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Avatar n tn For 4 months I have been constantly coughing, gagging, choking, spitting up mucus and throwing up. I have been to 3 different doctors and each time they have treated me with allergy meds., cortizone shots, and diffent antibiotics to no avail.. I had a CAT scan of my sinus 2 weeks ago and the sinus is clear. They now have me scheduled for allergy testing coming in a week. I am into my 9th day of a 10 day antibiotic for the 4 time.
Avatar f tn I go into a coughing spell that won't stop until a vomit a large wad of clear mucus. I have been to Pulmonary Dr., ENT Dr., MD's. Asthma & Allergy Consultants and they all say something different. Please give me some information.
Avatar f tn Oh ya, drink extra fluids and possibly your mom will buy you mucinex which things the mucus. Ibuprofen for pain relief of the sore throat. Hot tea. rest.
Avatar m tn I read in Prevention magazine that coughing can be controlled by eating dark chocolate. I bought a bar of it and broke off a square and ate it every time I felt like coughing after eating. It cleared up after a week of doing this.
Avatar m tn And in the last few years, l have been coughing and it produces phlegm in the form of mucus that is sometimes brownish and at other times with the look of pus.Truth is that the phlegm/mucus smells very badly. Sometimes, l perceive the foul smell around my nose and inside of my throat and nose. Have done TB serum test and TB sputum test and the result of these tests is negative.Have used different antibiotics without any relief or cure.
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried using a netipot to relieve these symptoms? I have had the same problem for exactly a year now and it's really become unbearable. I feel a constant tightness in my throat and every time I swallow, I have coughing fits.Throughout the day I will have to clear my throat and i always have clear mucus to clear. It's made it to the point where I don't looking forward to meals anymore b/c I know what to expect.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm 18 years old and I've been coughing continuously for about a year. The cough has changed a lot since it started, and now It seems to be entirely due to to mucus build up around my lungs. The cough is stronger before I sleep through when I wake up or when it wakes me up (when it is the worst). At times, the mucus coughed out is either thick and yellow (but not much is coughed out) or it is clear and runny but is coughed out in half a mouthfuls.
Avatar n tn Second day I started to get a sore throat and started coughing really hard with a lot of dark green mucus coming out of my coughs. My nose usually stayed runny all day but usually at night when I'd go to sleep it wouldn't run. But I started coughing and sometimes there's blood in the mucus when I cough up, little amounts in the mucus. My temperature was 99.8, but recently around after day 5 my soar throat went away.
Avatar n tn 5 1/2 weeks of extreme coughing day and night with passing urine when coughing, urinary urgency, but unable to pass urine, treated twice with different antibiotics, two kinds of musinex expectorant with anti cough. BUT no cough relief. I I am a D.O. and have had x rays /negative. looking for a direction to look for next. Thank You M. H. D.O.
Avatar n tn Barbara533 Have you tried an antihistamine? rushtyyyyy green and yellow flem should not be coming up from allergy unless it is stomach acid. Usually allergy is clear mucus. I'm not a doctor but I wonder if it is a bacteria infection. Sorry I don't know the correct answer. Maybe the doctors are correct too. I just personally haven't heard of colored mucus from allergy. Allergy can cause mucus that can lead to bacteria infection too. See another doctor.
Avatar f tn For the past several weeks I have had what seems to be a constant over-production of mucus draining in my throat. It's like I have to clear my throat every few minutes -- VERY ANNOYING!! Now my throat is getting sore from all the clearing and I'm waking up at night coughing from that 'tickling' sensation in the back of my throat.
328381 tn?1269364102 after my bypass i followed up with my heart surgen they did a chest xray in march because of coughing the dr said mild fluid left lung nothing to worry about it is now july i wheeze during exertion and i wake up 3 times a night with coughing and wheezing i spit up a white mucus. no swelling in legs or feet but my abdomen is very hard but getting large. i think fat would be a little softer. i am just getting frustrated i use a inhaler from my wife to help with wheezing but not much relief.
Avatar f tn neublizer w/xopenex...flomax, advair, asthmanex, to name a few...I am still coughing like crazy. I had allergy tests and have been on Allegra and a nasal relief. It appears that all of a sudden my throat is dry and has a "catch" in it and I start coughing and then water pours out of my eyes and tons of mucous pours out of my mouth. I am at my wits end because it takes all my energy from me, leaves me with a headache and my throat is getting sore.
Avatar n tn And the next day, I started coughing up small amounts of blood, sometimes combined with mucus, sometimes just blood clots, the blood seemed dark, not pink, and I didn't cough blood all the time, I would cough some blood, then it stopped, and maybe much later that day, or the next day, some more blood..
Avatar f tn ve been coughing up unbelievable amounts of phlem and blowing my nose and more coming out. After I cough or blow my nose I can literally feel the mucus going from my nose to my throat. When I put my hand to my chest I can feel it so I cough it up and it's gone. It's never ending. The mucus balls are jelly like green yellowish and almost the size of a dime. It scared me. I'm not a smoker and I been on antibiotics, amocillian 500mg every 6 hrs for 3 days now.
Avatar f tn My Neice came to my house with coughing and then I started coughing now my husband is coughing all with in 4 days we are all sick ,sore throat,fever, constant coughing no up come me with dry heaves till my body is very sore .dont know what it is or where it came from but we are all catching it. Any ideal of what we can do for this or what causes it.
4165941 tn?1353988628 I have a itchy throat, cough, coughing up that flem/mucus with a little blood. I need some relief, mainly during night time its the worst and when I first wake up. I stay with a peppermint in my mouth because it brings some relief. What other options do I have?
Avatar n tn A nasal steroid spray decreases inflammation in the nose and sinuses and mucus production. However it does not provide immediate relief of symptoms. It may need to be used every day for several weeks to months to notice improvement in your symptoms. To get the most help from any nasal spray first do a nasal wash to remove mucus from your nose and sinuses. To learn more about this technique please read our nasal wash treatment information by copying and pasting this address http://www.
Avatar f tn Does coughing make the herniation of the cerebellar tonsils worse? I am have nasal congestion and the drainage is causing me to cough. It is causing me tremendous pain and I feel as if my head is about to burst. I am taking meds and cough drops in order to prevent spells however, they persist. Will this worsen the chiari symptoms and herniation? Thank you for any resoonses I am new to this diagnosis and forum.
Avatar f tn I know that when I have a viral infection mucus is usually clear, but when I have a bacterial infection my mucus is usually yellow or greenish. With a fever you may have the flu. I never want to hear anyone say this to me, but it is best to see your medical provider. Especially since it has been four days. Good luck and feel better soon!
Avatar f tn I have late onset asthma dx'd at age 57 now 62. I also developed severe sinusitis with copius amounts of mucus around the same time frame. I'm assuming it's all related since I never suffered with sinus issues previously. I also have Lupus. Recently I started a pred burst with 60 mg x 5 d to 40mg on down. I'm currently on the 5th day and it isn't slowing down the mucus production well. Before when my Dr.