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Avatar n tn The Cymbalta gave me really wierd effects, jaw clenching twitchy feeling eyes rolling and crawly feeling on my skin. Dr said serotonin toxicity.
1302779 tn?1287408629 Hello all i have dep/anxiety and i am on celexa along with low doses of klonopin and have been waking up in the morning with headaches. i know i have been "clenching" my jaw and bought a mouth guard from pharmacy sometimes helps but sometimes not. I know the clenchng is a side effect of celexa which i may be switching to cymbalta. Any input would be great Does anyone think a tmj dentist is the way to go?
Avatar n tn I then began to experience slight jaw pain in the area below the ear. Hurts when I chew. Internist xrayed my jaw to rule out TMJ, and that came back negative. He has no other suggestions. I went for about 1 1/2 weeks until this past Monday, with no feeling of fullness or anything. The slight jaw pain was still present. On Monday, it begun to feel not normal again. I don't necessarily have ear fullness, but the area behind my ears near the jaw feels odd inside.
Avatar f tn I started taking Cymbalta last week Monday, had a few of the normal side effects, but was actually feeling pretty great by the end of the week other than an increase in anxiety/feeling like I couldn't sit still/very restless. Along with that, I could not stop clenching my jaw and it was getting very painful and irritating. My doctor recommended stopping it for the weekend and restarting on Monday (tomorrow).
Avatar f tn At dinner time I take 40 mg of Celexa and get shakiness, muscles tighten up,when I go to sleep my jaw tightens up which have time relaxing to get it to go away. My question is this, I was previously on Wellbutrin for quite some time and it was working well. About six months ago something happened in my life and was taken off of wellbutrin to celexa. At this point I am considering in going back on Wellbutrin because I felt so good while taken it.
Avatar m tn pins and needles feeling all over my body. like a nettles sting. even my tongue. jaw clenching, stomach problems. too many side effects to list. I went to a neurologist, a holistic doc, 3 second opinion docs, and not one mentioned it could be the lyrica. My PCP suggested I see a shrink. This drug should be banned!!! I hope we see adds on 1-800 bad drug. I will be the first to sign up. I have several health issues but nothing compares to how this drug changed my brain and body.
Avatar n tn I also notice that my heart rate is up almost all the time, I feel like I have to stretch constantly and am constantly clenching my jaw (I did mention that to my doctor prior because it is the first side effect I noticed on this med, and he had me go off it for a few days then start back up--still had the same problem) and feel like I have to stretch my legs, yawn, etc.
Avatar n tn One of the reasons I have tried to go off them is that they intensify my teeth clenching at night and I wake up fatigued. I was also been perscribed clonazopam back in 1991 for sleep. Are their any SSRI's that don't agrivate this condition? I am also very dissapointed that I have to be dependent on these drugs.
Avatar n tn But you can also wear in daytime b/c you are probably unwittingly clenching your jaw which will tense the neck muscles, back etc. If you have trigeminal neuralgia, I would think your doctor would start you on cymbalta rather than effexor. cymbalta is in the effexor family but cymbalta is typically prescribed for neuralgia pain or diabetic pain as well as depression. It works faster than effexor, like 3 days as opposed to 3 weeks. You might want to ask about that.
Avatar m tn ) Besides dry mouth, which they all give you - watch for bruxism (clenching jaw or grinding teeth) doesn't happen much, but be aware.. Get a mouth guard if your jaw hurts in the morning. I ignored and ended up with not the best bottom teeth. It shouldn't be an issue if this happens, because you know. I didn't have a clue! Both drugs are great! Make sure you drink bunches of water too!
692643 tn?1372614827 it's a clinic and most shrinks leave that place anyway, I explain to my general doctor what was goin on and that I'm havin problems sleeping...jaw clenching is so noticable i ashame to go out..that was a sight effect from the zepreka... . by the way I was on Seroquel, but I was getting far as estrogen, u can strike a match on my so dry....I use dove and dove oil lotion hair is dry and fallin out...I aged over night...extremely moody..I can't make plans ..
1336491 tn?1340623141 I think I have unconsciously been doing this, like a clenching kind of thing but biting down on the soft tissue rather than actually grinding my teeth. She referred me to an oral surgeon 450 kms away. I haven't made the appt yet; first trying to be aware of the behaviour and curb this habit and see if it goes away on its own, which I think it will. Perhaps with everything going on, you are doing something like this too, and may be a reflection of the stress you're under.
Avatar n tn But over the last month I started to get extreme tightness in my neck below my jaw, and then along my jaw and up into my face. To the point that the pain would awaken me. It's generally a shooting ache/pain, more left than right but bi-lateral. Can run into my cheeks, tip of my jaw etc. I get a lot of tingling on the left side of my face. I also wake up where my whole body feels "seized" up for only a few seconds. But at that moment, I think I'm going to die.
1244910 tn?1283395480 1. Constant clenching of my jaw, neck, face, head and neck. I’ve even had spasms where I’ve been unable to move my head or neck for days. 2. I have daily headaches that seem to come alive mostly as I sleep. They wake me up with intense throbbing and I’ve been unable to have any complete night of sleep. 3. I get the feeling of spasms in the muscles of my head. The pain is unbelievable and occurs at least 4 times a week, but quite often daily.
Avatar f tn I just had a little jaw clenching and agitation when I was on the higher dose at the beginning (nothing too dramatic). That seemed to go away with my ribasphere dose reduction (bec. of anemia - lowered to 800 mg from 1000 mg ). I feel great (but not manic-grin). So,this side effect definitely does not always show up, but I think a couple people have reported this side, but think they were also treating with interferon?
