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Avatar n tn Why is my tongue so sore? I have dry mouth from taking prescriptions and my tongue over a period of time has become very sore and sensitive to salt or pepper or spicy food.
440728 tn?1234648902 Does anybody suffer with an awful taste, and burning sore mouth & gums as a result of thyroid problems on certain days, but not maybe all the time? Only I keep getting it but I'm newly diagnosed with thyroid disease, so I'm not sure if it's related, I think it must be because I never got it before this. I'm also on HRT, which could be causing it, but I doubt it because I've been on it for years with no problems.
1930941 tn?1400111122 A sharp or broken tooth or poorly fitting dentures all can cause sore cheeks. Other causes of sore cheeks are biting your cheek, tongue, or lip, chewing tobacco, burning your mouth from hot food or drinks .Gargle with salt water or cool water. Take pain relievers like acetaminophen. These will provide symptomatic relief. For exact diagnosis get a physical examination done. Do write to me again. Best wishes and kind regards!
Avatar n tn For the past 2-3 weeks, I have been bothered by a kind of burning sensation on my tongue. Hard to explain. Kind of like I drank something hot and scorched my tongue and mouth. My gums of my lower teeth are also sore. When I floss, they bleed. A few things are crossing my mind: I have been anemic in the past. My hair is falling out similiar to what it was when I was anemic. My menstrual periods have always been very heavy.
Avatar n tn - painful sensation of pinching in ear when talking (seems to be triggered when closing mouth) that becomes progressively worse until it becomes debilitating - very unpleasant burning/tingling sensation from the ear to base of tongue and along bottom/side of tongue triggered by sitting, using computer, lifting weights (seems to be tension in neck that triggers it) - some ache symptoms left side: - some ache in the jaw when talking (very minor compared to right side) misc: - have tried gentle
1179332 tn?1297482590 So I know this isn't a specific topic to CM but a some of you mentioned that you got thrush on your tongue after the surgery. My tongue has been bothering me for weeks, it's been burning and I've felt like I had dry mouth and just this gross taste in my mouth. Last night, it just drove me nuts so I took a flashlight and looked in there...I can't tell for sure how white it is in the back but there were definitely blisters back there. Plus, my tongue looks swollen to me.
Avatar n tn But now I have burning sensation on my palate, gums and sides of my tongue, they call it burning mouth syndrome. Went thro diabetic, autoimmune, tests all negative. Maxilofacial oral surgeon ask me to take amitripline 25mg once a night. Have tried to take for 2 weeks. Seems to improve, also applying Biotene oral gel and rinse. Now have an ulcer on my gums, am very anxious cos have anxiety problems.
Avatar f tn It was slowing going away after about 5-6 weeks. Now that it is gone, i have stinging or burning in my gums and tongue. My tongue feels like it has been burned by something hot. This has been going on for about 5 weeks. my mouth and tongue look normal. i went to 3 doctors. blood work was fine. They think maybe an irritation to mouthwash or toothpaste. i stopped using mouthwash about the time this stuff started. I use a gentle toothpaste now.
Avatar f tn burning tongue tongue syndrome:. you will achieve detailed information.In brief, you seem to have gastroenterologic problem,which may be associated with vit b12 deficiency, food intolerence,or leaky gut syndrome. These conditions may predispose to burning tongue. If no systemic or local factors identified by your physician, periphral and central nervous system dysfuntion need to be ruled out. An orofacial specialist pain specialist would be able to to help manage your burning tongue problem.
Avatar m tn Difficulty swallowing Sensation of lump in throat Sensation of pressure on throat Pain and tenderness in neck and/or thyroid area Difficulty taking deep breath Goiter Thyroid nodule Burning sensation in throat Sore throats Swollen tongue Choking fits Distorted sense of taste (Dysgeusia) Salt cravings Sweet cravings Speech problems Dry mouth Halitosis (bad breath) Propensity for cavities Propensity for gum disease L
Avatar f tn Big mistake - the day after performing (drunkin) oral sex on what seemed to be a clean female, I noticed that my mouth (tongue and gums) seemed to have a numbness as well as a burning feeling. It's been a few days now and the numbness has subsided and the burning has decreased, but my tongue is still a little sore and sensitive. I have not noticed any lesions although some of the taste buds seem to be swollen/sore (kind of like the feeling you have after burning your tongue on something hot).
Avatar f tn i have burning inside my mouth and cancor sores underneath my tongue. even chewing gum burns my mouth and i can't use toothpaste. i use peroxide to brush my teeth because i have sores that come and go on the right side of my mouth to the gums and underneath and along side my tongue on the right side. i had a dentist tell me this was more than likely a vitamin deficiency of some sort but after all this time i tend to think it is possibly an acid surplus.
Avatar n tn He gave me steriods for the pain, and my orange tongue went away. In January, my tongue turned orange again and my throat was sore, but there were no blisters. There's no cure for coxsackie and it's lays dormant in the body, and it tends to come back during times of stress.
Avatar f tn I had a strange sensation at the right back of the underside of my tongue (where your tongue meets your throat). I saw two dentists & an ENT who weren't concerned. I then saw an oral surgeon who had a look at the area & said there was an indentation right at the very back on that side & not on the other. He took a small biopsy to be safe which came back as irritated keratosis from possible trauma.
