar m tn Is it possible that root cause of my anxiety,depression,nervousness,irritability,agitation ,feeling weak,could be some stomach disease or infection?Is there any chance?I am noxious very often,i have gases,too much saliva and bad taste in the mouth,in the morning my stomach is always irritated and between meals .
Avatar m tn Once we start having symptoms of too much meds, too soon, it sometimes helps to back off until the symptoms are relieved, then start again at a lower dose. 2) If you do that, and you still can't tolerate even 12.5 mcg, you could ask her about a beta blocker. Beta blockers block receptors in the heart and prevent tachycardia. I had to start taking a beta blocker once I started on thyroid meds. I was very much in the position you're in now...
Avatar n tn Talk about anxiety and nervousness, and not being able to eat! I lost 15 pounds in 1 month! I don't have those symptoms while on it, but I sure do off of it. I recently started back on 10 mg. I am feeling better already--well at least I am not suicidal now. It is so weird how medications work differently for each person. Maybe it's not the one for you.
467977 tn?1262718347 I have to take Klonopin to combat it (just .25 twice a day). When will this nervousness go away and how would I know if I take Klonopin, too (till Paxil kicks in)???? Please help!!!!!
Avatar n tn so when you have depression and anxiety, things seem wierd. not everyone gets the sme exact symptoms but mostly. i hid most of the time i never wanted to see anybody. i cut my family off and i was close to ten sisters and brothers. i felt like i was going nuts. suasidal thoughts u name it. well, it got so bad that i became severly depressed and thats when you feel like your trippin on any wierd drug but without the good feeling.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing alot of nervousness and trembling due to my anxiety. I was curious if anyone else was experiencing this? It seems to be more in the morning -- than tapers off on the afternoon and evening. Is this just flat out anxiety -- or a side-effect of an SSRI medication? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I also have been feeling extremely hungry when I wake up even though I havent changed my diet at all. The nervousness lasts a few hours and its really uncomfortable because I feel so nervous for no reason. Just some background, I have acute recurrent pancreatitis, I am anaemic and take iron tablets, I have hypothyroidism and take thyroxin, I have had depression and panic disorder and currently taking loxalate however I havent experienced any panic attacks for years now and I'm also on the pill.
Avatar f tn but after one year of giving birth where I was still breastfeeding, I started to experience low energy and fatigue also I got like PMS symtoms with more anxiety than depression kind of.. So now and after knowing the link between hormones and anxiety and emotional disturbance in general, I started wondering when this will end!
Avatar n tn It would be a damn sight less painful for you to do it that way. And you could likely have gotten some anti-depression medication of some kind (with which you have to be very careful as well) to help you with the depression and anxiety. You might be forced into this approach anyway. Oh, yeah, withdrawal from opiates won't kill you. It may make you wish you were dead; but kill you? No. Maybe you should re-think what you're doing.
Avatar n tn i have been experiencing constant all day long anxiety and nervousness, could you please tell me what could be causing this.
Avatar n tn I have to say that I do feel better. I read on webmd that anxiety, nervousness, and depression are all side effects of this medication. Is it possible that this med lead to my panic attacks?? I never had one until I started on this med. Thanks so much!!
Avatar f tn Hi, its me again sorry to bother everyone, but, I have been very very depressed over the past few months, as you all know I have the missed heart beats and so on, I have been seeing a pshychiatrist for the depression, doc has just changed my medication from Avanza to 'Cymbalta' has anyone heard of this drug, he said it would be very safe, but I dont know how it will effect my ever ectopic heart.
Avatar n tn This is anxiety tied to a particular issue. Nervousness Restlessness Irritability Depression - especially with females Violent outbursts - especially with males Obsessive Compulsive Behavior Forgetfulness - this may just be choline/inositol deficiency. Inability to concentrate Unsocial, Asocial, Anti-Social behavior Crying spells Nightmares & night terrors - terror can continue after you wake up.
Avatar f tn I still have most of them left, because I just try to fight my way through the symptoms. Because I do not have depression, I really think other meds (Zoloft, which is what he wanted me to take) is not appropriate. If I only take the lorazapam as needed (like once every few days when it happens), is it still addictive? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hello, All these symptoms are suggestive of adverse drug reaction to cortisone or cortisone over dose.It includes Swelling in lower legs, ankles, or feet,nervousness,sleepiness,depression,weakness,deafness,itching and burning skin,hypertension (high blood pressure),convulsions,muscle weakness, swollen face and abdomen and cramps in abdomen. In my opinion,you should report to your doctor immediately and consult him for your symptoms. Hope it helps.
Avatar m tn As birdie0907 stated that my symptoms are consistent with the depression itself and yes, I know that Everyone (husband, manager, co-worker) is keeping watch, including me. If I can't beat this is another month or two, I will return to the ADs. But, I have to give it time. I tell ya - I'm never going back on lexapro though - I will try some prozac first - no withdraws that I can remember.
