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Avatar m tn I have hypothyroidism caused by hashimoto's and my lower gums are thinning at a rapid pace. I've been to the dentist and I have great oral care, no plaque, and great looking teeth.... So no periodontal disease. There is definitely a link to hashimoto's or thyroid disease in general. It's almost like the immune system isn't stopping at the thyroid but attacking the gums as well, which sort of makes sense. The gums are only a few inches apart from the thyroid gland.
440728 tn?1234645302 Does anybody suffer with an awful taste, and burning sore mouth & gums as a result of thyroid problems on certain days, but not maybe all the time? Only I keep getting it but I'm newly diagnosed with thyroid disease, so I'm not sure if it's related, I think it must be because I never got it before this. I'm also on HRT, which could be causing it, but I doubt it because I've been on it for years with no problems.
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn has anybody experienced sore gums and bleeds when brushingteeth ??? im 7 weeks gums been sensitive .
Avatar m tn Are sore gums an early symptom of hiv. I read on internet that it could be. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Does anybody else have really sore gums? It hurts to even bite down on a sandwich from subway.
Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar f tn I take extremely good care of my teeth so I was surprised when I discovered that the top right side of my gums and my bottom right side of my gums (exact spot), appear to be irritated and sore. I went to bed knowing that the bottom was irritated, but I thought it might just be a canker sore, and when I woke up, the top was irritated too. Any ideas of why this happened or what it could be a sign of? Thank you in advance!
Avatar n tn For over a year I have been experiencing sore and sometimes inflamed and swollen gums. I have seen both my dentist and hygienist and we have been unable to solve the problem or what is causing it. The pain is now there more often than not now, whereas before it was intermittent. I have not managed to pin point what may cause the symptoms.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 20 and for a few days has had very sore lower gums, yesterday she woke up to very swollen and painful glands on one side under her chin , she went to the drs who gave her antibiotics said it could be an infection of her gums, today she is so much pain in her neck and jaw, she's away at uni so I am an anxious mother worried could this be more serious?
Avatar m tn Hi, I don't get tongue spasms, but I do get very sore gums and teeth. But I have been told this can be due to fluctuating female hormones too as I am in the menopause also. Peggy64 is also right, you can get an enlarged tongue if you're hypothyroid, sometimes it's possible to see indentations along the edges of your tongue where your teeth dig into it because it's enlarged.
393685 tn?1425812522 I feel you on the achy gums and the adult acne - but I obviously don't have a thyroid problem (according to those nice standards of blood tests) :( Rant on Sister, Rant on! We are all secretly ranting too!
Avatar f tn t until i just had an appointment with an ENT doctor that it was established that there is an issue with my thyroid! my thyroid is enlarged and therefore, i went for an ultrasound. the ultrasound also revealed my thyroid to be enlarged. the doctor did lots of bloodwork.
Avatar n tn I had my permanent crown placed 10 days ago. . This was a tooth that had deep decay beneath an old filling. She said it was close to the root, but didn't do a root canal at this time. I went to have the bite adjusted twice since it was too high, and now the bite seems okay... it's slightly painful if I bite down hard though. But for the past few days the inside of my mouth - cheeks, lips, back of throat - have felt puffy and irritated. Certain foods even burn the back of my throat.
Avatar f tn I had a cavity with my son, and in my early pregnancy it hurt SO bad I had to get an antibiotic for it, also sore or sensitive gums, and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Hello about a month or so ago i had performed unprotected oral sex on two different women. A week or twp later my gums became really sensitive and sore as well as my inner lip. There also seems to be soreness on my tongue that comes for a day and then goes away but comes back sometimes. The gums between my front two teeth are the most sensitive. Could this be herpes? It hasn't gone away yet but ive noticed no outbreak externally.
Avatar f tn Yeah it is normal. I have had bleeding gums all the way through my pregnancy and only 9 days to go. You need to visit your dentist and ask for corsodyl daily toothpaste and get free miniature toothpastes or you can also buy this from any supermarket or chemist. This toothpaste is protection for healthy gums and really helps during pregnancy. Hope this helps.
440728 tn?1234645302 ve been having other problems, the worst of which is my mouth. My mouth has been dry, gums sore, gingivitis, teeth breaking, teeth at the back near salivary glands dead and decaying, and I'm getting blood blisters on the inside of my lower lip when i eat. I also have dry eyes, dry cough, gastric reflux problems and dry skin. Now I know lack of oestrogen could cause dryness, but this seems extreme and my mouth is the worst. Could this be Sjogrens syndrome?
Avatar n tn I would suggest that you see your dentist to check your mouth, teeth and gums. You may need to floss every day to strengthen the gums. The dentist would be able to say if there is a problem in the mouth. The doctor would check out your throat and take a swab from the mouth to see if there is a bacterial or fungal problem. A fungal problems is easily treated with Daktarin oral gel or Nystatin drops.
Avatar n tn My gums are very sore and at times bleed when I brush my teeth. It seems that they are sore but it goes away and then comes back again. Not sure if this is an infection??? What else I can use besides tooth paste and mouthwash to help them??? How did I get this I brush my teeth all the time???
405370 tn?1332206110 This is my first time carrying a pregnancy this far and today I noticed something strange. I was eating an apple and afterwards my gums were sore and swollen. I brush and floss regularly so I was quite surprised. Is this a pregnancy thing??
Avatar n tn I first noticed this one morning when I felt pain on the front of my gums and felt a big hard bump there that was quite sore. This sore has since become more soft, as I can move it around with my finger and feel off what apears to be dead skin but it hasn't gone away after a month. My neck has also gotten sore after drinking and sometimes just after I wake up without drinking. I feel healthy otherwise. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!! I'M REALLY SICK OF THIS AND JUST WANT TO FEEL BETTTER!!!