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362387 tn?1207277719 I don't know if it is just me or not. My last post didn't get much response and I was hoping for some help. I know this is not the doctors office but you guys are wonderful. Sorry everyone don't mean to sound like a selfish butt. I'm going through a rough time. This thyroid thing has made me feel like my life is over. I can't even take care of my family. Like today I slept till 3pm and still don't feel like I've slept any. Very irritable and unhappy.
Avatar f tn Most of the people here have an anxiety disorder of some sort. As MMahon, says, "How can we help?" First of all welcome to the forum. We are all here to help each other and learn about anxiety, so don't be afraid to ask as many questions as you like!
Avatar f tn have you seen a doctor for help with depression? If so, when, and what treatment was tried? If you could answer those few questions, we'll be able to give you some recommendations, as there is a difference between situational depression (feelings of sadness due to life events or losses) and clinical diagnosed depression. Hope to hear from you soon!
Avatar n tn A doctor will ask you questions which will help him decide if you are depressed. I believe there is a site on the internet with these questions. Hair loss does not sound like depression, but then we are all different when it comes to the symptoms. Certainly irrability is a sign of depression, but then it could just be stress. Only a doctor can tell you this.
Avatar f tn They vary so much. I have found this. I don't see how sleeping pills can help depression. Tiredness is certainly a symptom of depression. I live in UK too. Come back to me if you want to "talk.
1681145 tn?1304903518 do i talk to my family doctor about depression. and what if i dont feel comfortable talking to him who else could i go to ?
Avatar f tn I just feel depressed and so lost. I am 10 weeks now and i cant help but feel this way when i wake up... does anyone have a solution to this problem or has anyone else felt this way???
Avatar n tn I have found that for me deep depression came with the withdrawals and stuck around and sometimes I'm still a little depressed, but not like in the beginning. It does pass, but it's different for everyone. If you're taking benzos to help with the withdrawals, benzos are depressants and so that doesn't help! I found that out and had to make myself taking them like my doctor prescribed. You've received some great advice from the posters above already as well!!!
Avatar f tn You can still use those hotline numbers to get some help okay? We can't substitute here for help that you do need. Check out the links okay?
Avatar f tn In other people we can seek happiness, this is what I am doing here, helping people provide me with happiness. What you should do is to seek help, try to talk to your parents or friends about your current situation. You need to express your feelings and not keep all this inside of you. You might also try to find a qualified therapist. You might suffer from a chemical imbalances which can be restored by many ways. There is the pharmaceutical approach and there's the natural approach.
Avatar n tn Hello, There are a few questions that I have: Have you been dx with Chiari? Have you definitely been dx with Adjustment disorder disease by a Psychiatrist? If you have been dx with Chiari, some of the symptoms could be coming from that instead and you may have been misdx. From what I know about it...once you settle into or accept the new situation that is the stressor, then the symptoms usually ease off.
Avatar n tn but he wont listen to us. He saying that if we need help we can always ask our teacher to make us sit with our frds so they can help us. If i dont have frds, who am i gonna sit with ? I dont know wat to do, how to take him out of this situation. Can you please help me.
6347957 tn?1380524028 ask for referral to a psychiatrist. Your GP is a Dbag.
Avatar f tn Right now I am not taking anything except for something for my anxiety and I need something that will help my depression. I am desperate to find something that will help my depression. I live in Lou, Ky. so if anyone knows of a Dr. that treatments adults with either (if they do work) the ect, or magnetic treatment PLEASE let me know ASAP! Thanks soo much Deb.
Avatar f tn the pdocs here are almighty. i am afraid to ask them any questions except take the prescription swallow more pills.
Avatar n tn I've got a close friend, who lives in another state, and they suffer from depression. He's been diagnosed and sees a psychiatrist but the depression seems to run in 7 month cycles. He distances himself from those he cares about and questions if there's more to the life that he leads. My question, for anyone willing to answer, is... what can I do to help support him? I'm very new to this and want to be as supportive as I can, but it's tough being so far away.
