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Avatar f tn I was wondering about clinics in Ohio. What do they ask you?....What if you have kids?....Does CPS get involved?...
230262 tn?1316649534 and I told him that will all be up to him, whether he gets help for his depression and that he also needs anger management help and marital counseling for us both, and follows through with it. I highly doubt he will do any of these things. Time will tell. The kids are taking this super so far. Having lots of fun actually. THey like being at grandmas house and also love going to my sisters house which is right behind moms so its just a walk across the back yard to get there.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a weight loss clinic that offers the B12 shots and appetite suppressants in the Southeastern Michigan/Northern Ohio area? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar m tn I found an article about Lyme in your part of Ohio, and it's terribly out of date in some ways, and the links seem to mostly be broken, but you might find some ideas or people to contact. It's from www [dot] avonhistory [dot] org/bug/lyme [dot] htm. I've run out of space in this posting, so I will page the article with my comments in another post following this one.
Avatar m tn Hey guys I need some help/advice. I am really down right now, (in tears) it is day 12 for me and I feel nothing more than depressed. My life feels pointless. I know this will go away after time but I really don't know if I can deal with it. My g/f and I have got in a fight today, tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and valentines day. I just don't know. I feel that I need to be "high" or my mind needs to be somehow altered to be happy again. And to be myself again.
Avatar f tn I have had depression for most of my life but saught help & really committed myself to being open & honest with my therapist & doing what ever she asked. I think you definitly need to speak with your doctor about what you are feeling & see what they recommend. If it's therapy stick with it even when it's hard or uncomfortable. I think from your post there is something deeper you haven't dealt with in your past & they will be able to help if you let them.
Avatar n tn They should be aware of your options in your area. Look also in the front part of your phone books; usually in the special services section. Also contact NA in your area. Go to a meeting even though that is hard to do. Talk to people there and ask your help and ideas. Asking your doctor depends completely on the doctor's understanding of addiction. Personally I have never found that helpful. Usually some grassroots service (local detox unit of the area hospital). Public health nurse etc.
Tbd I'm looking for suggestions or Dr. suggestions or recommendations in the east-central Ohio area. Thank you all in advance for and thoughts.
405614 tn?1329147714 I looked at the forum, but couldn't formulate much in the way of responses to people, though I wanted to. I feel like I'm floating outside looking in, and I think its fatigue that has me in this bubble. The Avonex rep asked me if I'd felt down or depressed in the last 30 days, and I said no, just in the total fatigue of the day after my injection. I've experienced depression before, and this isn't it.
Avatar n tn It was shown in court where I had scraped together some money to send to his sister for some of my necessities and he had sent me an old shirt of his and a bunch of trash like that left over from a yard sale we'd had right before he threatened me when he was caught in the compromising situation. There was no help in suggesting any alternative just a good luck and bye. I have been turned down on job training funds because I have to much education.
Avatar m tn It can be great fro people that have depression alone but like I said, it can be stimulating. Have you thought about getting into therapy to help with your depression and anxiety? It really can help. Your Dr may want to try you on a different med while you're in therapy.
Avatar f tn Hi, my name is Emily, I'm 34 years old, have a boyfriend and together we have 3 kids. We live in a two bedroom house in northwest Ohio. We aren't rich but we aren't poor. He's a contractor and I have an eBay store and also do some cleaning. Our kids are a 15 year old girl, a 13 year old boy and a 8 year old boy. We also have a dog. So that's me in a nutshell. I lead a high stress life. Our kids are not "ours" he has two from two different mothers, mine has a different father.
572651 tn?1531002957 it's over and we tend to get stuck in a slump. Besides that, a lot of us have depression as a symptom of our illness (MS) and it's something that can't always be just brushed away without the help from an outside power. I am currently on an anti-depressant and I am sooooo grateful for it. I didn't realize that I was as depressed as I was until it started to lift but not only with the aid of the meds.
Avatar f tn where do you live? i am in cleveland,ohio. the mistake on the lake but i live about 1 block from the lake and i love it! wish i could enjoy it right now..huh.
1551327 tn?1514049467 It didn't really make it any easier since I was stuck in manic depression. I was much further into depression than I was last year when I came in detoxing. It lasted for 3 weeks and on the second week I tried to end it. This is how I came out of it: Thought Stopping The first exercise that my dr started me on was the thought stopping exercises in CBT. He wanted me to write down my thoughts and what feelings those thoughts caused. While in the manic depression it was very hard to do.
Avatar n tn the radioshow i heard it on was a local AM talk show and the host who has been around for 40 years or so has various guests on and they take phone calls,,,topic was about cochlear implants and various reasons for hearing loss and the guest on the show that morning was a DR. in the Youngstown Warren Ohio area (where I live) wo specializes in hearing loss...
