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2199283 tn?1338585841 Mostly you are asleep, coughing wakes you up, you sit up, you start coughing, coughing, coughing, then suddenly it feels as if your windpipe closes and you breathe, talk, swallow, anything!! This lasts up to 30-35 seconds (which seems like forever). It is very frightening! Eventually you can draw in small breaths and the episode subsides...... Has anyone heard of this? Please, please answer me. I've been looking for the people who wrote in before.
1171933 tn?1263476758 My Chihuahua has severe bouts of Coughing, Wheezing, Choking, & Breathing problems during the night. It seems to be a little bit better in the daytime. I've had him to Vet's, but after spending $1,000 + he has not changed. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
Avatar f tn It's most likely your acid reflux sleep proped up && buy some tums !!
Avatar m tn Hi, im male 33 years old, i have this feeling of choking and it feels like someone is holding my upper part of the throat, i dont have difficulty of swallowing any food... relief temporarily by coughing, eating and drinking, as well as relief when i just jogged....
Avatar f tn Lately i have been choking on water, icecream and even my own spit. It can be scary sometimes. Does anyone else have this symptom while being newly pregnant?
Avatar m tn I'm coughing and choking on whatever is in my throat sometimes I an move it by coughing and blowing my nose even though it comes back seconds after I'm also wrenching in between coughing, I've start choking and passing out I'm so scared I Carnot eat anything are drink anything without coughing and choking I have to sleep sat up on settee and that's after been awake for days with coughing Ian no quality of life at all I hate being alive its that bad!
Avatar f tn I was coughing severely while choking and vomited. As I continued to cough repeatedly to bring up a bread crumb that went down the wrong tube, I felt severe electrical type chest pain and it radiated from my shoulders down to me hands. A day later and I am really aching in my chest and back area when I breath. Does anyone know if I caused myself harm?
2169899 tn?1354674056 yes girl i was panicking like that too. i thought the exact same thing,,,was she choking or coughing...
996946 tn?1503249112 When he drew his breath back in he sucked a morsel of food down the wrong way and started choking. I thought i was going to have do do the Heimlich manuever on him. He finally stopped hacking and coughing but i worry that he might end up with pneumonia or some other pulmonary distress. Has anyone ever had this happen to their cat?
Avatar f tn I experienced a near choking event a week ago in a restaurant from coughing. I hadn't taken a bite yet but began coughing so intensely I could not breathe and was near passing out. When I got a breath it was very difficult and was more of a gasp for air. During the event I experienced severe stinging sensations in my chest. Since then every time I cough or sneeze the burning sensation returns and my ribs are very sore. Wearing anything tight around that area causes an extreme soreness.
Avatar f tn Hello, this concerns my life partner (58 years old, male). I've been concerned for a while now. He, quite regularly, gets very bad coughing fits while he sleeps. He snores badly and to me it sounds like he's "forgetting" to swallow his saliva and after some has build up in his mouth he starts choking a little and goes into a very bad coughing fit. He's even thrown up twice because of the violent nature of those coughs.
Avatar f tn I was practically choking and it hurt when I coughed. It felt like I had water in my lungs. It seems to be better now and none of the medical staff were concerned. But I have had endoscopes in the past and beer woke up coughing. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Ever wake up in the middle of the night coughing up a storm because of throwing up a little bit of acid and inhaling it because of heartburn? Well it happens to me and its horrible and scary...33 weeks pregnant and want my son out now!
Avatar f tn I was just in the hospital about a month ago and I have been coughing and choking for over two months now and yet the Drs when I was in the hospital checked my Lungs and said they are perfectly clear.My question is--why would I be coughing and choking so bad if my Lungs are clear? I do cough up matter also and I wheeze at times pretty badly.I do have GERD bad too.Do you feel this could be the GERD doing this to me?
Avatar f tn My goiter has grown incredibly fast. No goiter/nodules in the middle of August, only coughing and hoarseness, to a full-blown monster that feels as if someone is pressing their finger in right above my collarbone and choking me 24/7. All of this happened in just 2 1/2 months! I hate everythin about this disease. The hoarsness is the pits . . halfway through the day I lose my voice. I suck on "lubricating" cough drops all the time just get by.
Avatar n tn I am a male age 60. In the last 6 months I have experienced coughing, choking and mucus for about 30 minutes after eating. I first thought it was related to a food allergy, but I cannot isolate it to any specific food group. I do not experinece and acid reflux or vomiting, just constant choking. This is very irritating and is a bit strange. Does anyone have an idea of the cause or where I should go for resolution.
393685 tn?1425812522 I believe I am coming down with a chest cold again and coughing up a storm. This biopsy is schedule for Monday - will they still do it if I am coughing at the time. Gosh - horrible headache and sleepy. Hey Utah and Dac - Is this how you felt? Sure seems like the symptoms the kids all had at school. Now I AM crabby.
Avatar m tn Even one tonsil can be infected causing hoarseness, coughing, and even a choking feeling. Tonsils produce stones (somewhat like a gallstone) within several pockets you can not see just by looking in your mouth. But if your tonsils have been removed this would not be your problem :) Either way you should see a doctor. Good luck and feel better soon.
Avatar f tn My son, 2 1/2, has issues with choking. He seems to choke on simple things like water, milk, or even his own saliva/air. When we moved him to solid foods he would almost always choke at every meal. Most of the foods were soft or cut very small but he would still choke. I tried to talk about it with our pediatrician who brushed me off several times. We adopted him at 8 months old and I am not sure if he did this in the foster families home as they never mentioned it.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced really bad coughing during treatment? My boyfriend developed terrible coughing the first week of treatment. It's not a dry cough, he brings up copious amounts of flem/mucous. When he first started treatment, he noticed the coughing attack usually began about one hour after his ribavarin dose. This went on throughout his six month tx, some days worse than others.
Avatar n tn Have problems with balance, lose eye sight once in awhile, chronic anemia, right hand shakes, chronic cough (TB like - no TB), recent choking......(have never smoked)......
Avatar n tn She was coughing so much this morning she fell off the bed in a coughing (maybe seizure) situation. Got up and acted like nothing happened except coughing. Appetite is fine. Energy still fine. Just this series of (sounds like dry coughing). Any words of expertise. She is my best friend....
Avatar f tn I have had a horrible cough myself. It's dry and my throat sometimes feels like it is closing too, hurts like it's being knifed and I can wake up feeling like I'm choking. Such a great time, ha ha. Coughs can last a long while once the airway, lungs, etc. are irritated. Any way you can see your doctor? Is the Benadryl making you sleepy and that is why you can get a break or are you using it as intended as what you take for an allergen to curb the reaction?
Avatar n tn shitzu has had episodes where she wakes me during the night and is wretching,coughing,choking,gagging. this goes on for several minutes and has me quite concerned. it has also happened during the day. should i be concernedand what can i do?
Avatar n tn If your wife has choking, coughing and ankle swelling due to fluid retention, she is probably having some right side heart pathology and maybe a left side heart pathology causing back pressure on lungs. It would be a heart attack, heart failure, myopathy or side effects of hypertension. She could also be having an advanced COPD. Your wife needs urgent medical attention. Please rush to an ER. Take care!