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Sore gums tonsillitis

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Avatar n tn It is unlikely that you have acute tonsillitis due to acute HIV infection. Tonsillitis can be noticed when the immune status in the body gets low and is generally noticed during the later stages. At these stages, the number of days the symptoms would last would depend on the immune status and would vary from person to person. However, it is not uncommon for HIV infection to present with ENT symptoms.
6514595 tn?1382067585 thought I had a sore throat because it hurts to swallow i have what looks like inflamed/ swollen bumps/taste buds in the very back of my tongue. Also running fever and my gums feel funny like a tickling sensation in my gums/Chun. Any ideas? I'm pregnant and I can barely eat or drink because the pain is so bad.
Avatar f tn I performed oral sex on my boyfriend who is uninfected of stds as am I. I have been having a sore throat (irritated tonsils & somewhat difficulty swallowing) & I have been tested for stds including hiv & tested negative. I had a dental procedure about a month ago (temporary crown removed & permanent crown placed). I did bleed but I didn't perform oral sex until now which is about a month later.
Avatar m tn , red rash on left wrist, sore throat and strep throat, sore and burning gums). All of these according to various articles on the Internet are early signs of HIV. I am just wondering with the accumulation of symptoms that I have not sero converted despite the negative test results. 5. Given all of this, should I feel confident that further testing will be negative ? I assume that you have a record or recall of my previous questions dealing with the actual exposure and risks.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I found I was having difficulty swallowing, as I knew it would take a while before I could get in to see my regular doctor I went to a walk in clinic. The doctor there looked at my tonsils and told me I had tonsillitis (he also did a throat swab). He said he could see little while bumps on my tonsils and prescribed anti biotics.
Avatar m tn Gave oral sex to a guy, to completion, with swallowing. Immediately after remembered that I'm fighting a very mild case of tonsillitis (obviously very mind, if I forgot about it for a while). Was wondering if semen making contact with tonsillitis is one of those things that would increase risk to any significant degree.
Avatar m tn A couple weeks later, I was very sick with what was diagnosed as bacterial tonsillitis. Was prescribed amoxicillan and I recovered quickly. Tonsils were swollen to the point that I could barely speak, fever, white exudate, but before that I noticed that part of my right cheek felt sore and enlarged. As I got sicker, that receded while an oral ulcer developed on my left gum on the inside that seemed fairly large. At the time, I showed the clinic doctor but he said it looked like a canker sore.
Avatar n tn Hi A lymph node swelling in the upper neck under the jaw, can be due to tonsillitis, an infection in gums, pyorrhea, caries tooth, dandruff in hair etc. A single node signifies a local cause. Lymph nodes do swell in generalized problems like glandular fever, tuberculosis, cancer etc but generally several are involved. What were you taking antibiotics for? Was it for an infection in the head and neck area? Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar m tn But, you have to consider these elements - bleeding gums + semen + 3 day after stuff like fevers, chills, tonsillitis, that can freak you out...We are on winter here, kinda cold outside, that can be a factor of importance here too...
Avatar f tn Developed sudden sore throat a wk ago within a few days later my nose was congested, my eyes were red & I had yellow mucus. I then developed a once in awhile tickly throat cough. I took sinus pills and while my eyes & nose are almost cleared my sore throat is not. I feel like I have a lump in my throat, I am at times swallowing frequently & it is so sore at times I can barely swallow. Any thoughts on what could be going on?
Avatar m tn m very stressed out. 12 days later I had a sore throat, which yesterday was deemed tonsillitis (throat is also sore and swollen, strep test came back negative). Also around 12 days I had a bump on my lip and a canker sore. Today I've checked my lymph nodes and one under my arm is a bit painful to touch. I've also lost about 6 pounds since the incident, which is strange because I'm trying to eat the same.
