Lexapro and zantac interactions

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Avatar f tn No, there are no drug interactions between lexapro and propranolol.
672514 tn?1265655141 I have bad indigestion, I want to try zantac 150mg any interactions with my meds ?
Avatar n tn Can I take SOMA with Lexapro and quetiapine?
Avatar m tn I know headache is a common side effect but was wondering what I could take for it? I read that ibuprofen and asprin can cause interactions. Are the interactions for people that take a lot or what? Thanks for the help.
Avatar f tn I gather you are worried there might be interactions with lexapro and throat spray. Throat sprays are generally locally acting and are unlikely to cause systemic effects or systemic reactions. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Lexapro shouldn't cause any particular GI discomfort. I don't know what GERD med you're on, but I'm not aware of any drug interactions between GERD meds and Lexapro (check with your pharmacists or an online tool as found on RxList.com). However, some people do have odd reactions to psychiatric meds, in particular during the first couple of weeks of taking them. Check with your doctor to see if the problem persists.
Avatar m tn I am now prescribed .5mg xanax 2times a day 20 mg of valium at bed time along with lexapro and trazadone (if needed). I am also prescribed 100mg neurontin 3 times per day in between the xanax to help with withdrawal symptoms. Is this a safe cocktail and is it hard to get off neurontin?
Avatar n tn I have been prescribed both Lexapro & Prozac, the pharmacist says it 'should be' alright to combine them but I'd like more info. When I take them alone they both seem to make me jittery and sort of confused which wears off, but I don't really feel "relaxed" or more cofident. When will I see some positive results from taking them and is it recommended to take them together?
Avatar m tn There are no significant interactions between the prescription medications you are taking (Ritalin and Lexapro) and many of the common medications found in the OTC cough&cold products (Dextromethorphan, Diphenhydramine, Guafenisin, Acetaminophen). Important considerations when choosing a product include what symptoms you are experiencing and also the duration of the symptoms – consult with a pharmacist at your local pharmacy for a specific product recommendation.
Avatar n tn Today I saw my doctor and was put on Adipex, I am also taking Lexapro and I have been for about two years. I am 22 years old, 5ft and weigh 253 pounds, I really need to lose weight and I was wondering if it is safe to take these two medicines together. I have searched about it and some websites say it is okay and others say it is dangerous. My doctor told me to take the Adipex for three months and then she going to put me on Glucophage. Thanks, Sarah.
1108183 tn?1292416673 s once a week).. I am on other medications such as Lamictal for Bipolar II, Synthroid for hypothyroidism, and Zantac- for possible stomach ulcer.. I read under the Lamictal interactions, that I should notify my doc if I am taking methotrexate.. what interaction do they have? And also, I read under methotrexate that it can cause stomach ulcers, which I think I already have before even starting this med..
Avatar n tn I have been on lexapro in the past for about 8 months. During this time, Lexapro made me very lethargic and turned "off" my desire to eat, so I lost a lot of weight. I then switched to prozac, which had little side effects on me, and I returned to my normal healthy weight. Now, 10 months later I am back on lexapro and am finding that instead of turning "off" my hunger, it has turned it "on".
Business man1 Hello, I'm starting to take Citalopram for anxiety and wondering 1) if it's okay to take Excedrin Migraine to combat headaches and 2) what I could take for upset stomach. Normally, for stomach upset, Pepto Bismol works fine, but I believe there's something about the Citalopram that interacts with that. Thanks.
Avatar f tn im not sure about birth control but i can add to your list. im a student of psychotherapy and a long time anxiety suffer and im on lexapro now with very good results. good luck if you give me like 10minutes i can get you the info.
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia and have been on Lunesta, Lexapro, and Meloxicam for several months. For three days I couldn't move my head and was prescribed Metaxolone. Should I be questioning my doctor? I just see all these drug interactions and its making me extremely uncomfortable. I've been trying not to take the Lunesta but then I don't get any sleep at night and I try not to take the Meloxicam unless absolutely necessary. Any advice?
Avatar m tn Can I take L-Tyrosine if I have to take 10mg of Lexapro and 300mg of Wellbutrin? I am also on Avacor (a mixture between norvasc and benicar) for high blood pressure. I have OCD and have to take these meds.
Avatar n tn i am on lexapro, amitriptiline, zantac for acid reflux, and altace. i got strep throat about a month ago. got it back about a week after stopping antibiotics. i am assuming it did not get cleared up. i am on a double dose of anti this time. why would i not get rid of it. i am a hypo so i think something is seriously wrong. i have a cough that comes and goes, but i think it is from post nasal drip because i am phlegmy. but i also think it could be something more serious.
Avatar m tn I take 20 mg of Lexapro daily and 25 mg of Amitryptiline to help me sleep..........Any possible interactions here?
Avatar f tn    This occurred last year about this same time.  I have tried Prilosec reglan Zantac Zyrtec     At one point was out back on Paxil then tried Lexapro.    This began again 2 weeks ago and I have lost 16 lbs with no appetite and inability to eat a whole meal.  I go to bed fearing that the cycle will return again every morning and sure enough it does.
Avatar f tn hi can anybody give me some advise, i have been taken reductil (siutamine) for weight loss, which helps me a lot, however as things have been going bad for me lately, i attended a different dr who has prescibed me lexapro for anxety, i am now reading that there may be possible interactions, or a case of serotonin syndrome, which i have never heard off, i am now very worried, has anybody heard of this, also does any body know of a medication which can be given for anxiety that will not interfere