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Avatar n tn Hello, Im a 30 year old female who was devastated to recently find out that my loss of balance, short term memory loss and other issues were actually due to serotonin neurotoxicty from the Elavil and Lexapro and Ambien I was on.
Avatar f tn I have been offof Cymbalta since April 2007. The sweats, tremors, and most side effects went away after a couple of months. The memory loss, abdominal problems, and some other effects are still here. In respose to the lady that posted about reading the RX sheet that comes with it, a lot of these symptoms aren't mentioned. My doctor and husband both researched it after I had these awful symptoms and these symptoms aren't published.
Avatar f tn I was told to try cymbalta for the joint pains but am reluctant to try it as I'm afraid I will have even worse side effects. Has anyone ever tried cymbalta for joint pains due to Hashi's?
5082295 tn?1371254511 Well yes Im doing better now, yeah I stopped taking it like he said & the next week my doc was still on vacation so now this is the beginning week he should he back, even though I have called they haven't called back. I didn't really want more info I just wanted to be reassured that side effect wasn't going to kill be bc by then I realized he wasn't going to be much more help then that. See when this happened b4 my doc was on call so obviously helped a ton more.
Avatar m tn zombie like) the doctor gave me his word that the medication would not make me feel like that so i trusted his judgement. i had severe side effects (that lasted for days couldn't get out of bed) from one 30mg pill, severe ringing in ears, severe vision impairment, confusion, nausea, & a severe migrane (like a bomb went off in my head) was almost rushed to e.r. but refused at the time, figured it would wear off & i would be fine.
562833 tn?1233759709 That was a huge problem for me when I was using and has had some residual side effects... I still have a slight memory problem today! That's what happens when we beat on our brains like that! Don't stress tho, it will get better.
1191795 tn?1264716227 57 yo retired mil with PTSD (field medic) and very rapid memory loss over past 3 months. I mean very rapid and getting worse. Taking Citalopram and Trazadone. Also increasing hand tremors. Tinnitus extreme with increase symptoms when moving eyes up, down L-R. No effect when eyes closed though.
Avatar m tn I am having some severe side effects concerning short term memory loss, irritability, and fatigue. I have taken Ibuprofen 800mg, nortriptyline HCL 25mg, promethazine 25mg, acetaminophen COD#3, cycmbalta 30mg, pamelor 25mg, cyclobenzarrine 10mg, hydrocodone 500mg, methycprednisolone 4mg, tramadol HCL 50 mg, and viagra 100mg. My question is will any of the medications i was subscribed or taken in combination have symptons of severe memory loss?
612876 tn?1355518095 I'm 29 years old, and the onset of the brain fog/mental confusion/memory loss coincided with the onset of the dysautonomia at age 27 (with my first syncope/seizure). It has gotten much worse over time, and now has many of the characteristics of dementia with old age. Other examples: -Called 911 in an emergency. Couldn't remember own street name to give to operator. Had to go look at the sign. -When I forget things like my own address, they aren't just on the tip of my tongue.
Avatar n tn If anyone has a suggestion for a drug that helps with anxiety but has absolutely no correlation to memory loss (I'm talking about real-life experiences, not studies done funded by the drug companies). What alarms me is that I have seen some posts where people went off of Celexa and their 'brain fog' went away, but with others it stayed and their memory was permanently affected. I am hoping that the former is what happens most of the time.
202665 tn?1248810333 I experience some form of memory loss on antipsychotics but the medicine that really caused me to have that level of memory loss and confusion like you describe was Cogentin which can cause Alzheimer's-like side effects, although Cogentin isn't a psych med, it's a side effect pill. I don't know if psych meds can cause memory loss to that extent or not but I would bet it's possible although I would get other causes ruled out like you're doing.
Avatar m tn // Let us know what the doc says!
Avatar f tn My daughter has concentration problems and some memory loss on her medications but finds those side effects tolerable in comparison to cycling. She takes Lithium 1200 mg (split 600am/900pm), Lamictal 100pm and Adderall XR 10mg AM. She also takes a multivitamin, calcium, biotin, birth control, and zantac. She was on Geodon 80 mg (gained 30lbs and no improvement) and zoloft 50mg... with all the other stuff she was on. That was from August until mid December.
Avatar f tn Take it easy and try to get some rest, give yourself some down time if possible I find it fantastic (except for sexual side effects/though not as bad as Effexor) I mean mood wise, it makes me completely together. It just suits me down to the ground. I have energy, sleep well, feel joy. I am really enjoying my life. It started working in 10 days and after 6 weeks I felt fine. My psychiatrist here in Vienna Austria swears by it, she said she has seen great results with it.
