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Avatar f tn I just ordered more Cymbalta from Canada who in turn orders it from India. I always get the generic duloxetine from them but this time I also got duvanta.
Avatar f tn i am thinkin about having my doctor start me on cymbalta or wellbutrin.. i have tried everything else and it didnt work that well for me.. those two are the only ones i know that have norepenephrine.. i dont know if i spelled that right... i was wondering if anyone had any bad reactions or anything good to say about either one.. and if it seem to make a difference with the serotonin and norepenphrine.. compared to just serotonin..
479581 tn?1317761088 Is it not just a cheaper brand of cymbalta which i heard was not that effective on everyone. lyrica was ment to be the wonder drug and for me it was for a while but they all wear off in the end even my 100 fentanal patches i still feel alot of pain and the requip that is ment to be another great thing agonist dopamine for fibro but i felt no help with it. but we can hope and be happy they are trying to find something to help us.
Avatar n tn have your tried normal ED drugs If you have insurance have a doctor pick one, if no insurance ask a doctor which ones should help and then buy Generics on the internet - I have used http://www.low-cost-rx.
Avatar m tn The person to contact is Ryan on the anxiety forum. Some generics have been found to be problematic, especially with Teva. Ryan just might know, as he did know when someone was having the same problem after switching brands of klonopin.
Avatar n tn Currently, I am on Adderall, for ADHD, and Lamictal for Bipolar, as well as Cymbalta (right now changing to Prozac so I can get a generic, though). I think the combination of the Lamictal and Adderall have been doing well for me. I'm not sure exactly what role the Cymbalta played in it, but I actually felt even better once they started me on the Adderall. One thing that I did notice for my son is that the doctors were quick to increase the Adderall to 20 mg a day.
1533382 tn?1357965752 I have been switched over about a 10yr. period from Zoloft to Prozac, to Cymbalta and so on. I have never taken the drug you described. However, almost every type of meds like this only worked for me about a month and then just the opposite, they reversed into a feeling twice as bad as when I first started the meds. Take note that my meds were for Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Anxiety, and a slew of other problems. Not sure if this relates to you or not.
Avatar f tn Your medical system is based on money, mine isn't really. Plus they sell generics here which are much more affordable to consumers, I don't think they do there.
Avatar f tn Less commonly Clonidine, an old blood pressure med, is used. Also some antidepressants like Cymbalta and Nortryptiline are used in treating nerve pain. Nerve pain can be very difficult to treat. My doctor tried me on many combinations and dosages of medications before we found what works best for me. Where is your nerve pain and what have you tried to treat it?
149081 tn?1242401432 ), an antidepressant you need to ask for one that also treats anxiety. Something like Celexa, Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, etc. I've been on all of them and more and am back to Celexa again as it has the least amount of known side affects and I've had a problem with all of them except it. For anyone who wants to quit smoking also Wellbutrin would be the one to go with.
528396 tn?1217529613 I hurt soo bad I can barely stand it and am so depressed I have lost all ambition or drive to do anything. Seems like I have tried all sorts of meds. (Lyrica, Cymbalta, Viox, Celebrex, Predizone, ect, can't remember, lol) I too take loritabs, ibupro, tramadol, tylenol, anything I can get sometimes that will help with the pain) but that doesn't really help and I think may even make me more depressed! I work for CSX railroad and have a great job but have been off work for 3 yrs now.
1010076 tn?1250707651 He walked out of the room and handed me cymbalta, the depression medication. I told him more than 3 times that I am NOT depressed and that I've had BAD past experiences with depression medication and that I really do not want to take such a drug. Without saying it, his answer to me was basically "take it or leave it". I walked out mad at the world.
Avatar f tn I hate when that happens. What I wanted to tell you was I loved my new doctor and he prescribed Cymbalta for me to take. He said it helps with both anxiety and depression. He gave me a month free to see if I liked them. I start off on 30 mg. the first week and then up to 60 mg. for the rest of the month. He wants to see me again after the 30 days to see how I'm doing. I know this is one area that we don't agree on, but I asked him for a prescribtion for Ambien and he said okay.
Avatar n tn In the US there is current pending litigation in a US District court about when generics will be allowed for some Tramadol compounds. Chemie G still owns the patent here. Additionally, Chemie Grunenthal has developed a kind of "second generation" tramadol style drug. It is called, I believe tapentadol. I will correct this if wrong, but I can't navigate away right now. It is currently on track to be a schedule ii drug, which is more regulated than CG would have liked.
