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419792 tn?1208270826 Your dog is barking because she is bored to tears. Either get another dog to play with her during the day, or reconcile yourself to a lot of walking before and after work. A tired dog is a good dog. Dogs need exercise so they're good and tired when the rest of their pack is away. If you can't do that yourself, can you maybe hire a walker to do it for you? Even a teenager who can come over before or after school would help.
Avatar f tn It’s not nearly as bad as that first night, but it’s there. She’s barking like normal (she barked for about 15 minutes straight earlier in the yard with no cough), eating like normal, and acting like herself. I’m just confused about this cough. It’s very dry, and almost sounds like she’s trying to hack something up.
Avatar f tn My dog constantly barks or lightly growls all the time. It seems like she is super sensative to noises and growls when she hears something. It is 24/7 and extremely frusterating. We tell her enough, stop barking, quiet or no. but she continues. I have tried praising her when she is quiet but she continues to bark or growl. When she barks and we say "quiet", she will respond with a quiet growl. She also does this at night when we first go to sleep.
Avatar f tn 8 weeks ago, I got a pom from a couple with a son that had ashbergers that couldn't keep her. She is 4 and in great shape, we got her a check up at the vet, she is happy and a extemely sweet dog, I've even thaught her paw and we are working on sit. She has an excessive barking problem, whenever someone comes over she will sit infront of them and bark endlessly, then she will finally go down stairs but at the slightest noise she will be back upstairs barking.
Avatar f tn Mine does2! My poor dad can't even give me a hug wtout the dog barking.
1145020 tn?1281419567 Get that kong or similar also go to the pet shop and see what the latest things they have to keep a dog busy like that as they are getting better.Write the names down and google them as they should be a lot cheaper . I am at home most of the time with my dogs but to keep them entertained I put a bit of peanut butter in a kong for them as they little bics come out too quick mix the p.butter with them and its a lot harder ...they love it.
676912 tn?1332812551 WOW.. You KEPT a dog that bit your child? I would have rehomed the dog then, but since you still have Lucky, if you are thinking this dog is more of nusiance than a condusive part of the family, I would *try* to rehome him.. If you decide to keep Lucky, I think shock collars DO work, and are only abusive/negligent if they are used improperly.. Our dog does the same non stop barking sh!t, and it makes me nuts.. We had to get her a shock collar and it has helped tremedously..
203342 tn?1328737207 ll share some of the things I know from my own experience. Sometimes older dogs with health issues can exhibit strange behavior - like barking for no readily discernible reason. If you suspect arthritis is an issue, that is a very painful condition, and some dogs just bark a lot when they're hurting. Ask your vet for an anti-inflammatory med like rimadyl or dermaxx. If you can treat the pain, some of the barking may recede.
Avatar n tn He was the quietest dog. But lately he has started barking constantly. Anytime anyone comes over he barked. He will bark when he wants food or sometimes just sit and bark at you for no reason. A month or so ago he fell off a table and hurt his shoulder. We took him to the vet and got him meds and he has been cleared. He also got a complet checkup and nothing was wrong. All his tests were negative for anything. I just can’t figure why he has started barking.
Avatar n tn I know cats can get very jealous but can dogs be like that? Lately my dog (3yr old Red Healer) has been barking every day and night, mostly at night though which is the problem. Could she be jealous of the baby and acting up? She use to sleep all night but now she barks at every little noise, some nights we are getting up every hour to shut her up. We've tried taking her out for walks everyday but that doesn't make a difference. What can we do to stop this? Any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar f tn What is in your lease as far as your pets go? What is he going to "sue" you for? Damages? Is he actually trying to get you evicted? Can you move out right now and find another place? Your child will mourn the loss of the dogs a LOT. It's worth trying to find another alternative, in my opinion. If you only have one dog that barks, and that's only when a stranger is in the house - that doesn't sound like much barking to me.
Avatar m tn My French bulldog won't stop barking at our maids whenever they are upstairs. He barks at them whenever my other dog(a Shih tzu) is with him and whenever they are upstairs, if they are downstairs he doesn't. My maids are having a hard time cleaning because of him, how do I stop him from barking at them? Keeping them out isn't an option because we have two other dogs(a pug and a mixed breed Labrador) outside and if we keep him out they fight.
Avatar f tn I don't know. It may be because you might smell different to a dog when you are pregnant, as dogs' sense of smell is something like 50 times more sensitive than ours. Or your puppy senses there is something different about you. Perhaps you have been giving him less attention? And he's trying to get your attention? I don't know if dogs do bark at pregnant ladies, generally. But yours is barking at you. This cannot go on.
Avatar f tn He just looks at it and continues laying there lol to funny. He was barking at my belly the other day.. I was like what are you doing? Barking at the baby? I wonder if they know... lol crazy dogs.
Avatar m tn There is more to this than just barking dogs. There are laws against allowing a dog to bark all night, you should have called the police about this. But for you to become so depressed over barking dogs tells me there is more going on. It's become an obcession with you, and if you move, you will develop a new obcession. You need to seek psychiatric help with this. If your therapist is bad, find a new one. If your medication doesn't work, switch until you find one that does.
Avatar f tn I took him outside for fresh air, he stopped and 5 mins later he is breathing like that again. He takes like 5 really strong breaths through his nose and then is back to normal. What is going on? He is a 9 year old beagle and just had a vet check up yesterday and was fine. My mom did say he tried to eat some garbage on his walk, he always eats stuff that people throw on side walks (chicken bones), but she said she opened his mouth and got it all out.
Avatar n tn I am a healthy 22 year old (just had a check up yesterday) who suddenly contracted a really bad cough about 3 weeks ago without any cold symptoms (this has never happend to me before). I don't drink, smoke, or have any known allergies. The coughing was deep and resembled a dog barking. Within a few weeks (and a visit to the doctor who dismissed it as nothing), the coughing subsided only to occur in sporadic incidences (especially in the evening).
164435 tn?1377102256 What a bunch of morons! When they came, didn't they hear the other dog that was barking non-stop and see it out in the rain yesterday? That poor baby. It seems that all the money that I donate to different animal services really don't do much. Where is the SPCA??????? I give them many donations...maybe they should come off my list. I am very angry and upset about this.. Kitten...when did they say that they are coming again? Those incompetent morons???? Thanks for being on this.
363281 tn?1643235611 From the Dog's Perspective I knock myself out to please the leader of my pack. Day in and day out, I follow his lead; sit when I'm told to sit; eat when he lets me eat; sleep where he tells me to sleep; and go to the bathroom when he's ready to take me for a walk. And what do I ask for in return? Just to be able to shower affection and attention on my Leader, and to receive praise (and a few belly rubs) for a job well done.
Avatar f tn I have 2 bull mastiffs... When I brought my daughter home from the hospital my mom was scared to death they would hurt her and wake her up constantly.. They are great with her first off but we did watch them close at first. She is 19 months now and they let her roll and climb all over them and are so good with her. You will have to see how he does at first and go from there. As for the barking mine bark loud!!!