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Avatar n tn I'm not a doc, but I have mild lymphedema in my left arm (from mastectomy sept '05). The pulling and tugging you feel is possibly (and I say possibly since I don't know you or the circumstances but I'm as active as you are) mild/moderate swelling that has accumulated above the sleeve OR (this is my general problem with the tightness) sometimes we don't use the arm like we used to when we were young and it just tightens up.
Avatar m tn You should really go to an occupational therapist to get specific exercises. Good luck.
Avatar m tn d talk to your doctor about the facial paralysis to see what you need to do. Most often, doing assigned exercises helps but the sooner after the stroke happened, the better. If you recovered to some extent without OT services, maybe it's time to begin OT or PT to fully recover? Here's an article that has some exercises you can do! Some are as simple as laughing!
Avatar m tn When the doctor diagnosed that you have a frozen shoulder, he should have given you advice on the types of exercise to do or refer you to a physiotherapist who can give you the correct exercises to do and monitor how you are getting on. Exercises in the water (hydrotherapy) can also be helpful when doing gentle exercise to get the frozen shoulder moving again and also not to lose muscle strength.
Avatar n tn The most likely exercises to help repair and rehabilitate the shoulders are rotator cuff exercises usually with cable or band. You can also do later raise with a light band as well.
Avatar f tn what would cause the pain in my upper arm to come and go at will and at night wake me up with the pain from it as well as pain during the day?
Avatar f tn There are a lot of exercises that can help eliminate arm fat. Check out YouTube for free videos. Google something like "exercise to lose arm fat" or something like that.
Avatar f tn Have you had any past injuries that might cause this? How often are you stretching? Try some good stretching exercises regularly to see if that helps, if not- it sounds like you should get to the doctor to have them take a closer look at what the cause of this might be.
Avatar f tn By now you may have found the reason, but I am having the same thing and am seeing a Physical Therapist who has prescirbed a series of gentle exercises . I have Scoliosis ( probably from birth or at least found abt age 14 ) in my upper back, also Fibromyalgia. This just seemed to start " out of the blue " so to speak but in reality is probably from the Scoliosis and poor posture, leading to my shoulders/ back developing a forward curvature.
Avatar m tn As Gymdandee always shows, anyone can look up things on You Tube and find thousands of different exercises to do for anything, but often these exercises are quite hard on an injured person and are intended for someone who is very fit (and often they're not, as they're just physical therapists or yoga instructors making the videos). Given you are seeing a physical therapist, I'm confused, as it is their job to give you the exercises you're seeking.
Business woman1 i am curious and desperate to know how I can tone up my lower arm area. The arms are apparently lacking muscle tone and hanging quite loosely. my arms look like flag posts with flapping flags. Help me. Excercise,workout,equipment.? I am willing to do whatever it takes.
Avatar f tn I also get shooting pains that come from deep in my shoulder/arm pit and down my arm and occasional pains coming from my neck down to my hands. For the past couple of months I have been coping with pain in both of my shoulders, at times limiting my range of motion. That pain is not consistant and gets better with rest. My elbows have been particularly tender and painful to the touch, especially the ulnar anterior side of my right elbow.
Avatar n tn When my lymphedema was at its worst, I had to wrap my arm and hand in compression wrap which made the whole arm look like it was in a cast. I did that for 2 weeks with MLD to get my arm back to a manageable state where I wore only my sleeve and gaunlet. Now I wear them whenever my arm feels full and do the massive wrap if I've totally let it go and it has gotten out of hand again. I You need to talk with your doc and a PT person who specializes in this to get approval from them....
Avatar f tn Hi I'm Tressa. Ive been getting flare ups of spasticity in my thighs (crippling pain) I've had MS for eight years and this probably has to do with it. But I do not know how to control it. I am on Lyrica and Gamapentin, but this medication isnt helping a whole lot. I'm on the highest dosage of each. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn I want to loss my bat wings & belly. What type of exercises should i do?
Avatar n tn I started PT and have been doing shoulder strengthening exercises but when I reach my arm out to the side to get something, have it on a slightly elevated desk trying to type or try to wash my other shoulder I have shooting pains down the outside of my arm. The pain in the armpit area has lessened a little since I started PT and is now more of an achy sensation when it does hurt. Occassionally my scapula hurts but that is only when the pain on the arm pit is present.
Avatar n tn Due to that i am getting neck,shoulder and hand pain for past two years. I consulted an orthopedic surgeon, he thought me some exercises to strengthen the muscles. I am doing that for two years, But still my pain is not reduced.I am getting this pain often. I am working in Software industry. All the time i need to use system, because of this pain i am not able to work. Is there any permanent solution for this problem? I also have another question I am sneezing badly daily.
325698 tn?1216328754 well, besides being cramped like sardines in coach....i did arm exercises (in the little room i had) and drank a lot of water... no swelling at all!!!! yey!! recommend a vacation post chemo for anyone....bald or was simply the best vacation that i have ever taken...maybe because i didnt take it for granted, but it was a nice celebration!
Avatar f tn Usually, it begins with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and the application of heat, followed by gentle stretching exercises. These stretching exercises, which may be performed in the home with the help of a physical massage or occupational therapist, are the treatment of choice. In some cases, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) with a small battery-operated unit may be used to reduce pain by blocking nerve impulses.
11079760 tn?1483386130 I am 5 weeks into my first known flare up. Some of my lesser symptoms have subsided; however, the most challenging problems continue with my dominant hand and arm. For those Dx'd, how do you know which symptoms are permanent and which will subside as the activity stops? I'm starting an IV Infusion this week - when that is done, are any remaining symptoms permanent? Thanks.
511034 tn?1327802985 How much should I practice vision therapy exercises? For how long and how often? How long should I expect it to take before noticing results? 3. Recovery: How often do adults who recieve this diagnosis and experience exophoria symptoms attain some sort of recovery? 4. Surgery: This is something I would clearly discuss with a doctor, but how often do symptomatic suffers of exophoria get surgery? What kinds of risks are involved and what level of success is typically experienced.
Avatar f tn Hey guys! I'm pretty sure a lot of you are in the same boat as me when I post about this. I'm an otherwise healthy 24-year old female that exercises regularly, and my family does not have a huge background of heart-related illnesses or disease. My parents are healthy, as well as my grandmother, and my cousins. Right now, I feel like I have shortness of breath. I feel like it is hard to do deep breathing exercises because I don't feel like I'm inhaling enough.
Avatar f tn The neck thingy has happened to me whenever I get excited and i have always ignored it but now my left arm started to vibrate pretty intensely. Im horrified. If you have time can you give me a diagnosis? and be honest cause i experienced something extreme and my left arm started to tingle. , (I just received this email from my brother in New Zealand. I read a lot of medical journals, but I'm no doctor.
Avatar f tn You should see a pain specialist with experience in subluxion injuries. The specific treatment (other then surgery) involves application of what is called intermittant "axial traction". with a harness. The traction separates the verterbra and enables the bulging disc to return to normal. Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. You definitely do NOT want to ever use a cervical collar, because it will reduce muscle tone.
739070 tn?1338603402 I just returned from PT where my fantastic therapist noted that I have muscle atrophy in my left arm. She noted this from across the room while she observed me doing my hand and arm exercises. She measured the left forearm area in two places and it is 1/2 inch smaller than my right. The left is weaker and I have fasciculations in my hands as well. We discussed new exercises and the fact that the muscle atrophy may continue despite exercises to improve strength.