I keep coughing like im choking

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Avatar f tn Yesterday I Start Cleaning My Bathroom And When I Wash My Tub A Ugly Smell Start Coming And I Inhale It And iStart Coughing And I Was Choking And Couldn't Breath I Went Outside To Get Fresh Air But Still Couldn't Breath And Coughing A lot But I Was Scared For My Baby I Was Not To Worried About Myself Im Just 20 Weeks I Need Answers
2199283 tn?1338585841 Yes! I have done it for years before I found out the culprit was my reflux. I have asthma and GERD. I would wake up as if Someone was cooking me. Violently spasmodic coughing until almost vomiting. Exhausting on my body. I now again am doing the same thing. Wake up coughing like crazy with a tickle in my throat. Anyway I had gone to an allergist, a Chinese doc, who after one look in my throat knew I had reflux.
Avatar f tn Its been happening to me too for the last few weeks and im almost 32 weeks. I actually threw up today coughing so hard after I choked on some water.
Avatar m tn Hi, im male 33 years old, i have this feeling of choking and it feels like someone is holding my upper part of the throat, i dont have difficulty of swallowing any food... relief temporarily by coughing, eating and drinking, as well as relief when i just jogged....
1171933 tn?1263476758 My Chihuahua has severe bouts of Coughing, Wheezing, Choking, & Breathing problems during the night. It seems to be a little bit better in the daytime. I've had him to Vet's, but after spending $1,000 + he has not changed. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
996946 tn?1503249112 Linda, I don't like the wheezing. Keep on putting your ear to his chest and keep listening. If you here any more, I'd take him in.
2169899 tn?1354674056 yes girl i was panicking like that too. i thought the exact same thing,,,was she choking or coughing...
Avatar f tn i choked on my spit and now i feeell like its stuck in my chest :S and im scared im going to get pneumonia :(.. Hellpp what to i do . mum said ill be fine but im reali scared coz i keep coughing and i feel like its in my lungs is this bad. And does anyone ever feell the same. ???
Avatar f tn I experienced a near choking event a week ago in a restaurant from coughing. I hadn't taken a bite yet but began coughing so intensely I could not breathe and was near passing out. When I got a breath it was very difficult and was more of a gasp for air. During the event I experienced severe stinging sensations in my chest. Since then every time I cough or sneeze the burning sensation returns and my ribs are very sore. Wearing anything tight around that area causes an extreme soreness.
Avatar f tn It's most likely your acid reflux sleep proped up && buy some tums !!
Avatar f tn Im worried i wake up because i feel myself stop breathing and choking . Is this something i have to worry about for my entire life im only 18years old. I need a little bit more information please help.
Avatar n tn My boy has had this horrible cough for almost a year. It sounds terrible. Very deep and almost like he's choking and trying to clear his throat. He's had an echocardiogram, results showed minor leakage from both valves (normal for his age as per the vet). Vet said he's allergic to something or a lung problem. All xrays normal. He put him on Theophyline twice a day and then added prednisone once a day. My boy became very hyper and panting terribly. Vet said cut prednisone down.
Avatar m tn I'm coughing and choking on whatever is in my throat sometimes I an move it by coughing and blowing my nose even though it comes back seconds after I'm also wrenching in between coughing, I've start choking and passing out I'm so scared I Carnot eat anything are drink anything without coughing and choking I have to sleep sat up on settee and that's after been awake for days with coughing Ian no quality of life at all I hate being alive its that bad!
Avatar f tn I actually fell like this little bundle of joy has moved right under my breast! Anyways i feel like im choking eating has become a challange because I have horrible heartburn and feel like my food is stuck in troat horrible! Any way s anyine ever get this and how do u cope!#sleeplessinchicago.
Avatar f tn The past few days, with this horrendous headache, I've also had another problem crop up. I keep waking up choking on my own saliva. It's terrible, because then it irritates my lungs and I end up having coughing fits; not good with a pressure HA obviously. I've also noticed that most of the time, when I breathe, I have a whistling, kind of like asthma wheezing, but i don't feel I'm having asthma and my inhaler doesn't make it stop. This has been going on for a few weeks.