Avatar n tn He cries every now and then, (you can tell the sadness in his face), not talking to us that much.. only answers questions. He had a blast for one week, and now he's home and has to go to school and etc. I don't know how to confort him. Its only been 2 days, but I'm worried that this will change my childs overall behavior.. Please help!
Avatar m tn I am 19 years old and I believe it might have something to due with depression but I need some advice and somewhat help. It feels as if I am somewhat going insane. It is hard to explain. About three months ago I had gerd which caused difficulty breathing. This worried me alot. I believe that for me not being able to feel good for a long time it has out me into some type of depression. I am just wondering if depression can cause anxiety and can it cause brain fog?
1801781 tn?1461633069 Thank you for the response, that makes so much sense! My last attempt to stop actually worked about 5 months and then I relapsed. I am determined to make it work this time. I remember feeling better in that 5 months, but it was not the whole way. Now I get it. I have to say this time is so much easier. I have been able to actually get out and do things that I could not the last time. Thomas' recipe has really helped.
Avatar f tn Ive asked 2 questions on this and never got a response. Did not help the rage, but if something I say can helo someone else I find lil happiness in that.
271792 tn?1334983257 How can I try and help someone else when I can’t help myself? I don’t even want to answer any posts for fear I will say something wrong and hurt someone. This is just not me. I don’t know where to turn. I had to get this out. It is choking me. Thanks all for listening.
Avatar n tn it's awesome nothing else I could ask for but I can't help feeling sad and wanting to cry all day for no reason, my bf doesn't undertsand me and it's getting frustrated, he ask me if I thought I had depression proiblems? he would take me to get help, he loves me tod eath and I undertand his frustration.
Avatar f tn I did not benefit from the treatment of the ECT's because I was not convulsing. The patient has to convulse to receive the benefit of help with depression. Since I had only convulsed three or four times, I walked away with all of the very bad side effects but without any of the benefits. My point in bringing this up initally is that I believe that I should have been told right away the first time I did not convulse and definately the second time.
Avatar f tn Yes people with depression do find it difficult to be with other people. It is part of the illness. We like to know that people care about us and are there for us, and we do not mean to hurt them. It is very difficult for you, I know, but he does need you even though he cannot say it. Just knowing you care will mean a great deal. You may find it difficult at times, and like the other people have said, just be there and let him know you support him. He needs you.
Avatar n tn Wow, I guess it would take time for you to get back in the flow of your normal routine again. Try to continue to talk it out like with your friends/family and that god for this site. Do you like to do crossword puzzles, word search, read, anything to occupy your mind. I will have mine April 20th. I am scared but I am trying to look at it as a positive. NO MOre heavy bleeding for days and days and days. limiting physical activity. I really am frighten.
Avatar m tn The psychiatrist also was asking me questions related to depression such as "has your appetite changed?" and "are you sleeping differently?" but she stopped after asking me only three questions and I said no to all of them and that's when she said I didn't have enough criteria for depression.
Avatar n tn I never really thought i was depressed, but one of my doctors incouraged me to go, so i went to a person on my college campus that refers people to the local pshycologist and she felt i should go, so i did...turns out i have major depression and PTSD. the meds help a lot,. i hope everything works out for you.
Avatar n tn So I'm in my 12th week and I suffer from depression and anxiety. I quit taking my meds at the beginning of my pregnancy and I am really struggling with depression. It's getting back to how I was before being medicated and im not dealing with it well. Its been a lot worse the past few days. Does anyone have any suggestions about this?
459155 tn?1264011742 I don't feel much w/d but the depression is BAD!!! when will that get better?? before I went on sub I had my doctor increase my zoloft to 150mg and plan to get some of the vitamins that have been listed (the ones that I can take w/ zoloft) The depression is the worst part of this for me. I started using when I got divorced and my dad died suddenly of a heart attack (all happened w/in 7 weeks). Please tell me this gets better!