Avatar n tn it some- times feels like my tongue is swellon up and I almost can't swallow. The burning on my tongue actually wakes me up at night some times along with the headache.My gums are feeling kind of burnish feeling to. What's really strange is I had a tooth pulled about 4 months ago and right were that tooth was pulled I have the worst pain and burning. I really don't understand. I am and always have been very clean and always strict about using mouth wash and brushing my teeth.
Avatar m tn No real burning or sore after I scrape it. There is no other white patch as such in my mouth. Top of my mouth has Yellow stain covering half of my mouth ceiling. Mouth keeps very dry..even feels like i have put some LA sometimes. Sometimes mouth also gives powdery feel. I showed it to doctor and doctor said it is not thrush. He said it might be because of GERD + Nasal Dip. But because it has been happening EVERYDAY without fail, I was wondering if it was GERD.
Avatar m tn The past day or so I started to notice that the gums behind my lower teeth had become slightly inflamed and sore the soreness quickly spread to underneath my tongue and now the edges of my tongue are really sore. I have noticed tiny white dots on the edge and underneath my tongue. The tip of my tongue is now pretty numb and can't taste much and it is all very painful. I have searched the symptoms online and found that 'burning mouth syndrome' kinda matched them.
Avatar f tn Canker sores can form on the side of tongue, inside cheeks and even on the gums. They present as small white or yellow ulcer on a red base. Very painful. I have one on the side of my tongue right now, but I'm prone to canker sores. I can't see how mine could be herpes. I mean I'm interested in hearing what others describe as herpes in the mouth. Are they blisters?
Avatar m tn Hi, I don't get tongue spasms, but I do get very sore gums and teeth. But I have been told this can be due to fluctuating female hormones too as I am in the menopause also. Peggy64 is also right, you can get an enlarged tongue if you're hypothyroid, sometimes it's possible to see indentations along the edges of your tongue where your teeth dig into it because it's enlarged.
Avatar n tn Fever swelling tongue, gums, roof of mounth, fever 100-101.3, sore throat, canker sores on tongue, roof of mouth just returned from Europe 5 days ago. What could this be? Took a strep test at quick clinic/neg.
Avatar n tn Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.
Avatar n tn 4th, started getting a sore in corner of left side of lip, then burning mouth, white patchy tongue and palate, it cleared up a little once; but is back and now the right corner of my lip is sore and peeling.....I did figure out that our chlorine level was high here 1.87 ppm one day, and then 1.80 ppm the following day. Burning eyes, red eyes, my throat closes off sometimes also. I have been to urgent care twice, the ER once, Family Physician once. Cannot figure it out? Any ideas?
Avatar m tn it has been about 10 months now of these strange irritated tastebuds and sore tongue in that part, that's not normal. not to mention the white layer on the tongue. so last week i went to see her, and ask her to do the biopsy on the area with the irritated tastebuds, but she was more concerned with something under my tongue. she told me "I don't like this". then she asked me if I wanted her to take a biopsy from that too. i told her, yes, let's do altogether.
Avatar f tn Its funny you mention the biting tongue part. I have been having the same symptoms as purple74, sore throat, and tingling tongue on the right side, however I notice that I do quite often bite my tongue at least once or twice a week when I am talking. I also feel as though I get relief when I tilt my head to the right and crack it. This is something I never did before, as i dislike the noise. Have you had any further test treatment or diagnosis? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Thrush is a condition that is located in the mouth and is caused by a fungus called Candida Albicans. White patches on the walls of the mouth, gums, and on the tongue is a good indication of this fungal infection. In addition, people may have a burning sensation and an altered sense of taste. Thrush is irritating more than anything and can be easily treated with drugs such as Clotrimazole Troches and Nystatin.
Avatar m tn slightly a bit more relaxed, but still have much anxiety since I know I can't test for HSV for awhile. Yesterday I had soreness INSIDE my mouth on inside of cheek, under tongue and gums (felt like canker sores or like maybe I burned my mouth with hot coffee or something, but could not see any visible evidence, other than a bitten bottom lip). Soreness almost completely gone this morning. Currently: Minor but lingering scratchy throat for over a week now, and persistently dry/chapped lips.
Avatar f tn my body will feel as though it is in perfect running order for weeks at a time , then one unlucky morning--I wake up with cramping in my left foot arch (which stays with me all day, but is worse at night), the pads of my left foot feel beat up and less meaty ( clearly not a medical term), my left hand can't seem to grasp thin items( like a popsicle or pen ) without a excruciating burning sensation in the middle of my palm, feels as though i have extreme tendonitis (cramping, sharp burning pain,
200956 tn?1425595139 I am going into my 6 the week of triple with Incivek and am developing sore mouth and lips. Would like to hear what others are doing and address it b4 it gets worse. The sx just keep coming.
Avatar n tn Several months ago, I came to this forum with the same symptoms and decided to seek medical attention for my chronic right side redness around tonsil, ear ringing (constantly)tongue tingling, gum area around rear teeth red/tender, and infection in the upper R throat near the tonsil(minor most times). Sore around r clavical. I have since then seen an ENT, scoped with a diagnosis of sinus problems, as my PCP has ademently suggested since the on-set of the symptoms back in August 05.