Coughing up dark brown mucus

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Avatar f tn I can deal with the wheezing, but 3 times now over the past 2 months I’ve started coughing hard and pulled up a thick, brown worm/slug like hard mucus that’s about 1.5 inches long and fairly thick. Directly after, I end up coughing up a small amount of orangish “regular” mucus. Otherwise, I haven’t coughed anything else up at all. Anyone know what this is? I can’t find anything online.
Avatar f tn The brown/green phlegm was a thick texture and tube shaped before I touched it There is also the foamy phlegm that is clear and a yellow in color that also has a brown(softer) mucus and a dark green chunky mucus as well.
Avatar n tn I've been coughing up(from the back of the throat and sometimes below the opening leading up to the nose) these thick mucusy things you talk about for 8 years. I had a specimen sent off and it was Staph aureus. So far no antibiotic I've tried has cured it.
Avatar n tn A week ago I was sick for the whole week with the flu. I had all the normal flu symptoms and was given notuss to try and control the violent cough I had. I had fever, headache, chills, aches, and would wake up during the night in coughing fits. I haven't had a fever in over a week and a half but I still have the hacking violent cough. I thought nothing of it until last night when I had a coughing fit and coughed up what appeared (and tasted like) blood.
Avatar f tn i have been coughing since the beginning of this year , with shortness of breath , i find it hard to cough its like i have to push very very hard to get it out , most of the time its a dry cough but sometimes its wet , and when i breath i always get the reflex of wanting to cough, my nose is almost always stuffy, and when i wake up i always have alot of mucus down my throat that's a bit dark in color almost brown yellowish , and i'm really suffering i went to several doctors but nothing
Avatar n tn You probably have or had sinusitis. The infected mucus drains into the throat from your sinuses and makes you cough. Dark green and brown phlegm usually indicates infection, light green means it's getting better.
Avatar f tn I also have been coughing up some blood through mucus occasionally. You are probably right about it being an infection. I will definitely see a doctor in two days as I am 14 and my parents are working tomorrow. Also I am willing to try the steam inhalation. However if you think it is more urgent feel free to let me know. My symptoms have gotten worse and it is getting harder to breathe. Thank you for all your help.
Avatar f tn Only every now and them I feel like I have mucus so when I cough a little bit of mucus and blood comes up and my throat burns for a bit. Did I cut my throat and just not realize it or is it something else?
1063285 tn?1285674316 I did not know where to post this sorry in advance. But I have been battling this cough and congestion for 2 months now i can't stand it lol. But my problem is i am constantly coughing, coughing up green/ brown chunks of mucus, Congestion i 'am sneezing and blowing out green/brown stuff most of the time just congested. Any idea of what its possibly wong?? I have tried everything from mucinex,Thera-flu, allergy meds, tylenol, amoxicillan. everything i can't kick this bad boy.
18650400 tn?1466627609 for the past week and a couple of days i have been coughing very very badly, and also wheezing, most of the time when i cough i cough up mucus that looks like a dark yellow and my chest hurts bad when i cough. 2 days ago i began to throw up, i have not been able to hold down any solid foods i can only drink liquids. i know if this persists i will have to go to the doctors office, however if i can avoid that will be a plus. please help me.
Avatar f tn I have always coughed up brown flecks in my phlegm. But now, I have been coughing up dark grey after having some chronically infected teeth pulled. Could this be a result of the local anesthetic injections, or a worsening of the copd? I can only get rid of bronchitis for about a month before it comes back every time. Antibiotics (doxicycline) seem to have the inside of my mouth raw, with white patches on my tongue and a few white blisters in mouth, also. Now I'm on Penicillin for the teeth.
Avatar m tn so I've been coughing up black coffee grounds for a few years, I've seen at least 5+different doctors that have not been any help, the only thing 1 doctor told me was to try to stop smoking,I've smoked cigs since I was 17,so I quit cigs for 6 months with no change and saw the doctor again and he wasn't able to tell me anything.I cough the stuff up at least 10 times every 18 mins, sometimes more. Does anyone else experience this?Also can anyone provide insight to this?
Avatar f tn Uhmmm....GROSS. Anyway, coughing up brown mucus can actually be caused by old blood or dried blood, which can change in color due to a hemoglobin loss. The brown phlegm takes on this characteristic color due to these changes in hue once blood has dried out or gotten old. Most of the time, when blood is present in the mucus, it will present itself as such or as brown phlegm. However sometimes, the presence of blood in mucus can result in a black appearance as well.
Avatar m tn I read in Prevention magazine that coughing can be controlled by eating dark chocolate. I bought a bar of it and broke off a square and ate it every time I felt like coughing after eating. It cleared up after a week of doing this.
Avatar f tn I know it was my plug cause this happened during the weekend and as of yesterdays cervix check i am 3cm dialated.
Avatar f tn 39 weeks & 3 days yesterday morning woke up to small dark brown discharge the first few times i went potty, then it stopped called dr to be sure he said if it got worse go in. Last night after i cleaned my house i had a little bit again, last night i had holy hip pain from h3ll with yet again a little dark brown discharge. This once again happened the first few times i pottied this morning.
Avatar m tn The reason I was being persistent at coughing up mucus was because I felt like there was a bit of mucus in the back of my throat that was being stubborn. I could feel it hanging there and it was on the left side. I tried coughing up mucus as hard as I could even to the point where my gag reflex was making me nearly throw up. Then suddenly the mysterious red glob came flying out projectile style and I caught it on my hand.
Avatar n tn I took dayquil mucus relief last night and I sometimes cough dry but most of the time I cough up mucus and then sometimes but not usually I cough up mucus with little mixture of blood. Last night my throat felt really itchy and I couldn't stop coughing, this morning it doesn't feel itchy but I've been coughing every now and than, also I blow my nose frequently to get out the congestion and mucus. I don't think I have gotten any sores or anything like that.
Avatar m tn I was in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung I hat 10 bag of hepurn nd then was put on warfin like twice a day I spit up dark brown flem shoulI be concerned I tol my Dr, but he didnn;t seem concerned. I also have a nasal drip or years Thank you This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Brown-Phlegm/show/284762">Brown Phlegm</a>.
Avatar n tn Do you mean your coughing up white flem? Usually if the flem is white there is no infection. Have you taken any Meds for your cough?
Avatar m tn So, I usually get my period on day 33 of my cycle give or take 2 or 3 days, but this month I got this dark brown discharge stuff instead. That usually shows up a couple hours before the normal red flow shows up, but I have been having this brown mucus for 8 days now. It was heavier in the beginning, but it is day 8 now and is very light but with globs of tacky, sticky dark brown mucus maybe once a day. I was wondering what this is. Should I ask a doctor?
Avatar f tn m 35 weeks pregnant, getting pressure in my pelvis and stomach, brown discharge on my pads advised when I wipe (like dried blood) no stringy mucus I can see. I have had it over 2 days now. Went to triage last night and they hooked me up to the machine and said I'm having light contractions and also had a internal exam and said they can't see where the blood is coming from. We have a scan next Thursday at 36 weeks as we had a low lying placenta to see if it's moved.