1551327 tn?1514049467 It didn't really make it any easier since I was stuck in manic depression. I was much further into depression than I was last year when I came in detoxing. It lasted for 3 weeks and on the second week I tried to end it. This is how I came out of it: Thought Stopping The first exercise that my dr started me on was the thought stopping exercises in CBT. He wanted me to write down my thoughts and what feelings those thoughts caused. While in the manic depression it was very hard to do.
Avatar f tn Your body your choice. And in all likelihood, it's too late for you too have an abortion. In most US states you can't have one, without medical necessity, after 12w. And more and more states are trying (if not succeeding) to make it earlier (Ohio wants to outlaw abortions past 6w). And even more commonly, they're shutting down all the clinics. But regardless, if you want your baby, keep it. Your boyfriend is the father and has a right to an opinion,but not to the final decision.
Avatar n tn :: I live in Northeast Ohio.......I wonder how long it would take me to get to Canada????? :>) this an open party??? I think I am inviting myself.....(lol) If I can borrow Layla's tupperware I will bring it.....
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and in major need of help! I have had pain since 2005. It started with left foot pain, suddenly one day at work. I had not done anything to my foot. It continued for 6 months before I went to the doctor and steadily getting worse. I went to an Ortho foot surgeon. They did a cortisone shot, sent me to therapy and put me in a brace. Nothing seemed to help my foot. Within a year, I started to have lower back pain. Each area was steadily getting worse.
4569270 tn?1357569987 I have a 6 month old and I hav temporary custody of my 6 yr old neice I live in cleveland ohio and I don't do anything for fun dony have time I work and clean and cook and take care of only free day is sunday. And there's not much to do on that day I'm 22 years old and I don't think I should be this stressed and depressed..
Avatar n tn Like now as the dark and depressing winters come here in Ohio I get more moody and shut in. I basically hibernate like some old bear. lol But for me mine is more serious I have agorophobia with my deperssion. So unlike me maybe you could find a good friend outside the home to talk to or just hang out with. I know if I had someone to share things with it would help me out alot, but I am still waiting for that someone.
1461759 tn?1295324365 I've had depression and at one point i had to take meds. to help with it, i guess it didn't help cause i attempted OD on the pills for my depression. Well now i've been feeling depressed lately and it feels like old habits are wanting to come back. I want to cry more then anything but i don't want to cause if i do people will start asking me questions and get mad at me for not wanting to talk about it.
Avatar m tn My biggest problem is unusual sleepiness. I'm scared when driving, I can fall asleep in the shower. I have heavy eyelids, pressure and pain in my nose, behind eyes. I don't have energy, I'm weak and not able to stay awake. I had tons of tests, everything normal. I saw many specialists, everything OK. I was on depression pills(many different kinds), and I feel the same way. What should I do? I can't live like that. I'm only 30 years old.
Avatar n tn He lives in Columbus, Ohio and is frustrated with the lack of diagnosis. No one seems to be able to come up with a reason for his mental health issues. They ruled out bi-polar from what I understand. Is there somewhere else he can go for a complete evaluation to try to get his life back on track?
Avatar n tn I take Lysine and B6 in order to help smooth out the mood swings consequent to taking 100 mg oxycontin twice a day. I take this stuff for nerve-involved spinal injuries, and I suppose I'll never stop unless they find a way to deal with the pain some other way. Anyhow, I've seen others post the above advice. I know it works in smaller doses for mood swings. It should work for you. If you've gone 64 hours cold turkey, you should be able to kick this stuff.
Avatar m tn Please know that there are so many victories in recovery, and that you have not lost your son, he has just not found the right help right now. Please try and get him into rehab through intervention and not just throw him on the streets. When that happened to me, I was drawn into iv drug use and contracted the Hep C virus, done the right way, maybe this can be avoided for you son. Take care of yourself, please feel better, there is help for your son Mom.
Avatar f tn this palce has a program for all ages and types of addictions I was living in Ohio and went to this one in NJ.....How old is your son?
Avatar n tn Primarily the attorneys who get their large chunk of the pie, unscruplous doctors and psychiatrists who write fraudlent reports about so-called disabled patients, and the applicant themselves- who quite often just want to sit home, and let society take care of them- this is not to say that there are not many, many disabled folks who have contributed into the social security system, and who are legitimately disabled and thus deserve every single penny they can get- but workers and taxpayers alik
Avatar n tn and i am pretty sure they will not pay for the medication either, and i am starting to see i cant afford this route, I am in ohio, near columbus, and am desperate for any advice. Also does anyone know how much a prescription of suboxen would cost??