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700590 tn?1279945879 When I studied the psychology of grieving process at uni, studies showed most grieving people exhibited symptoms that could be classified under major depression. It is natural to feel like that after such a loss. However if you continue to feel this badly for an extended period of time then you should obviously get treatment. People go on about stages, and there is truth in that but the grieving process is so individual, there is no set rule as to how long it will take to feel 'better'.
Avatar f tn can i ask you if you have been diagnosed with depression ? its so early days for you in your grieving ,..grieving can take the form of depression . when my son died from suicide i felt depressed so depressed ,i know if you haven't grieved in the first 6 months it turns into depression , took me 3 years to even start to grieve for my son because i couldn't believe my son was even dead ,...
495284 tn?1333897642 This can apply to many things in our life including our DOC. 7 Stages of Grief... 1. SHOCK & DENIAL- You will probably react to learning of the loss with numbed disbelief. You may deny the reality of the loss at some level, in order to avoid the pain. Shock provides emotional protection from being overwhelmed all at once. This may last for weeks. 2. PAIN & GUILT- As the shock wears off, it is replaced with the suffering of unbelievable pain.
Avatar f tn Most people say that when their dog stops eating, The time is near. Watch for increasing signs and symptoms. I pray that she will go peacefully in her sleep, but if this is not the case, I am sure you will know when it is time to let her go. My heart goes out to you.... ( My lovely little yorkie..TwoBits had kidney failure. I sure do miss her.) Give your dog lots of hugs and kisses, and tell her she is the best dog in the world.
Avatar f tn My depression got worst. But the key is to just remember that the meds are activating this. I got really,, really dark. I now take an antidepresent. It helps but I still have my moments. It is dooable and expected that anyone would get depressed when you are on as many meds as we are one.
Avatar n tn I recently stopped taking Loritab 10 -- they were freely prescribed to me for back pain. Out of concern for my family and myself, I quit taking them -- pretty much "cold turkey." I felt pretty sure that I was through the rough withdraw period, but now I find myself very depressed. After taking the meds for 9 months +, I noticed that instead of causing drowsiness, they gave me energy to get through the day. Is depression a "normal" effect of getting off the meds?
Avatar n tn Do not make the mistake of letting a physician tell you that these symptoms are all in your head or are part of your depression or anxiety symptoms...they are not!!!! I hope I have helped some of you understand what you are feeling is very real and is indeed withdrawal from SSRIs. However, do be safe and see your Doctor. I hope I have been of some help to all of you who are suffering as I am. I will pray for you and hope you do the same for me! God Bless!!
Avatar f tn Beta was done 11 days past ET and I got a BFP!!! Try not to worry to much, alot of people say they feel no symptoms at all and still get a BFP. Best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn The problem is sometimes those pregnancy symptoms are an awful lot like period symptoms (it's a bummer that nature works that way). But either way, I started having sore breasts and slight nausea within about a week or so after my IUI. The IUI worked and I did get pregnant... so although everyone is different, the symptoms started rather early for me. We'll cross our fingers for you and hopefully you'll have some good news in a week or so!
4522800 tn?1470329434 Often the addict will teeter between anger and depression. One of the withdrawal symptoms an addict experiences is depression. If the addict remains between, or on, either of these stages for too long, relapse becomes inevitable because the addict does not have the TOOLS necessary to deal with all the feeling associated with these stages. These two stages is where the hard work is really done to uncover any core issues that may exist.
1000501 tn?1250357725 Funny but I thought I was doing ok, but then I started evaluating my patterns and realize he is probably right in thinking that way. You are so right that depression feeds into a vicious cycle - fatigue, depression, our symptoms, the disease process are all fueled by each other. It is hard to break that circle of problems on our own. You put it very well when you write about ailments of the body and the ills of our souls. It is hard to separate the two - they work so closely together.
Avatar m tn Yes ppl with a life altering illness, chronic pain or a terminal illness will often go through the stages of grief, grieving for their former lifestyle, their former self. These five stages are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. These stages do not necessarily occur in the stated order. Some ppl skip a stage or skip back and forth between stages or never enter a stage. The medication could be adding to her mental status.
Avatar f tn i cannot relate to that, im sorry for your loss. anxiety and stress and depression are horrible. i have bouts of GERD from stress, as far as being happy it will take some time.
Avatar f tn My young friend has just lost his right leg in a traffic accident. He was a keen footballer and very active before his amputation which happened about 6 weeks ago. He s been angry and aggressive so the doctors put him on antipsychotic medication and diagnosed him paranoid schizophrenic, in fact that was the only information given about him on his discharge letter. Nothing about how to manage his wound, a suitable exercise program or his physiotherapy requirements.
Avatar f tn You could possibly resume your life in a more functional manner, having gone through all the stages of grieving( the loss of your mom), and accepting life as it is. There's a trauma deep inside that is causing you these symptoms (not disease or condition). A good facilitator is able to help you process this efficiently and have flow through and out of your body. Being with your boyfriend helps you forget, but that does not go deep enough.
