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Avatar f tn I had exploratory surgery because I was rushed to emergency due to extreme pain on morning. I just had my first child 5 weeks before, and it was 1976 I was age 21. I've had several health problems since, but I want to know if lower abdomen swelling has progressed rapidly over the years. It over hags my pelvic and looks like I'm deformed. I'm in constant back pain, exercise and diet have never helped and I feel so ugly, can you tell me what I can do about it?
Avatar m tn Dear colleague: good day. I have Ulcerative Colitis and on Pentasa 2grs/day for 2 years / uncircumsized - Oct 11 (4 protected vaginal and 4 unprotected BJ, 1 deep French Kiss - all CSW in Germany) after 5 weeks: hi fever, major fatigue, heavy sore throat, mouth blister on upper lip, chest congestion. Then on Dec.
Avatar m tn Acne on back, tiny white pimple x 4 below head of penis, insect like pimples on arms, legs, and abdomen, mild fever, Athlete's foot, yeast infection on penis head, 2 blisters on groins, left side neck lymph node mild, night sweats for 3 weeks, coughing for 3 weeks, loss of appetite, loss of approx 3KG weight, abdominal pain, diarrhea only once per day but for 3 weeks, mouth thrush. WBC on day 36 after second exposure (usual 8.2 and dropped to 6.42).
Avatar f tn I wake up with it, usually a coughing fit lasts from anywhere from 1-10 mins. After the coughing is over, i have to constantly clear my throat, until all the choaking sensation is gone. Its almost like swallowing into the wrong side of your throat. This is my first year in Phoenix, have tried, cough medicines, Mucinex,Zyrtec, Claritin, 3-4 courses of antibiotics, on my 3rd course of Prilosec and now taking Anti fungal antibiotic with it. Any guess, of what it is??
Avatar f tn If this is the case, there may be triggers that set off the coughing, like dust, allergy to dust mite droppings, smoke, cold weather and so on. If he feels congested in his throat, nose, sinus and ears, this can cause post nasal drip like Crybaby2006 says. In which case the doctor can prescribe a nasal decongestant to unblock the airways. In the meantime, he can do steam inhalations to loosen up the phlegm.
Avatar n tn Hey, I have 2.5 year old husky, he has been, except minor paw problem, perfectly healthy.... Today he start coughing and the vet said it's normal for that breed (he's shedding), but half hour ago he throw out.... Is it something to worry?? Sorry for grammar mistakes, I'm from Croatia....
Avatar f tn Well today I feel so much worse than I did on Monday. I am having coughing fits to where I almost pass out, still super dizzy (even when not coughing) and my throat is even more sore and I hardly can talk (kids are enjoying that part lol) I think I have bronchitis. So glad I go see my primary doctor tomorrow. Are any of you ladies experiencing this?
Avatar m tn As soon as I lay down it crackles and wheezes so loudly that it keeps my wife awake and i try to get a bit of sleep sitting upright which lessens the coughing. This started like a head cold and still behaves like it with lots of mucus from my sinuses, balance problems and ear pressure. Some mucus comes up when I cough but not as much as there was for the first couple of days. Its yellow/brown colour and thick. I get very puffy even walking a short distance and start coughing.
Avatar n tn my girlfriend falls asleep and after 10minz or so she wakes up shoking and coughing! what could i do to stop this and what is causing this? PS.
Avatar f tn someone in another post suggested, Tessalon Perles (need prescription). It works by reducing the reflex in the lungs that causes the urge to cough. I'm having the same problem, which is how I found this area. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. My back is getting sore from the coughing. I can't even talk with out coughing. It's almost like an uncontrollable reflex. It's odd I don't cough at night, while sleeping. 2nd month of treatment.
Avatar f tn I experience several bouts of heavy coughing that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes while coughing up mostly clear phlegm with some of it a sea green color and at other times tinged pink - though this is rare. One out of ten coughing fits ends with me vomiting .... I guess it would be best described as a clear foamy form of phlegm. I do experience hot and cold flashes, sometimes it helps my breathing to step outside and sometimes it makes it worse.
Avatar f tn I was in the same boat a week ago. I ended up going to a cvs care clinic once the coughing hit and she said robittussein dm for the coughing, tylenol for the headache and benadryl if i felt stuffy and sleep. It helped until the cough got bad and then she prescribed me tesalon perles? She was pregnant and said she has used them to help with the coughing too.
Avatar f tn 30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited! I gave him his Xopenex in the nebulizer, put him in the steamy bathroom, gave him a dose of the steroid. Throughout the day today, he did okay. He coughed, but not all that bad and he still took his Xopenex every four hours. Tonight he is in bed . . . Coughing! Any ideas? He is on so many meds, why doesn't anything stop this cough? If I was coughing like this I would have to take something to make it stop.
