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Avatar n tn go onto the other forum and ask Fladdict about the amino acids - they are supposed to really help the depression. exercise is huge, too. but i can't stress strong enough that you need help in this - AA, NA, counceling and/or therapy. something's not working. if you REALLY don't want to live like this anymore, you HAVE to get some help. we will absolutely help you here, but you must also help yourself... good luck...
Avatar f tn Hi Friend, I think the clonazapam may be causing rebound anxiety---maybe not, but this may be a possibility, speaking from personal experience (not medical experience). When I have trouble doing something, like getting an appointment, and I cannot get myself to try anymore, I may "bookend" with a friend. That means I may tell them what I intend to do (call the office and attempt to make the appointment) everyday...until I get one--or find another answer.
Avatar m tn my happiness, or for some people a long term aid to help them keep mobile while the depression rages on and tries to pull them under. I read on CNN that they do not work at all for something like 15% of people, so there is no guarantee. The full article is on my site as a journal, if you care to read it. I didn't think dgunz needed meds, but it is not something that this board can determine.
Avatar n tn It is not an add it's an article from a website that I found that explains very well what caused the anxiety and depression in my children. I was only trying to help someone understand that their anxiety is probably caused by a physical problem that mimics mental problems.
Avatar m tn I love how everybody but the doctors has an idea of what is going on. Depression has never been largely one of my problems. I think I can now officially add it to the long list of other symptoms that nobody seems able to diagnose. So I guess I'm here looking for some direction and support. I'm almost 32 years old and I've had varying symptoms for awhile.
791533 tn?1309748944 I allowed myself to be verbally abused by a man I'd have not tolerated if I had one ounce of the confidence I possessed before diagnosis. I went into AOL chat rooms for mental health occasionally. Or other chronic diseases. I reasoned that maybe I would be not damaged enough for someone who also was sick. I always joked at home about how stupid you'd have to be to date a person you met sitting in your psychiatrists waiting room--but I was beginning to question that logic.
139792 tn?1498589250 This doesn't help people who are suffering from depression or any other ailment, believe fervently in God, and still don't get better. It just makes them feel God must hate them for something. And, you know, the therapy we use for these conditions comes in great part from Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism -- the breathing techniques, meditation, visualization, stretching, all the things therapists use to help people deal come from these traditions, two of which don't believe in a deity.
Avatar f tn I've taken a dozen depression tests online and they all say high or very high. Anyway, I need help. I've been in my new school since the begging of the year and I still seem alone. I do have a friend I hang out with at school and another group of girls in my class that are really nice but I just don't seem like I fit in. At times it seems like everyone hates me or I don't even exist.
Avatar f tn I started researching the Internet (not chat rooms) for symptoms and found the confirmation I was looking for from the American Psychiatric Association web site....I had 13 of the 14 symptoms of Bipolar Type 1. Still, I had no medical treatment (this all occurred over a 3 month period). My symptoms finally got so bad, that I was nearly psychotic. I was truly scared and afraid of my own behavior as possibly being dangerous to myself, or even worse, to others.
Avatar n tn I am 20 years old, and i am concerned about my life as it is at the moment, i was diagnosed with Accute anxiety disorder with depression tendencies when i was just 12 years old, i seem to have good periods of my life but then i come crashing down at 1000 miles per hour and its driving me crazy!
243681 tn?1195276545 I only just discovered the internet/chat rooms a FEW WEEKS ago and reading what other people are going through has been a huge help for me. It sounds like you are a very sensitive person and when the people you love are mean and uncaring of your feelings the anger you feel over that becomes depression. Can you speak with a school counseler? Or a caring relative? Please start your research NOW before your life becomes more of a living hell than it already is.
Avatar n tn female here 37, with mental probs all my life also. something that really helped me was chat rooms for people with depression etc. Have u tried any of these? good luck, know how u feel.
1582614 tn?1310328508 Why can't my family just try to keep me calm and understand that my head is so messed up right now. If I ask for help with something it's like I'm asking for an arm or I am lazy/or exagerating. So much more to tell. I don't know where to turn. No one understands. I'm so tired, I can't sleep, MY family gets me so worked up I have shaking panic attacks. Doc also gave me klonopin for panic attacks. Not really helping.
Avatar n tn His siblings all have normal lives, whereas without our help he has basically become a vagrant. My own counselor says to let him go, but as a mother I cannot do this. Are we hindering his progress for independence? He lives in a train station when we stop the money, although we are close to retirement and are worried about what happens when we cannot provide for him any more. Are we not supposed to care? Just let him go? Any advice?
4810126 tn?1503946335 They also have meetings via Skype twice a week in the UK.....they have online meetings, chat rooms, a way to click and find a meeting no matter where you live in the UK. That web site has A LOT to offer.....and you may choose to participate somehow. It was quite fun for me, actually....I wasn't being nosey...haha.....I just would love to come to the UK sometime. And it interests me how each country has so many choices. Where I live, there are very few NA groups. LOTS and lots of AA.....