97654 tn?1214352250 I keep telling myself that nothing is different today than it was a month ago except that I have a diagnosis to go along with the symptoms (I've had the symptoms off and on for the past 10 years). I guess my question is this - is it normal for me to feel this way? I am not a crier but find myself wanting to cry quiet often.
Avatar f tn I was devastated..............................How long is this grieving process going to last I feel like a zombie. Should I take down the picture would ithelp me? I have no clue. The doctor prescribe xanax but he said don't take them all the time I have't to go through the greiving process it's important?????????For how long I feel like I don't want to be living???????????????
Avatar n tn First let me say that I am soooo sorry for your loss. It sounds like you are depressed. It is very common to go into depression when you lose a loved one. It can come on at the moment of the death, or you can be doing fine at the time and come on days or even years latter. I know this is not what you want to hear, but I really think you need to see a doctor. There are medications out there that can really help as well as support groups. There is no shame in needing help.
Avatar f tn even though you've been diagnosed since 2014, through out your post you mention still currently going through the stages of loss, the five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance. It's definitely not uncommon for MSers to yoyo through these stages with each new relapse years after the diagnosis, keep in mind your emotional health and support system is just as important as the physical....
Avatar f tn and anyone who tells you that you need to let him go, you should be over it, etc are very unsympathetic and unaware of the stages of grief which are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. You don't necessarily go through the stages in order, and you can go in and out of the same stages many times before your pain begins to heal. Sometimes you must force yourself to go forward, as hard as it may be to do, it must be done.
Avatar m tn I hope this changes for you ASAP. Did you know that depression is one of the primary symptoms of MS? Not just an effect of poor sleep, pain, not knowing what's wrong, etc., but directly, from a lesion or lesions. Fortunately it's something that can readily be treated. You do sound depressed. Why not ask either your neuro or your PCP for a med for this? Don't suffer any more than you have to. Visit here as much as you'd like, and tell us how you are.
Avatar f tn Are you guys happy and leading your life as if it never happened, im scarred ill never get through this depression im feeling now! Now, with that said, i havent technicaly been diagnosed. But i am very sure. Are symptoms always indicative of infection? I have been having chronic muscle pains on and off since about 2 or 3 weeks after exposure, a sharp pain in my upper right abdomen, nausea, annorexia, and as of yesturday my stool looked lighter!
Avatar f tn My thing I'm struggling with the most are these symptoms. If I would have found out last year when I didn't have these symptoms I have now I'd take it better. Accepting the symptoms is what's causing the distress. Trying to wrap my mind around the fact they may never go away. That's what causes me to worry about the future. Alex, you are such a beautiful person even though I don't know you. You give me encouragement and to realize there's a bigger picture here. Thank you.
Avatar f tn He' got a lot to grieve right now,the lost of his parents and his relapse and to top it off the situation of your marriage right now. There is five stages when one is grieving a lost,and he is in the anger stage right now.When someone relapses,they go through these stages and in his case he also as to grieve the lost of his parents that triples the grieving process.I see your willing to work this thing through and I'm sure you guys will work this through.
1371636 tn?1279650578 they are tryiing to help and often do not understand the overwhelming shock of receiving a lifetime dx of an incurable condition. The 5 stages of grief that were mentioned are denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and they are relevfant as this dx is an enormous loss..although it is different to a bereavement. I do not think that everyone will experience all of these stages and we are all individuals who cope with anything in different ways.
10624661 tn?1414904229 htm I don't know if this thought has true validity, but could your emotional swings be related to the typical stages of grieving? I was just thinking about how common it is for the newly dx to go through the stages of grieving and that could potentially be seen as something more. Food for thought...........JJ PS. Could you please break up your posts into smaller text blocks, (as ess and I have) because many of us have visual issues, that make reading the large text blocks very difficult ta!
Avatar f tn Ppl that have severe chronic pain that changes their lives so through the stages of grieving, just as if someone has died. And someone has died, the former self. The person they though they were. They no longer know who they are but they do know the are not the same. Thus the stages of grief begin. The "grief cycle" was initially identified by Dr. Elisabeth K├╝bler-Ross around 1960. At first it was beleived be apply for those that were facing a death.
Avatar f tn I recently found a neurosurgeon a bit closer to home (only a 2 hour drive) and after my first appointment, I feel confident he will help me as much as he possibly can. He also put a name on many of my symptoms. I found knowing I have real conditions, with real names and real reasons they occur comfort in itself. Now the quest for the right avenue of treatment(s).
Avatar n tn Anger and denial are part of the stages of grieving that chronic pain patients experience. As I said it took me years to get to the final stage of grieving which is acceptance. MedHelp, namely the PM Forum has been very instrumental in this process. I know this may sound corny but with acceptance comes peace. If you do not have a good Pain Mangement Physician I encourage you to find one. Be assertive and take control of your pain managment needs.