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Avatar m tn Are sore gums an early symptom of hiv. I read on internet that it could be. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Not sure what the problem is, but a couple of weeks ago i noticed that when i wake up, my lower cheek where it meets the gums on the left side is sore. Sometimes the top area is sore too. I thought i was biting it in my sleep, but the area is way below where i can bite. also, my gums are a bit red and there is a white spot right where it meets the tooth. I brush, floss, and use mouth wash twice a day. There is no food stuck there.
Avatar n tn For over a year I have been experiencing sore and sometimes inflamed and swollen gums. I have seen both my dentist and hygienist and we have been unable to solve the problem or what is causing it. The pain is now there more often than not now, whereas before it was intermittent. I have not managed to pin point what may cause the symptoms.
Avatar n tn I had sore gums and they bled quite often... also had nose bleeds all the time... Ugh! Wonderful pregnancy symptoms.
1181036 tn?1367368640 Well, about 3 days ago I noticed my legs were REALLY sore. Not just like sore muscles but a real deep kind of sore, especially around my knees and hips. It threw me off because I haven't felt this before. Also, my gums became really sore around the same time. Any idea if this is ovulation related? My other thought was pregnancy symptoms (I had sex 24th Dec but the condom broke!).
Avatar n tn I was prescribed 20mg omerpazole, twice per day. A week later, I developed an extreme sore throat, swollen tongue which has a numb sensation, fire red gums, red throat with blisters on the upper palate. This lasted 2 weeks and during this time, I was prescribed amoxicillin with the thought that I had a bacterial infection. The symptoms began to subside, I resumed the omerprazole and the swollen tongue, red gums came back with a vengeance. Does this sound like an allergic reaction?
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn has anybody experienced sore gums and bleeds when brushingteeth ??? im 7 weeks gums been sensitive .
Avatar f tn Does anybody else have really sore gums? It hurts to even bite down on a sandwich from subway.
Avatar f tn I take extremely good care of my teeth so I was surprised when I discovered that the top right side of my gums and my bottom right side of my gums (exact spot), appear to be irritated and sore. I went to bed knowing that the bottom was irritated, but I thought it might just be a canker sore, and when I woke up, the top was irritated too. Any ideas of why this happened or what it could be a sign of? Thank you in advance!
Avatar f tn My daughter is 20 and for a few days has had very sore lower gums, yesterday she woke up to very swollen and painful glands on one side under her chin , she went to the drs who gave her antibiotics said it could be an infection of her gums, today she is so much pain in her neck and jaw, she's away at uni so I am an anxious mother worried could this be more serious?
Avatar m tn I know to get hiv by giving oral is very rare if not unheard of what if there was a sore or a break in your gums? and you are giving oral sex to an hiv+ person. How long does fever and other ars systems go on for if you get them.
Avatar f tn I have felt like I am getting a cold with a sore throat, but do not have fever. Also on 8dpo my gums started bleeding when I brushed my teeth, this has never happened to me..
Avatar m tn I have only had 2 one night stands,1 at 20 yrs old and 1, 4 weeks ago, I was drunk and slept with this girl wilst being unprotected There was no oral,I know it was very foolish,heat of the moment,well to cut a long story short, yesterday my gums were sore and bled when you pressed them and my chin lymph glandes are swollen and this the onset of hiv, or std.I know I need to go for a check up,there are no other symptoms,also how long does it take to get accurate results for hiv tests.
Avatar m tn Afte a broken condom incidence 2 years ago, have all the text book symptoms and my hiv tet even after 1.5years was negative.I had pain in all the lymph node locations knee elbows,neck,armpits,ankles,hands,fever,sore throat,pain in al the muscles,joints,headache georaphic tongue,ulcers on tongue and gums,pimples on the body,diarrhea,pain in fingrs.Symptoms start a 1 month after exposure ad keep coming on and off since then. After 18 months o neg.
Avatar m tn Symptoms or lack of symptoms won't tell you your status. Test as you were told above.
Avatar n tn after the second or third dose or antibiotics, my gums were practically back to normal and of course my sore throat and the pus covering my tonsils started to clear. i am going back to the doc today because as luck would have it, the same exact symptoms are showing a year later. hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Months later I’m suffereing with my stomach looks like I’m loosing weight my stomach is constantly feeling empty I get nauseous I keep being bloated and passing gas just feeling terrible in the gut, I recently had developed which looked like a little canker sore at the bottom base of my gums little like a pin prick it’s gone now if anyone can enlighten me on this I would love to hear what you guys have to say, google is not helping !
Avatar m tn Hi, I don't get tongue spasms, but I do get very sore gums and teeth. But I have been told this can be due to fluctuating female hormones too as I am in the menopause also. Peggy64 is also right, you can get an enlarged tongue if you're hypothyroid, sometimes it's possible to see indentations along the edges of your tongue where your teeth dig into it because it's enlarged.
Avatar m tn Signs and symptoms may include persistent sore throat, earaches, hoarseness, enlarged lymph nodes, pain when swallowing, and unexplained weight loss. Some persons have no signs or symptoms. Some people also have a wart in their mouth region (gums, cheeks, tongue, back of throat). If you suspect that you have one, please go see your dentist for an oral exam. If they see one, they will recommend you to an oral surgeon for removal of that wart and a biopsy. http://www.cdc.
Avatar f tn I have had a problem with very sore gums that bleed when brushed, blisters on gums sometimes and on back of tongue and small red bumps on back of tongue as well. The bumps and blisters on my tongue have not went away but do not bother me anymore but my gums are still very sore and bleed. This has lasted for about 3 months and I had swollen lymoh nodes in my neck for a few weeks in the beggining but that went away.