Avatar n tn One thought I have is maybe you should ask your Endo about trying a different replacement hormone, like Synthroid perhaps. I would try to stay away from generics if you can. I know that has nothing to do with your muscle and joint pain, but it may help you with your levels jumping up and down. I don't know your age, either, but I wonder if maybe your "female" hormones might be interfering with things. I'm just throwing ideas out there. I don't know if any of it will help.
20003388 tn?1515169640 Provigil is the only stimulant type medication that keeps me awake and doesn't cause anxiety and or panic attacks. I do also take Prozac and Cymbalta but the Prozac and Cymbalta are blunting the effect of each other due to liver enzyme competition. I am tapering off the Cymbalta and will be asking for a dose increase of my Prozac tomorrow since I'm only on 20 mg.
452529 tn?1361851455 I also received an RX where the pill was all orange. I was told by my GOOD neurologist years ago NOT to take any generics, which are those purple striped ones. After about a month taking it comes SEIZUREVILLE!!! But the doctors thinks phenytoin is the main ingredient so it show work the it doesn't. I have a whole drawer full of generics. I betcha I can count 5000 that my mail order rx plan filled. Snowball stayed close to me on Sunday.
Avatar m tn I am one that can not tolerate certain fillers added and have to avoid certain brands or generics due to this. Try different brands and generics to find one that agrees with you.
1124731 tn?1259702611 He gave me cymbalta that cost 200 bucks for a 30 day supply.(no generics) that was all he gave me and told me to come back in 6 weeks and he will go from the 30mg to 60mg. The visit cost me 250 bucks out of my pocket no insurance and I am on a fixed income. Then he scheduled me for a bunch of blood work including HIV and Hep C test. I have no idea why but do know that is more lab work I cant afford especially to still be in the pain I am in right now.
Avatar m tn Fentanyl every 48 hours, 45 mg. of oxycodone every 4 hours, 90 mg. Cymbalta every day, 10 mg. Ambien at bedtime, 300 mg. of Neurontin 3 times a day, and 1 mg. of Ativan 3 times a day. I basically tapered myself. Sometimes I got a little too aggressive with the taper as I was really anxious to come off everything. I was in and out of withdrawals the whole time. They weren't as bad as acute withdrawal but they were there nonetheless. Are you doing anything like AA/NA?
585414 tn?1288944902 I can't wait, but then jumping on the bandwagon isn't good either, Cymbalta is not a good drug for me amd it's caused hypomania in many people. I no longer read those ads for new drugs.
1412606 tn?1282885729 What a pain. I've used the Mylan pharmaceuticals generics for years and had far less trouble keeping them on and less trouble with heat. I wouldn't soak in a hot bathtub with one one, but normal showers aren't a problem.
Avatar n tn I started taking welbutrin for the constant feeling of exhaustion due to being on cymbalta (another antidepressant). after about a month people started commenting that I was looking slimmer. I was working out at that point so I didn't think anything of it. However, my schedule changed and I was no longer working out but I was losing weight like crazy! I'm 5'8" 31yr old and weighed about 150. After being on welbutrin for 2 months I had lost 25lbs.
168348 tn?1379360675 Great feedback on Tirosint. I started Tirosint in July of 2010. I had sensitivity to fillers, dyes, and generics with levo. I have been on 150mcg of synthroid, 3-50mcg pills a day since the 50 mcgs are white with no fillers. My endo wanted to give Tirosint a try. We were excited since there's no dyes or fillers. After the first week I began to have severe headaches, nervousness, and hip pain. I continued with the Tirosint and the side effects got worse. My internal med Dr.
Avatar n tn Maybe, but I just don't have the chronic fatigue that often accompanies it, so the jury (me) is still out. As of today, I am not treating the fibro with Cymbalta or any of the other prescribed meds, and instead staying as active as possible - zumba, water aerobics, dancing, walking - but low impact things - regular massages and taking the odd OTC pain reliver as needed. On the flip side, My energy level is remaining high and has been since soon after EOT.
Avatar n tn Regarding the medications, a couple of points. Generics can vary in potency by up to 20 percent, and still be approved by the FDA. Also, I believe from my experience with myself and my patients that people do respond differently to the various antidepressants. However, I do think that there are some trends. For example, paxil tends to cause the most weight gain. Wellbutrin tends to cause the most weight loss.