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Avatar n tn When I mentioned hypochondria as a possible reason for some symptoms I did not mean this as an insult. Hypochondria is a REAL illness just like depression, anxiety, etc. It seems this word still has a negative conotation as if it were a slang word such as "wacky" or "crazy". Some of the most brilliant minds ever were clinical hypochondriacs including Mark Twain, Darwin, Einstien, to name a few.
Avatar n tn I know you can't see this illness, but that doesn't mean there are a miriad of symptoms we live with on a weekly if not daily basis, and they come and go. I work full time as a bond trader, take care of my household which includes a husband and two kids, and run my mothers household, including all finances and managing two full time live in care givers for her with out taking sick time. I don't want to sound whiny, but have others experienced this with their friends or family?
Avatar f tn Medications are wonderful tools to help cope with the symptoms of anxiety or depression, but they only mask the symptoms, they don't cure the root cause of what's underneath those symptoms. Meds can be a tremendous adjunct to therapy. They can calm you down or get you out of the fog so the work of therapy is easier if you're not also fighting all those negative symptoms. Make an appointment with your doctor for a talk and make sure he/she understands how you're REALLY feeling.
Avatar n tn When do you stop believing you have an undiagnosed systemic illness and start to believe a person is just in anxiety denial? Over the last 3 years I've had symptoms in almost all parts of my body and only 1 thing has been found, ulcerative colitis..."Ha! I told you my GI symptoms weren't in my head, doc". Well, thats what I felt like saying anyway, but I really didnt.
Avatar m tn It seams to me, when doctors can't figure things out, they call a patient's symptoms, depression, anxiety, hypochondria, ect..- If your body is acting this way, something's up and it just means you need the right doctor. I think a Sleep Specialist is where I'd start if I were you- especially with your history of sleep problems. I hope this helps!
1747084 tn?1311826673 Well today I've had my second anxiety attack about hypochondria and many other things. I'm writing this in seek of someone that can help me deal with it other than my therapist because I only see her about once a week. Currently my fears deal only with health issues and idk how to get over them or ease my mind. I have went to my family doctor to get blood work done and they've said I'm perfectly helathy but no matter what a doctor says it still doesn't help.
Avatar n tn You are supposed to slowly come off and any deviation can cause problems Since it is one incident I wouldn't call it hypochondria although you have some symptoms. I'd trust that you were tested already and move on in a safer manner. I was confused though. You seemed to have an incident of "rape" and then 3 more that on your own?
Avatar m tn It all started about 6 months ago when I got the flu really bad and took a lot of aspirin to deal with some of the symptoms. I did some research and read that you shouldn't take aspirin for the flu especially if you are under 18 because it has been linked to causing Rye's Syndrome. After I read that I started freaking out thinking I was going to get Rye's Syndrome and would constantly look up side effects online and would think I had them, even though I really didn't.
Avatar m tn i been suffering from anxiety and depression since sixteen. now i've moved out on my own this january, and my anxiety has gotten worst now that i live alone for the first time, till the point that now i suffer from hypochondria and i felt fatigue all the time. i was also diagnose with IBS last september, because i had really bad diarrhea and constipation a few month before that and I when to see a gastroenterologist.
Avatar m tn i been suffering from anxiety and depression since sixteen. now i've moved out on my own this january, and my anxiety has gotten worst now that i live alone for the first time, till the point that now i suffer from hypochondria and i felt fatigue all the time. i was also diagnose with IBS last september, because i had really bad diarrhea and constipation a few month before that and I when to see a gastroenterologist.
Avatar n tn When my depression really flared up, I started (and still do to some extent) relating my depression symptoms to that of HIV. You know, fatigue, loss of appetite/weight, can't sleep, sleep too much, night sweats, etc. Hell, I even got really sick once (Winter last year), and my lymph nodes got really swollen. My mind always goes right back to it. Even when my family or a friend jokes about me being "skinny" or "pale", instantly my mind goes to it.
Avatar m tn well, my problem started 7 months a go with shortness of breath,chest pain when i used to try to turn around or stand up,pain in right hand,and neck pain,which all of these symptoms used to get worse in cold and night,i tried 7different DRs,blood tests,chest x-ray,etc..all came out fine,and my symptoms started to get better and now i dont feel any neck pain or chest pain when i'm tring to turn around or stand up,but here is my worse and real problem..i have terrible past about hypochondria..
Avatar f tn Then suddenly I seem to have developed hypochondria. At times it can be very gripping--anxiety panic attacks that make me break down and weep, depressed, and feel like I'm dying. I've never had this issue before--I've always been a healthy person. In fact, even now I've an avid Crossfitter and strict paleo diet eater--my doctors tell me I'm in perfect physical shape. So my question is, can my PTSD from the military be in some way related to my hypochondria?