3052462 tn?1340223481 I was recently on Cymbalta 60 mg daily, seemed to be tolerating it well, however, suddenly I began having falling spells, dizziness, memory loss, and total loss of bladder control. One day I forgot to take my Cymbalta and that day I no longer had a complete loss of balance. I went in to my doctor, he sent me for an MRI. I was diagnosed with Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus. My Question is: Is it possible that the Cymbalta caused me to GET the NPH or did it just push it to the forefront?
1490607 tn?1288383290 Has any one heard of or experienced being on Cymbalta and/or Neurontin and where the side effects suddenly became MS like symptoms after being on them for a year?
Avatar f tn My question is do others experience this extreme form of memory and concentration loss? Can depression really cause such poor memory? It feels like my brain is turning to mush. I am scared, suffering and so very tired of all of this. Any advice?
Avatar f tn This is about memory loss not associated with the temporary nightly side effects. But memory loss in general. I use to have one of the best memories.. But over the last year I have had an extremely difficult time remembering names. I simply can not recall movie titles or names of actors anymore, one of the things I was best at. I would like to think that this would return in time if I were to stop taking ambien. But something tells me that my brain could be permanently damaged.
Avatar n tn I have so many things going on that I'm not sure what the problem is. I have many symptoms, mental/head fogginess, sluggish memory, can't sleep thru the night, forgetfullness, always tired, overweight, can't concentrate, cry at the drop of a hat and the list goes on and on. I'm 46 and under alot of stress. I've also had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I have gained weight and have a hard time trying to get if off.
Avatar n tn Why not just stay on them and not suffer from withdrawals and possibly have your terrible effects of depression return? Are the side effects of being on these antidepressants that bad? His doctor lowered his doasage without telling him; he didn't know until he looked at the bottle that he picked up from the pharmacy... Clearly I'm no doc but the general idea of going off seems bad enough let alone going ahead and lowering his dosage without telling him... I suggested he switch doctors... .
Avatar n tn just wish to share that the thing that helped me most with the post treatment side effects of depression and bone/muscle pain and memory loss has actually been drinking infusion of nettles; pick stinging nettles dry them or use fresh, small handful in flask of boiling water and drink during the day, every day: it contains the b complex vits and others: i know it seems a bit simple, but from all the stuff that ive tried, it has really helped: along with a great physiotherapist who said
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar n tn If somebody has a solution please share your secret. I have already tried Zoloft where it only gave me slurred speech and memory loss. Lexapro made me very angry and sleepy. I do not know any other medication to take. Please Help if you have an answer.
Avatar n tn i didn't want to take more drugs to get off cymbalta! i was having pretty bad side effects the longer i took the stuff, so i was determined. cold daytime sweats, nighttime terrors, ED, bad stomach problems, chills. the whole range of side effects. i started by taking a 30mg pill every other day for 2 weeks, then every second day for 2 weeks, then every 3rd day for 2 weeks. when i got to every fourth day, i stopped.
Avatar m tn As I began to notice these conditions, I went back to the doc who said these are not common side effects of the medications. Stated it must be some other physical issue. We did all the blood tests TWICE (came back ok), an MRI and an EEG - looking for issues in the brain (no fault found there either). I was sent to a psychiatrist - two visits with him resulted in the conclusion that it was NOT a psychiatric issue.
587279 tn?1223704355 Has anyone had long term side effects from Wellbutrin or Zyban? I have had long term neurological problems that seemed to be triggered by a reaction to wellbutrin. I was wondering if others have experienced any problems from either of these drugs. Please contact me and let me know. I am suffering from muscle wasting, muscle twitching, severe memory problems and I am 32 years old. No doctor nor specialist can figure out what is causing my decline in health.
Avatar m tn I did Extacy when I was 18 years old about 3 times. I never experienced any side effects from it. I am now 26 years old. For some stupid reason which I greatly regret. I took an Extacy pill September 28th. I had a great time on it. The next day I felt fine but about 2 weeks later I was feeling very high anxiety & I am suffering from depression. I also was having mood swings.
Avatar n tn There are a number of cases where additional side effects came along after a drug was approved, those side effects were reported by patients and doctors alike and the drug companies did nothing. Those same drug companies were then fined for knowingly putting the public at risk when additional information came to light about potentially harmful aspects of drugs on the market.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Finished triple therapy Jan 28, 13. (early) due to side effects and now I am experiencing joint pain, stiffnes that started a couple months after treatment. When I sit for any period of time, my hips are so stiff and my feet are stiff too. My feet feel like they can't hold me up. Ambulation is not so easy. After a few moments of being up on my feet and walking the discomfort and stiffness goes away.
497950 tn?1255867527 I was put on Seroquel after some awful episodes and that stabilized everything - I was on Seroquel for 2.5 years. This summer I decided that I could no longer handle the side effects from Seroquel and so I went off of it. I have been on Lamictal for over 3 years (alone for about 2 months now) and things have been going pretty well. Lots of people do really well on Lamictal. Good luck!