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Avatar m tn hi there, i have borderline personality disorder and bi plolar disorder. There is a online dbt class which you can look up. just type in google online dbt class. i joined one which is from yahoo. i found myself that i need someone to teach it to me.
118074 tn?1228332603 Just found out my DH was chatting online with other women while I was pregger. I was angry, disappointed and feel betrayed. I confronted him calmly and he said it was only a fantasy thing and he was "scare" to becoming a dad then. Should I worry? I feel like I can't trust him. He was very sorry and ashamed and told me he could never cheat on me. We have been together for 10 years and I caught him chatting like that about 6-7 years ago. Don't know what to think anymore.
579258 tn?1250652943 Hi Everyone .. and welcome to LIVE CHAT! This is where we can talk about our weight loss, our exercise, ask questions, share knowledge and/or socialize and get to know each other a bit. Just be sure to refresh your screen often so you can keep up with the community members! How's your day today? How's your weight loss going? Any questions?
1312584 tn?1280938285 Anyone else out there who wants some advice/help, I'm online for the next few hours if you wanna chat or message me if you don't wanna post here x
Avatar m tn Lastly, and most importantly, while online groups can certainly help us in some ways, and even give us a sense of support, it should NEVER be your only source of help or support and should NEVER be used in place of real, in person support or help. There's no substitution for that in person connection you will have with other people, the eye contact, physical touch, etc.
716699 tn?1234067420 I do have Buspar, but im scared to take it often because im worried about how it hasnt been studied on kids under 18 and since its for anxiety im scared that with depression, it will make it worse. i dont know if thats stupid or not, but i cant help but worry. Is there anyway to check online about psychiatrists? Or maybe in a phone book...
Avatar m tn My wife and I both told him we loved him very much whether he is in fact gay, or just questioning his sexuality. I did find out he has been talking online for sometime with a gentleman who is gay and is telling my son all kinds of sad stories about losing his boyfriend. My son is a very caring person and would show his caring even in a chat room to someone he has never met.
509877 tn?1315365294 I am a 45 year old mother of two sons, the oldest one is 19 but wll turn 20 this month. He was in college but dropped out, met a girl (online through a game they both play), and he moved in with her in July of 2012, without my knowledge. I have always told my sons that as long as they stay in school, I will work as many jobs as needed for them to succeed and graduate from college.
Avatar n tn ******URGENT******* I have been searching and communicating in online chat forums of all sorts on this subject. I read so many desperate postings about people who have suffered and continue to suffer because of their meds. There are SERIOUS side effects that people need to be aware BEFORE they get on these meds. That does not include being given an explanation in their medication box that consists of a 4-font. And one should not need a PhD to read this information. (I was getting my Ph.
Avatar f tn all I have been doing is crying, please help..... I feel like I want to die like I don't want to be here anymore. I cannot handle this. On august 25th I am supposed to tansfer away to school but I son't even want to go there anymore...I don't know what to do with myself and really feel like killing myself...Ive never been through something this bad before. He won't answer my emails, locked my cell number and my facebook... I feel all alone.
304970 tn?1331429594 While bipolar is obviously a more severe case than just regular depression I still think any drug you'd take either 1). hasn't been tested on pregnant women or 2). is harmful. So sorry! Are you doing okay?
3199802 tn?1362254159 therefore, how could either one help?! Has anyone ever used any herbal meds for depression and/or anxiety without any presciption ones? I have triex all the OTC for sleep and it has not worked Anyway thanks for listening and responding!!
Avatar n tn I need help today, I found out yesterday that my uncle died, now thats not a huge issue however, once again it brings up bad memories of losing a good friend and this morning when I woke up I was miserable, I ached everywhere and I couldn't get out of bed.
1353681 tn?1387087333 Well a few days ago , I began chatting with a guy, and he was talking about his depression (online). I told him about my anxiety and he was trying to help me.. he then told me halfway in he was married. 'Great' I thought , and was sad. Because he is so kind and seemed helpful and interested. Would you recommend completely stopping again?
