Coughing mucus with brown spots

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Avatar f tn Hi I've got a bout of flu and last night had several coughing fits (with mucus discharge). At some point it may have become blood stained but I didn't notice until this morning when I coughed hard and ejected reddish brown phlegm, about one inch in size. I thought it could be due to coughing too hard but I'm worried it may be something serious. Can someone help please?
Avatar n tn Since the bronchitis, the coughing has intensified. 4 nights ago I woke with violent coughing accompanied by stridor. I thought I was going to die and I think the only thing that calmed me down was that my mother was there and I knew she would be upset. Crazy. I saw my doctor that day and he told me it ws probably reflux and try sleeping a recliner. This has not helped at all. I've never had any symptoms of reflux. The episode happened at work today.
Avatar f tn I have been in the Hospital 4 times this year,COPD. Very sick. And coughing constanly with mucus. Used Nebulizer, Advair, antibiotics and many things. Then I did a little research for myself, about when these attacks came on and eliminated many things first of all strong odors. perfums and aerosole sprays of any kind. Nuts, even peanut butter had a bad reaction so I stopped that, and I love nuts, they caught in my throat and I felt like I was strangling, I avoid milk products as well..
Avatar m tn hi doctor well i met this girl aobut 2 mnths ago who i kissed rii and 2 or 3 days later i was coughing and spitting out mucus with a sore thorat the mucus is white, bubbly and clear with yellow spots in it and also i sneeze too well i was given azithorymicn and ciprofloaxcin twice but nothing helped sicne it was thought mayb to be oral gonorrhea or chlamyida whihc i heard barely happens for chlmydia but for gonorrhea Well i had if u give oral sex to a person who has gonorrhea what is the
Avatar n tn on those 23rd I assumed I was getting my period because I start out with a brown discharge. But the that discharge is still here. When I wipe after going to bathroom sometimes the discharge is light on toilet tissue and sometimes I will get very light blood. I still have this discharge and I know if it was to be my period it should be over by now. Could I be pregnant. I took a pregnancy test last Monday and it came back negative but I don't have no signs of being pregnant either.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I can cough it up, I have tan/light brown stringy mucus, sometimes I have clear mucus and today clear mucus with some white spots in it. I have been coughing so much that last night I threw up all I had eaten a few hours before. I am having to take a cough suppressant at night to get any sleep at all. Do you have any idea what is wrong with me and what treatment might really help? I am so tired! Thank you!
Avatar n tn I also have all that phlegm i cant get out, except some watery mucous from my throat, and very occasionally a green thick phlegm with small brown spots. My doctor thinks that i have asthma from all that marijuana and cigs i used to smoke.
Avatar n tn It is the worst in the morning, and all the times I've noticed the blood it has been in the morning. I still have the brownish phlegm (mostly streaks/spots of it, surronded by clear/white mucus, it looks like **** from smoking). My chest has never felt sore or tight through this whole thing. Being the hypochondriac that I am, I went to the immediate care center by my house this morning as a reassurance, and the doctor told me the same thing.
Avatar n tn I've Bern coughing up clear mucus with green specks. There's a head and chest thing going around my home. Gives body aches chills and make me very tired. Pain in my left lung area under my left breast and under my arm pit to the side of my left breast.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor three days ago for slight breathlessness, and for the past month or so I have been, on occasion, coughing clear mucus with a miniscule amount of small, brown spots. Other than these symptoms, I have nothing else--no fever, no coughing (except voluntarily), no runny nose, etc. But I still feel breathless while even walking around or talking excessively. My doctor diagnosed me with pneumonia since I was slightly wheezing, but I do not believe this to be correct.
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
Avatar n tn This latter condition, which occurs only in a minority of people with asthma, is characterized by wheezing, low-grade fever, and coughing up of brown-flecked masses or mucus plugs. Skin testing, blood tests, X-rays, and examination of the sputum for fungi can help establish the diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Ive also had cold like symptoms for the longest time. Coughing sneezing runny nose always feeling like there is mucus in my air passage as well as coughing it up a lot. Its always clear its never green or any odd color. I also get a lot of random sharp pains that last a few seconds and come and go often in my front and back of my waist area. Where it comes up is always random.
Avatar m tn So there you have it—get rid of the infected mucus, with the toxic major basic protein, and it will stop damaging the mucus membranes in the nasal passages and sinuses, and the bacteria will stop infecting the damaged tissue. What’s the best and safest way to flush out this infected mucus? It is saline solution—salt water—which you will make yourself, and administer to yourself in the most effective manner, and soon you will be breathing free, with sinuses as clear as you can remember.
