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Sore gums blisters

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Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar f tn I have had a problem with very sore gums that bleed when brushed, blisters on gums sometimes and on back of tongue and small red bumps on back of tongue as well. The bumps and blisters on my tongue have not went away but do not bother me anymore but my gums are still very sore and bleed. This has lasted for about 3 months and I had swollen lymoh nodes in my neck for a few weeks in the beggining but that went away.
Avatar f tn Your gums have become irritated it's common in pregnancy, I'd recommend seeing a dentist and just having everything looked at.
Avatar f tn The sores do cause my throat to be a bit sore locally. There is no pus on my gums, and the blisters are pus free as well. Hoping someone can help me out with this! thanks!
Avatar m tn In addition I have begun to get small painless blisters or what appears to be fluid less blisters on the inside of my bottom lip. There are a few some on my inside cheek and lower inside lip. They usually heal with in 2 days as well. Any idea about what is wrong with me.
Avatar n tn I also have a sinus infection & have noticed puss leaking from my gums. I talked to a doctor today about it & he said it is normal. It is a good sign that the infection is draining & clearing up.
Avatar n tn A few days ago i felt itchy on my chest so I scratched it and felt a bump and it poped and there was liquid...I didn't think anything of it. The next day I had one on my back...same thing, it poped and there was fluid...the following day I had one on my arm and I as I was sleeping, I kept scratching and i felt more a few more appear....I only have a few, not alot around my body...
Avatar f tn I recently developed blisters in my palate. The entire area on the left side is bright red and anything I eat or drink burns terribly. I did not burn my mouth with anything. This just suddenly appeared. My dentist gave me an antibiotic liquid that I hold in my mouth for 3-4 minutes four times a day. Almost two weeks now and only the blisters are gone but I have an area where it feels like there is a hole in my palate and my gums on that sound of my mouth are turning bright red.
Avatar n tn Otherwise, if the sore appears on soft tissues inside the mouth, it may be a canker sore. Cold sores presents with a small, painful, fluid-filled blisters on a raised, red, painful area of the skin. Pain or tingling, often precedes the blisters by one to two days. Once you've had an episode of cold sores, the virus lies dormant in the nerve cells in your skin and may emerge again as an active infection at or near the original site.
5432782 tn?1368806956 I remember having a painful sore on the end of my tongue, and an unbelievably painful lil sore on my gums, and maybe even one onthe inside of my cheek sometimes. I was finding it so painful to eat. Then I tried Desert Essence Tea-Tree Oil Mouth-wash, but I bet any natural product that had quality tea-tree would work, but this one has worked the best for me, I tried one other similar. I liked this company, it was only natural, and didn't sting at all.
Avatar n tn 6 days later, my daughter developed severely pustular tonsils on both sides, mouth and tongue ulcers, very swolled and sore gums, swollen upper lip, and about eight blisters on her cheeks. About a week after this she developed about 16 large blisters on her left index finger (which she ***** constantly). Initially antiobiotics (penecillin based) were perscribed. Her mouth was so sore she couldn't open it or talk or eat or drink.
Avatar n tn A week later, I developed an extreme sore throat, swollen tongue which has a numb sensation, fire red gums, red throat with blisters on the upper palate. This lasted 2 weeks and during this time, I was prescribed amoxicillin with the thought that I had a bacterial infection. The symptoms began to subside, I resumed the omerprazole and the swollen tongue, red gums came back with a vengeance. Does this sound like an allergic reaction? Could I be experiencing chemical burn from acid reflux.
Avatar n tn I had protected vaginal and I received unprotected oral sex from a girl who did sex with many men without condom. After 15 days of the encounter she tested for p24 antigen, HIV antibody combo and the result was negative. I tested for HIV antibody (rapid) at 4 weeks and p24 antigen, HIV antibody combo at 7 weeks. Both the results were negative. As I did protected vaginal I'm assuming that I'm not HIV positive.
5073868 tn?1363194534 I periodically and just recently have been getting small blisters on my gums behind my back teeth. I was wondering what it's from and is it anything to worry about? The blisters are easily popped with a little bit of pressure from my fingers and have a small amount of fluid but not puss. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn Cuts in the mouth, sore gums, etc are extremely common, so there must have been billions of oral exposures in their presence -- but still very rare HIV transmission. This does not significantly increase your risk. Don't worry about it.
Avatar f tn The medicine helped my sore throat but 3 days later the sores spread and were on my cheeck, gums, inside lip, and on the inside of my lower lip. It hurt to eat and swallow. It took another 3 days and they were gone. Since then every few weeks one or two will show up again in the exact same place on the top of my lower lip closest to the inside of my mouth. They are white/red (hard to see unless your infront of my face) and sometimes blends pretty close to the color of my lips.
Avatar f tn i had a relly bad sore throat for 3-4 days with white blisters and swollen and then the infection moved to my gums around two bad teeth. My jaw swelled up and by the the end of the day my jaw had a huge red welt over the swollen area.
Avatar m tn t think I have HSV2 either oral or genital, but whenever I have dental work that distresses my gums, they get very painful blisters on them in the vicinity of the dental work. Since I have read that most always HSV-1 oral sores are on the lips or outside of the mouth, is it likely that the sores on my gums are caused by HSV-2 oral, or are they just chancre sores caused by the trauma to my mouth?
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn has anybody experienced sore gums and bleeds when brushingteeth ??? im 7 weeks gums been sensitive .
Avatar m tn Are sore gums an early symptom of hiv. I read on internet that it could be. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Does anybody else have really sore gums? It hurts to even bite down on a sandwich from subway.