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Avatar f tn These are statements he is telling me as I type. No soreness in his liver. He just asked me, what about the depression, that is a horrible side effect that he states he is going through. And for his doctor to have prescribed the Pegasys in the beginning he must be worse off than he is stating to me. I am sorry if I lost yuo during all this I say, he says. I am as scattered here in my writing as are my thoughts of the events. I am going to do research and keep on this forum steady.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know of a weight loss clinic that offers the B12 shots and appetite suppressants in the Southeastern Michigan/Northern Ohio area? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I wanted to ask the members of this forum if anyone can direct me to a reputable Doctor/Endocrinologist in Southeast Michigan, preferably in Macomb County. If anyone could tell me what the expenses are before during and after I would really appreciate it. If I had insurance this wouldn't be a problem but since I am unemployed and broke, I am stuck between the proverbial rock and hard place.
Avatar m tn Hey guys I need some help/advice. I am really down right now, (in tears) it is day 12 for me and I feel nothing more than depressed. My life feels pointless. I know this will go away after time but I really don't know if I can deal with it. My g/f and I have got in a fight today, tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary and valentines day. I just don't know. I feel that I need to be "high" or my mind needs to be somehow altered to be happy again. And to be myself again.
Avatar m tn I don't want to ever go through this again. There is no question but that I need help. I live in Michigan, I saw that a female doctor on here was practicing in the Detroit area. Perhaps if you read this you can help me. I work at one of the big three, and I'm on 12 hour shifts. I feel as if I am not able to handle this and work at the same time. I'm doing my best but I'm in an awful state right now.
Avatar f tn hoprfully when i get 2 my 3 weeks it will be way better, where can i get the 5-htp stuff at. anything to help myself would be fantastic. please check in sometimes so i know how you are, you to R2R all the clean friends i can have the marryer your in my prayers.
1307298 tn?1305950451 I heard about MedHelp in a Yahoo group for MS. I was just diagnosed with MS in the last several weeks so I'm on my adventure with that. The blessing of having epilepsy is that I had already gone through the emotional process of acceptance with that -- and now it is a bit easier to accept this new MS diagnosis and not be as scared. Since I've been "around the block" with epi, I'll make an effort to give my insights to others.
Avatar f tn Finally a group of doctors put their heads together and determined Autonomic issues but they knew of no doctors in our state that knew enough about it to help. I contacted UT Southwestern Autonomic Clinic in Dallas, Tx (8 hrs away) and was able to get her doctor here to refer her (they only take doctor referrals). They did autonomic testing and showed that she has Autonomic Dysfunction and Autonomic Neuropathy. Prescribed Robinul for stomach issues and Mestinon for blood pressure issues.
Avatar f tn I finished tx in May of this year and was on AD's in July becuause of the EOT blues/syndrome/depression. I too like you didn't take AD's while on tx or before tx but am on them now. I did pretty good while on tx but it was right at the very end, last couple of wks I noticed the change. I was like a basketcase and even remembering posting that I was falling apart at the end of my tx. I never even missed a day of work until the very end of tx. I can really relate to you...
Avatar f tn Republican House Speaker John Boehner and GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney have, in the course of the past week, pushed starkly different approaches to fiscal policy and economic recovery, a window into a broader rift within the GOP between the Tea Party and less absolutist conservatives.
Avatar f tn We try to help him but we all go to colleges in different states. My family is in Michigan, I'm in California and he's in New York. We know he is the one who has to want to change to get better. What can we do??
Avatar f tn GET OUT before you and your kids, who definitely deserve better than what they are in now, are stuck by the lies and deception of the drug he will quickly trap you in. Find help. It is available!!! Good Luck!!! You and your kids will be in my prayers. Keep in mind when you decide what you are going to do, Your kids did not ask nor deserve to have to be raised in this ****. It is not fair to them.
Avatar f tn Im 22(just turned on the 8th) and stress probably plays a big roll in my problems ive had anxiety, depression, stress, sleep insomnia, n panic attacks for ever.... i dont eat too unhealthy and i try to keep my self w/out stress now but i dont have medical insurance right now so everything worries me and then i get more worried cuz i cant just go get checked n if i do whether theres something wrong or not ill have some huge bills to pay. but thats life.
1468734 tn?1316539497 Would any one know of such a meeting or organization in the Flint, Genesee county Michigan area that might fit the bill? Any how, my prayers are with you all for I know how you feel. Been to the bottom many times. Black, all consuming and empty. Bless each and every one.
Avatar f tn she has been down the classic trail of being treated for depression(which she is a chemical experiment for the doctors) in which she has just become numb to the world, and she is reported as unresponsive to treatment She had part of her thyroid removed about 15 years ago for a goiter, and the doctor told her she didn't eat enough salt??? if you know my wife she puts salt on everything, and lots of it.
