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Avatar n tn If you've been on a particular medication for a number of months, and you start getting depressed again, wouldn't it be wise to try another medication? Especiallly for someone like me who has been treated for depression for the past 40 years?
Avatar n tn We all have gone through the withdrawal depression to some degree. You're not alone with this. Just knowing I wasn't the only one going through it made me feel better. I'd give in a month or so. If it doesn't subside by then, you may want to see a doc and see if it's an underlying depression issue.
1522391 tn?1311572455 THeres a lot going on in your life, and the most important thing you can do for yourself is seek help so you dont end up deeper in the pit of depression. You have every right to feel hurt and depressed, im very sorry for everything that has happened in your life. But you also have every right to make it better, and i believe you can. Do you have any hobbies? For me, I love photography.
Avatar f tn I have been taking pain killers for almost a year, I am dependant on them until my doctor gave me abilify to take for my depression, how I can not get high from the pain killers, is this normal? What is the abilify doing to me?
Avatar f tn by mmm464 Send Message View Profile mmm464 Palm Beach - FL I've been diagnosed and treated for chronic depression since 1992 and have lived fairly "evenly" (with meds) except for periods of upheaval that anyone would have - divorce, job crisis, etc. I am a kind of "free spirit" so at times it may be difficult for family members and friends to know the difference between what is just "ME' and what is a real problem.
Avatar f tn Your DR cares about you and wants you to be functuning and happy ifthey didnt they wouldnt be prescribing you pain meds. Anti-depressants are often used along with a pain med regimine to help with pain and depression from pain. DR's never think us unstable for being deprssed. It's expected. Chronic pain is debelitating in so many ways. Talking to friends is great, but talking to someone that can teach you coping mechanisms in dealing with the depression and pain is even better.
Avatar n tn Hey Everyone - luv the Forum - I have been taking hydrocodone for about 8 years off and on for various pains and aches, then i got hooked like crazy, I have however only took 2 -4 a day and then off of them for a week or so and then go right back because of the restlessness and depression and being so tired. But I now do not want to be owned by this anymore I have been off of them for 3 days and it is hell...but I know I can do it. Also we are having a drug test on my Job on monday Oct 1st..
Avatar n tn End usage was 15-20 aday of norco. Im a little confused in regards to differentiating PAWS from depression. I still feel like im not feeling as good as I should be. Im in my mid forties which might have something to do with it. Anyone?
Avatar n tn (i don't want to be on oxy if i don't have to) i've never expierenced this level of post physical depression. is there something about oxy that gives it more of an emotional "buzz saw" than other opiate withdrawal? it seems to me there is, as i've expierenced withdrawl from other opiates and all though they were physically more unpleasent, there was not this compent of emotional. i'm already taking 400 mg of welbutronn a day, and that seems to help some.
237500 tn?1189759431 doctor and we decided to up my effexor due to my HUGE increase in panic attacks and serious depression and suicidal thoughts. so, i double up on the effexor last night and i wake up this morning feeling really good and pretty stable. up until an hour ago, i had made it since 5 pm last night without a panic attack. i was pretty proud of myself. so, like i said, this morning was good. i had been staying pretty positive, until this headache of mine kicked in.
Avatar n tn I want to help my brother get off percs...he despratly needs help and I have no idea how to help him. Any ideas or suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Avatar n tn thank you for your help i quess i will need a lot of help for the next while i will see my doctor and try the way your mom did i thank you .
Avatar f tn lol I wanted to add that GA, I've had some really bad depression with this pregnancy but I've managed without's been really hard, but I'm full-term today so I really feel like it was worth it. I live in N. FL so it's been hot as blazes here (the heat index is well above 100* every day) but I take my daughter out to swim every day for about 45 minutes and the natural melatonin release has helped my depression a lot too.
Avatar n tn The depression does start to dissipate over time. I don't know how much good taking an antidepressant will do to fight that symptom off during WD's. The depression and lack of energy is just something that has to be fought through. What's your longest clean time? If I were you, I'd get clean, and then after a month, if the fog hasn't lifted, then you can ask your doc about antidepression meds.
Avatar f tn PLEASE, if you have tips for dealing with the depression and the sleeplessness, me. I want more than anything to be free of this evil addiction and I know God will help me help myself. I just need to know what works...what helps with the depression and restlessness...what helps with the restless legs...what helps with the aching and chills and nausea. My usual dose is 40 to 50mg per day. I never let myself go higher than that.
