Can i take lexapro with xanax

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Avatar f tn Has anyone else with avoidance and anxiety had luck with Lexapro? I can take the Xanax but it only helps so much. Thanks.
232264 tn?1191252080 i am just so proud of you for getting off of opiates, and trying to get off of benzo's But only you know what you want to do..I can remember when i didn't take anything at all..And i felt great..Better then i thought these pills made me feel. i also want to be that person again,and i will one day, but slow...One thing at a time.. I know how you feel about your birthday..i feel the same way, you know sometimes i forget my age..And can careless about my birthday..
233622 tn?1279338505 Once the anxiety subsided, everything was fine. It really does help with my anxiety though. I was also told I could take the Xanax with Lexapro if I needed, but I never did. What dosage is your doc putting you on? Good luck and I hope it works for you.
91034 tn?1401419903 I was put on Lexapro about 5weeks ago, I too am reluctant when it comes to taking medication. I started with half a dose for a couple of days just to see how it made me feel then when I was ready, moved up to whole pill and noticed no side effects. In listig side effects the have to list every single symptom that has happened to everyone that tried it. So one side effect could of happened to one person out of 9000. You just have to keep telling yourself it's for your health.
Avatar m tn than that drug is not for you. Doctors tend to over prescribe some meds. My personal experience with Lexapro is that I felt terrible up to 10 mg.. went down to 5mg, and felt slightly better but still some anxiety and side effects. Now I've been taking half a pill (2.5 mg) for 4 months and I feel the best I've ever felt in years of trying everything.. literally. (Ativan, Paxil , Zoloft, Wellbutrin.. etc.
458072 tn?1291418786 i have taken lexapro before and had no problems with it (i had problems with some other ones). if the anxiety is interfering with your life, and you want to do something about it, i would recommend the lexapro. i didn't have any problems while i was on it, or when i came off of it either.
Avatar f tn I've taken Xanax before and I like that I can take it as needed and didn't have any side effects from it..But for some reason I'm scared of anti depressants. I already have some insomnia and don't want it to get worse. I'm just wondering "what ifs" about the Lexapro. I know I should take it but I'm scared to take the first dose. I'm scared to even take a half a dose. Has anyone else taken it and is it a good medication? Does it cause bad side effects?
396332 tn?1320007215 Can this medicine make you start experiancing more panic attacks? Thats what I have been getting from it. ha ha....
Avatar n tn I have been taking Lexapro for 6 days now. I know it will take alittle while to start taking effect. I take it night right before bed. I'm not sure if it's better to take it in the morning or at night. AFter reading about all these side effects, I'm staring to get pretty scared. I have GAD and severe panic disorder. I have never been on meds before. I guess I'm expecting a miracle. Should I not hold my breath?
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Avatar m tn The only way that I can get through the day is with the help of xanax. I am just wondering if anyone on this site has tried lexapro and just to see if it worked with anyone. My doctor said that I had GAD so I was just wondering as well what other medications could be suitable for this other than lexapro. I really want something to work because I really want to try to get off the xanax as soon as I can.
Avatar n tn When I am going through a depressive episode I can take xanax and it helps with the deep depression as well as the anxiety. But it is addicting so I save it for when I really need it. I have taken it for several months at a time and been able to stop cold turkey without any problems.
Avatar n tn They augment each other exponentially. However, my doctor told me I can have wine on the lexapro. Then again I'm only on 10 mg...not sure if it makes a difference with your dosage.
12714324 tn?1426851987 5 I was advised to continue the Xanax along with the Lexapro. Problem is I'm tired of taking meds...... I take meds for other health problems so I look like I have my own pharmacy. I take Levothyroxine, Lasix, Klor-Con, Singulair, Xanax, Vitamin D, Stool softener, and some breathing pumps ( albuterol). Now they want me to add Lexapro.......... Anxiety is really high just thinking about it but honestly I will try anything to get my life back. I also feel like a burden to my family.
Avatar f tn Yes, I took lexapro 10 mg per day during my first treatment and it worked well. You probably won't feel the effects right away. It takes about a week or so before it kicks in.
689327 tn?1240232764 Good Luck on the Zoloft, thanks for your comments about the Lexapro, I am like a different person now that I am off of it, I can have appropiate emotions and be happy or sad when the situation arises. It was a horrible feeling not being able to cry or acting the same way about good news or bad news its like it didn't matter. Let me know how it goes with the Zoloft, it takes awhile to kick in so be patient.
