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Avatar f tn My tiny four pound Maltese/Poodle cross has been coughing and I was wondering if someone has any ideas. He is about 8 1/2 and has had issues with his behavoir. He won't let us have him groomed without him trying to bite us or get his nails trimmed, so every four months or so we have to have him knocked out to have this done. I wasn't sure if this was some of his problem from the stuff they give him or what, but he does it alot especially at night.
4121556 tn?1350428560 My dog coughs as though he has something stuck somewhere, I cannot see anything, he eats quite well, Could it be lung worms or could it be a tumour? he often vomits.bile.He is old now, and his back legs are going, should he be put to sleep? euthenasia?
Avatar f tn My 7yo son got sick and had lingering cough for about 3 weeks. I took him to see a doctor after one night he was coughing too hard and long that he almost ran out of breath. The doctor gave him Albuterol to open up his air passage. He took the medication every night before bed for about a week, until he came to me one night very worried about his heart beating fast (Albuterol side effects). I stopped the medication since then. Now, I'm noticing my son exhaling like a puppy-dog.
Avatar f tn She sleeps most of the night with out coughing. It sounds like kennel cough but I am pretty sure it is not! She is an inside dog and we have a fenced in yard. She is only around our other dog who has no coughing issues at all. Is it possible that my Pug has allergies with all the pollen floating around in the air. We live in the woods in North Carolina.
Avatar m tn Dear Pug Dad, On about Page 4 is a post entitled, "My dog has been coughing for..." and it's an old post. HIS dog, it turns out, did eat some burrs that got caught in his fur... and MY dog has been coughing and he also ate some burrs. Since it was an old post, he did not come back about it.
1171933 tn?1263476758 My Chihuahua has severe bouts of Coughing, Wheezing, Choking, & Breathing problems during the night. It seems to be a little bit better in the daytime. I've had him to Vet's, but after spending $1,000 + he has not changed. Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
Avatar m tn Hi I am so sorry to hear about your dog. It is quite possible that some of his difficulties are a result of his medication. I really believe that a dog will tell you when he is ready to "go" and it doesn't sound like yours is ready. Dogs who are loved and cared for really do seem to want to live and be around their human family. For his cough you might want to think about human cough medicine.
3181540 tn?1344550924 Collapsing Trachea- Common in small breeds- This cough is more like choke-gasp, choke/gasp....It sounds like a goose honking....Meaning like when your sucking through a straw & it collapses. Like it kinda sticks then opens, etc. It is actually doing just that.....The trachea collapses then opens back up...This ailment is treated by weight control & Medications for lung disease....Cough meds, bronchial dilaters, Asthma meds., steroids when necessary, etc.
Avatar n tn My 12 yr. old pug has been coughing for 3 months. I have been to two different vets and together they have ruled out collapsed trachea, kennel cough, pneumonia and heart disease. He has been on several different antibiotics and steriods. He is still eating as usual and the coughing seems to be worse at night. They are not productive coughs just dry hacking coughs. I am running out of ideas and am desperate for answers.
Avatar m tn As for the heart murmur, the treatment depends on exactly what type of heart defect is causing the murmur. Since your vet predicted that the dog would start coughing, and the dog has in fact started coughing, I take it that it is not a benign murmur. In my nonprofessional opinion, most likely the murmur is due to valve disease, and the cough is a symptom of congestive heart failure.
Avatar m tn Brichardson, just a quick update... our dog is coughing a little more now, but nothing like before. I wonder what treatments (besides the Zantac etc. that your vet used), could reverse the way the tummy won't let food in? Also, just FYI, he is eating a little better again... he's on a kind of dogfood he prefers to his other kinds (all the same dry dogfood). Eventually, if his eating falls off again, we'll try that kind you're using. How is your dog making out now?
Avatar f tn My dog has been coughing for the last couple of days. She acts like something is stuck in her throat. I was walking her and she began to cough again and then vomited up white mucus. At night, she began to grunt softly. I would like to know if there is anything I could do to help her until I get her to the vet. She is only 2yrs old. She does not seem to be sick because she eats the same and is extremely playful. Please help me. I am very worried.
Avatar f tn i had to take zofran for the gagging....
996946 tn?1503249112 I posted on here awhile back about my dog, Barney, He'd gone through a bout of heartworms a few yrs back. Now he is having repercussions from it. He was put on VetMedin, Enalapril, Lassix and Diltiazem. My husband thought he seemed worse lately with coughing constantly, so he stopped the meds for a few days. Now Barney isn't coughing but seems a little unstable on his feet....he's 11 1/2 yrs old. Does anyone have any experience dealing with this?
Avatar m tn Check Misfirs post under "coughing" she hip gave some good information
Avatar n tn dog coughing last week especially when excited or running around. deep cough like gagging. 9 year old yorkie had been sick with bloody diarhea before coughing and was treated with antibiotics and fluids.
415109 tn?1304890182 We have a 9 yr old Low Chen who for the past 2 weeks has been hacking and coughing almost constantly. He did have valley fever 2 years ago and was treated successfully and his titer is negative. He coughs but doesn't cough anything up-just sounds like he is going to choke or get something out. sometimes rubbing his throat gently and calming him down will make it quit but as soon as you stop he starts again. He is in otherwise good health.
785188 tn?1279928405 It sounds like your vet has your dog on all the "correct" heart medications. The addition of pimobendan should help. Depending on the severity, a heart ultrasound is definitely warranted, and twice a year x-rays of the chest and kidney tests should be done too (more frequently if there is a problem).
Avatar n tn My dog has been coughing every 2-3 hours as if hes trying to loosen something in his throat.Will it pass?Should I take him to the Vet?
Avatar f tn Because my dog interacts with other dogs a lot, when he developed a "cough" I immediately took him to the vet. He had no fever, is eating and drinking normally and his activity level is normal - he doesn't at all act like a sick dog. I have kept him away from other dogs to avoid getting them sick. The vet diagnosed him with kennel cough and put him on Doxycycline 100 mg - he takes 1 1/2 pills twice a day. He started them on Tuesday.He has also had a Bordetella vaccine.
Avatar f tn I'm so sorry to hear about you losing your Duke. They become a fixture in your life and it takes time to adjust to their absence, doesn't it? I'm glad Duke got to be with responsible, loving pet owners. I'm sure he had a really good life with you. Did the vet explain Porter's coughing? Buddy didn't cough and I just looked up the most common symptoms of Cushing's and coughing isn't among them.
Avatar n tn We had a health dog one day and the next coughing and hacking. His cough sounds dry like a honking goose. Took to vet he said could be kennel cough and put him on doxycycline but also said he heard a heart like murmur. The vet did say that the heart could have sounded like that cause of the dog not feeling well if it was kennel cough and/or being anxious. How did I have a vibrant healthy eating dog one day and a sick one the next. His appetite seems still to be ok.