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311051 tn?1193419806 i dont agree with all the negativity associated with xanax, sure they can be abused and ultimately control your life if you let them. but if taken the right way they are an absolute miracle drug for panic attacks/anxiety disorder. i have been down the road of abuse i was taking up to 10 mg per day for a yr. or more. i finally tapered off and quit all together . but then i got back on them about two yrs. ago and i take 3 mg aday and i never do more than that sometimes i do less!
Avatar n tn I had taken valium for longer than a year and never suffered any adverse effects when I stopped so I was confused as to wether this was even related to the xanax at first. But when the twitching and confusion stopped all together when I was given more xanax, I knew. I tried to come off it slowly but it was very easy to over medicate. I went to this outpatient Dr that helps people detox and sure enough it was the xanax.
Avatar n tn 50 once a night of Xanax, but when I stopped taking it, couldn't sleep and was so anxious and depressed. But now I am hearing that the Ativan can be just as bad. Has anyone heard of using Ativan for Xanax withdrawal? Also, what is the norm for how long the withdrawal symptoms last? Thanks for any help.
Avatar n tn my panic and anxiety attacts are awful, i cant function without xanax. the doctors kept me on this drug all this time, i know i have to get help. i am starting to count my pills now,this is so awful. last week i was running low,asked my doctor for more,he rufused,the pharmacist filled it. the doctor was so incinsitive,told me to cut back.how can i cut back,when my body craves it. i am now taking 1 mg ,the directions say to take 1 every 6 hours...what a laugh... i take 1 about every 3 hours.
Avatar m tn three times daily. It got worse and he prescribed lexapro (10mg) a day in conjuction with the ativan. It got worse and he prescribed 1mg of ativan three times daily. I am now down to two mg daily and I fell better. However, he suggested I take ..5 mg in the morning and .5 in the evening. Immediately, it brought on a severe anxiety attack. I want to ween safely. Please advise. I stll take lexapro at night. I often feel anxious once I take that. He said that it is unusual to fee that way.
Avatar m tn No doubt that the first week on an antidepressant can be a little rough, but for most people, those side effects are short lived. That's my recommendation, try the Lexapro, and take an as needed dose of the Xanax to help with the side effects. I would not recommend taking the Xanax regularly for any longer than a few weeks, tops, if you stick with the current plan. Is your doc a psychiatrist?
Avatar f tn hey, dont worry. I have taken lexapro before and started out taking 5mg and worked myself up to a full dose. I took it becuase i have serious anxiety of health problems...so when the side effects started kicking in i was in complete panic! Just remember--all the weird feelings you experiece is just because the chemicals in your brain are regulating...
684343 tn?1231434440 im really surprised that you are having memory problems after xanax use as opposed to while using xanax, since a common side effect of xanax and other potent hypnotic and anxiolytic benzos,a long with some other hypnotic drugs like ambien or lunesta, is anterograde amnesia-forgetting the period that you took something or an incidence...
Avatar m tn I take approximately a half of a 2mg. bar at night now and then more rarely less.I also take lexapro and blood pressure and cholesterol meds.My question is what is a good procedure for quitting this dose of xanax?
Avatar n tn By last year, Feb. I had taken my self down by .5 mg to 15 mgs of lexapro in AM and it was then that things went seriously down hill. Wicked nightmares, shakey, panic, etc. So upped myself to 20 mg. And went back on Trazadone per the GP and the therapist. I was at this dosage for the rest of the winter.
Avatar n tn I think for my type of anxiety and my personality (already pretty stimulated by nature) lexapro is a better choice to achieve a more stabilized effect for me. But that remains still to be seen.... i'm gonna taper up to 3/4 tablet tomorrow for the next 4 days with the hopes that with minimal increases like that the side effects will not exponentially increase.... i will keep ya all posted....
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor a week ago and now am back on the lexapro. she gave me xanax to help til the lexapro kicks in but I am afraid to take it and think I won't be able to tell when the medicine kicks in. I do have a lot of ups and downs at all different times so I do get some relief but don't know why I can't just stay steady or feel better longer and function, I know they say it takes time to kick in but after a week I thought it would be more level by now.
Avatar f tn For me it was at 12 weeks and I took Prozac and Xanax. Worked wonders for me. I also after tx (for another reason was put on Lexapro) I personally did not like it and asked to be taken off and put back on Prozac.
Avatar n tn The first 2 days when i started taking lexapro i was dizzy, and i had nausea, and i felt like ****, then it was ok, and after 3-4 weeks I started feeling better. It helped me, a lot, but now i just want to see how I am gonna live without medication... Experimental.........
Avatar m tn Continue with Xanax, but take it as seldom as possible. If taken only every few days, and only a small dose, it is unlikely to cause dependence/withdrawal. Don't recall whether you see anyone for talk therapy, but that is a safer alternative. There are also non-benzo anti-anxiety agents, including anti-depressants such as Lexapro. Sometimes these are supplemented with other meds for sleep. One of these is Seroquel.