1123420 tn?1350564758 But in the last couple days I have barely felt him, like actually I dont think I have felt him move at all, Im so worried about him. Besides that I'm going through some bad depression right now, and I'm all alone, I live in a house of 4 other people, but no ones ever here, My fiancee and I arn't really talking much and when we do it turns into a fight.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you are doing what I tend to do, which is to self-treat with activities that release dopamine in my brain and relieve depression and anxiety. That leads to very bad decisions that can hurt you and others. I know you probably "know" this, but all you want is relief. I just started generic Remeron because my psychiatrist thinks it might be just right for me. Another good drug for me (and you!
Avatar m tn Hi all, I am almost 3 days sober from Percocet 10/325. I was taking up to 4 or 5 pills a day and not really for pain. In fact, these we being bought off of the street. I have since moved a couple hundred miles away from my THREE dealers, and back in with my mother so that I may properly heal.
Avatar m tn org/ Please call them first thing in the morning. They will probably be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction.
Avatar n tn Apparently there are chemicals in Mucinex that aid in breaking down the minerals we don't need in our bodie which help in the pain level. I have not tried this, I just heard about this last week. Nothing medically perscribed here accept my Methadone and my Lyrica which have seemed to work very well thus far. I have three blown discs on my right hip so I'm dealing with that pain as well and on a narcotic so those who have pain medication need to be aware of depression.
Avatar f tn I met my husband online around 7 years ago - I was in Israel. He was in Holland, Michigan. We ended up getting married. Nowadays I am spending more time here than in Israel, but I still have family over there.
398059 tn?1447949233 I am worried about the dark place that you are in. What can I do to help? Big HUGSSSS maybe? I'm sure my sweetie wouldn't mind, since it's "cyber-hugs.
Avatar n tn I am getting worse. So far, I have heard this is fibromyalgia, yeast overgrowth, allergies, depression etc. Everytime I try to explain that I think I have a toxic exposure problem, the doc just looks at me and shakes his head. Has anyone experieced thiese symptoms and does anyone kbnow a doctor in the Chicago area who can diagnosis a mystery illness? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with EBV in the spring of this yr. I was then diagnosed with CFS. My anxiety and depression has lead me to TMJ Syndrome. I would try EVERYTHING possible. As early as possible. It stands to reason that the quicker you receive treatment, the more successful it will be. Best of luck to you. Hope you have a lot better luck in 2007!
Avatar n tn I know they don't here, but they do offer free detox here in Michigan. It's a 5 day stay. You are right in assuming that xanax is very dangerous to get off. It's a Benzo as I'm sure you know so people have been known to go into a coma ect. if they try to stop cold turkey. He really should get help from a professional to get off of this. The doctor on this forum will be able to help you more with this. I hope he can get the help he needs.
637722 tn?1245089659 I understand that anxiety has many causes and can manifest itself in many ways. When I was younger, I wasn't afraid to drive in the snow. In 1988 I was in a car accident and we hit a telephone pole. We had slid on wet leaves and gravel. It took me months to drive after that and when I did drive I always felt like I was being pulled off the road. Once I even had a panic attack when a tractor-trailer passed me and I had to pull off the road.
Avatar n tn For over two years now, I have had numerous symptoms ranging from tinging in legs/arms, numbess in legs, pressure in head (not a dizzy feeling, just pressure), sporadic twitching in different areas, hard to enunciate at times, tongue tingling, sometimes I wake up and feel beaten up, like I worked out, pulling sensation in neck and under ears.
Avatar f tn My family dr has also prescribed me percs before, I went on April 12 for my sons checkup and the nurse practioner pulled my chart to give me some more antideppesssants because I have postpardum depression. Would there have been a note or something in my file saying I was in trouble and not to give me meds.
Avatar n tn Kimber - since you're in Michigan.. here's a little info. I'm having alot of trouble getting the current endo I'm seeing to listen to me. Story is similar to yours in that I have a multinodular goiter, feel like total C R A P , yet levels are normal so he won't do anything. He won't even biopsy, says it's fine -- really, then how come I can see my thyroid on the right side just looking in the mirror!??? OK, anyways, I just this week went to see my gyno.
Avatar m tn The thought of not washing with shampoo or just plain water is interesting. Here's why, I used to live in Chicago and we had Lake Michigan water. Now I live in a suburb and we have treated well water. Since I have lived in this suburb my condition has been more noticeable. When I lived in the city it was less. Also I have noticed that when I am on vacation ( Mexico or Wisconsin) the symptoms clear up greatly. It is less stress but also in Wisconsin the water is untreated well water.