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Avatar n tn I have been on Lexapro for about a year and a half now and recently ran out of my perscription about a week ago and i am experiencing some unusual symptoms. I am having these weird almost "brain zap" feelings as well as twitching feelings. I am wondering if this is a normal occurance of not taking the medication or if this may be from something else. Is there anyone that has experience a similar withdrawal symptom??
Avatar f tn When I was feeling these symptoms, I went back to my doctor and therapist and they worked together and I went on a slower taper which worked much better for me.
Avatar n tn The first time it did not work cause I started getting really bad headaches and funny feeling in my brain bu this time it is day 5 off my medication and I have been having stomach cramps like I would get during my periods and just today I started feeling sick to my stomach. Are these normal withdrawal symptoms? Can the same person have 2 diff set of symptoms on 2 seperate occassions? Please help...
Avatar n tn Lexapro can be one of the more difficult SSRI meds when it comes to withdrawl. Not sure why your doc said that you shouldn't be having withdrawl symptoms after only two weeks off Lex. Even with a Very slow taper off method, you can expect to have withdrawl symptoms for at least 6 to 8 weeks after complete discontinuation. Sometimes even longer depending on the person. Yes, they can be nasty. Wish I could say there was some home remidy to help with the withdrawl, but haven't found one yet.
Avatar m tn Who are we? You and the Doctor? Why were you prescribed Lexapro to begin with? Depression/anxiety? Keep in mind that a symptom of depression is a significant change in apetite. I have experienced unpleasant symptoms several times when discontinuing an anti deoressant and starting another but they pass and improve. If you discontinue too fast you may experience nausea,sweating,upset stomach,headache, neck pain or vomiting. Symptoms of depression/anxiety may also return.
Avatar m tn No, you should never stop taking an antidepressant abruptly. Antidepressants often cause a "discontinuation syndrome", even when tapered properly. The symptoms of the syndrome (also called "withdrawal" by many) can and likely will be much worse if you don't taper. Work with your doctor to devise a proper taper plan. What were you prescribed the Lexapro for? Depression? Anxiety? Have you addressed the original issue? Are your symptoms well managed?
446244 tn?1205201268 Hi.. I went off Lexapro also and I was dizzy and had Brain zaps.. not sure if that is what you are describing but it was just like a weird buzz in my head and then it was gone... VERY STRANGE! I'm here if you need to talk!
Avatar n tn I have been on lexapro for .... about a year and a half now, maybe two years. Once I started taking it i immediately realized that I hadn't felt that good since high school, i felt like my old self again from 12 years ago. So I thought it was a God-send drug. Well, my insurance doesn't cover it so every once in a great while there will be a month go by where I can't afford it and will have no choice but to go without temporarily. And let me tell ya, that is some scary stuff!
Avatar f tn I know when I dont take my mess I go crazy and am upset all the time. I'm only 18 and am taking welbutrin, Prozac, and Xanax. I used to take lexapro and would be on the highest dosage but I didnt feel anything. I do remember though when I did switch Meds I would get bad headaches and be dizzy, but that all goes away in a few days. But to answer your question, maybe you are depressed again. It's not your fault. There is something chemically wrong with the brain and the lexapro fixed it.
Avatar f tn 5-HTP / St. John's Wort / B-Complex supplements. I PROMISE YOU, although it will take time, YOU WILL GET BETTER. Looking back, it seems like it took a month or more to get over the majority of the symptoms -- some residual symptoms even longer. BUT HANG IN THERE!!!!
Avatar n tn i came off citalopram just over a week ago although i am now taking prozac. the withdrawal symptoms of citalopram were terrible, zaps electric shock feelings to head and face, dizziness, and ANGER!!! the anger is subsiding, but i feel its the worse symptom coz its so hard to deal with. hang in there it will get better. try some nux vom homeopathic remedy and some Impatiens bach flower remedy to try and help the anger. i have been having these, also gonna try chamomilla homeopathic for anger.
Avatar f tn I am taking Prozac, and I have read some articles saying that some doctors prescribe prozac for a month to help decrease the withdrawal symptoms from Lexapro, and then get off the prozac. I guess the Prozac doesn't seem to have such bad withdrawal effects. When I quit Lexapro cold turkey.. all I had were brain zaps and dizziness. When I quit the Prozac, i had occasional brainzaps, but that is all.
Avatar n tn I have been taking lexapro and klonopin for generalized anxiety disorder. I started on this regimen after titrating off elavil over 6 months which I was taking for 9 years for IBS. Came off of elavil due to a thick sticky saliva and bad taste in my mouth. I started on the klonopin because I was literally shaking after I came off the elavil. Started in January of 2009 - at the peak I was on 1.75 mg of klonopin and 20 mg. of lexapro.