2217782 tn?1394367572 I hate squeezing my disgusting body into my uniform, constantly tugging and fixing at myself. I hate walking through corridors and sitting in rooms alone. I hate teachers telling me I'm a capable girl and I have no reason to be falling behind. I have done 3 years of a levels now. They think I'm lazy. I'm not!!
Avatar n tn He has 15-20 pornographic magazines (all non violent) and 10-15 videos. He uses chat rooms and telephone call lines all of sexual nature. Is this behavior part of his illness? Should I as his care giver be concerned about this and what should I be aware of to notice escalating or changing behavior that might become a concern? Am I over reacting considering his age?
444265 tn?1292471073 I don't think they can trace that, can they? I guess I could try the chat rooms, but I'm very leary of strangers honestly.. they scare me. I've tried everything with my boyfriend.. and everytime I say something, he gives me the saddest look I've ever seen.. so I just give in and take it. I figure that even if I'm not happy.. mabye I can at least make him happy. I'll definetly try that repress trick, I need something to help, and it that works, it'll be great!
Avatar n tn Now she has sunk into a dep depression because she feels she has no hope of anything .Could you give us some help on what we might do next.We appreciate this forum and the doctors time.I realize that this is for juvenile diabetes but thought maybe you might have some insight into what we could do. Thank you.
597160 tn?1254502507 Many people who posted said they had both bpd and bp. was the same. They have chat rooms there and people may be able to help. If you do decide to check it out, please be careful, like with this community the information can be very subjective and not 100% accurate.
7941162 tn?1395606716 So grab your iPod and workout’ not only will that help your body get clean, but will help with the depression that will soon follow. Eat leafy greens, fruit (like bananas) and skip the anti-diarrhea for your first day. It needs to come out, so get Pedi alight and let it happen. Day two take Imodium AD, get some detoxing tea, and SAM-E or Saint Johns Wart (SAM-E help with our serotonin levels and Saint Johns Wart help with anxiety) and again, hit the gym.
Avatar f tn And then there's some general good health practices that will make it MUCH easier to handle your moods and such. For example, when I was much younger than when I "lost it" as a young teen, and that was when I used to go horseback riding all the time. I was taught how to ride by the stables people, I'd ride my bike there or my folks would take me, and it was a fun way to spend Saturdays on the weekend.
Avatar n tn Once you begin talking to others, you'll find that you're not alone at all. And I suspect it will give you confidence to talk openly and honestly to your family about how you feel. And stop worrying about self-pleasuring. It's not harmful and won't affect your erections. Dr.
Avatar f tn We were wondering if some of these symptoms were from withdrawal of the Geodon or side effects of the new medication, Clozaril? I’ve also read online in some chat rooms of people having awful withdrawal symptoms getting off Geodon. Do you know of anyone diagnosed with bipolar disorder who has been able to get off all medications entirely?
Avatar f tn my last doctor I went to gave me pain killers because I hurt so bad, what he failed to tell me was they were addicting. The good part they help, the bad part I know it will be hell getting off of them. My new doctor got me an appointment with a endocriologist I am so happy about that we dont have one in our city I will have to drive an hour and a half to get there. I hope he is good. also my new dr wants me to take zolft 50mg and a falf of xanax I think its 5 I will half to look.
Avatar n tn It is the day I grab the dragon by the tail and that would really help me gear up for it. Ya know? How do you get to the chat room? I am so NOT chat room savy. This forum was a stretch for me. Not that I am not computer savy, it's just that I have never seen the use/need of chat rooms before. Oh well, I am sure you understand. lol Best to you OHC!!
154765 tn?1237251544 You need to see a psychiatrist to get help for your anxiety/depression. Posting the same thing in these forums over and over again is not productive as it is clearly not resolving your underlying psychological issues. Bip, you have a mental illness that you are not able to resolve on your own. If you are truly sick and tired of living like this do something proactive and seek the appropriate help for your condition.
272338 tn?1252284004 The women, who live all across the U.S. and as far away as Australia, come together through a series of chat rooms and bulletin boards. "None of us are doctors, but as survivors, we all have wisdom to offer," Chris explains. :We've become incredibly close." The women "meet" almost daily to share news of surgeries, setbacks, triumphs and losses.
302315 tn?1219185707 I also understand about being bipolar, as I too have been bipolar many years. Being ill does not help with the depression I agree. I have days where it creeps in on me, especially since this diagnosis. My 47 yr old brother about 6 mths ago was diagnosed with COPD as well. We just lost our Mother in August 2007 with IPF-Idiopathic Pulmonary Disease. She passed away from complications with a lung transplant. I do understand how you are feeling. There are some great websites with chat rooms.