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233622 tn?1279338505 Hello LA, Thanks so much for the response to my rant yesterday. I feel better today. Still have the double vision but like always my friends here cheer me up. To answer your question. I was on Cymbalta for about 6 weeks. I asked to be taken off of it. It was making me feel strange. Very "short Fused", irritated, grouchy. I started taking Effexor when this started and I went back to it just a higher dose now. I have seen where people here have got on it and it has helped very well.
Avatar f tn I'm a nurse working in an acute hospital situation, I have horses. I have been diagnosed by my physician with IBS, mild hypercalcemia, mild splenomegaly, 2 episodes of heart arrythmia with inverted P waves and chest pain. Other than the mildly elevated calcium, all other labs are within normal limits. No stool cultures.
1316053 tn?1279513097 I'm sorry you are struggling so with IBS. I too have IBS and you're right, some days are worse than others. I've been struggling with this since I was twelve years old. I too am generally constipated vs. diarrhea. I wonder sometimes which is worse since constipation comes with pain but the diarrhea with nausea. :) Back pain is pretty common but watch it carefully. Mid back pain can also mean kidney stones and when you have IBS, sometimes other pain goes unrecognized. Diet is huge.
5082295 tn?1371254511 Hi all. Ive posted this question a few days ago & not many responses. 1st if you know me on this site im done detoxing from pain meds & now have been prescribed Cymbalta. Ill make it short. Im about 3 weeks or so into taking it & now im having horrible tremors, confusion and memory loss. I read these are rare but bad so I called the doc on call he just not ur doc so all im gonna say is stop taking it (well duh of course im gonna do that)!
Avatar f tn 'm new to this forum, but came across your entry while trying to research Cymbalta vs. Neurontin. I was on Cymbalta (120 mgs) daily for 10+ years until I could not get it refilled due to Medicaid doctor policy. I was forced to stop cold turkey about 9 days ago.
329994 tn?1301666848 I was on gabapentin 800 mgs 3 times a day for 3 years with little success. Then we tried lyrica with no success. Then I was put on cymbalta and it aggrevated my IBS and I lost 20 pounds in a couple weeks with severe diarrhea and vomitting. Lastly, I was put on savella but my blood pressure was through the roof and I normally have low blood pressure, low meaning, sometimes I am on meds for them. Also, I became hypoglycemic on savella.
Avatar f tn If one is looking for a good SNRI I always suggests Effexor rather than Cymbalta. My experience with Cymbalta was very much like yours. I had taken Effexor for many years prior to making the switch to Cymbalta. I tried to tuff it out on the Cymbalta for 8 long weeks, but I just couldn't take it anymore and traded it up for Lexapro. That Cymbalta gave me the worst dirty rat feeling. It was like it was making my anxiety worse.
Avatar n tn My doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta again because I am extremely depressed, extreme pain and fatigue. Has anyone had any luck with it. Does it cause weight gain. I refuse to take anythng that causes weight gain. My husband continues to be unsupportive. I tried to reach him last Sat night regarding my daughter. He wasn't answering his cell. I had a feeling he was at my ex husbands house celebrating my ex's b'day. My husband had been telling me for 2 years he hasn't been there...
Avatar n tn After numerous tests and 2 surgeries, what first appeared to be gall bladder disease, and then Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, is now being diagnosed as Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome (FAPS). (IBS is also under the designation of FAPS, but my illness is not the IBS type.) My pain is throughout the entire right upper quadrant of my body: abdomen, chest, ribcage, shoulder, arm, back, etc.
Avatar f tn There are many anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications that are actually used to treat IBS. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms and what your concerns are. I have multiple conditions, including IBS and anxiety, that these medications are used for. Right now I am taking one at a low dose in an attempt to treat my migraines. It is in a different class than the SSRI medications. I know of several people who take the same one that I take, Nortriptyline.
Avatar m tn I do suffer from anxiety which does not help the stomach matter...I use to take cymbalta which I came off of in Nov last year...My stomach issues started in Dec....Most of the discomfort is below the naval...No really sharp pains ...any help would be appreciated...I do see a specialist in 2 weeks and they are going to do a endoscopy blood work and ultra sound..
Avatar n tn After numerous tests and 2 surgeries, what first appeared to be gall bladder disease, and then Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, is now being diagnosed as Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome (FAPS). (IBS is also under the designation of FAPS, but my illness is not the IBS type.) My pain is throughout the entire right upper quadrant of my body: abdomen, chest, ribcage, shoulder, arm, back, etc.
1215262 tn?1266405965 Since last March (2009) I have been getting progressively worse. Let me briefly explain. In March I began getting nauseous in the mornings and the evenings, no explanation. I thought it was too much computer or something to begin with. I've ALWAYS felt a little sick after eating growing up - but it began to get worse. Fast forward to now - six hospital visits later and countless doctor visits and here I am on my couch, sweating & throwing up.
Avatar f tn When I was in the hospital a couple years ago they said I was having a problem with my sympathetic nervous system. I was put on Cymbalta/ Gabapentin/ Ativan. I weaned off of the Cymbalta 6 months ago. I guess it was helping to regulate my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. I tried to go back on it a couple days ago and this is when I went from the constipation to diarrhea.- and I think the parasympathetic took over. Now, I can't stop crying, I have diarrhea/ freezing.
