Chances of getting pregnant just after period

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Avatar f tn I want to know what are the odds of getting my periods n me getting pregnant with no periods. I'm a pcos woman n last pregnancy was ovulation induced. Your answers will be appreciable with great regard. I'm breastfeeding my baby fulltime.
316819 tn?1231260795 what are my chances of getting pregnant if i had intercourse on wednesday the 5th and ovulating on today (Sunday)? I'm not 100% sure that I ovulated.. My period ranges from 27-30 days from last period.. I just have some pain in my pelvic area.. I only hurts when I just sit down or when I just stand up.. Do you think that I ovulated and if so, do you think that there is a BIG chance that I am pregnant or a small chance? Thanks for you help in advance.
Avatar f tn I've been getting cramps like I'm gonna start my period but it's not supposed to start for a week so idk. Is there a good chance of me getting pregnant even though I took the plan b pill? Should I take a pregnancy test and if so when? It's a really messy situation so I'm kinda freaking out and need to just know whether I'm pregnant or not.
Avatar f tn plus i notice there's this fluttery feeling in my lower abdomen quite often.. the thing is, i dont know whether they're signs of me getting pregnant, or they're just normal organs and happenings that seem abnormal because of all those thinking and worrying.. i dont think i have darker areolas or stuff that people keep saying on the internet about early signs of pregnancy, but this tummy of mine worries me.. seriously, is it possible for me to get pregnant?
Avatar m tn The withdrawl method only has a success rate of about 50%
316819 tn?1231260795 Hi all, I was wondering what my chances of getting pregnant if I have intercourse on wednesday the 5th and I think that I ovulated today (Sunday).. I'm not 100% sure if I did or not.. My periods usually run from 27-30 days from the last period.. I just have pain in my pelvic area.. It only hurts when I just sit down or just stand up.. what do you think.. Do you think that I ovulated, and if so, then what do you think are my chances of being pregnat.. BIG chance or Small chance?
1289552 tn?1272075279 If I had unprotected sex multiply times the week after my period, are my chances of getting pregnant very high???
Avatar m tn My last period day was on the 5th of Nov. So what are my chances of gettin pregnant?/Am l going to fall pregnant?
Avatar n tn What are the chances of getting pregnant if I just got off of my period? Me and my boyfriend had a accident and I am not sure what to do! I was on the last day of my period!
381667 tn?1200467450 "Nobody bothered to explain to you the chances of getting pregnant"? Doesn't common sense tell you that if you are having unprotected sex that pegnancy is very likely to happen?
Avatar n tn The last time was not because I was really drunk and basically do not remember the intercourse. What of my chances of getting her pregnant under these scenerios: I was told by her- *That I pulled out before I came *It was the last day of her period and it started 5 days prior *She use to take the shot for birth control but the last one was 4 months ago when it only has a 3 month life Under these factors, what are the chances?
Avatar f tn So I would like to know what you guys think, and what are the chances of Getting your period and being pregnant? I was pretty sure I was pregnant but af showed a few days a go, she is very light. I normal have a med flow. This happened last month as well coming 4 days early and only staying for a few day and very light. I am still sick to my tummy, the nausea comes and goes. Last night I was getting my hair cut and I stood up and I thought I was going to pass out!
Avatar m tn This is the first time we had unprotected sex but im just curious what are the chances that she could be pregnant?
7458937 tn?1391885699 Most women that have unprotected sex after giving birth get pregnant within a year but it just depends every women's body is completely different good luck:-D and congrats on your new bundle of joy
Avatar f tn i would like to know what the chances of me getting pregnant are. It was only a few days after my period ended. i really want to know because i am paranoid and my parents would hate me if i was and i just dont want to worry about this so much. i feel so stupid for this but i really just need some help/advice.
Avatar f tn I've read online that right before and right after (and by that I mean just a few days before and after) your period the chances of getting pregnant are low. But everyone keeps telling me that, that's when you're most fertile. I had unprotected sex after the last day of my period and he finished inside me.. what are the chances of being pregnant?
216239 tn?1233260961 it's always reccomended that you wait a few cycles after you stop using the pill before ttc. only because the pill regulates your waiting a few cycles, you'll have more if an idea of how long your cycles are and it may be easier to pinpoint ovulation. you can also use an opk to help determine if you will in fact be fertile on the dates you listed. If you are in fact fertile during the dates you think you will be, you will have a roughly 20% - 25% chance of conceiving next week.
2093372 tn?1473261554 What are my chances of getting pregnant. Me and DH are trying Deanna's SMEP and I had a positive OPK on the 16th so we BD that night and we BD the 17th but he didn't ejectulate for some reason and then on the 18th we BD and he did ejectulate this night and we plan on skipping BD on the 19th and do some more BD on the 20th. What is my chance on becoming pregnant since he didn't ejectulate the sencond night.
1527009 tn?1329858125 I'm due on around the 19th and I'm fairly regular and myself and my partner ttc on day one and day four of my ovulation period. I'm just after some opinions on whether I should have seen signs by now? :-/ is waiting to test after missed period best?
Avatar f tn I'm worried I might be pregnant, I know the only way to find out is to take a test but it's too early to get an accurate result at this moment. I would just like to know my chances of getting pregnant. I had unprotected sex (about 8 times) these past 5 days. I was on my period so a couple hours prior to having sex the first time I took my birth control to stop the bleeding. Out of those 5 days I only took my birth control 3 out of 5 times. Every time we had sex he ejaculated inside of me.
1484559 tn?1287879418 I just want to know what are the chances of being pregnant? I didn't take the morning after pill and Im not on any birth control. I'm just scared of getting pregnant because we are in no conditions to take care of a baby right now since he is getting deployed soon. I would really like a honest answer and no judgements please. Thanks. I would appreciate any help any one can give me for a peace of mind.