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Avatar m tn when ever i walk past someone they cough or siff air through their nose and 3 days ago we came back from our trip in plane and it was hell, everyone was coughing ever 30 seconds 2 times in a row. i search all over the internet to see what other people have to say but everyone says its an odour issue and i know it's not true because i am clean. i am starting to go crazy and now i ask people why are they coughing.
1682264 tn?1305027291 i used to get the cough from hell. i thought i had cracked a rib in coughing. went to doc and he felt all over there and said it was not cracked. so gave meds. but he did say you can crack ribs just from bad coughing. i get flue shots now and that has cured my cough from hell! i don't think they can do anything for cracked ribs, except maybe wrap them. my husband went around in pain for several months not realizing he had 2 broken ribs. saw them all healed nicely at a ct for something else!
Avatar f tn You're going to be sore down there eventually regardless lol. I'm 22 weeks and baby weighs a pound and sometimes it HURTS lol she gets like in my pelvis and OW. Everything is stretching so soreness is normal. And yes, sneezing and coughing can make you sore lol. Even if you don't have coughing fits and pull a muscle, you're already tender so a cough or sneeze can yank a ligament and hurt a bit.
Avatar f tn Well today I feel so much worse than I did on Monday. I am having coughing fits to where I almost pass out, still super dizzy (even when not coughing) and my throat is even more sore and I hardly can talk (kids are enjoying that part lol) I think I have bronchitis. So glad I go see my primary doctor tomorrow. Are any of you ladies experiencing this?
Avatar m tn i freaked out but thought that meanwhile some other persons could have used the toilet and maybe that blood wasn,t there when i used the toilet. i am worried like hell thinking that urine with blood could have touched my eye, please help me.
Avatar m tn thanks for relief , but my stress level are increasing like hell. Thinking of full body check up and hiv up post 6 weeks. Can take result as conclusive and move on? Please suggest.
Avatar f tn someone in another post suggested, Tessalon Perles (need prescription). It works by reducing the reflex in the lungs that causes the urge to cough. I'm having the same problem, which is how I found this area. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. My back is getting sore from the coughing. I can't even talk with out coughing. It's almost like an uncontrollable reflex. It's odd I don't cough at night, while sleeping. 2nd month of treatment.
Avatar f tn I experience several bouts of heavy coughing that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes while coughing up mostly clear phlegm with some of it a sea green color and at other times tinged pink - though this is rare. One out of ten coughing fits ends with me vomiting .... I guess it would be best described as a clear foamy form of phlegm. I do experience hot and cold flashes, sometimes it helps my breathing to step outside and sometimes it makes it worse.
Avatar f tn I'm 38 weeks today and woke up on Monday feeling like hell.. Had my doctors appointment on Thursday and I thought I was feeling better and doctor just said to take Tylenol and do other normal home cold remedies but since Thursday night i developed a cough that hurts so bad in my belly! I know baby is still moving good but I've taken Tylenol and today I tried robitussin and it just hasn't helped! My next appointment isn't until Thursday.
Avatar f tn I was in the same boat a week ago. I ended up going to a cvs care clinic once the coughing hit and she said robittussein dm for the coughing, tylenol for the headache and benadryl if i felt stuffy and sleep. It helped until the cough got bad and then she prescribed me tesalon perles? She was pregnant and said she has used them to help with the coughing too.
Avatar f tn 30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited! I gave him his Xopenex in the nebulizer, put him in the steamy bathroom, gave him a dose of the steroid. Throughout the day today, he did okay. He coughed, but not all that bad and he still took his Xopenex every four hours. Tonight he is in bed . . . Coughing! Any ideas? He is on so many meds, why doesn't anything stop this cough? If I was coughing like this I would have to take something to make it stop.
Avatar f tn I am nearly 22 weeks pregnant, and managed to get the cold from hell!!! I already know that I can't medicate myself much, but I'm just wondering if this cold is bad for the baby? I feel like all the coughing and sneezing isn't good for the little one, and I'm starting to worry.
7301641 tn?1391016954 cold symptoms like sore throat don't last that long. Coughing and congestion do. Wouldn't hurt to rule out other stuff.
Avatar f tn I feel horrible! I have been coughing non stop and feel like I swallowed a cactus full of razor blades. I talked to my doctor and she said I could take robitussin dm (alcohol free) and benadryl but they aren't working much. Any suggestions on what will get rid of this cold faster?!
4965377 tn?1368754511 I'm 6 almost 7 weeks & my boobs hurt like hell!! It hurt a to wear a bra, to touch them. Is there anything to do to make them not hurt as much?
Avatar m tn He has a wealth of knowledge about meth. Or he will post a reply. Hang in there. I know you feel like hell but it will pass.
303706 tn?1296876149 Well at least I'm feeling the baby's just I'm not used to getting the period like cramps the beginning yes, but at 6 months, no...Yea, almost all of my co-workers are sick and they're coming next to me like "oh I'm sick" and I'm like "well then get the hell away from me" lol and I ended up baby's dad has strep throat...everyother person at work is sick if not on the verge...ugh!!