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Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar m tn I have sensitive teeth and gums (some recession on gums). I take a medication that gives me dry mouth but it is a necessary med. Dr. said to chew gum to help the dry mouth. Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
Avatar n tn Sore gums can be common in pregnancy cause your baby it taking nutrition from you. Tell your OB/Midwife but also call your dentists. They might be able to give you tips and will probable check you for an infection. Also try swishing coconut oil for 10-20 min a day and rinse with warm water. It eases gum pain and helps you heal. It's grainy when you start but warms up. Try working yourself from 1tsp up to a whole tablespoon full at a time.
Avatar m tn Hello I agree with Jerome Tsang that swelling of gums is bad so i want to share some home remedies that you can do to avoid swelling of gums 1.Add salt to warm water and rinse your mouth with it. The proportion of salt should be high i.e., 3 tbsp of salt in one glass of warm water. Gargle with this water and let it stay in your mouth for at least 30 seconds. Swoosh the water around inside your mouth so that it covers your teeth and gums thoroughly.
Avatar m tn Muscle pains, migraines, coughing, sore throat etc. I also had a dentist appointment on the third day of that week, Tuesday. They did their job, and cleaned my teeth blahblah, but my gums were really pooofed up? I also have braces .. and when they were cleaning, it was way bloody. Ever since, my gums has been hurting like hell. On that same day, I also went to the doctor, I thought I had the Swine Flu, I was really afraid so I wanted my mom to take me there and check me out.
6514595 tn?1382067585 thought I had a sore throat because it hurts to swallow i have what looks like inflamed/ swollen bumps/taste buds in the very back of my tongue. Also running fever and my gums feel funny like a tickling sensation in my gums/Chun. Any ideas? I'm pregnant and I can barely eat or drink because the pain is so bad.
Avatar n tn All the discomfort from the other work (2 onlays) is gone,but the area around my temp crown is still very sore. I have never had any previous gum problems and no pain in my gums until this temp crown. Could there be a problem with the it?
Avatar f tn I did used a condom, but yesterday i have felt a swollen in my gums. Its small round white pimple like and not a open sore. it hurts when i touch it but doesn't bleed. Is this somewhat sti? like Herpes, HPV, Syphilis or just a canker sore?
Avatar f tn my gums starting bleeding about 6 months ago i brush with good toothpaste and i rinse with listerine i wake up on a night with gums bleeding
Avatar f tn Do anyone else's gums bleed abit more since they've been pregnant? It makes it hard to brush my teeth because of the hint of the blood taste /; gross..has anyone found a good way to get through that?
4950316 tn?1394184585 Might be gentle on your gums. I did like you and rinsed constantly with a mild natural rinse. They are pricy but worth it! I'm so sorry. I had forgotten about that problem and I hated it.
Avatar f tn I am 14 weeks with my first baby and recently started having sore, bleeding gums and one ear pops all the time. I have also had sinus issues the entire time I have been pregnant. Are they all related? Anything I can do to ease any of the symptoms? My dr let's me take Claritin once a day for the post nasal drip but it doesn't help much! Thanks ladies!!!
Avatar f tn I had 5 teeth out nearly a week ago and I rinse my mouth 5 times a day with salt water and the swelling doesn't seem to be going down. I am getting really bad migraines too, and the pain in my mouth is really sore and feels like ulcers. What can I do?
Avatar m tn About a month ago I had an ulcer. It's still there. It doesn't hurt and I don't have a fever. My gums are a little inflamed. I haven't done anything but kiss. I'm worried because it's still there. Could it be herpes?
Avatar n tn I had my permanent crown placed 10 days ago. . This was a tooth that had deep decay beneath an old filling. She said it was close to the root, but didn't do a root canal at this time. I went to have the bite adjusted twice since it was too high, and now the bite seems okay... it's slightly painful if I bite down hard though. But for the past few days the inside of my mouth - cheeks, lips, back of throat - have felt puffy and irritated. Certain foods even burn the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn I am 15 weeks tomorrow and I have been waking up with swollen gums. My sister had it too when she was pregnant but not until after 20 weeks. I rinse my mouth out with salt water and brush them softly every day but they are just always swollen every morning!
Avatar f tn I brush my teeth regularly but from last year I started to develop this white area around my gums and now it is spreading and discolouring my teeth as well. I don't smoke at all. Please suggest what is this and what should I do? Any replies would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn This is because you say you normally bleed whilst brushing teeth, and that is NOT normal. Bleeding gums means the beginnings of gingivitis, which is a condition where the gums get infected from bacteria, which comes from bits of food getting caught between the teeth. I know, you weren't brushing when you had the bleeding, but the gums can get so fragile that they'll bleed for no reason.
Avatar f tn So, I've always been very anal about my teeth had a lot of work done to make them "perfect" Iol.
Avatar m tn Do your gums actually hurt, or are they sore? Applying too much pressure with any type of toothbrush can irritate your gums. The cheap spin brushes are harsh, stick with medium to soft bristles, and don't scrub your teeth, just brush them gently. You don't have gingivitis or your gums would bleed. I just think you've been too aggressive in your brushing. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn Ok, I've been sick for practically the last 2 months. I had bronchitis for about 3 weeks, then I got the flu, and most recently I developed a sinus infection that required that I be put on antiboitics. Problem is, ever since I started the antibiotics my mouth has become more and more some (not centeralized anywhere, just very general spread out pain) and now I have what looks like small canker sores around my gums and on the border of my teeth and my gums.
Avatar f tn / the one thing that seemed to work miracles was to rinse my mouth out with very salty warm water my gums improved quickly and haven't been having problems lately
Avatar f tn This time, I believe she chose to numb me in my lower cheek, right next to my teeth. Having been sore from the injections before, the following morning I had pain in that area and blew it off assuming it would vanish. However, today now being Monday I have 3 sores, possibly cold sores in that area. Is it possible this is where she decided to inject me and I now have an infection? Or, have I just oddly formed these cold sores at the same time?