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Avatar n tn Add me to the total column for men. Been hypo t and on T4 meds. for over 30 years. Learned a lot from this forum including the need to check free T3, to assure the body is converting T4 adequately ( which mine was not). Seems like I have read somewhere that over 20 % of the population has thyroid problems, with women being substantially higher, especially over the age of 35. It was interesting that when the range for TSH was revised downward from .5-5.0 to .3-3.
Avatar f tn Mine start in the upper arm and spread to the chest and sometimes forearm, it feels really heavy but is not exactly painful. I lift my arms over my head to ease it and walk around until it's over. Does anyone have any Idea what it is yet?
Avatar n tn I'm 34 yr old male and have been experiencing various chest and left arm pains for about three months. I've seen a plethora of doctors from cardiologist to internist to GI doc to psychologist. Heart problems have been ruled out by numerous EKG's and stress echo test. GI doc found I have a hiatal hernia/GERD from upper GI and is currently being treated with Nexium. Have also had ultrasound of liver/gall bladder and MRI of abdomen - all normal.
211940 tn?1267884866 so many people with same symptoms i have had left arm pain for years on and off and it does make you think maybe is it heart related in some way however for me i noticed this pain is worst when i am under alot of stress and i mean alot then the pain is very unbearable it does help a little when you massage it one doctor told me years ago it was stress related who knows , well someone needs to go one that show medical mysteries.
Avatar n tn Now I have times where I feel like I get a cramp right under my sternum where my heart is. It lasts a few second then its gone and it will do this off and on for a few days and then it won't come back for a long time. I get pain in my neck and in my jaw.Sometimes the pain in my neck and my arm feels kind of like a gassy type pain. Other times it feels like somthing is pushing way up inside my armpit and it hurts all the way down my arm.
Avatar f tn This was 5 months ago and I still have chest pain (pain in right breast, aching in left arm and under arm, sometimes pressure in upper chest). I have not felt well since the big event, except that I have more energy. My pain tends to get a little more intense as the day progresses. I can start out my day happy and hopeful, but in the evening I get gloomy and think as you said, "is this a life sentence?" I am 50, normal weight, no diabetes, but heart disease does run in the family.
Avatar n tn Relax! LOL! THey have done studies that prove that men are given the full range of tests with chest pain and women are not. PRetty scary for women! But your right - chest pain can manifest in so many ways and how do you know, this is it? this is a heart attack? Or if your a woman like me, you wait so long because you don't want your Dr telling you its 'in your head' and you need to chill out! haha - Good luck!
Avatar f tn It radiates all the way down my left arm, but is most prominate in my shoulder and upper arm. When my husband will massage my arm it will relieve the pain for a little while. I just have NO idea what it could be. if I am sitting or standing there is no pain at all. And the doctors are stumped. Any ideas??
Avatar n tn This is the best forum I've found for this problem. For about 15 years (and I'm only 22 now), I have been suffering from a hot, blotchy chest and significantly hot, blushed face any time I am stressed or anxious. At 7, a dermatologist diagnosed it at dermographism, but as I grew, I became more affected by nervous stresses than physical ones.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
1554262 tn?1374243601 It started in my stomach and chest and spread up to my neck and jaw and even ears. It hurt so freaking bad I ran for the cold water and it was instant relief. I don't know how anyone could stand it without the water or I suppose anything cold to drink would work if you drank it fast. I am healthy, exercise regularly and have no medical problems of any kind. This is a mystery, but thank goodness for cold water.
Avatar m tn Like you we have been to ER now twice with for server chest pain but EKG and blood work / chest exray are always normal . Any sugesstion on how to get the trap gas off the stomach would be very much greatfull.
Avatar n tn my blood counts were ok, the wbc was, but the hgb went down to 10.2 and that is when I asked for intervention due to chest pain. I got Procrit around month 3. Anemia can cause depression and weakness, what was your hgb? that is the number you should be tracking. the tx and the anemia can cause a lot of symptoms, don't live with anemia for too long.
86075 tn?1238118691 shorter, lighter or heavier periods, flooding, and phantom periods. Note: A phantom period is when you experience all the symptoms you're accustomed to having before you menstruate -- but... no period comes. This is a common experience during perimenopause before a woman's period actually stops. 7. Loss of libido (sex drive). Note: Not every woman loses her libido entirely during perimenopause, although some may temporarily.
Avatar n tn loss of sleep and I certainly don't feel as well as I did on Lexapro, but just like you, I was on Lexapro for eight months and I gained over 25 lbs, if it wasn't for the weight gain itself...I would go back on Lexapro. I go back to the doctor next month (October), I'll see what she suggests. I haven't had any seizures but I do experience headaches every day and this stupid "blushing" that comes with the headaches.
