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Avatar f tn Lexapro is a Class C medication which means it can be taken while pregnant if the benefits outweigh the risks. A Class C drug means that studies in animals show no ill effects on the fetus but no well-controlled studies have been performed in humans. Discuss this with your doctor BEFORE getting pregnant. Some doctors prefer you avoid Class C medications during the 1st trimester as that is when the potential for birth defects (if applicable) is greatest.
Avatar n tn Thank you! It is nice to be able to talk about it without being judged. I am going to journal this pregnancy so that if in the future, if anyone is in my position they can call on my experiences. It is so scary. KimmieO, I really appreciate your honesty! I hope all goes well for you and continue to feel good for the duration! Take care!
Avatar n tn I would call your doctor and wait for a reply, or just wait and call tomorrow. The first trimester of the pregnancy is not as touchy as some think, especially if this medication would cause brain defects and stuff of that sort. You may be too early for this medication to affect you, and since you just found out last night and this morning, I would say you won't have anything to worry about just yet, but make sure you do talk with your doc asap.
Avatar n tn I discontinued again, but when I became very irritable in the first trimester, I restarted and had good results. I've continued with Effexor since and have a healthy 2 month old boy who at this point doesn't seem to have any side effects--and my marriage is still healthy.
Avatar n tn Are there any dangers in taking an SSRI (lexapro) during the first trimester of pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I was on Lexapro and went off but I was also on a smaller dose (5 mg). I've read many different opinions but mostly I've read that during the first trimester it is best to be off. My OB reinforced that if I had any depression whatsoever that there are many safe meds to take. For me, I've been fine going off and have felt fine and am actually glad I'm off! Good luck!
470885 tn?1326332637 My OBGYN told be that Zoloft, prozac, and lexapro are reasonably safe to take during pregnancy HOWEVER, its best to avoid SSRI's in the 1st trimester if possible - that is when fetal development (and risk for deformities) occurs. Paxil is a Class D drug and should NOT be taken during pregnancy but she didnt mention celexa. I would suggest stopping the celexa a few months before you ttc - you may experience bad withdrawal symptoms which would not be fun during early pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Category A Adequate and well-controlled studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy (and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters). Category B Animal reproduction studies have failed to demonstrate a risk to the fetus and there are no adequate and well-controlled studies in pregnant women.
Avatar f tn There certainly ARE medications that you can take for anxiety/panic disorder during pregnancy. Zoloft, prozac, and lexapro and three examples. Most of these are best avoided during the 1st trimester though and some babies suffer from withdrawal for a day or two after birth so some doctors recommend you tapper to a certain dose near the end of the 3rd trimester.
202436 tn?1326477933 so it maybe something to discuss with your doctor, this is my first time on any AD during pregnancy and if i had'nt gotten an ok about it, I would'nt be taking it right now.
Avatar n tn My problem is that he says he can no longer prescribe my meds now that I am pregnant. I have tried researching the effects of Norco on my pregnancy and have not been able to come up with much information. I would like to have my baby in a birthing center, but I need to find out what my options are and if there are any substitutions for pain management that are available. I am scared to death of my last trimester and the pain that it seems I am going to have to endure.
Avatar n tn Controlled studies in women fail to demonstrate a risk to the fetus in the first trimester, and there is no evidence of risk in later trimesters; the possibility of fetal harm appears to be remote.
304970 tn?1331429594 I never resumed my meds becuase I wanted to see if after 2 years i could function well without them. I did fine until this pregnancy and it's hormonal changes got into full swing and I have been a ragin b**** the last several months. I'm surprised my husband and kids haven't left me yet. I've tried to research some of the meds and tho they say they are safe(r) ones there hasn't been enough research to fully tell the damage it may or may not cause.
Avatar n tn I had to take several meds in my first viable pregnancy, and I am about 3 weeks along this time and taking Klonopin occasionally for sleep/panic. I won't be taking it probably more than today- I can handle the level of panic I get, I'm just waiting for my sleep med script to come through. But it does make me feel very guilty and scared. During my pregnancy with my little daughter here, I took Ativan during the second trimester (when it's "safest") and Doxepin at various times.
318928 tn?1248181016 I turn 12 weeks on Monday and have been off Lexapro since 6 weeks...and I have found ways to get myself out of my funk and really am feeling just fine now. I know this is only my own story and everyone's will be different. If my funk had been any worse at all I would have questioned going off Lexapro and I would have certainly started back up next week when I enter 2nd trimester (holy cow I'm going into 2nd trimester...who'd have thought that would ever happen!).
