Coughing up hard brown mucus

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Avatar f tn I can deal with the wheezing, but 3 times now over the past 2 months I’ve started coughing hard and pulled up a thick, brown worm/slug like hard mucus that’s about 1.5 inches long and fairly thick. Directly after, I end up coughing up a small amount of orangish “regular” mucus. Otherwise, I haven’t coughed anything else up at all. Anyone know what this is? I can’t find anything online.
Avatar f tn t notice until this morning when I coughed hard and ejected reddish brown phlegm, about one inch in size. I thought it could be due to coughing too hard but I'm worried it may be something serious. Can someone help please?
Avatar n tn I've been coughing up(from the back of the throat and sometimes below the opening leading up to the nose) these thick mucusy things you talk about for 8 years. I had a specimen sent off and it was Staph aureus. So far no antibiotic I've tried has cured it.
Avatar f tn i have been coughing since the beginning of this year , with shortness of breath , i find it hard to cough its like i have to push very very hard to get it out , most of the time its a dry cough but sometimes its wet , and when i breath i always get the reflex of wanting to cough, my nose is almost always stuffy, and when i wake up i always have alot of mucus down my throat that's a bit dark in color almost brown yellowish , and i'm really suffering i went to several doctors but nothing
Avatar f tn Only every now and them I feel like I have mucus so when I cough a little bit of mucus and blood comes up and my throat burns for a bit. Did I cut my throat and just not realize it or is it something else?
Avatar n tn Barbara533 Have you tried an antihistamine? rushtyyyyy green and yellow flem should not be coming up from allergy unless it is stomach acid. Usually allergy is clear mucus. I'm not a doctor but I wonder if it is a bacteria infection. Sorry I don't know the correct answer. Maybe the doctors are correct too. I just personally haven't heard of colored mucus from allergy. Allergy can cause mucus that can lead to bacteria infection too. See another doctor.
1063285 tn?1285674316 I did not know where to post this sorry in advance. But I have been battling this cough and congestion for 2 months now i can't stand it lol. But my problem is i am constantly coughing, coughing up green/ brown chunks of mucus, Congestion i 'am sneezing and blowing out green/brown stuff most of the time just congested. Any idea of what its possibly wong?? I have tried everything from mucinex,Thera-flu, allergy meds, tylenol, amoxicillan. everything i can't kick this bad boy.
2075737 tn?1379447682 Okay so I'm 19 weeks tomorrow. I've had a bad cold for the past 4 or 5 days, sneezing, runny nose, coughing. So I started taking Robitussin DM since the pharmacist said that's the only thing safe during pregnancy. It seems like my cough has gotten worse ever since I started taking it (its supposed to help loosen the mucus so I'll have a more productive cough) but nothing is coming up still.
Avatar n tn You probably have or had sinusitis. The infected mucus drains into the throat from your sinuses and makes you cough. Dark green and brown phlegm usually indicates infection, light green means it's getting better.
Avatar f tn Uhmmm....GROSS. Anyway, coughing up brown mucus can actually be caused by old blood or dried blood, which can change in color due to a hemoglobin loss. The brown phlegm takes on this characteristic color due to these changes in hue once blood has dried out or gotten old. Most of the time, when blood is present in the mucus, it will present itself as such or as brown phlegm. However sometimes, the presence of blood in mucus can result in a black appearance as well.
Avatar n tn Do you mean your coughing up white flem? Usually if the flem is white there is no infection. Have you taken any Meds for your cough?
Avatar f tn My throat at times fills up with mucus and I constantly have to clear my throat. And I can never get any of the mucus up. I use to get sinus drainage a lot. But since having been diagnosed with COPD for 3 years now, I know the mucus I am experiencing now is due to my lung disease. Please talk to your doctor about this as I mentioned. I hope and pray you find the answer to this disc problem. God bless.
Avatar m tn The reason I was being persistent at coughing up mucus was because I felt like there was a bit of mucus in the back of my throat that was being stubborn. I could feel it hanging there and it was on the left side. I tried coughing up mucus as hard as I could even to the point where my gag reflex was making me nearly throw up. Then suddenly the mysterious red glob came flying out projectile style and I caught it on my hand.
Avatar n tn It seems to come in waves of coughing spells and then no coughs. I have been coughing up phlegm that is mostly white/clear with small amounts of a yellowish color and small brown flecks. When I lay down I can hear myself breathing/wheezing and makes it impossible to sleep, not to mention coughing fits making my partner unable to sleep. I have been taking antihistamines before bed and it seems to help calm my cough.
Avatar n tn And the next day, I started coughing up small amounts of blood, sometimes combined with mucus, sometimes just blood clots, the blood seemed dark, not pink, and I didn't cough blood all the time, I would cough some blood, then it stopped, and maybe much later that day, or the next day, some more blood..
Avatar n tn For the past 4 years I have been coughing up clear jelly like Mucus Balls. I have been a smoker for 8 years, and I have Asthma. I wake up in the morning and in the middle of the night coughing up a lot of the little mucus balls. It happens a little bit through out the day. Sometimes they are balls and sometimes they are like a hair, but made of mucus. I am very scared and do not have health insurance. I am 25, and thought I was pretty healthy. Please someone, HELP!
1283791 tn?1276818314 I woke up this morning and coughed up phlem that had blood in it.... I am a smoker could this be lung cancer? Everytine I have coughed since it was clear mucus I am 29 yrs old been smoking since i was 15. But over the last 2 yrs cut down to a half a pack a day. Someon pls help....
Avatar n tn been coughing for a couple of weeks little bit of fever very tired went to a walk in clinic a couple of days ago and the Doctor said it was mostly allergies gave me antibotics,congestion,cough syurp,nasal spray....this morning when I woke up I was coughing up blood in my phlegm the first 3 times then it cleared up....
Avatar f tn You could also try natural ways to soothe the cough. I avoided teas not because they are all bad during pregnancy it was just hard to keep up with the list so I just drank hot water and squeezed lemon and honey in it and seemed to help me a lot when I had a cold.
Avatar m tn This started like a head cold and still behaves like it with lots of mucus from my sinuses, balance problems and ear pressure. Some mucus comes up when I cough but not as much as there was for the first couple of days. Its yellow/brown colour and thick. I get very puffy even walking a short distance and start coughing. I have been on two kinds of anti biotics and chest Xray shows a buildup of gunk in the bottom of both lungs.
Avatar f tn ve been coughing up unbelievable amounts of phlem and blowing my nose and more coming out. After I cough or blow my nose I can literally feel the mucus going from my nose to my throat. When I put my hand to my chest I can feel it so I cough it up and it's gone. It's never ending. The mucus balls are jelly like green yellowish and almost the size of a dime. It scared me. I'm not a smoker and I been on antibiotics, amocillian 500mg every 6 hrs for 3 days now.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with lupus in 1997, which has since been in remission. I have always had extreme sensitivity to dust, smoke, smog, strong smells etc., etc, wherein particles seemed to get into my throat and mucus builds up in throat and I cough for I seem to be about to choke. Recently, I ingested a piece of plastic and subsequently, bronchoscopy was done, and findings were normal, the plastic wasn't in my lungs.