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Avatar f tn I have been taking pain killers for almost a year, I am dependant on them until my doctor gave me abilify to take for my depression, how I can not get high from the pain killers, is this normal? What is the abilify doing to me?
Avatar f tn W voorstel ga kliniek toe, need a mental break v alles dalk. Wat v kids? Ga dit rerig help? Wat ga ander mense dink? Hoe ga ek self oor dit voel?
4029710 tn?1349316380 Medic aid does pay for therapy! Just hard to find one that takes it! In ga it will pay for 4 visits for u alone and 4 visits for ur hubby/bf and 4visits as a couple! If the therapest says u need more then they can request more from medic aid! Witch they usually do aprove more! Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn already beingt treated for pretty severe depression and have decided to get off the percs and the vics. I take one a day of either percocet (endo 602 5/325) or a Vicodin 10/325....i only take them as basically a steroid to allow me to work out and dont take them anytime else....not to get question is, will the withdrawal symptoms cause my depression to worsen based on what are relatively low doses?? thx in advance...
1214626 tn?1288106214 Many people start opiates in order to self medicate depression and anxiety issues. Then, when they quit, the depression resumes where it left off. After 6 months, you may want to get a physical and talk to a psychiatrist. Please, don't go to a GP for depressive issues. See a good psychiatrist, preferably one with experience treating people with addiction issues.
222369 tn?1274474635 Hi...How has your day been today? I just wanted to check in with you and see how your depression has been today? Your post just touched a nerve with me the other night, and it just makes me feel better to know you're having a good day. Thank you again, from myself and others who you post to, for being here and trying to help others. You're appreciated more than you know. If I can ever be of help, please let me know..
Avatar f tn GA= 2weeks, 2 days based on CRL=11mm
1536914 tn?1302701594 the steriods are making my blood sugar go completely crazy
Avatar n tn Hey Everyone - luv the Forum - I have been taking hydrocodone for about 8 years off and on for various pains and aches, then i got hooked like crazy, I have however only took 2 -4 a day and then off of them for a week or so and then go right back because of the restlessness and depression and being so tired. But I now do not want to be owned by this anymore I have been off of them for 3 days and it is hell...but I know I can do it. Also we are having a drug test on my Job on monday Oct 1st..
Avatar n tn t it be wise to try another medication? Especiallly for someone like me who has been treated for depression for the past 40 years?
4116706 tn?1351907846 Wrong date, should be Saturday night to Sunday morning. Hubby having problems with depression tonight "because I am negative or arguing". Loud talking, crying, hitting the desk, etc. did not help my sleep. If I got up to help him, he would get more upset. I also think he is afraid because of surgery Friday in Dallas.
Avatar f tn I heard there is new medication to help curb the need to drink alcohol. I heard it was originally used for tobacco. Can you please let me know if there is medication that can help with alcohol addiction?
Avatar n tn The depression does start to dissipate over time. I don't know how much good taking an antidepressant will do to fight that symptom off during WD's. The depression and lack of energy is just something that has to be fought through. What's your longest clean time? If I were you, I'd get clean, and then after a month, if the fog hasn't lifted, then you can ask your doc about antidepression meds.
Avatar f tn t want to lose my career. PLEASE, if you have tips for dealing with the depression and the sleeplessness, me. I want more than anything to be free of this evil addiction and I know God will help me help myself. I just need to know what works...what helps with the depression and restlessness...what helps with the restless legs...what helps with the aching and chills and nausea. My usual dose is 40 to 50mg per day. I never let myself go higher than that.
Avatar n tn most likely being off your drug of choice, not being high and the changes going on in your life because of the addicxtion have cause your depression..your depression may be actually 10 fold right now had you gone cold turkey and not had the sub to depend on....just a suggestion, oh and hey...good luck with the gag reflex...thats actually a difficult thing...
Avatar f tn But ever since waking from the GA, I feel very very very depressed. I have a history of depression but things were stable for a while now. Since waking up, I've lost my appetite (not because of the teeth, in fact they don't hurt at all), constantly crying, upset very easily, ended up hyperventilating and locked all the muscles in my arms'.
2024274 tn?1332956426 We expected this with this tx but im just worried that last night when i called she told me she cant do this anymore and feels like dying just to rest from all this that she has been through in the last 10 years that her liver has got so bad.I always give her some incouraging and supporting words and i know they help but not for long im afraid of depression.
Avatar n tn We all have gone through the withdrawal depression to some degree. You're not alone with this. Just knowing I wasn't the only one going through it made me feel better. I'd give in a month or so. If it doesn't subside by then, you may want to see a doc and see if it's an underlying depression issue.
1224562 tn?1274475633 What were you taking and how much daily?
Avatar f tn Today I feel like I do everyday, depressed. I thought this would just go away, I know now that it won't. I'm finally going to seek medical help. If there is anyone who has or still is suffering from dprssion please let me know your story and what helped you, such as the kinds of anti-deppressants.I can't go on living like this any longer. My family doen't understand this and thinks that it is in my head. I need and will seek help for me, the one person I seem to always neglect.
222369 tn?1274474635 Has anyone heard from LadySundown lately? I haven't heard from her lately. Just wanted to hear how her depression issues were going. She always cheered me up...
Avatar n tn Depression is a symptom for the wd's. Changing antidepressants right before detox couldn't help either. I'd discuss it with your doc, but some depression is just a result of detoxing. I had it and still battle it on day 10. Just know that the good moments will start outnumbering the bad ones more and more as the days progress.
Avatar m tn i suffer from manic depression. i have been taking zoloft for 25 yrs. in the last 2 years i have experience sexual side affects. i have never taken wellbutrin. i have heard that it does not have the side affects that long term use of zoloft does. also, the cycle of depression has changed from 4 to 5 days manic and 3 to 4 days depressed to 2 to 3 days manic and 5 to 6 days depressed. have i gotten immuned to zoloft? signed GB in ga.
Avatar f tn I dont want to go from one addiction to another...Is this drug like vicoden? Is it addicting?? Please help! Thank you for any input anyone may have.
Avatar f tn if Ga.
Avatar f tn I am not having classic w/d symptoms with the taper except for the lethargy and some depression. ughh im so frustrated. Am I just putting myself through more misery or should i just make the jump and stop???? Nauty...................
Avatar f tn Could someone please help. I dont care who you are but i need help and advice, im so scared, please anyone!!!!!!
Avatar f tn If anyone could help me find a good pain management doctor in the augusta georgia area, It would be greatly appreciated. I'm so tired of spending so much money on doctors who just don't care.
Avatar n tn am a failure mum sent money to uk which is very shameful for me. i am tired of every thing fed up of everything there is no God there is no help there is no bliss/happiness all is temporary ............................................................