Avatar n tn I seem to lose hope every x I relaps. I think it will help knowing I can come to this site now and chat with others who realy understand. Dont really know where to start or what to say? any help?
Avatar f tn how long do some of these meds take to work. i originally posted this question but i am new to the chat room scene.
1680078 tn?1305024317 there are alternatives to the medications, there is hope and there is help out there. I was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, panic, bipolar and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This was about 5-6 years ago. Since then, I had been put on several medications. Every time I experienced something "new" the doctors would raise the medication. It came to a point that I was on so much medication that I could barely function. I, like you, knew this not "normal" for me.
657586 tn?1224591547 Is there any American expat groups near you, what about in a close by larger city - it might be worth the drive?? Do not let your depression deepen, please seek help from someone. This should be a very happy and exciting time for you. I wish you the best and please feel free to reach out to us if you need us. Lisa.
Avatar f tn See if you can find help? Does your doctor's practice not have volunteers who help people like you? Here the chemists also deliver meds to housebound people. I think there must be some way you can get your meds too? Have you looked into this? Is there no one at all who can help???
Avatar f tn Hey Francis I live in the UK, but I am a grandma in my 70s so don't suppose you would want to chat to me about your problems. I have had depression for a very long time. Started in the 80s, and been on many different anti depressants over the years. I stopped them over a year ago now to see how I could manage. I was on Invalidity benefit when I could not work because of my depression. Have you asked your doctor about going onto that.
Avatar f tn yes unfortunately he is still using and I am losing my mind. This has been going on and off for a little over a year now. He'll stop then I'll catch him sneaking them and so on. He's told me so many times he was going to quit and he keeps reassuring me this time is the last time he will ever take it but I can't handle all the mood swings, the bi polar ness the not caring for anything in regards to me or my feelings.
Avatar n tn After reading many of the posts about medications I have a very major concern. this would amount to my third question I guess so... 3. I took acutane once upon a time, I didnt have to stay on this forever, it actually changed my body permanently so that I didnt have to stay on it after the 6 month period. With anti depressants is this possible or am I looking at a life of pills?
Avatar f tn I tried talking to this one Christian guy online, but he stopped talking to me when I started talking about my depression. I tried Christian Chat. com, but they were so cold and cliqquish. How can I deal with my depression. I feel like life is just so dull and meaningless. I don't feel like doing anything. I spend all my time on the computer. I find life so boring. How can I get over this?
Avatar n tn He has severe mood swings after taking Remicade and then high and lows that resemble Depression. Are there any reported cases of this happening with anyone else?
Avatar f tn I was just wondering if anyone has been on birth control pills and have suffered from anxiety or depression issues? I have been on the pill for 11yrs now and cant take how I am feeling anymore. I went on the pill for irregular periods, but since then I have been feeling blah, libido has decreased severely, I have sinus problems- I found out I have no allergies- so I think it is related to axiety, I worry constantly about everything; I get so nervous I get light headed sometimes.
1181494 tn?1264385515 They can and do make a difference. If you are looking for a chat group - there are several online. You can find nightly discussions over at the NMSS website's place. Send me a PM if you can't locate them. And don't forget about us here at MedHelp - we have been known to be good company. Hang in there and don't assume this is going to last forever.
Avatar f tn Hello. I'm new here (just made an account an hour or so ago...) and I need serious help. I'm thirteen years old and I think that I'm dealing with moderate-severe depression. It started on the first say of 8th grade, this year, and I was feeling this confusing "ball" of depression inside of me. I began to dwell on past experiences such as embarassments, bad decisions, arguements, things I've said, et cetera.
Avatar f tn com/depression-help-online/) where you can chat to people about your depression and it's kept confidential. They should both be free so you don't have to worry about money, you might need an email address but I think that's all. You might also want to read up on managing and possibly recovering from depression, as well at the causes of it. Alternatively, depending on how good your relationship is with your parents or friends ,you can try talking to one of them.