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Avatar f tn Most antibiotics not only kill the bugs that were causing your bronchitis, but, they will also kill all the friendly bacteria in your system as well, this will cause the sore and red tongue. I suggest you take a good, pro-biotic to put back the friendly bacteria, this should help to clear up the problem.
Avatar n tn i have these white lumps under my tongue and they r quite sore i dont know what they are i had them before but thye were ontop of my tongue and they went away but now i have some under my tongue
Avatar m tn no std I know causes a sore tongue. as for your last statement about the guys you give oral sex with are trustworthy. that statement makes no sense, you do not know anyones status unless you truly are in a monogomous relationship with them. oral sex with a condom causes almost a zero risk oral sex without a condom is also a small risk but you are subjected to these stds, Herpes, Syphillis and gono. clymydia is rare in the mouth but it also has happened.
Avatar m tn Now that has subsided I have come down with a sore throat on the right side only. No dripping so they say. The pain is mild and went away for a couple of days but now it is back. I notice this morning it is rally not my throat but a smooth lump far back on my tongue that is tender. I also noticed my teeth ache once and a while. Any thought?
Avatar n tn All of a sudden both or our throats are bothering us and i have a sore tongue as well with red bumps on the back of my tongue. Any ideas? I've been tested for eveything because of a blood disorder i have and he just got tested but no results back yet.
Avatar n tn Before I had my tooth work done I had a sore tongue but now I can not stick out my tongue very far and open my mouth. I hope someone can help me out with an answer.
Avatar m tn This morning I noticed a sore on the side of my tongue, it's brand new. I checked it because it felt sore last night. It's small circular in shape with a yellow/white border . . . it looks like either a canker sore or a chancre. I'm worried about syphilis. After the encounters I felt guilty and worried, too ashamed to go to my doctor I took some antibiotics on my own. 11 days ago I took 1 gram of Zithromax, and have been taking 100mg of doxyclyine twice a day since then.
Avatar m tn However, there is no stomach pain. I also tend to feel better once I have eaten. I have a sore tongue with an inflamed tip, and tasting food is difficult. This has lasted for at least several weeks. I've had more difficulty passing stools for about a month now. I pass every other day on average, mostly small hard amounts in pieces, but sometimes a large single yellowish-brown stool. Another issue I have is that it feels constantly like I'm having bladder pressure or fullness.
1632125 tn?1299867388 speak to your doctor who could prescribe antibiotics. or if it is really irratating you they could give you an operation to get rid of it.
Avatar f tn I've convinced myself I have tongue cancer. Oh, and after two days of these antibiotics I have no relief in my sorethroat or ear pain.
Avatar m tn I was also worried about it being herpes but I have never had a cold sore in my life. My tongue symptoms could be geographic tongue but would this cause other mouth symptoms? and is it just coincidence it happened at time of tonsillitis. Im really at a loss as to what it could be? Any ideas? My dr. doesnt seem to be concerned but its bothering me!
Avatar m tn If the sore on your tongue isn't gone in 14 days, have it checked by your dentist.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone with the same problem. Swollen, Sore, Burning sensation with red spots on the tip of my tongue. Gives me pain everyday while doing daily stuff like drinking coffee smoking ect. Iv tried different diets , different medication nothing is working. The only time its not sore is when the tip of the tongue is covered with plastic. Please Help!!!!!
Avatar f tn After being paranoid about having hsv2 after a stupid, unprotected one night stand with a man of an unknown status, I tested negative at 4 months and was treated with antibiotics for a bacterial infection. A few weeks after being on the antibiotics, I got a really foul taste in my mouth and noticed my tongue is coated in white that won't scrape off, with red spots (not sores). There's no pain, just like a weird feeling on my tongue.
Avatar f tn I am taking doxycycline and metronidazole for a pelvic infection, but over the last few days my mouth and tongue have become really sore, i also have ulcers in my mouth and on my lips, could this be a reaction to these drugs?
Avatar n tn I noticed my orange tongue 2 days ago. I do not take antibiotics, etc...I have been using whitening toothpaste for about 3 weeks. I have been eating baby carrots for snack for a couple of days last week. I have chronic yeast in my ears. I had a root canal in December and was just prepped for my crown this month (March '08) on a back molar.
Avatar n tn For no reason my tongue will beome VERY sore. It also gets a white coating on it. This has been happening for many years. Long before I started taking any medications. Each doctor/dentist I have told this to tells me it is nothing to worry about. I'm not worried, but it really does hurt. Any suggestions or answers? Thank you in advance.
Avatar f tn My mouth is sore, everywhere! My gums, cheeks, tongue, throat, lips are all swollen. I have red spots on my palate. I had a white sore on the tip of my tongue that swelled, then split open from top to underneath my tongue. I am very fatigued and have an awful headache. I have been cleaning my mouth by gargling hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash...this keeps it from getting worse, but other symptoms are increasing, such as , my lungs are getting tight.
Avatar m tn If the rotten tooth or sharp edges of it are aggravating the tongue, then from experience, it can make your tongue quite sore. The thrush or candida albicans showing as a white tongue is definitely as a consequence of using antibiotics. And no, your body will not automatically establish a good balance if it is not being nourished correctly. (Not eating the right foods).
Avatar f tn OK - I know this is weird, but for the last couple of days my tongue feels like it's all cut up and it's sore!! It's Day 10.. has anyone had a symptom like this? Or am I just weird? OK - don't answer the second part...
Avatar f tn I had probably a dozen canker sores in my mouth, under my tongue, (hurt so bad I could barely eat), and my tongue was irritated... Just horrible pain I tried herbal antibiotics nothing was working and couldn't figure it out-- went to my dentist and he told me its probably stress (which I didn't believe cause this had never happened) In my case, I was allergic to the silverware i was using, changed it and I haven't had a problem since..
Avatar n tn Does the tongue scar worse than other parts of the body? I (supposedly) have a condition called keloid scarring that makes me develop more scar tissue than others, but from what I've seen that was more of an issue for me before the age of 13. It seems like any wounds I've had after that age heal perfectly when I take good care of them. What concerns me is if I get a lisp that doesnt go away I would take the piercing out for good.
Avatar m tn 1.) I haven't tested for syphilis yet (too early), but would these antibiotics clear up any potential syphilis infection if I had one or is that a completely different treatment? 2.) How is syphilis tested and would it be different if acquired in the throat through oral sex? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I have an orange tongue, phlegm in the throat, fluid in the ears, sore throat and possible sinus infection. I have been on antibiotics for over 48 hours and no change. The orange tongue was there before the antibiotics.
Avatar m tn - So i had a urine test (chlamydia) 6 days after encounter = negative - 7th day I started antibiotics cure amoxicilline (875 mg twice a day for 10 days) - at 6 weeks another chlamydia test = negative - at 8 weeks i started feeling a slight very mild pain in left epidymis (allready takes 2 weeks now ... no increasing pain) Could it still be chlamydia ? Has the antibiotics influenced the test results and as such can it or can it not be considered conclusive ? I have no other symptoms.