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709686 tn?1277435759 I was hoping someone could tell me what the major symptoms for men are? I have had 4 CBC's done and each of them has returned telling me I am perfectly healthy...I still feel like garbage every day. I have had two tests done to see if I have celiacs diesase as I am no longer able to tollerate certain foods. According to those tests I do not have celiacs disease...I still feel like ****. Any help would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn That's important, because it's very effective in dealing with problems - everyday problems, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, eating problems, everything. It can help you out and just as importantly, keep you happy when you're through this and feeling happy again (which WILL happen, I can just about guarantee). Just ask whichever therapist whether they know CBT (they almost certainly will, it's quite common) and try them out.
Avatar m tn I know MS affects women more so than men so I'm wondering how many men are here . I'm not diagnosed with MS but I have quite a few symptoms and no real causes . I spoke at length with a friend who has MS and she thinks I should be more forcefull when dealing with my doctors . I've been diagnosed with ET , CTS and cronic tendonitis but those and all my other problems lead me to think there is something more going on . I've been healthy and active all my life until about 3 yrs ago . I'm now 55 .
Avatar m tn I'm wondering if there are men on this site that battle sexual urges when going through a manic phase?
Avatar m tn Never had that warts but i dont know, i´ve read that there are dangerous types of this virus,with horrible consequences please help. I had so many other symptoms, a red strange spot on my underarm and other things but they told me there were from anxiety and depression. But well, that thing on my underarm i dont know, anyway i tested for all as i wrote unless this.
Avatar n tn I also have many symptoms that would seem to indicate MEN 1 syndrome including high cortisol and high normal gastrin levels with pain in my pancreas every day. My testosterone was just checked and it was 274. But, I don't have PCOS. I have symptoms of a pituitary tumor - including intense intracranial pressure and hearing loss in one ear (left). But, only one MRI back 2001 showed a possible microadenoma, but they weren't sure, so it was dismissed.
Avatar n tn also ment to ask is it normal to lose weight i have lost about 10-12 pounds and no matter what i eat i can not get it back up. ?? and the thing is i dint lose the weight over time i lost the weight in a matter of 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Diagnosed with this at 35 and it has progressed. Reported symptoms of anxiety, depression, and irritability to work and I was condemned with a Fitness for Duty Evaluation. I have very low test and have gone from .25 to .75 and now back to .50 Synthroid and was on one injection a wk. Have Endo in 4 weeks. Is there any information out there that symptoms are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act to fight off uwarranted action from employer?
Avatar f tn I do love him very much but most of the time he is the last person I want to deal with. Does any of ur men whine and complain like they have more symptoms than u...or anytime u say my back or head hurts there's does as well? Haha that is annoying sometimes I want attention and compassion. Got to love our men though.
Avatar n tn he has to know he doesnt have to suffer with depression but it is hard for many men to admit they need help. It is often seen as a sign of weakness when in fact the head isnt getting the right connections to the brain with dopamine and seritonin. see if he will look at these posts here and maybe we can help him to get help.keep telling him about the options he has and let him know because you love him that you are concerned. I will keep you and him in my prayers.
Avatar f tn I have not been diagnosed with depression, however I feel as if I do suffer from the symptoms! I am scared to ask my family and friends for their help because I have always been a very outgoing individual but recently have found myself batteling my emotions. Its becoming too tiring and tedius to hide these things from my family but dont know how supportive they will actually be I just need some type of reassurance that things will be ok.
Avatar f tn So it is possible that getting the Thyroid levels in proper order MAY solve the depression like symptoms. It is however possible that depression is truly present in which case that has to be dealt with as well. It all depends on how sick/depressed she is. But I personally wouldn't like taking mind and mood altering drugs as a first step. I would try to be patient and wait for the Thyroid meds to start to work. This may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn Low T levels can also inhibit the effectiveness of anti-depressants. It is thought that 75% of men currently being diagnosed with depression are actualy suffering from low T, it is a major educational issue to get the message across doctors heads who havent steped in school for a decade. Here are the symptoms of Low T: http://www.mayoclinic.
1130576 tn?1260154370 My story is straight. I am but one individual and the way my life went is not representative of anything but my life. I did not know I was depressed until I was 35 Mammo. I had dythsmia and thought it was normal so I just lived with it. If you didn't take note of the stats on that last link perhaps you will believe the World Health Organisation, the authority on all health problems world wide.
Avatar m tn Ever since I could remember I was considered forgetful and flighty. Now that my depression and anxiety (severe depression usually causes some level of anxiety) are treated with meds and therapy my functioning is much higher. I have completely turned around my work situation and am turning around my social situations as well. Notice your function went down after you went off your meds. My doctor says the goal of depression treatment is complete remission. e.g.