Avatar f tn yah..that's what i struggle with right now. the physical symptoms. nervousness,anxiety,insomia. i also get this hot burny feeling in my arms and legs. i don't know if it's the anxiety or the meds working on me. have you ever had that? i also feel really weak and exhausted right now. my doctor says it's because my body is basically running a marathon while sitting down.
1671473 tn?1450596037 Hi everyone this is the only I can open up my feelings, because sometimes they are not listening to me they do not understand all my symptoms, This time somethings wrong with me, I feel forgetful I wake up just to go to rest room then when I come back I forgot to flash the toilet, and my mood looks awful hmm like I want to be alone, having terrible nervousness I never feel like these before, these are my symptoms, constipation, attacking, looks cloudy around like there's a fog even I look t
Avatar n tn (lasting 3 months) tachycardia resting from 100-150, increased bowel movements , tremors, Nervousness, shortness of breath, very cold, insomnia, low blood pressure, severe nausea , ear pain, dizzy, depression, foggy head. 3 months later and two Endo's I have a diagnosis of Thyroiditis. My TSH levels have ranged from .98 to 5.81 between January and today. I also have thyroid TPO antibodies. My T4 levels have been 1.61. I had a radio active iodine update test that showed low uptake of iodine.
Avatar f tn hi i am new in this group find out from a doctor i have anxiety and depression they called it situantional anxiety and depression.he precribed me Zoloft on Sept 14th was nervious before taking it did have some side effects but went away like itching then longer i took the itching got worse and felt like flu like systems had a low grade fever 99.0. found out from my primary doctor had sinus infection took meds for the infection finished medicine felt better.
Avatar n tn or feel impending doom per say. I have heart palpitations, nervousness, no appetite... etc. To answer your question liz0629, it does sound like a little mild anxiety... I think once you get a good nights rest... you'll start to feel better.. Sleep is very important to your body... and if youre not sleeping well, then of course your body is going to try and tell you that... the dreams... i get those too w/anxiety... but they will pass.
Avatar n tn Living with her and loving her for that long if she has a problem it kind of makes me want to know if there is a solution. The only problem with that is somebody with the symptoms listed for narcissism really wont want anyone to help because they wont admit to themselves that they have a problem. Oh well =). Thanks for the answers about my problems =).
Avatar n tn HIV kept popping up. I'm not sure if afterwards more symptoms developed b/c of nervousness/anxiety, but I know that these symptoms are real and affect me every day. In regards to ARS, I did have flu like symptoms (few night sweats, fatigu, nautious feeling that I suspected pregnacy -> but I didn't think much of this at the time and wasn't concerned over HIV) I tested negitive using 3rd generation test up to 17.5 weeks. I just took another 22.5 week test but I am waiting for the result.
200220 tn?1361955154 He had wanted me to wait 3-6 months to have it checked but I'm glad I didn't as Iam having hyper symptoms, nervousness, fog, depression, anxiety, losing weight can't sleep. I don't know what else. I will talk to the doctor and see what he wants me to do. Up to this poin the natural was working good for me. My thyroid nodules produce and also my endo was having me take an extra 12.5 mg on Sundays. I am very sensitive to the medication and can only take 37.5 mg.
Avatar n tn Yeah, I was depressed, but depression did not cause symptoms, symptoms caused depression--discomfort, restlessness and lack of sleep! I told my husband it would go away or kill me, but I would not go through someone accusing me of being a hypochondriac again. So, I learned to live with it. I was 28 yrs old. At age 34, I became pregnant, had a hell of time. Both hands went numb at about 7 months.
Avatar m tn I remember in school age I was gradually facing anxiety, phobia, movement/walking difficulties, sensitive mind, nervousness, headache, shyness etc. my home environments was also tensable grow with my grandmother/father who did not have understanding / lack of education etc.
Avatar n tn I am a 42 year old female. I have suffered from depression and "nervousness" my entire life. I began self-mulilating at 7 yrs old. I have seen 6 psychiatrists with as many diagnoses (major depression, post traumatic stress disorder, panic/anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, atypical bi-polar disorder). I have been treated with more medications than I can remember. My present physician has decided to take me off Xanax to treat anxiety, so I'm left with Zoloft and Neurontin.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed about 10 years ago with depression and initally put on Prozac. I now take Wellbutrin. I've also taken Zoloft in between the Prozac and Wellbutrin. I was recently diagnosed with adult ADD (earlier this year)and am on Ritalin. I was thinking maybe I had a mood disorder about a month ago and was put on Lithium. BAD idea! I hit bottom again (depression) while taking that. Only took it for a couple days and dr. said to stop.
Avatar n tn Here I am with all these symptoms that I never ever had-extreme tiredness,weight that I put on during my pregnancy and it wont come off(20 pounds still to lose) -increased level of stress,hardly any sleep,abdominal intermittent pain with no obvious reasons,headaches,irritability and nervousness-my labs are fine,TSH and T4 as well,no signs of any distress except slightly lower Fe than usual(still within normal range) and I am experiencing menorhagia and pronounced PMS -which I never had before I