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Avatar n tn I was on Lexapro for 3 year (15mg) I tapered off slowly and I've been off completely for 3 months and I'm sorry to say that I'm still experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I've been on 1mg of Klonopin (generic) for 3 months at bedtime to help with the withdrawal. The Klonopin helps, but it's still very tough at times. Very few psychiatrist will admit or believe that withdrawal can last more than 2-4 weeks, but there's a ton of patient's including myself that know otherwise.
Avatar n tn ” It is important to develop a specific tapering schedule with your health care provider to minimize Lexapro withdrawl symptoms. Anyone discontinuing Lexapro runs the risk of suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Over 50 different symptoms have been reported with antidepressant withdrawal, with dizziness nausea, fatigue, headache, gait instability and insomnia the most common. Withdrawal is most common with antidepressants that have a short half-life.
404138 tn?1308945256 Thanks for the advice regarding Lexapro. The only real side effect I am getting from it is fatigue, which my physician told me was one of the most noticeable and reported side effects. The plan is to give it another two weeks and see if I'm still feeling the fatigue, and if so, then I might switch over to Effexor. Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn I'm also in the process of going through Lexapro withdrawal, and it's not fun. I was put on Lexapro by one of the University physicians where I was attending college, to help me with GAD. I was so stressed out from school (being that I also have a wife and kids) that I was having periods of anxiety where I would almost pass out from shortness of breath, so the physician thought that Lexapro would help me out.
Avatar f tn I've never been on the Nuvigil without the Lexapro, but I plan to try. Not even coffee will wake me up. If Nuvigil can keep the fatigue away and keep me alert and focused, I'll take it. I'm hoping it will also help me get through these Lexapro withdrawals.
Avatar f tn I have recently married and would like to have a child now so I've decided to discontinue usage because I know what the withdrawal feels like and would not every want a newborn to have those kind of symptoms. I have experienced similar symptoms to others on this forum such as crying the first week when I reduced my 10mg per day to every other day; "electric" headaches, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms such as body aches.
246464 tn?1249455747 My Doctor took me down from 20mg of Lexapro to 15mg. I went to 15 last saturday, so it has been a week. On thursday i began to notice i was feeling very fatigued and dizzy. It has gotton worse since. It feels like an odd combo of Fatigue/Dizziness and just 'out of it.' My Doctor says just going down 5mg wouldn't be doing this. Has anyone else had these sypmtoms?
Avatar n tn I have decided to wean myself off Lexapro being on 10mg for over a year following the death of my father and a serious problem with my son. I started to take one every other day for a few weeks, then half a day every day and have now stopped completely this week. I have felt a bit headachy but not bad enough to take any headache pills plus more a lightheaded feeling. Hopefully these feelings will pass soon.
Avatar n tn i would very much like to hear from someone who is experiencing withdrawal symptoms after stopping taking lexapro....on the advice of my physician i cut my 20mg dose in half for 2 weeks and then totally stopped taking the medication....i have been experiencing nausea and dizziness and am very light headed....after calling my md he suggested i go back on the lexapro. i am not experiencing any drastic mood swings or severe crying spells..
Avatar n tn Withdrawal symptoms have been reported with abrupt or rapid discontinuation. The most commonly reported withdrawal symptoms include fatigue, stomach pain or nausea, dizziness/light-headedness, tremor, chills, sweating, and incoordination. Other reported symptoms include dysphoric mood, impaired memory, insomnia, irritability, shock sensations, headache, and aggression. Withdrawal symptoms usually begin 1—3 days after abrupt discontinuation but should stop after 1-2 weeks.
358304 tn?1409713092 could this also be the Lexapro? I've never had Lexapro make me feel like this... but its a possibility? I've been on 10mg for about a month and a week or so. Again, I think I just need to calm down, even though I am calm... b/c im so freakin tired. lol. I just feel like I could sleep all day. And when I'm up and awake I feel like doing nothing, and when i get home from work i feel like taking a hot shower and getting in my pajamas and just relaxing. I can't do much it seems. But AGAIN.
Avatar n tn Since I rarely get angry, I am wondering whether this too might be related to Lexapro withdrawal. - Tiredness and general fatigue. - Problems concentrating and accomplishing simple tasks on time, difficulty making important decisions, tendency to postpone household tasks I had been doing immediately. - The strangest yet: In the last five weeks or so since stopping the medication, I have had an odd tendency to come up with the wrong word in the middle of a sentence.
Avatar m tn I'm not up to a lot of detail, mostly because I spent the last two days in mental agony, in my room with darkness...It has been 1.5 yrs since tx stopped, and I have tried to stop the AD's several times, finally had to see a psychiatrist to figure out a plan...it hasn't worked. I give up on the medical profession and meds...tried their way, no luck. They say I must have had problems (mental, inherited, etc) that were not a "problem' to me, until the tx and AD's...
Avatar m tn I recently started on lexapro at 10mg, within 2 or 3 days it shut me down sexually. I would think these meds are suppose to help us but how can that help when it creates more or new problems. I would be able to get an erection but within a minute the pleasurable sensations would be gone and acheiving an orgasm was beyond difficult or pleasurable. It would be real straining.