Avatar m tn This is a very good analysis. With my PATM, it definitely seems like I'm emitting some type of an odor. It isn't all the time, and it seems like not everyone can smell it or is bothered by it. Other times, simply thinking about PATM can cause reactions, even across a huge room/lecture hall; I know for a fact that they can't smell me. This seems more to be the morgellans/psychological type of PATM.
1718548 tn?1309086977 You may want to do a self - analysis before consultation with a doctor. You have had the pain since cabg that would almost rule out broken wires. If there are broken wires, the sternum would be unstable and individuals can feel a movement when coughing, deep breathing, etc. and can be associated with and infected there will be a discharge and fever. Pericarditis may be encountered post-CABG, causing chest pain and discomfort.
6358958 tn?1380602054 I would just need a possible medical justification for this matter, the onset of my 1st migraine attack came while trying to force myself to breath deeply and repeatedly while widely opening my shoulders and arms during an early morning exercise. what happened exactly was like hell running through my head from the back part of my neck spine + unmovable body and shriving with cold. That took me straight to bed to relax and cover myself while sweeting and with sollowen right side of the head.
7301641 tn?1391016954 cold symptoms like sore throat don't last that long. Coughing and congestion do. Wouldn't hurt to rule out other stuff.
Avatar m tn ve since regained my voice but still have the lip and coughing condition. At about day 26 or so, I developed a pretty bad red itchy rash on my back and front chest which is still lasting at day 31 today. I've gotten the CityMD STD test done on day 28 (4 weeks), which all came back negative (including Herpes 2 IgG Ab inhibition test). The HIV test done was the "HIV 1+2 AB + HIV 1 p24 Ag, qualitative immonoassay, serum" test which was negative for day 28.
871111 tn?1248992972 I picked up some clavamox for her again last week because her coughing seemed to be especially troublesome, and like usual she was great while on the clavamox and now she's been off of it for a few days and her runny/stuffy nose has returned. Also, it may be unrelated but she had a ear infection for months, which I misinterpreted as ear wax. She has been on Remicin ear ointment which has pretty much cleared it up. Her Dr.
7587262 tn?1392580987 Even If I did Blood Analysis 3 times , they all are good by doctors , if I have any infection in Blood like HIV , analysis will not show that I have HIV but they will show something that im infected in blood right ? My Blood Sendimentation was : 3 My Leukocytes were : 8.
Avatar m tn the doc said they were swollen in my neck and I have been coughing really bad. At first nothing was coming up But I have been coughing up A LOT OF THICK WHITE PHLEGM for the past month. I was wondering was this thick white phlegm a sign of hiv? I am not sure if this matters but in the first month i was dizzy. but the room was spinning but then it went away on it own. that is when all the coughing started. Then started producing a lot of thick, white phlegm in the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn I will try to help you if I can, but with out a necropsy (an animal autopsy), with toxicology analysis, blood analysis and other diagnostic procedures we will never have a definitive answer. She may have had a tumor in her heart or lungs, (and possibly in the abdomen) that went undiagnosed. There are forms of heart and lung disease that can go undetected because there is no heart murmur, and no unusual sounds when the chest is ausculted, and no abnormalities are visible on X-Rays.
Avatar f tn I can deal with the wheezing, but 3 times now over the past 2 months I’ve started coughing hard and pulled up a thick, brown worm/slug like hard mucus that’s about 1.5 inches long and fairly thick. Directly after, I end up coughing up a small amount of orangish “regular” mucus. Otherwise, I haven’t coughed anything else up at all. Anyone know what this is? I can’t find anything online.
Avatar f tn I feel more post nasal dripping during the night sleeping up and awake sometimes during the night coughing. Is there a medical term for such facial swelling during sleep and the build up of mucus in my head. During the day it clears up by once I go to bed even sitting in an upward position, my face swells up. I've tried my prescription and over the counter remedies to no avail.
Avatar m tn For the past three months, I have had chest and sinus congestion, manifesting itself in hacking/coughing, wheezing, and expectorating thick yellow (various shades) mucus. I "sound" like I have a cold, but I don't. No other symptons have been present. Two regimens of antibiotics have proven to be ineffective. I am using daily the generic equivalent of Flonase, am also taking an antihistamine, Advair, and doing nasal irrigation with a neti pot.
Avatar f tn Anyone else feel like it's no big deal to haft to give labor? Idk I think it may just be my mind siking me out and when it all comes down to it I'll be freaking out!! Idk I've been to the E.r so much during this pregnancy and stayed on the same floor I was gonna give birth.
Avatar n tn And try gargaling (cant spell right anymore lol) warm water and salt.