Avatar f tn I still have a mild cough with a little bit of green and brown mucus,but my chest isn't as tight, and I'm not as weak as i was. What could this have been?
Avatar n tn I'm barely able to leave the house it's so much and so often I have this mucus form and start the coughing and choking problem. Good Luck to you I hope you get some results.
Avatar n tn The last time I had intercourse was on March 10, 2007 (as described above with girl No. 3). I am currently in a relationhip with no intercourse, but with oral sex. On approximately April 29, 2007 (approx. 6-7 following last intercourse), I began a cold. I had been having allergies with severe nasal congestion for about one year and have begun snoring for about 6 months (possibly due to the allergies and continued weight gain).
Avatar f tn I just wish this whole thing would end with the sticky mucus and thick saliva I have to deal with it all day long. it really makes my throat feel like it's closing.
Avatar n tn i had strep on more time in 2007 with no white spots. in february 2008, i had a sore throat, looked in, saw my whole right tonsil covered in them! went to the doctor, told it was a cold go home. 2 weeks later i was in the emergency room with both tonsils covered in white spots swollen so big i was spitting in a cup because i couldn't swallow! i had tonsillitis. i was put on an antibiotic.
Avatar n tn Also had an episode of leg weekness when I was young, couldnt walk almost five days or so. This is related , coughing brown plegm, eye floaters, bumps that you cant explain or think are lymp nodes are parasites. Just noticed my odd bumps are shrinking. Have one behind neck and one on arm the pics in this link is whats coming out of me.
Avatar n tn First off, I've noted a handful of people I've come into close contact with becoming very ill. Or persistently coughing. Recently, I visited my roommates house, his mother sneezed and coughed in my presence. (In arkward moments like these I've learned to psychologically divert the attention away quickly). A few days later, he informed me that his mom was sick and that she contracted a fever and a flu...... It gets better. Now he's sick.
Avatar m tn I know now taht isnt true but Im bloated everyday even off water Also had an episode of leg weekness when I was young, couldnt walk almost five days or so. This is related , coughing brown plegm, eye floaters, bumps that you cant explain or think are lymp nodes are parasites. Just noticed my odd bumps are shrinking.
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Avatar f tn It helped relieve the itching, but the rash continued to develop. The rash started as tiny red spots with a white head, then spread to 1 to 3 centimeter diameter red crusty areas with intense itching, especially at night. I was referred to a dermatologist who prescribed cortisone cream. He said that the flu shot could be the cause as it was the only "change" I had experienced. I take no other medications, have normal blood pressure, etc. I have been very healthy prior to that shot.
Avatar n tn It was occasional problems such as mild sinus pain/pressure and headache with mild eye strain. Each year it has gotten worse. Over the course of the past 5 years I have seen multiple doctors across different specialites: Ears, Nose & Throat, Neurologist, Allergist, and my Intern. I have had MRI's and CT scans. This year has been the worst so far. I have already gotten 2 sinus infections.
Avatar n tn Then approximately 3 months later I began having extremely painful cramps with only brown spotting. My doctor put me on Yasmin to control the bleeding which was supposed to control the pain. That did not work and in March of 2008 I changed doctors (a female this time). She immediately knew what had most likely happened when I mentioned that I had the Novasure procedure performed. As a result of having the procedure I am looking at having to have a hysterectomy.
Avatar n tn com/youropinions and read some of the posted comments. I too am suffering with this annoying condition. I scrape, brush and gargle with Biotene. This regimen helps for about 3 to 4 hours but it always returns. I took Lunesta for a couple of times but not 2 nights in a row. Thats the only common thread I can see. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Lots of raw fresh produce in general which is supposed to help with digestion (therefore hopefully less mucus from acid reflux?) because of the natural digestive enzymes that are more plentiful in raw produce but lessen if you cook everything. I went to dinner at someone's house last night and prayed I would not have any flies or gnats trying to come after me and there were none.
Avatar n tn Symptoms include aching joints, blocked nose and headaches as well as generally feeling awful. Periods are heavy and painful with clotting for about seven-nine days. Cold Symptoms usually last 5-7days. GP tried to treat heavy periods with Tranexamic acid but I reacted with severe mouth ulcers (half tongue size) Again these ulcers would appear around day three. Now resolved by stopping the meds but heavy periods have returned. The symptoms are to regular for coincidence, can anyone help?