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Avatar m tn have sex with a prostitude, condom failure. symptom: dry mouth, dry cough, rash, muscle ache, tingling, numbess, flu, depression, swolland gland, red dot on thigh and arms. onli tested will know and to all those who have symptoms like mine...relax, it just anxiety im really happy now and i have learned my lession after this thx again and i wont be in here no more....
Avatar n tn I have exactly her same symptoms and I would love to hear if she was able to get some help. I am desperate!!! For 3 months I have been feeling very dizzy, Sometimes I feel I am going to pass out (eventhough I never faint). I feel lightheadness and my dizziness is not like a vertigo. I feel I am floating and I am not myself. I do not know how I am going to wake up every morning and if I will be able to pick up my kids or go to work. I do not even exercise because I am afraid I'll pass out.
Avatar n tn Depression ABSOLUTELY can cause dizziness! Its one of many symptoms of Depression..i was skeptical at first about taking antidepressants, but it sure helped me alot. My doctor had said the same thing, SO many people suffer from DP, and do not know it... but med's arent for everyone....check for inner ear infection too....
Avatar m tn Sarah, it seems like its everybody lately.. The late winter ALWAYS does this to people.. Even in years past its the same exact thing for me in February and March... Its like we've seen enough of the cold winter already....and the depressing politics in the government...that seems to be on TV every 2 seconds.. We just want the warm / hot climate again & a lot of sun ! Hang in there...the Winter's almost over. In the meantime, Primrose will take care of us .
Avatar n tn Everyone I have ever known or heard of that got off any opiates was left with severe depression. Is this a standard side effect and how long will it last and how is it best treated? My friend's nephew just went to an addiction doctor who gave him buprenorphine injections and other scripts to get off pain pills. When he asked about an anti-depressant the doctor said "no mood enhancers for addicts." This seems unusual to me.
170597 tn?1204056355 Oct 14th, 2006 Why I did it? I was drunk. Do I feel guilty? Extremely Did condom stay intact? yes Did condom broker/slipped? No Am I sexually active? No, that was my only encounter since 2005, before that I only had sex twice with two different girls. I am straight man. Why I was worried?
Avatar f tn I am not working because of the depression, I have a husband, who is supportive of whatever I decide, and no kids, so I could do the treatment now. Part of me hopes if treatment is successful, it might help with the depression and enable me to get back to work. A bigger part of me is terrified of doing permanent damage and worsening the depression beyond the point of treatment.
Avatar n tn male, w/history of depression, and possible stage 4 cirrohsis that I will not be considered as a candidate for tx. Does this sound reasonable? I have had this diagnosis since '92 and have had Kaiser in two different locations over 10 years. I had really put a lot of hope on getting tx and getting well. What is left for me? Is this the end of the line, I just wait to get so sick I may or may not get a transplant?
9457292 tn?1404515585 I keep trying to figure out the insomnia puzzle because it was never an issue prior to this relapse. Please help me, I cannot cope! Honestly, I don't know how much longer I'll be able to sustain this "reality". Can someone please offer a few words of assistance?
Avatar m tn 877.HELP4HEP (877.435.
Avatar n tn Hi guys, I am having a really bad day. As you may remember, I am on day 11 of no percs. Yesterday, I came down w/ strep throat, and the pain has been horrible. I have not been through the flu, or strep, or even a cold w/out my happy pills! I almost went to a walk in clinic today. Rationalizing the whole thing! I thought that I was over the worse, and now this. Also, w/ this struggle came back that old familiar depression. Also, my dh has been really good up until now, but he now feels like...O.
Avatar n tn Something is seriously wrong and since it was from an epidural I cant get anyone to help me! It was at a monster hospital and theyre offering to do a myelogram but im afraid to let them touch my spine again. Im just in so much pain idk what to do. I suffer in pain everyday its so difficult with two young children. I have bad headaches neck pain brain fog. extreme fatigue hyper thyroid adrenal insufficiency. Depression.
2130118 tn?1335535322 However these symptoms would come and go, and after going to my family physician for months he diagnosed me with depression and fibromyalgia. I was put on cymbalta and over time the symptoms worsened and have become more frequent. He had referred me to a neurologist,which did a series of test including spinal tap and MRI. In his conclusion, it was in his opinion that I had MS. However my health is rapidly declining. Where I used to have several "good days" and a few bad days.
Avatar n tn hi sharon: welcome to the forum! always room for just one more addict in here, so come on in! years ago i was quite the consumer of "herb." 35+ years of opiate abuse "cured" me of it. then just recently, i started to have a few puffs of this silly **** every day to help overcome the depression of opiate w/d. so anyhow the "jane" did help some with the depression, but introduced problems of it's own.
Avatar n tn I have read on another thread here that acupuncture has helped another case of traumatic mydriasis. I am not sure if it will help me, but I am going to try, because they claim that acupuncture realigns the body and helps it heal to its fullest potential, and that's what I am hoping for, to heal. I have found a local doctor in the area that specializes in acupuncture in the eye area. I am hoping this will render the best results reasonable.