Avatar n tn Xanax will help calm the jitters and the restless leg that comes with the withdrawals. There's some information on all of this on my profile page you may want to read. It will answer many of these questions. Just click on the blue Ga Guy link to the left of this post.
Avatar f tn I do have some issues as stated in my previous post from last night. I really think I need alot of help, I'm so frustrated. It seems I do not have the time or the money to fight this and that na/aa are becoming my only hope. Does anybody have to drive 1.5 hrs to get to their meetings? Is that even really a practical solution? I feel that If I could have gone to one yesterday I would not have been as panick stricken as I was yesterday as stated in last nights post. pleas read!!!
Avatar f tn I'm a 24 year old grad student. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with depression and, after some trial and error with different meds/dosages, have been functioning really well on 150mg/daily of Zoloft. Sometime last October (possibly September, I don't really remember), I asked my doc to switch me to something else to curb the Zoloft side effects that I couldn't deal with anymore.
Avatar f tn You can look into Guaranteed Acceptance Healthcare Benefits which could help you get some help with your conditions. check it out at this site below: http://www.****.
Avatar f tn Take lots of hot baths to ease the muscle ache and drink as much fluid as you can, Also, check out the Thomas Recipe on bottom right here, it has vitamin/mineral therapy that really helps. I would say get on a multi-vitamin right away if you are not already. And B-12 will help with the blah feelings. Good luck to you, keep posting. Lots of great peeps here to help with this fight.
Avatar f tn How can I support him and help him stay away from this evil monster?Any advice to help me in letting go of the anger I still have at times? I go to work all day and worry about him all day.Again when I express my worries to him he tell me not to worry, that he will not go back to that matter what.I asked him to call me whenever he feels the craving so that I can help him through help him remember why he doesn't want it.
Avatar f tn There are a few things to help. Find Ga Guy and click on his name, it will take you to his profile which has a reciepe to help you. It will be like an awful flu and no fun at all for 4-7 days. It's a slow process, after day 4 you should start to feel a little better but it is a very gradual thing. Make sure you don't have acess to any of the oxy's , because it gets really tuff and if they are around you will more than likely cave.
280418 tn?1306329510 They're just babies to me, nothing exciting to me. I'm a tomboy at heart. I love my cats and when I see kittens, I go ga ga. My husband and I joke that I'm going to have a kitten. I'm told that with your own it is different and I'm sure that's true, but I think my lack of desire for children might make me at risk for PPD. Could be wrong. My mother had only me, and she reports a year long, severe PPD. She describes me being colicky and nobody to help her.
983679 tn?1276836936 it comes with the withdrawal and with the pill problem ..... and it helps with depression and a bunch of other stuff..... And like Ga Guy mentioned - check out a meeting or so - they are even offerred online, although the people skills are developed much better in person - - and the support is more real time . Good luck and stick around for awhile - - - Heres some stuff from 6 ----- Yesterday was the only easy day. You may complain tomorrow. Today you live.... and live well.
Avatar n tn it is now thursday last nite i halved one of the capsules so 50 mg approx but today i feel horrible not as bad as tuesday that was the worst day but was hoping to feel at least i can get out of bed and function but i cant im freezing as soon as i get up i got goose bumps all over then sweating my heart beat is racing and my breathing feels eratic with feels of anxiety and depression its just a good job i have got such a wonderful husband who looks after me and my 6 children i couldnt have gone
320944 tn?1245970199 i only went through wd from it for 3-4 days because i was in the hospital after my seizure (caused by the tramadol) and they simply switched me over to vicodin because i still have chronic pain that had to be dealt with. i wish i would have just fessed up then and gotten help to deal with my opiate addiction. because that is what the tramadol addiction really is. i was so surprised to find out that tramadol acted as an opiate in my body.
Avatar f tn I thought i was done with the worst of it. with help from my dr. i quit cold turkey and have been taking xanex for the anxiety due to the withdrawls. went to the dr. yesterday and he placed me on Klonapin-he said it was better and not as addicting as the xanex. up until today i was feeling better for the last couple days. today has been horrible!!! I feel like I am right back @ the beginning of this. I am at the end of my rope.
Avatar n tn I am not condoning his drinking at all. It's a terrible addiction, just like the drugs. I will say this though...kicking methadone is hard enough to do without trying to kick alcohol abuse at the same time. It's kinda like the people on here who try to kick benzos and opiates at the same time. It's just too hard to quit one, without taking on both beasts. If I were you, I'd help him kick the methadone and then get him into some aftercare program to help him kick the alcohol. By the way..