630344 tn?1280108583 - sleep - get as much as possible and ensure you are sleeping on a pillow that supports your neck and head properly - when you lay on your side your head should be in a straight position on the pillow with the pillow supporting the neck and shoulder area - try to find ways to reduce stress - massage - my massage therapist does myofascial release on me and it helps immensely - I've been on Lyrica and Remeron for depression - they have both helped but has not eliminated - put alternating hot
Avatar n tn I was told to take elavil to help with jaw clenching and was prescribed a low dose to start out with. It really worked until my dose reached 50mg and then all hell broke loose. I had severe anxiety where I had never had before. I quit cold turkey and boy was I in for a bumpy ride. After a few months the withdraw only got better but I so depressed from all the worrying that my doctor thought celexa would help.
Avatar f tn im up but i am on the west coast only 9. your jaw and ear? sounds like your tmj. are you grinding and clenching your teeth???
Avatar m tn These went away and what remained was sexual side effects which were alleviated by combining Effexor with Wellbutrin. I also did alot of jaw clenching and had to get a mouth guard to protect my teeth when I slept. Now to the Pristiq: My doctor and I decided to swtich me over to Pristiq from Effexor. (Pristiq is essentially the same drug, but supposedly without all the side effects).
196368 tn?1205377630 I'll figure out something else with the minor side effect I have from zoloft, which I thought was major until effexor killed me mentally. You also mentioned your jaw hurting. Could be you're grinding/clenching when you sleep or even when you're awake - another major anxiety related habit. Also, I have black spots - another anxiety side effect, I believe. Hope this info helped. Please be aggressive with your treatment options.
Avatar f tn )and I go outside to do it due to my 7 year old's allergies, anyway, I can be outside by myself with not another living soul around and the next thing I know my teeth or ear hurts and that's when I realize I was clenching my jaw. Or I can be okay and go to Wal-Mart and if it is really crowded when I get on an isle with a lot of people on it my heart starts racing and suddenly I can't breathe.
165026 tn?1514171116 I also said that I wasn't depressed, my husband disagreed of course, but my logic was, well maybe I am, but of course who wouldn't be when they have been feeling like this and hurting for almost 6 monthes? They also started me on Cymbalta, which is an antidepressant that also helps with chronic pain. I feel MUCH better since starting it. At first I thought that was what they were calling it because they didn't know what else to call it, in other words the doctors were as clueless as me.
5093508 tn?1390547531 When I was 17 I had surgery because I shattered my articulating disc in my jaw from grinding and clenching my teeth to hard and too much and that was with a night guard in. YIKES!!! So I was fine for about 15 yrs after the surgery but I now have degenerative disc disease in that joint and the other disc on the right side is folded. Fibromyalgia is as per Wikipedia is characterized by chronic widespread pain and allodynia (a heightened and painful response to pressure).
Avatar dr m tn One of the ways that this is treated is using a dental device that pulls the lower jaw forward, which is similar to what you use for snorers and mild sleep apnea patients. So I have the patients thrust their jaw forward and by putting the jaw forward, it also pulls the tongue forward and you can see a vast improvement in the caliber of the airway.
Avatar n tn I also know how much I clench my jaw now because of the pain. But the pain causes the clenching and the clenching causes the pain! BUT all this reading tonight has really given me a light bulb over my head. I do need to see the dentist and really think that my reality will be dentures in a year or two. Hopefully having a full set of teeth that all fit together will offer some relief. I may be completely on the wrong track but I'm seeing a pattern here.
Avatar f tn My face feels exhausted, almost like it's sunburned. Often I catch myself making a tight face. I think I'm clenching my jaw or leaving my face in a fixed position at work. I find when I'm watching TV and drinking a beer - it goes away. Breathing into a scarf (like breathing into a paper bag) helps a lot. I'm not sure if it's the warm feeling on my face or re-breathing CO2 to prevent hyperventilation. When I get up and - even right now - it comes back.
Avatar n tn I started taking welbutrin for the constant feeling of exhaustion due to being on cymbalta (another antidepressant). after about a month people started commenting that I was looking slimmer. I was working out at that point so I didn't think anything of it. However, my schedule changed and I was no longer working out but I was losing weight like crazy! I'm 5'8" 31yr old and weighed about 150. After being on welbutrin for 2 months I had lost 25lbs.
451975 tn?1372332199 Perhaps it was the onset of menopause, or the tremendous stress of my job, or that I have had several incidents where I was struck in the face or head since that time. It's part of being an officer. I am taking cymbalta, diazepam, and hydrocodone for head pain. I also take a magnesium supplement as well as B vitamins. I went through months of vestibular therapy. I suffer from dizziness, vertigo, and nystagmus which has become oscillopsia. I am at a high risk for falls.
Avatar m tn I've been on different medications for nerve pain. None have worked. I have recently been put on Cymbalta. I'll keep you posted to let you know if it calms the burning down. I'm so ready for some relief.
244195 tn?1239496061 most foods taste salty *Tightness in back, left side of head *Lightheadedness/dizziness *Trapped/helpless feeling *Feel like I'm crazy *Feel like I exagerate or am a hypercondriac *Feeling like dr's aren't really looking at my symptoms *Chest pain *Jaw pain *Blurred eyesight *Constant crying, especially when thinking of death *Checking my pulse Reading that others have similar symptoms and are physically healthy make me feel better sometimes...