Avatar f tn maybe i thought that since i dealt with heroin withdrawal, suboxone detox would be a walk in the park. i'm just a little confused about what's going on with my body right now...i took my last piece sunday night and was feeling a little funky monday and tuesday but nothing unbearable. then tuesday night i took a benadryl to help me sleep and i woke up at about 2am covered in sweat and goosebumps etc.
Avatar n tn I have been on Effexor XR for the past 2 years. I was taking 300 mg a day with Lamictal 200mg/day and Seroquel 100mg to sleep. The Effexor wasn't working so my psychiatrist wanted to drop the Effexor and replace it with Lexapro 10mg/day. He told me to "just" drop my Effexor dose by one 75 mg pill a day and I would be "off" of the Effexor in 4 days. Yeah, right!!! Having once before attempted to "stop" Effexor, I knew it wasn't going to be that easy.
Avatar n tn If there is not a significant reason (financial issues, medical problems where the Lexapro is contraindicated) to go off the Lexapro, then simply don't. If it has helped you, then there is no reason you can not continue to take it, even long term. Especially because you are on a fairly low dose, you have lots of wiggle room should the dose ever need to be increased. MANY MANY of us have found ourselves caught in the trap of wanting to stop taking meds, for a host of reasons.
Avatar n tn I was taking low dosages (10mg daily) of Celexa and I was doing fine. A few months back my doctor suggested I try Lexapro. I have found that most of the bad side effects of Celexa have been eliminated with this new and so far wonderful medication, I am currently taking 10mg Lexapro daily. My question is: What can I expect to feel when leaving the medication (long term use). Also, is there any danger to this medication that we know of, how does it differentiate from Celexa.
Avatar n tn I was on Paxil CR 12.5 mg/day for about 2 weeks, following 3 weeks on Lexapro, for panic attacks. I weaned off Paxil over 2 weeks by going to every other day, and have been off completely for about 10 days. I noticed symptoms within a day or two of tapering- mainly tingling in arm/foot on one side when I walked. Those tinglings have subsided a bit, but now I find a general tenseness and tightness in my chest and neck, and have begun having at least low-grade anxiety almost every day.
Avatar n tn Is it feasible that my brain-dead feelings are attributed to Lexapro? I'm afraid to go off of it because of my previous moods before Lexapro (suicidal ideation, etc). Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn you can get a big bottle at walmart for 6 bucks start taking 4 with breakfast and4 with dinner in a few days you will notice a difference methadone robs your body of these critical minerals and it makes the withdrawal that much worst you almost to the jump off point I recommend 5 as your goal because tapering below that is miserable....
Avatar n tn I've tried to get off Paxil recently and had the WORST problems. After researching and talking to people who have gotten off (or tried to get off) of the drug I am horrified that Paxil is still being prescribed. I am also AMAZED that a DOCTOR would actually say that this isn't dangerous, or that it isn't the PAXIL!?!? Are you kidding? How much were you paid to say that? Paxil DID help with my panic attacks. Did not cure or stop them, but helped.
Avatar n tn While tapering, in order to continue work and not suffer withdrawal, I was given xanax. I became addicted at one time up to 25 mg.s a day, down to 15 now. It's been close to a year. What is the best way to detox without losing my job? If I take a medical leave for 30 days in December and take no xanax, will that be enough time or should I continue to slowly taper? Also, my rehab doctor has given me Prozac to help withdrawal from the xanax.
Avatar n tn Now, I'm 60 pounds overweight and when you throw in the depression and fatigue of withdrawal, well, I'm SCREWED. Please, someone, tell me how to overcome the fatigue and depression WITHOUT another addiction.
Avatar f tn I have suffered panic attacks for 2 years and just a few days ago (Wednesday, Feb. 5 '14) I was put on 10mg Escitalopram. Generic for lexapro. The first day I took it... I had a huge wave of happy emotions. 30 minutes later, I was crying and feeling sad. Then, my body started feeling really cold and really hot at the same Time. About an hour into taking it... I had a horrible panic attack. My hands were tingling and my feet were sweating. I slept naked and with no covers.
Avatar n tn Who would guess that taking only 10mg paxil could cause such disruption in one's life when trying to discontinue taking it. I am trying to wean off and started a week ago going every other day, then every third day etc. The dizziness headaches flu like symptons etc have been awful. Is there any help out there to deal with this? I have been taking paxil for seven years and gained 40 lbs.
Avatar n tn My Successful Lexapro Withdraw Story (April 2008) I decided to take the time to write this because I had a very hard time finding anyone with similar withdraw experiences as me. I had an even harder time finding a successful taper schedule that minimized the withdraw side effects. What little information I found was a tremendous help in getting me through this challenging time. The piece of mind that “what I was experiencing was normal” was priceless.
Avatar n tn thanks for the post...the withdrawal from the lexapro was the most horrible thing that I've ever gone through...after going 16 weeks without anything...I basically had a nervous breakdown....my serotonin levels were depleted and all I did was shake and cry hysterically......I finally went into my psychologists office on a crisis call and within 20 minutes he knew what was going on and he contacted my primary care physician and a prescription for prozac was called in...
Avatar n tn How long will this take to get out of my system ? What can I expect ? and will I die from this? This withdrawal is absolutely horrific and it is bringing on more major panic attacks. Please help I am desperate.