Avatar n tn I suppose that (if my symptoms are actually due to hypochondria) the symptoms came on in a way that was consistent with what I was fearing. So the next tingling feeling I got was in my left hand, then I got some twitching on the left side of my face, etc. I came to realize that there is no way that I had had a stroke, and the symptoms started appearing on both sides! It's funny, part of my brain is telling me that there's nothing wrong with me.
Avatar n tn Last year, after I got married, I began to notice a recurrence of GAD symptoms. Then, after a few months, the symptoms became centered around the fear of having skin cancer. Several people I worked with had been diagnosed at that time (one was terminal...he died a month ago), and I guess this provided a trigger. I went to several doctors, had a skin biopsy done, and started seeing a psychotherapist to treat what I felt was an unreasonable fear of disease.
1069644 tn?1276932463 That brought on all new anxiety, fear of being put under, blood clots, infection etc... I have come to the conclusion that I am also suffering from Hypochondria...if I get a headache it's a stroke, dizziness means I'm going to pass out and die, leg pains are blood clots, I'm sure you get the point. I'm so afraid of dying but at the same time I don't want to live like this. So I had the gallbladder surgery 2 weeks ago and it went well but my symptoms did not go away.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been hypochondriac since I was 16 (32 now) and I can go for 2-3 years without being worried or anxious at all, but then when there is a trigger (usually stress) I go into horrible hypochondria. I already lived through fears of brain tumor, ALS, and HIV. Recently, my gf broke up with me which absolutely devastated me and sure enough 3 months later I started feeling weird 'feeling' in my right leg and arm. This has been going on for 2 months now and I fear a brain tumor.
Avatar f tn He did encourage me to return if symptoms continue. I once again returned to him last week complaining about the same symptoms and he did a more extensive neuro exam and ordered a CK and AutoImmune blood test. He called the next day to confirm that my blood work was normal and told me to check back in another couple of weeks if symptoms continue. I am trying to relax but I get consumed with worry that I might have a neurological disorder, etc.
Avatar m tn I spend my nights searching health symptoms, and I feel that after I review the symptoms, I seem to get them. this has been an ongoing issue for 20 years!
Avatar n tn (Sorry if my spelling is bad) Im 17 years old and about 5 years ago i began expierenceing symptoms of deasieses that were physicly impossible for me to have. Heart symptoms, lukemia symptoms, tumor symptoms everything you can name ive worried over. Ive ben to doctors who think im crazy at this point. Currently, i am in a huge anyuresm/tumor scare due to random little zap like pains in my head and these odd "wet" feelings that feels like theres water behind my skull.
Avatar f tn and my concern always comes back to cancer. No matter what, I think its some kind of cancer that is making these symptoms happen. It doesn't help when you look it up online and the first thing every site says is "possible cancer" etc. Dr. Google is our worse enemy. You have to remember, your docs are trained on what to look for. They know what it could and could not be. They aren't concerned which means it really is ok. Doctors do not take chances with this kind of stuff.
Avatar m tn I also read that a rash on the trunk of the body was a symptom so I looked at a small rash i have on my chest and freaked out. Hypochondria is a mental illness and is very can make u experience symptoms of disease that you do not can also make you lie to youself. I conveniently forgot that I had had that rash since before I had lost my virginity. I used to love to look at medical forms and cautiously look at for the letters h, i, v.
10608291 tn?1411419202 I also get that out of control feeling when I am having other withdrawal symptoms, such as pain in my legs, or or itching. It is very scary to feel out of control. My withdrawal has caused a lot of trouble with my sleep. It;s like when is this ever going to end! They say most people are in withdrawal for between 4- to 6 weeks. But it is not unheard, of for it to go 8 weeks.
Avatar m tn Can I ask if you also have depression? The reason I'm asking is because Wellbutrin is usually prescribed for depression. It can be one of the more stimulating meds and can make anxiety worse in some people.
Avatar n tn Nausea/fatigue after eating Tinnitus(constant) Sharp chest pain weird crawling/tingling feeling on skin(back, legs, head) Pain in neck(same spot on the left side) Flashing lights(in dark and light,) seeing colored spots tension headache electric shock type headaches light-headed negative thoughts fears history of social anxiety and hypochondria ALL OF MY SYMPTOMS ARE RANDOM AND ARE OFTEN NOT TRIGGERED BY ANYTHING.
Avatar n tn I´ve been having serious problems with GAD for years now, and it has always been charactarazied by lots of psyical symptoms. As of late things seems to have escalated tremendously, and I am now at a point of more or less not being able to get out of bed. For some reason my physical symptoms seems to be worse on my left side (non-parkinsonian tremor and stiffness of fingers).