875863 tn?1271606985 Throwing my body into a frenzy, also. Not fun! Taking vitamin D and Cymbalta again. Think I'll stick with it so I don't go down further. Will get calcium vitamins on the first and start them as well. no reason for my toe to have broken. None at all. Last I heard, I have 23% arthritis throughout my body, and that was 1 year ago. And they said it wasn't bad.So what the!? I give up. One day at a time. Started pain management last week. It's my last hope.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are pretty classic, IBS, neck pain, hip pain, occasional swelling, etc. (magnesium, cymbalta, lyrica, yaz). I also have vulvar vestibuluitis (with 2 unsuccessful tissue excisions), a microadenoma on the pituitary gland (with slightly increased prolactin level), family history of severe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, maternal hx of hypothyroidism, very low levels of IGA, and IBS. I found some old tests in a drawer that showed my thyroid antibody level at 135.
Avatar f tn i asm feeling depressed and sleeping to good.i often get bad chest pains where it feels like im getting a heart attack.i suffer from ibs and tennis elbow the list goes on and on. i am a mum of 5 children so i am getting very upset with not been able to stand up when pain gets very bad. every bone in my body hurts.i get a booming noise in my head when i am outside if a car passes or if im in a super market i can hear the noise of the fridges its like its gone into my brain.
318073 tn?1197568924 I have been diagnosed with fibro over a year ago and take numerous herbs and they tried cymbalta which I stopped cause it made me hyper and nausias now he gave me neurontin which I have not taken yet. Has anyone tried this med yet. Has anyone else developed a b12 defiency also.
Avatar f tn I now have headaches all the time, fatigue (I have caught myself falling asleep at work), muscle spasms, IBS, depression, pain all over, and now (for the last 6 months) I have had SEVERE muscle tensing in my legs and arms. I have to actually mentally relax them much of the time. they are not twitches I have them as well, these muscles will be tense for several seconds or longer. I am scared. Not sure if it is MS, Lupus, ALS, or nothing.
Avatar f tn Constant worry, my mind doesn't slow down. I do not cry much, inward, weight loss, IBS....."food digestion"........Insomnia, Lump in throat at times. Muscle stiffness.
Avatar f tn I'm sure there are other things that can help. I now take Cymbalta for my stomach problems and it helps tremendously (IBS, PAIN etc). I hope this helps to provide a direction and I hope you aren't as bad as I was.
1348302 tn?1286579303 Chest pain, irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath Constipation Diarrhea Difficulty swallowing Dizziness, balance problems Dry eyes, difficulty focusing Dry mouth Gas and cramping, abdominal pain Heartburn Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) Itchy, dry, or blotchy skin Localized edema (such as swollen fingers) Neurally mediated hypotension (blood pressure that lowers when standing) Painful sexual intercourse Pelvic pain Restless legs syndrome and periodic limb movement during sleep Rhinitis consi
1347115 tn?1277033290 hi ,i am 42,suffer with deppression and anxiety,i have been suffering with severe migranes,also cannot sleep,and when i do fall asleep i wake up still very tired,i have no energy at all,i have also noticed that i have tingleing on my lips and tounge i also have stiff neck,,i have been taking pain killers for the migrane,they work for a bit then the pain returns,i am so over not sleeping and being in constant pain,im so tierd,i am also on cymbalta tablets,,i have been suffering with headaches for
Avatar f tn Dr went over in detail all my tests, said that my nausea and pain is either from IBS/Fibro/Anxiey.....or from all 3. He started me on Cymbalta, said to give it 2 weeks before I see a difference, said it works real well on IBS and Fibro patients. Hope you all are having a good day.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with GAD, and IBS and last night i was totally agitated. :O(. kinda got bold with m son in military , however it was something he needed to hear. Dang youngins lol. Docotro has me on Cymbalta and klonopin. Yeshh why am i getting aggitated? On it for 3 weeks now. I'm agitated and have to see him in 1 hr. yikers! Could this also be due to possible constipation , something i we all know with IBS we have to watch what we eat.
653138 tn?1258576504 Brown rice, teff, quinoa, tons of good grains out there to eat, and yes, whole grains are the way to go, they have the fiber still on them which helps with IBS. I wouldn't take medication for IBS since it tends to repress acid, but your stomach just makes more in order to digest protein. Try drinking a few ounces of aloe juice every day and take digestive enzymes. If you crave meat, eat it, but only naturally raised.
Avatar n tn I have had diarrhea since Aparil everytime I eat or drink. I was taking Cymbalta them and that is when it began. I am not even finished eating and it starts. I have it about 10 to 15 times a day and sometimes it comes out like water. What can be causing it? I stopped taking Cymbalta the end of April. I can't even go anywhere until I take an antidiarrhea pill. I don't know if it is good to take too many of them.
1187243 tn?1268400611 Some people also have overlapping conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, or IBS. There are three medications that are FDA approved in the US to treat Fibromyalgia, Cymbalta, Lyrica and Savella; however, most people are on unique medication management plans due to differing needs. Many people, especially those with overlapping conditions need to treat those conditions as well.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 20 year old male with no major previous medical problems except for IBS I rarely need medication for. The only other thing worth mentioning is arthroscopic shoulder surgery 4 years ago from a sport injury. I have fair skin and have had rosacea for about 6 years. Over the past several months, however, I have noticed that my face gets very red and hot the same time every evening. It's so precise now that I can estimate the time just based on how I feel.
Avatar n tn meds that a lot of doctors tend to try - Cymbalta. How do you find the Cymbalta working for you? Have you noticed it has helped with your pain at all? Have you tried Savella? That also is a "newer" med that is used for fibro. Do you also take a muscle relaxer? If not, you may want to ask your doctor about adding one to your med regime. While I don't find that they help alone, I have found that they can be helpful when added to my other meds. How is your sleep?