Avatar m tn The most worrying development though has been over the past few weeks, when my friend has noticed a small depression/hole appearing half way up his septum on both sides, a few mm back from the tip of the nose. He doesn't think the holes have pierced through the septum, but thinks it is close to doing so. Coincidentally, my friend has also been taking Roacutane (strong acne treatment) for the past few months.
Avatar m tn and a little of skin crawl and alot of restless/depression i am going to be 24 yrs old next month this has been a long ride for me i started young wich i am not proud of. Every morning i wake up i cant go back to sleep even at 5 AM and feel suboxone withdrawls every morning i feel restless no motivation during the day...i still have not expierenced any kratom high. no where near as opiates maybe im not taking alot like people say but who wants to shove 15 pills down there throat at ones..
Avatar n tn If I cant get into study then we would do the Pegasys. However he wants me in the U of M. Much better chance he said. I need all your help right now. PLEASE I wish I were in denial right now.Please help meif you can.
994165 tn?1249503651 does tylonel pm help? or anything? i did take a hot bath around 3 am...and that did help...but didnt put me to sleep... im so desperate...ive had a total of 5 hours of sleep over the last 4 nights and i just cannot function like this anymore!!! i NEED to sleep tonight!!!! btw-i am detoxing from roxys and suboxone for those of you who dont already know.... and- an update- im in the airport rigth now on my way back home...
Avatar m tn Hard to turn over in bed due to muscle cramps, back and legs Hard to get up from sitting position, back and legs Shaking hands, can’t raise a glass to drink with one hand Serve anxiety, depression and panic attacks. Episode on a flight between Miami and London shortly after takeoff. My legs were flailing, arms and upper torso, head and neck. Hard sweeting. The flight attendant laid my seat back flat and brought ice in a cloth.
Avatar n tn WE are in a long distant relationship which makes it even more difficult. Are there any free rehab programs in Miami or near Miami? How do I deal with all my feelings without hurting him in the process? Please help.......
Avatar f tn Hi miainmiami and welcome to the Chiari forum. In reading your profile I see you have depression and anxiety issues but not I correct? If so, anxiety and depression in someone with Chiari may be treated differently then those that have it due to other causes..... But I do agree breathing exercises can help just about anyone. I hope you are doing better.
590279 tn?1286339622 Hello, First and foremost, regular estimation of blood sugar is important as hypoglycemia can lead to dizziness. Secondly, you have mentioned of a car accident long back. Sometimes, patients of brain trauma present with neurological manifestations many years after the accident. This depends on the area of brain involved and the extent of damage to that area. Patients with cerebrovascular disease have partial or complete blockages in the arteries that supply the brain with blood.
Avatar m tn Saw a different Dr said the same thing and then I saw a 3rd Dr who gave me drops for glaucoma, but said it probably would not help. This has caused major depression and anxiety. I have a lot of pain in my eye and pain under the other eye. I would like to know if this is the best eye care out there? Or is there a chance for help from glasses or something. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am happy to hear that you will finish your tx in just 7 more wks! I became an emotional wreck towards the very end of tx for some unknown reason...not sure if it was due to extra anxiety because I was almost done and whould I be cured or what. I actually started on Paxil a month after tx because of being so emotional and feeling a little lost or out of place. Hang in there and keep posting!
Avatar m tn Hi i recently have been noticing increased depression and some anxiety. It has been happening for a while now, since i made a move back home(north) from miami since the fall of last year. Since moving back home I have been seeing a doctor and was prescribed wellbutrin, which didn't work after 3 mo. But the cold, different culture, less friends around me maybe has added to the negative feelings but I have been dealing with them and hasn't gone too bad since most recently.
Avatar f tn I hve a condition where my spine is unable to support my body anymore. I am in right now a Miami JTO and a Aspen LSO. This has been a very hard last few days and I am slowly adjusting to my. new life. Any help as to how to adjust to wearing these braces would be a great support to me. I have also been told that I could go into a wheelchair as an option now but to be prepared to be in one full time one day. I would appreciate all the comments and support right now.
1161702 tn?1277417331 I think you may be suffering with an anxiety problem aswell as some depression. You should deffinately talk to someone. you only live once, so take the step and get some help. 5 years is a long time to feel like that. possibly some bereavment counseling. have a look on the net for some support.
Avatar m tn Hello dear. Lets consider for a moment that ur wife is going thru a mental ailment like depression. Depression can result in all sorts of negative & confusing behavior. I understand that your wife is being provided a comfortable living but clinical depression & other mental problems can exist even in ppl living the most comfortable of lives. Try talking to her about what could be bothering her or take her to a therapist to find out more.
Avatar m tn Between early February and mid-March I visited a couple of gay bath houses while I was away. Twice in Miami, and once in Orlando. The first two times in Miami, I engaged in nothing more than petting and mutual masturbation. During the third visit in March, I was somewhat less inhibited and I made the mistake of going too far. I tried poppers for the first time, and I just wasn't thinking clearly at all.