Avatar n tn My doctor made the change because I didn't find the Klonopin as helpful as Xanax, which I'd taken briefly about a year ago. Much of what I've read about Xanax is... scary. But I find it very helpful. I mainly want to know if I should worry about becoming dependent and what steps I can take to make sure that doesn't happen. On average I would say I take one or two of the pills maybe 2 or 3 times per week. Sometimes a week or more will go by without my taking them at all.
Avatar m tn i would consider tapering off it completely and try a med for sleep. I have taken xanax for many years and at one point was on @7mg..but I successfully weaned off it. If your only taking it to sleep then I would suggest using a med designed for that and just get off xanax all together rather than switching to klonopin. Your dose isn't incredibly high so it shouldn't be too hard. You just have to go slow. I took away about 1/4 mg every 2-3 weeks and barely had any w/d symptoms at all.
237509 tn?1189759428 com and it did state interactions between the drugs alprazolam (Xanax) and Wellbutrin XL but did not state the two could not be taken together. This is what it stated below: MONITOR: Excessive use or abrupt discontinuation of benzodiazepines and other sedatives after chronic ingestion may precipitate seizures in patients receiving bupropion. Conversely, bupropion may antagonize the central pharmacologic effects of sedatives.
Avatar n tn I am a chronic patient of panic attacks, palpitation and anxiety and tried each of the above-mentioned medications, such as Librium, Valium, Ativan and Xanax. I found Ativan and Xanax more effetive and suitable. My physician has advised to add up Buspar, 5 MG combined with Xanax 0.5 MG Does somone at the Forum has some experioence and information about Buspar?
Avatar n tn My doc told me to take more xanax and gave me lexapro 10mg. I went home and quit the xanax cold turkey, I was convinced that I wasn't depressed that bad all of the sudden! Now it has been 5 days since I stopped it and I suffered AWFUL,HORRIBLE withdrawals, today seems better but I feel like I'm in a cloud. I hope this wears off soon. I think xanax is a scary drug & very addicting.
Avatar n tn if you have true severe panic attacks you would find that they dont work at all they make u sleepy and thats all. youre sleepy and just scared to fall asleep.theese drugs such as valium and xanax get bad names because ppl take them for party purposes, not for the real issues, and for us with the REAL problems "monkey dope" doesnt work. i have had panic attacks so bad before that i would of drank yak **** if a dr said it would ease it.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been taking 10mg of Lexapro for a year and a half and recently decided to taper off due to fatigue and weight gain. I have mentioned cutting back to my doctor, but she seems adamant that I stay on the meds indefinitely. I do not agree with this because I am concerned about the long term effects, which are largely unknown. I am going to discontinue treatment with her due to changes in my insurance policy, so I decided to try to cut back on my own.
411389 tn?1230128077 Upon entering graduate school I started having up to five a day due to stress and started being treated with Lexapro and Xanax. I took the Lexapro on a daily basis and only used the Xanax for severe panic attacks as it would take the symptoms away quickly. Thankfully I used the Xanax less and less and finally did not need it at all. Perhaps you should talk to your GP about 1. using a more long lasting drug to treat the anxiety and having Xanax for severe moments or 2.
Avatar n tn I take xoloft and xanax, and have taken them together for over 10 years. I took Xanax exclusively for a number of years before that. Let me just say, there may be memory loss in association with taking this medication, but it allows me to live a somewhat normal life; not housebound, and able to attend church, weddings, etc. Write directly to me at ***@**** if I can be of any further help. Help is out there now......get it, don't stay afraid forever, because you don't have to anymore.
Avatar n tn I finally had had enough and allowed my Psyciatrist put me on 10mg of Lexapro and .25 of Xanax. The Lexapro takes 4 to 6 weeks to even out in your blood and to start working. The Xanax was to be taken as needed during this process in moments that were unbearable. Some doctors will start at 5mg but mine thought I should go straight to the 10mg. Everyone is different and may or may not have side effects when first starting.
Avatar f tn it has fewer side effects than xanax (alprazolam). Truthfully, your doctor is misleading you. Tramadol is addictive as well, and if you've taken it as long and as frequently as you say, chances are you are physically dependent upon it now.
Avatar f tn I have been to doctors and I do have a psychiatrist I have to keep I go every 3 to 6 months to get refills and and follow ups they prescribe me anti- depressants,and xanax " which I only take xanax if I have to" I am terrified of almost any medication now. but after so long it's like my system gets immune to them and I have to start all over. Thank you very much for taking the time to read my story .
1069644 tn?1276932463 Yeah, that's a pretty hefty dose of Xanax, especially to be taken every day. When taken every day, the short acting benzos, like Xanax and Ativan quickly lose effectiveness due to tolerance. The BEST way to take those kinds of meds is "as needed", only when anxiety is very high. If they are not taken regularly, then they still work, and there is no issue with dependency or tolerance.