393685 tn?1425812522 I sent you an IM, but after reading this post I got to thinking that if you're coughing a LOT, maybe they won't want to do it. You have to hold completely still while they're poking at you.
Avatar n tn i have all those as well i cant breath i have ecg done they found something but wouldnt tell me , then aweek later got 24 recording done , didnt give me the results , now i just got echogram done im not been told any results just 3 months of up and down to the hospital getting the test done and thats it we will send you a letter and they havnt ,but iam getting worse iam 45 and feel like 85 help.
Avatar f tn My son, 2 1/2, has issues with choking. He seems to choke on simple things like water, milk, or even his own saliva/air. When we moved him to solid foods he would almost always choke at every meal. Most of the foods were soft or cut very small but he would still choke. I tried to talk about it with our pediatrician who brushed me off several times. We adopted him at 8 months old and I am not sure if he did this in the foster families home as they never mentioned it.
Avatar n tn She was coughing so much this morning she fell off the bed in a coughing (maybe seizure) situation. Got up and acted like nothing happened except coughing. Appetite is fine. Energy still fine. Just this series of (sounds like dry coughing). Any words of expertise. She is my best friend....
Avatar n tn Dont know where you live I do know here in the US we have had a nasty stomach virus going around it takes a few days and they are okay ..make sure your child is hydrated and speaking to the doctor may be a good idea .
Avatar n tn im 15 and i smoked a cigerette this morning and i felt like i was gonna pass out i ran to the bathroom and puked up no food just a lot of white foamy stomach acid stuff, and i was just wondering if that is really abnormal, so if any one has any advice or explinations please comment cause im really scared
Avatar f tn Hello, this concerns my life partner (58 years old, male). I've been concerned for a while now. He, quite regularly, gets very bad coughing fits while he sleeps. He snores badly and to me it sounds like he's "forgetting" to swallow his saliva and after some has build up in his mouth he starts choking a little and goes into a very bad coughing fit. He's even thrown up twice because of the violent nature of those coughs.
Avatar f tn I was practically choking and it hurt when I coughed. It felt like I had water in my lungs. It seems to be better now and none of the medical staff were concerned. But I have had endoscopes in the past and beer woke up coughing. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn Mine measured 9x6x5mm, I know this is about 1/2 inch. Im wondering why it feels like I cant breathe. I now can no longer eat anything, without choking, and having to swallow way too much, plus gagging when I have tried to swallow something bigger than a noodle. I am now down to drinking chicken broth, and boost . Ive tried noodles, but I have to keep swallowing to get them down, and then cough like no other. Is it the cyst that is causing me to not breathe or eat?
Avatar f tn Yea thats what I thought at first that I was choking on my saliva because for some reason ever since I.got pregnant I drool a lot! But anyways.I was reading up on google amd its not saliva, its throw up since it also has an acidy taste!
Avatar f tn Anyone else getting acid reflux so bad it chokes them at night?? I wake up with acid (vomit??) stuck in my throat and start coughing/choking. It burns like nothing I've ever experienced before! I'm so grateful to be pregnant but this part ***** :( I'd love to hear what has best helped some of you!
10404685 tn?1418830427 I have had this happen with every pregnancy towards the end. This is my 5th pregnancy and I just woke myself up choking on vomit like acid that arose in my throat! Not only is it disgusting but it burns. Theres not much I can do but let it ease up on its own. So here I sit and wait impatiently to go the heck away so that I may go lay back down. Seriously just want to cry!!!!!!! How about you mommas?
Avatar f tn She stays up during the day however, except when she has a severe asthma attack which have put her in the hospital on IVs for 3 days. She wakes up at night alot choking and coughing until she vomits. Does cerebellar and brainstem atrophy affect her breathing and can it cause this choking and coughing in her sleep?