Avatar f tn Try starting to take the Natural supplement Sam-E take a small dose ,it is a nat ural med and it will ease some of the symptoms ,as even slowly Lexapro is hard stuff to come off, they never tell you this though when you start to take it ,years later I still get those brain Zaps and Tinnitus.
Avatar n tn I'm also withdrawing from Lexapro and having the same symptoms you have mentioned. I have been told this can last anywhere from 1 week to 3 months. I was wondering how you are now feeling. Its only been a week for me and I'm going mad.
Avatar f tn My daughter just finished tapering off Lexapro a few weeks ago. I spent a long time reading about Lex withdrawal before she began to taper and my personal belief is that you should taper very slowly. Her taper schedule went like this: 7.5 mg..... 2 weeks 5 mg....... 4 weeks 4.5 mg ......2 weeks 4 mg......... 2 weeks 3.5 mg.......2 weeks 3 mg..........2 weeks 2.5 mg.......2 weeks contintued dropping .5 mg every two weeks until down to the last .5 .25............
Avatar n tn I am married with two children under the age of 5. I am a professional and I manage a multi-million dollar a year business. I was on Lexapro for about 4 years. A family practice MD put me on it in 2004 during a very stressful time in my life (new baby, new job, relocation, professional licensure examination, etc.). Maybe I needed it, maybe not. I now know I did not have good stress coping skills at that point in my life.
Avatar n tn I am afraid to try Prozac. I have read so much about Lexapro withdrawal. Some say that the symptoms could last over a year. I think you need to contact your doctor and see what he/she says. Good luck and remember you have company through this awful process.
Avatar n tn ” It is important to develop a specific tapering schedule with your health care provider to minimize Lexapro withdrawl symptoms. Anyone discontinuing Lexapro runs the risk of suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Over 50 different symptoms have been reported with antidepressant withdrawal, with dizziness nausea, fatigue, headache, gait instability and insomnia the most common. Withdrawal is most common with antidepressants that have a short half-life.
Avatar f tn It's been about two weeks since I took my last pill and I'm feeling odd. Having strange symptoms. I'm very mean at times and the newest thing happened two days ago, I get this strange pain that goes from one temple up to the top of my head and over to my other temple. It last maybe 5 seconds. After that I kinda feel odd and then it will happen again. This happened to me in the evening the other day and again just now. After the pain, i kinda feel like i have a migrane hangover.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing withdrawal symptoms that can only be described as a weird sort of panic attack along with lightning bolts going off in my head,numbness and heat/cold in my arms and legs and my mind is racing. So far my B/P has remained low which is normal with these meds pulse is around 90 to 100 not great but around normal for me. What I am worried about is whether or not these withdrawal symptoms will put too much stress on my heart.
Avatar n tn Dr. Gould, Is muscle stiffness a side effect of lexapro? It comes and goes with me. I've been on it for 3 years now.
Avatar m tn I also have withdrawal symptoms from Lexapor the worse is skin itching and not being able to sleep at nights because of the itching. Tried almost everything over the counter with no relief. Wish there was an answer.
Avatar f tn She has a tingling in her extremities and sometimes in her torso. I would like to stop the Lexapro now but I am concerned with additional withdrawal symptoms. Question; 1) Do you advise stopping the medication abruptly now? 2) If not is there a medication to ease the tingling she presently has? 3) How should I continue the withdrawal regiment? The symptoms she experienced are, nightmares, seeing people in the morning, loss of balance, sleepy, moody, electric head shocks and tremors.
404138 tn?1308945256 I would take a dose in the morning and by nighttime I was feeling the withdrawal symptoms (for me, withdrawal symptoms from all SSRI's feel like my brain is skipping like a cd). Even when we uped the dose I'd go through withdrawal the same day. So sadly, I switched again. But lexapro is newer and is supposed to be great. Really I had no side effects.
Avatar f tn However I suppose you can become a bit dependant on them? also there can sometimes be difficulty (like milder withdrawal symptoms) when giving them up.
Avatar n tn I woke up and jumped out of my bed terrified at what I was feeling. Terrible headache, nausea, crazy thoughts and visual hallucinations. Waves of energy ran through my body almost like I was on fire on the inside. I was completely physically agitated and could not sit down or eat. I had to pace or walk or run just to get the nervousness to be bearable. I actually ran circles around my house and one day I ran down my street in a sprint right out of bed, almost naked.
Avatar n tn I woke up and jumped out of my bed terrified at what I was feeling. Terrible headache, nausea, crazy thoughts and visual hallucinations. Waves of energy ran through my body almost like I was on fire on the inside. I was completely physically agitated and could not sit down or eat. I had to pace or walk or run just to get the nervousness to be bearable. I actually ran circles around my house and one day I ran down my street in a sprint right out of bed, almost naked.