Avatar n tn I felt a little calmer after the first 3 1/2 weeks of taking lexapro, but I have still have serious panic attacks (6 last month). I take Xanax methodically 6am, 10am, 2pm and 6pm. I take Xanax judicousally, and do not abuse it. I work in a court of law and I have to have all of my faculties in order. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, GAD and Bipolar Disorder. My Dr.
Avatar m tn I will take the Xanax and give the Lexapro a try as well, with the understanding that it may take a while to kick in (the Lexapro). I have a follow up with the psychiatrist in 2 weeks and will mention Zoloft (and also, Paxil which I've heard is good) to him if for some reason the Lexapro is not helpful. Much thanks again.
Avatar m tn 5 MG the other day because i have Panic attacks and hyperventilation syndrome, he told me for the first week to take half of a lexapro pill once a day for 7 days just to get my body adjusted to the medicine and then take 1 full pill a day after that, he also said it would take a while for the lexapro to kick in so he told me to take the xanax incase i have any anxiety problems within the first week... i was wondering if i should be concerned about taking both lexapro and xanax together?
Avatar m tn The problem is I don't know which one is causing the sleepiness. Do you think i should take the Lexapro at night instead of hte morning (since I believe it may be the lexapro causing the tiredness). Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!
620004 tn?1227828906 I only agreed to take the Xanax because I have tried a lot of SSRI's with no luck at all. The Xanax really zaps me of my energy, however I can say that I was unable to sleep at all before I started taking it. Now I am sleeping pretty decent. I noticed yesterday that my neck muscles started hurting and when I woke up today I felt as though I could not even hold up my head they hurt so bad!
Avatar f tn I know that Remeron puts on weight and I'm sure that some of that must be fluid but I don't have any personal experience with Lexapro and wonder if it would do the same thing. What I do know is that it is easier getting off Remeron, if need be, than most SSRIs. I would really appreciate your feedback on this question. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I am an insomniac, but want to sleep till afternoon. I've taken xanax for 20+ years and it helps with my anxiety, but it seems I'm needing more for sleep. I am overweight and wonder if it takes more to get any results Please help me.
Avatar f tn My question is, after i take the Lexapro (SSRI) in the morning along with 1 mg kilonopin, can i take xanax as well around 6 to 8 hours later if i feel i need it? Basically, can i mix Klonopin and Xanax if not taken at the same time? I also am told to take another 1 mg of Klonopin before bedtime to help me sleep, but it doesnt really work to well?? So overall here is the breakdown: morning= 1 mg klonopin, 10 mg lexapro. 2 pm= .5 mg xanax 10 pm= 1 mg klonopin. Is this safe?
374690 tn?1224556189 I am currently weaning off hydrocodone 10/325 from 8 a day down to 4, and I find that benadry helps a lot with the anxiety, also taking lexapro. Good luck to you anewbeginning, this is a very helpful website!!!
Avatar f tn Perhaps if I go back on the depression meds, I can level off the xanax. I wouldn't recommend xanax or cholonopin (sp) as I've been on both but the xanax is 3 years now and I didn't realize the dosage was so high. 3 mg per day - that's crazy.
Avatar n tn You and only you must decide that your ready to come off xanax! Also TAKE YOUR TIME! THERE IS NO HURRY! when I say this I mean wean as long as you need! the key word is SLOWLY. By the way, I have been lowering my dose and am now down to .125mg per day!!!! I actually have my chart I used in my open Journal entries, I only have 1-2 days left and off completely! wish you luck and remember you have allot of support here!
Avatar n tn I have experimented with Xanax before. I do not like it at all. When I tried it I felt good. But once it wore off I was very tense, high anxiety, angry, easily irritable. I'd stop doing it if I were you.
311051 tn?1193419806 It's not easy, but it can be done. I didn't take Xanax, but I did take Valium, with no bad side effects at all. Take the Xanax! I guarantee, it will help you. If you are still scared of it, then ask for something else, but right now, you're life is so constricted, you need something to help you. Good luck.
Avatar n tn fear, but still I have restless legs, restless thoughts, hot flashes/sweating, vivid dreams, dizzy, I can only sleep maybe 4 or 5 hours, but its interrupted. I have Xanax that I take at night to help sleep, if needed I take a tiny bit during the day, but I'm so tired already if I take it, I usually can't focus and end up sleeping like 5 minutes here and there with jolts of waking up and needing to move. Still can't concentrate long enough to watch an entire tv show.