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Avatar f tn My tiny four pound Maltese/Poodle cross has been coughing and I was wondering if someone has any ideas. He is about 8 1/2 and has had issues with his behavoir. He won't let us have him groomed without him trying to bite us or get his nails trimmed, so every four months or so we have to have him knocked out to have this done. I wasn't sure if this was some of his problem from the stuff they give him or what, but he does it alot especially at night.
Avatar m tn Has she been around any other dogs about the time this started like a boarding place, groomers ,dogie day care, dog park? Does it seems to get worse with active or when she gets excited? You should take her to the vet it could be kennel cough or a number of other thing. and where is the bad odor coming from?
Avatar f tn Welcome to the forum......Since you didn't add much information or his age, here goes: OK, For starters, for any Senior Dog IMO, you DO need to rule out Heart Problems....The x-ray will not only show the heart, but also the lungs...This is important.... With Heart Disease, the weak heart cannot pump as well...Fluid builds into the lungs causing the cough..The cough is usually MOIST like they're choking on congestion...Actually, they are...
Avatar f tn i had to take zofran for the gagging....
Avatar f tn Hi i have a 12 year old male staffie who has had 4 seizures over the past 4/5 months other than this and a few fatty lumps he eats well runs around and is very happy but for the past few days has started coughing normally first thing in the morning and when excited cough sounds like he has some thing stuck in his throat any advice ??
3181540 tn?1344554524 Collapsing Trachea- Common in small breeds- This cough is more like choke-gasp, choke/gasp....It sounds like a goose honking....Meaning like when your sucking through a straw & it collapses. Like it kinda sticks then opens, etc. It is actually doing just that.....The trachea collapses then opens back up...This ailment is treated by weight control & Medications for lung disease....Cough meds, bronchial dilaters, Asthma meds., steroids when necessary, etc.
Avatar m tn Check Misfirs post under "coughing" she hip gave some good information
Avatar f tn My dog has been coughing for the last couple of days. She acts like something is stuck in her throat. I was walking her and she began to cough again and then vomited up white mucus. At night, she began to grunt softly. I would like to know if there is anything I could do to help her until I get her to the vet. She is only 2yrs old. She does not seem to be sick because she eats the same and is extremely playful. Please help me. I am very worried.
1416390 tn?1333905204 Two more cough related tips: Anyone smoke in the house? This will cause the respiratory cough...Can just be on your clothes or hands to trigger it... My Vet told me this one.....If you feed your dog in the kitchen by the refrigerator, the dust mites that blow out from under from the fan, are inhaled by the dog while eating...They start coughing after they eat & then off and on the rest of the day....NO, i'm not kidding!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn our dog is coughing a little more now, but nothing like before. I wonder what treatments (besides the Zantac etc. that your vet used), could reverse the way the tummy won't let food in? Also, just FYI, he is eating a little better again... he's on a kind of dogfood he prefers to his other kinds (all the same dry dogfood). Eventually, if his eating falls off again, we'll try that kind you're using. How is your dog making out now? Tried anything new?
Avatar n tn My dog had severe heart disease but was fine..I had to put her down because of kidney failure recently (I feel so sad still). However, She had heart disease for 5 years. She was on lasix (waterpill), enapril, another type of diaretic and vetmedin...It worked very well at keeping her lungs clear...Her cough calmed down almost completely and lived a comfortable, happy life. She had a very enlarged heart, but the meds still worked to you!
1171933 tn?1263480358 My Chihuahua has severe bouts of Coughing, Wheezing, Choking, & Breathing problems during the night. It seems to be a little bit better in the daytime. I've had him to Vet's, but after spending $1,000 + he has not changed. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
Avatar f tn She sleeps most of the night with out coughing. It sounds like kennel cough but I am pretty sure it is not! She is an inside dog and we have a fenced in yard. She is only around our other dog who has no coughing issues at all. Is it possible that my Pug has allergies with all the pollen floating around in the air. We live in the woods in North Carolina.
Avatar m tn Make an appointment with your doctore and in the meantime try giving him some sort of expectorant/suppressant mix. Like Robitussin. It will help alot. Also, keep the air at a comfortable humidity level. Dry air (like wind or cold outside or dryness inside because of heaters) will actually onset any sort of coughing because it irritates your throat. keep a humidifier going for him, and make sure he is spitting out everything and anything he coughs up!
5967085 tn?1377543402 The veterinarian concluded that my Chihuahua had the human equivalent of COPD. He stated that every time my dog coughed, my dog was trying to rid the lungs of air, due to the airways constricting. He prescribed Dexamethason in .25 mg. I picked up my Chihuahua’s medication at the wal-mart pharmacy for only 4 dollars! Unfortunately, my Chihuahua’s condition is without cure.
Avatar m tn to be treated for a persistent, hacking cough. Along with this cough, he also has symptoms of a cold like sneezing, congestion, wheezing and cold in his eyes. The vet keeps prescribing the same medications and has on occasion changed the medication and dosage, but I end up taking him back for the same thing over and over again. The vet told me that he coughs because he has a sore throat and he has a sore throat because he coughs and that he may have a heart problem because of his age.
Avatar f tn every day or so for the last 2 weeks approx my 11 month old staffordshire/collie cross has had these coughing fits.
Avatar f tn The next couple of days he would make 2 quick exhales. Then now he exhales like that about 4-7 times, like how a puppy-dog breathes! I don't know if this is something that is an effect of the medication or the sickness. He has also been playing a lot of Minecraft game over this summer and I'm thinking maybe he developed some sort of nervousness? I'm really worried it is a medical condition, or if it's not, that he would not grow out of it. Anybody have the same experience?
Avatar m tn Issue no.1 is that my dog has always had these gagging coughing fits, I had a vet look at him just recently but sadly he didn't want to really give me the time of day. Anyway thiese make this strange hacking sound over and over agian taking everything out of him and then at the end a sneeze. Item no.
Avatar n tn for the past couple of days my dog has been coughing up mucus like he is choking on something. What can it be?
Avatar n tn my dog has been hacking like something is in his throat now his hacking up white foaming spit
Avatar n tn my dog is snorting like she cant breathe as if something is in her throat.
Avatar f tn I took him outside for fresh air, he stopped and 5 mins later he is breathing like that again. He takes like 5 really strong breaths through his nose and then is back to normal. What is going on? He is a 9 year old beagle and just had a vet check up yesterday and was fine. My mom did say he tried to eat some garbage on his walk, he always eats stuff that people throw on side walks (chicken bones), but she said she opened his mouth and got it all out.
Avatar n tn I need to know what is wrong with my dog, he is 7 years old and a toy fox terrier. He is usually very playful and follows us everywhere, he also goes out often and gets plenty of exercise. The other day he just started acting strange and shy and starting hiding underneath the bed as far as he could go, and when he's under there he just sits a lot. We have to drag him out just for him to go outside, he hasn't been wanted to go out for more than like 5 minutes but he pees and poops each time.
Avatar f tn -small lump on belly by just bellow rib cage (came about three weeks ago) -clogs in blood (I believe she is in heat hut she hasn't been for almost 2 years) -swollen nipple -fatigue -can not jump on furniture anymore and seems to have a hard time getting around in general -coughing Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong. Is it an emergency or should she be okay till I can get her to the doctor on saturday. Thank you for your help!