Avatar dr m tn The first group includes men who can’t stay asleep or keep waking up, feeling exhausted when the alarm goes off, and they feel as if they only slept for 2-3 hours. The other group includes men who undergo definitive treatment for obstructive sleep apnea (whether via a positive air pressure machine, a dental device or via surgery), who are able to achieve deep sleep for the first time in years. These men have tears of joy.
Avatar m tn I had a sexual encounter with another man and three days after I noticed symptoms that were alarming. I woke up suddenly at 5am with a pain in the head of my penis for no explained reason. The left side of the head & under the rim was tender to touch and eventually the painful sensation went away after a couple days.
572651 tn?1531002957 I too think women are dismissed very often. But, as we know, it absolutely happens to men. I also think that there is a lot of advertisement where women's health is concerned, warning signs, commercials, etc., however, when you finally decide to go to the Dr. for it to get a good check, it's as if they've not been see the ads, read the articles, etc., (especially where the heart is concerned). I don't understand it, but it does seem disproportionate to me. Why is this?
Avatar m tn As a result, men who are depressed are more likely to talk about the physical symptoms of their depression such as feeling tired rather than symptoms related to emotions. In either case you need health insurance for your hepatitis C, liver disease or depression as these can be expensive to treat. If you don't have health insurance through your employer like most Americans than you should get a private health insurance plan.
Avatar m tn Hi Jane, This anhedonia depression you refer to is not an illness in itself at all. Rather it is describing just one key symptom of depression, the inability to enjoy, to find joy. It is usually accompanied by a range of other symptoms such as tiredness, loss of motivation, concentration and much more. Sadness of course. A want to isolate himself too. It is also a symptom of schizophrenia so, to me, he desperately needs to see a doctor. You know this.
Avatar n tn I am curious about the effects of HCV and Tx on sexual function in men. Various articles have described erectile dysfunction and low libido as a result of HCV, interferon tx, and/or liver damage. The biggest factor seems to be the HCV itself, and several controlled studies have been done looking at variables like liver damage, viral load, interferon history, etc. It seems that about 35% to 40% of men with HCV have regular erectile issues, regardless of the other factors.
Avatar m tn In a recent Korean study, men taking 320 mg of saw palmetto daily saw their BPH symptoms decrease by 50 percent after 1 year.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking Wellbutrin (now for about 3 months) is not relieving my depression symptoms in the least. Talked to my doctor (psychiatrist) this afternoon and explained the situation to him. My symptoms read from the pages of a textbook....feeling depressed, feeling restless, difficulty concentrating, crying jags, unfounded feelings of worthlessness, feelings of sadness, loss of interest in normal daily things and things I used to enjoy, forgetfullness, easy mood changes etc.
Avatar n tn I do not believe God wants any of us to suffer. But we have to help ourselves. It sounds like your depression may be caused by your situation of being trapped in a crappy marriage. Only fear of the unknown will keep you from divorce, not the fear of the Church or what the Catholics think. I can assure you it is better to be alone than in an unhealthy, un-supporting relationship. There are plenty of fish in the deep blue sea! If you want to feel better, you may have to take that big step.
Avatar n tn I have been to a clinic for five weeks to try to resolve some of these problems but the treatment and workshops seemed to me to be oriented to cocaine addiction in young men and little other advice. I need to find out what I can do to help myself to get through the final days of my life. I cannot work again. I have two dogs that need to be looked after for a good few years and two duaghters that I love dearly but only see once or twice a year.
1402763 tn?1280918620 Im not sure is Im suppressed or stressed, but I have bad mood swings. Im a single mother of three and in our country men in position get away with everything,and I have to support the kids.
Avatar f tn After seeing my boyfriend last night and talking about why I haven't heard from him the last few days, he told me he's been "in a funk" and feeling kind of low. His parents have been separated for the last year and are now going through with a full divorce. His father had a talk with him about the divorce a couple days ago and as a result he's concerned his mother won't receive any benefits when the split becomes final.
Avatar f tn The following tables list selected natural treatments for depression that have good scientific support for a beneficial role for treating depression.
372876 tn?1215132892 For me, that was the start of finding a way to help myself through the depression. The back-ache was gone, my hips didn't bother me. It was ALL about posture and activity. For me at least. At this moment I'm procrastinating exercise because of a troubled knee, but I'll get back in motion as soon as I have talked with my PT about how to get it done.
Avatar n tn Dear John, These must be difficult times for you, "DON'T GIVE UP HOPE". You are probably suffering from Major Depression. If you are feeling suicidal or homicidal go to the nearest Emergency Room. Treatment is available to help you. The following is a brief discription of Major Depresssion including treatment strategies. MAJOR DEPRESSION Major depressions are probably based on some as of yet poorly defined biochemical imbalance in the brain.