Avatar n tn Since I had a stuffy head, I didn't think I could take anything but found on my ob/gyn's website a list of medicine ok for pregnancy and plain Sudafed was on the list. It only worked a little and only for an hour. I finally just took Tylenol and it actually worked like a miracle on my sinus headache. My ob also said Dramamine is ok to take when you have insomnia (better than Tylenol PM he said) so I took a couple last night to finally get some rest.
Avatar n tn So I decided to go on a diet that would help me with proper digestion and stools. Here is what I have been following for the past few weeks and have had extremely great success. I feel like I am my life back again. 1. Used to take a lot of alcohol. Completely stopped the alcohol 2. Used to take a lot of non-vegetarian. Reduced to a day or two per week. 3. Used to take a plenty of chips and other snacks. Reduced drastically. 4. Used to eat almost out everyday from fast foods.
Avatar f tn This time when the blood tests came back, they want me to do the Prev-pack and Prevacid for two months because I tested positive for it again. I found out that there is a breath test that doc can give you to see if you have live bacteria at the moment. But they couldn't do that, because they are currently out of the test. (uhhhhh!) So I took it upon myself to look some stuff up on the internet about H-Pylori and how to be rid of it.
Avatar n tn My name is Lianne and I am 18 years old. I have suffered from migranes for years, and couln't find the source. I was put on depakote, but it made me sleep all the time (literally) so my doctor put me on topamax. I haven't had any migranes, I'm not dreadfully tired and as an added bonus, it is already helping me to lose weight. I have struggled with weight all of my life, so knowing that this can help is wonderful. I eat smart and exercise, but before, I slept all the time.
314692 tn?1214084110 My mother was diagnoised in October, I have been with her for each and every appointment. She went through chemo first, she got a little sick, and weak, but with the great drugs it will help greatly. Then she had surgery, both breasts were removed a radical on the right side. I know what you mean about worrying about it spreading, the scans will tell you lots. Having doctors you feel comfortable with in asking questions and fully trust is key.
1323357 tn?1274826939 You might have reduced serotonin due to stress (even if you don't feel that stressed, modern life is pretty stressful in itself) as Tommygunz has theorized - in this case the supplements he has listed will help that re balance but you also need to train yourself out of the over thinking and ruminating habit and try to live day by day as normally and routinely as possible. For most people, the DP dissipates naturally when they are out of the traumatic situation but this is not always the case.
503727 tn?1210442710 I feel dizzy ALOT and I am afraid to be alone or go to a store, When I get in a store I get dizzy, hot and I can feel my heart racing in my chest. I too have had all the various workups for my health and am otherwise fine. I took xanax, and the first pill worked fine then after that they didn't work anymore Now i've started prozac and I feel even worse, everytime I stand up I get the feeling im going to black out. Hopefully this will go away soon.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same type of vaginal and anal fissures for a few months now and I was scared to death until I found this forum.Just like many of you, I went to the doctor about three weeks ago and the first thing she said also was Herpes.She took a blood test and a normal pap and I still haven't received any results yet.
Avatar n tn The last time I had these symptoms was in March - they came on suddenly with a stinging sensation, and lasted for 6 weeks. During this time, I was tested for all STDs (all negative), tested for bacterial infections (negative) and treated repeatedly for thrush (even though all lab tests came back negative). Eventually, the symptoms eased on their own. I dont use chemical irritants etc so dont think thats the problem.
544292 tn?1268886268 So I dug up some more info that I wanna share ... in case you are dying of curiousity. Or need more info like I do. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- http***;read=3179 not just for breakfast anymore Posted By: mkny Date: Friday, 21 October 2005, at 3:53 a.m.
Avatar n tn I get really bad throbbing pains on the left and right sides of my legs, my wrists, left arm, and just recently my left side of my chest. It is so annoying especially when iam trying to sleep or study because all I will think about is when the next pain will arrive. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything I can do? I am a full time student trying to get my life back together, and any help would be awesome.
Avatar m tn I'm not on any medication other than lanzoprazil for acid reflux and st. John's Wort. I have trouble sleeping and sometimes take temazapam, grind my teeth, and have ongoing sinus problems, for which I was using nasal decongestants, until I read that they often have cortisol in them, which can cause CSR, and possibly the other problem. I've also heard coffee and chocolate can affect CSR.
Avatar n tn Everything seems to get a little better when I stand up or move, and all of it seems to show up for a week or two and then go away for a month or so. I guess I should make an appointment with a urologist to check my prostate, never thought that could be the culprit, since I'm 34. If anyone has had any luck with a specific diagnosis, please post!
Avatar f tn Now I've experiencing a dry throat and slight joint pain at times in my arm,knees and tingle feeling sometimes. And a growling stomach.I am a 22yr old female diagnosed with genital herpes 4 yrs ago. On Sept 22 of 2009 I had unprotected oral and protected intercourse but he rubbed his penis against my vagina and I ask him to put a condom on. On Nov. 27 I had unprotected sex and 6 days later I got sick. I'm afraid that something is wrong.