Avatar n tn I had 3 successful pregnancies and then 2 first trimester miscarriages, then a successful pregnancy with the help of progesterone and I have had another 2 miscarriages. I forgot to mention I have endometriosis and am looking at a hysterectomy when I am done having children. My doctor says the best treatment for endo. is pregnancy and I am not opposed. I just don't want to keep going through miscarriages. On days like these I feel like having a hystorectomy at 31.
Avatar f tn I snap at my husband ,slam doors,etc and literally feel as though I can not control it. I feel it swirling in me and then I explode. I have recently saw a psychologist who has asked me to do breathing and imaginination techniques which I have tried and have not worked. I am breastfeeding but feel as though I need to be medicated infact just the thought of it makes me feel better. I am having such a hard time getting help and getting medication.
Avatar f tn I also believe that something natural will help to control the situation and not just mask it. I'm all for alternative first and if still no success than med. I have some history with the whole thing, cancer in family, other diseases etc. and being misprescribed w/ med's which led to further problems. Please get more than one opinion and if you are comfortable with it, try, just research naturally! Please keep us posted about everything, you, baby, DH, depression etc.
Avatar n tn Information from the manufacturer (GlaxoSmithKline) includes 166 pregnancy outcomes involving first trimester exposure to this medication. There were 133 live births without birth defects, 22 spontaneous abortions, 8 elective terminations, and 3 infants born with birth defects. This represents a 2.1% risk of congenital malformation, which is consistent with what is observed in women with no known exposure.
Avatar f tn i have suffered panic attacks for years an have been off and on lexapro and ativan. i was doing well on 1mg of ativan a day but whenever i became preggo my ob told me to stop. he didnt seem to care or understand the severity of my symptoms. i talkd with my primary and he attempted to ween me off the ativan because he felt it was the best thing to do and i was ok for awhile but now am losing my mind!
Avatar f tn That way you can discuss the pros and cons of various medications, when you should and shouldnt take them during pregnancy, and try and find a medication at the correct dosage that will benefit you rather than going through this process during pregnancy.
281219 tn?1219118514 I would sometimes linger afterwards in the pol and just enjoy floating on my back. I started after my first trimester and swam until I was about 36 weeks. The baby loved it and kicked along with me, near the end I had to go easier on the lunges but everything else was easy and fun. I gained about 20 pounds total and had a healthy 8lb 5oz boy at age 38!! I also did some weight training (Gold's Gym) in the beginning.
Avatar n tn If you ever want to talk, I'm here. Also, look up in the search section and type in svt and pregnancy, I think there might be some info there too. Take care, I hope you get pregnant soon, it is so wonderful!
331213 tn?1217168431 Lexapro and Zoloft are two of the preferred options and you can breast feed while taking these, Paxil is now a Class D drug and should NOT be taken during pregnancy, and Prozac is safe to take during pregnancy BUT is expressed in breast milk and has a long half life so this is NOT recommended if you are considering breast feeding.
Avatar n tn The only reason I decided to get off of the drug is because my husband and I are planning to start a family within the next 9 months and lexapro is a Class C drug and Class D (D= high probability of causing birth defects) during the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Since stopping the lexapro I have gained 10 pounds, have had severe mood swings; extreme irritability, sad/depressed mood, inability to make a decision, severly short-patient, and severe anxiety.
Avatar f tn I was on something much stronger before pregnancy for my anxiety n depression. I made it thru the first trimester and had to go back on something. I talked with my ob, her partnering ob and a perinatal Dr. All agreed it was much safer to be on a low dose (50mg daily) than to continue with the panic attacks n depression. I was also concerned about PPD and am determined to exclusively breastfeed so I also spoke with my baby's to be pediatrician, he said Zoloft is ok for breastfeeding as well.
489656 tn?1250003583 I took it with my first and shes fine. I have bipolar and the doc put me on it to help with PPD since it takes a while to get in ur system i took it for a while when i was pregnant.
202436 tn?1326477933 At the time (3 years ago) my doctor said that there was a recently released study on Celexa during pregnancy and that the results were very good. I believe one of the side effects was having a low birth weight and delivering a little early. It's hard to tell if it was the meds because I had other complications and did infact deliver 4 weeks early with a 4 lb baby. He was a little jittery off and on for the first 24 hours. After that he was perfectly fine. My sone is perfect in every way.
118225 tn?1278658540 I would follow the advise of your OB since this is a Category C drug as he/she probably knows best and there has to be a reason that he/she let you take it during the first part of your pregnancy and then wants you to stop for your 3rd trimester. You can always use www.safefetus.com and type in the drug name and it will give you information as well. If you can cope without it, even if it's hard, it's best to follow your OB.