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Avatar m tn I also moved to another country and ever since that, I noticed my tongue has had two painless sore like things. I can't even see them unless I look very close. Is this Syphilis?
Avatar m tn I have gotten canker sores in the past ...not excessively maybe one or two a year, small annoying but of course painful, and typical in length...lasting couple days and then clear up. But over the last 5 months I have gotten big mouth sores that take weeks to heal, some scarring....extremely painful and big. And its one after another, either on my gum line, my tongue, most recent ones are on the roof of my mouth.(this one is almost cleared up and I will attach picture)...
Avatar n tn I have developed a canker sore ( I am not sure it is its more of a white pimple on the side of my tongue ) yesterday and it went a way today afternoon. I searched the internet and found out that canker sore is a symptom of hiv but i tested -ve for hiv well beyond the window period so could it be a symptoom of another STD?
Avatar m tn They always vary in size and location from tongue (only side or bottom never top of tongue), to inner cheek, to above the Uvula, etc (only on the inside). I have tried everything from multivitamins even to change of diet and oral hygiene. Nothing seems to work. Canker sores will appear and then heal after 1-2 weeks then another one surfaces right after that and continues in this pattern. However, last year I noticed an unusual pattern.
Avatar f tn I have a red sore on my lingual fraenulum (the muscle that connect the tongue to the bottom of the mouth). It's been there for about a month now, on and off. Sometimes it swells and turns bright red, other times it is kind of white. I'm not sure if this is a severe canker sore, or a symptom of a type of mouth cancer. Please advise!! Over-the-counter options? Health care is expensive, so I'd rather not see a doctor. THANK YOU!!
Avatar f tn From time to time I get a canker sore - they are mostly located on or under my tongue. I once had one on my upper gum. I noticed the stinging white patch on the inside of my lower lip about 5 days ago. I was sure until today that it was a canker sore. My boyfriend looked at it and said it doesn't really look like a canker sore, and I think he's right. It's not circular, more oval but not a perfect oval (it's kind of jagged).
Avatar m tn It feels like something is stuck under/behind my tongue but its the bump. I also have a canker sore that I can see on my right tonsil. I'm not sure if the bump and canker sore on my tonsil are related or not. I also started getting an earache in my right ear about 2 days ago. The right side of my jaw has a slight pain too. I plan on going to the doctors on Monday if I'm still in pain. Could the bump and canker sore be from the Halls cough drops?
Avatar f tn The other night I was making out with this guy who I like, and I noticed that he had something that felt like a sore on his lip. Later on that night, I gave him oral sex... The next morning I woke up and found that I had a sore on each side of my tongue (they rub against my bottom molars). They hurt and look a little bit like canker sores, but I've never gotten a canker sore on my tongue, so I'm trying to find out if it's something I should be worried about...
1389305 tn?1279817973 I have a canker sore in my mouth and the tip of my tongue on the right side burns.I think I bit my tongue to hard it looks clear and red around it and it leads down too my tongue alittle..I dont drink,smoke ..My family is very healthy and have such a great diet..But I need help now it bothers me and now its the fourth day .I used perxide,sometimes drink salt water or use baking soda..I just wanna get rid of this thing ..Can some one please help me bad!!!,I cant take it any longer with this crap!
Avatar n tn Today the pain has actually gotten a little worse, but still no fever or body aches, and it doesn't hurt when I swallow. Not sure if it's an internal infection or a hidden canker sore inside the tongue?? If anyone can shed light on this, would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I'm pretty sure it's just a canker sore. It would go away 3-14 days or so. Just keep it clean with a canker sore type of medication. I suggest zilactin-b or anbesol. I highly doubt it's an std. But canker sores are a big pain in the butt, too. At least those go away.
Avatar m tn so getting an ulcer with a canker sore and getting what looks like a canker sore on my ovula then i could rule out herpes?ever though my whole mouth is burning right now? and has been for 2days>? and i have a red spot on my tongue? what do herpes inside the mouth look like? The burning and rash on my groin happened 2 days after i had unprotected oral sex and it lasted for a couple of weeks, and on and off i continue to get burning down there.
Avatar m tn It's probably just scar tissue left from the wound and will eventually go away. There's a difference between a canker sore and a sore from biting one's cheek. A lot of canker sores come from additives in drug store brand toothpastes. The other is like any other cut you get, and how it heals.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I'm a 23 year old female and I've had a very painful yellow sore on the left side of my tongue, slightly towards the back. It's located right on the side - not on the top or bottom side of my tongue. The sore itself isn't huge (maybe less than half the size of a pencil eraser), but the area it is on is swollen enough that it hurts to talk or just move my tongue in general.
Avatar f tn I kissed someone forgetting I had a canker sore in my mouth. The kissing was very short and very little tongue to tongue contact, am i at ANY risk for contracting hiv if he was positive?
Avatar n tn On the underside of my tongue, there are two very small 1/4" flaps of skin about halfway back that sort of hang down. I saw someone mention below that he had those, and he wondered if they were abnormal, so I guess not everyone has them, but... one of mine seems to be infected somehow. I don't even know how to describe what it is if you don't know what I mean, but it hurts like a canker sore, and it's red, and for as small as it is, it's packing a punch.
Avatar m tn I'm a male and lately I've had several male partners, mainly just one time things. Each of them always insisted that they were disease free and HIV negative. I would assume by saying that, they had been tested and everything was ok. A week or so ago I had a sore on the side of my tongue, looked like a canker sore. I've gotten them before on my tongue and inside of my lips.
Avatar f tn I have gotten a few little sores on my tounge, and a pretty bad canker sore...makes eating not so much fun, sometimes i have to work harder at eating anyway cause I just dont' feel like it...chewing becomes a chore sometimes, ha... But mine have gone away in a few days though, just figured it was part of what was to be expected...
Avatar n tn experiencing off and on seemingly stabbing pain on right side of my tongue with a sore for more than a month now. What is the proper action to do? According to my dentist it was not a result grinding teeth or whatsoever, what do you think will it be?
Avatar m tn This site does not allow me to embed pictures, but if you are willing to look at the image, it is just a photobucket link to it: What's weird is the appearance and location. It's a white mark with kind of a jagged edge at the top, and is underneath the tongue, like down towards underside of mouth, not on the tongue or lips itself. It's extremely painful to eat or move my tongue around.
2005521 tn?1327699345 Hello, first off I want to thank any professionals or others with experience that may help here. A little history on what is going on In mid november I had some dentistry work done (cleaning, and cavaties filled to be more specific) within about two weeks of the work, a filling came out. my dentist office booked me in 3 days later to get it re-filled. The day after it fell out, my gum began getting sore over the tooth where the filling came out.
Avatar m tn ve been tested back in January and June for oral herpes, and both times came back negative. I keep getting what seems to be a canker sore on the side of my tongue, and it appears in the same spot. It's happened 3 times in the past 4 months. I'm afraid it's herpes, what do you think? Is it typical to see recurrent herpes IN the mouth/throat as opposed to the lips/face? Please help!
Avatar m tn I hope you could reply to this. I'm very worried.
Avatar m tn It is not very reliable to diagnose anything from a picture. If the sore is on your tongue, it is very likely a canker sore. If the sore is on your lip, or face and keeps coming back in about the same place, give or take an inch, it could be herpes. Or it could be something else.