Avatar f tn That seem to kick the tonsillitis, but I still get the sore throat with my tonsils turing bright red and my right tonsil still gets slightly inflamed. I have tried allergy meds- currently given nasonex for it and I find it only masks symptoms (I.e dries me out) and doesn't make the pain go away 100%. I have had a hard time trying to get a referral to an ENT again- have had different PCMs the last 2 years so no consistency.
Avatar m tn I was also tested for HIV (5 times over a 14 month period), Hep B, Syphilis and Gonorrhea which were all negative. I experienced a few different symptoms initially. Sore throats (not severe but consistent), slight headaches, slight chest discomfort, facial rash which at times has very small pimples (this goes away with treatment but comes back).
Avatar f tn I received unprotected oral from a female And we also kissed alot 2 days later i started having cold symptoms like sore throat running nose and sneezing. After 5 days i noticed a single white spot on my tonsil. Nothing on my lips or gums. And havent had anything strange appear on my penis at all. Just wondering if this sounds like an std like herpes or oral thrush or could it just be a cold?
Avatar m tn I have only ever been with two people before. My ex who i broke up with a year ago and my new boyfriend. I knew i wanted to become intimate with him and also knew he had been with other girls before. We talked about STDs and he swore on his life he was tested after his last girlfriend and was clean for STDs. So I gave him oral two days in a row. On the third day my throat started hurting. My tonsils are infected and there are some white dots on the sides of them.
Avatar f tn I have had a sore throat going on 4 days tomorrow. I've routinely checked my throat and today there is a small white dot on my right tonsil. Am I getting tonsillitis? If so what home treatments can I use to cope with the painful swallowing?
7975661 tn?1403095318 Ahhhh 36 weeks and have tonsillitis. Hope I dont go into labour anytime soon. It is 4.45am and I am awake with the worst heartburn & such a sore throat.
Avatar f tn On March 25th I had all of my 14 lower teeth extracted and then received an immediate full denture and while it's been a chore in of itself trying to get used to these things what's even worse is that for the past 2 weeks I've had a constant sore throat, but only in the mornings and at night...??? Naturally, I think I probably have tonsillitis or something because it's definitly NOT strep. Could someone get tonsillitis after getting new dentures?
Avatar f tn I had a sore throat which started two days ago. I often get sore throats due to my allergies/nasal spray so I didn't think anything of it - they usually go away in a day. But when it lasted into day 2 I checked it out with a light and saw little white spots on my throat. I have gotten strep and tonsillitis many times and it did not look like that. Since it's a holiday weekend, not much I could do on the doctor front so I figured I would see how it panned out.
Avatar m tn I had an extreme (Unprotected virginal sex with infected partner)exposure about 12 weeks ago, immediately went on nPEP within 24 hours,finished my nPEP more than 6 weeks ago,i last tested using antibody test at juss more than 10 weeks from exposure and just more than 4 weeks after last dose of nPEP and was negative( i prolonged my nPEP,took it for 6 weeks unsteady of 4 week out of ignorance thinking it might help) my problem is since week 4 after exposure i have been having a mild sore throat,
Avatar m tn By sunday morning I had a huge sore throat, it burns, feels swollen, hurts when I swallow and it actually feels a lot like tonsillitis. The thing is that it's summer where I live and given the circumstances I'm starting to believe this dude may have had gonorrhea. If that was the case, should I be able to notice such severe symptoms in such little time? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Probably a viral infection. I recently had a hiv fear although i used protection. My sixth week(actually five weeks, 6 days 12 hours to be precise) elissa fourth gen test came out negative. I'm a little sure that it can't be because of hiv. I have a wisdom tooth on my left side that is causing a tooth to decay. I got dental abscess about a month back. I didn't treat the dental abscess. This sore throat is pretty annoying.
Avatar n tn I had a severe sore throat and didn't feel well last Sunday and went to the dr. on Tuesday. He said I had allergies and gave me a steroid shot. I still was not feeling well, so went to the dr. again on Saturday and she said I was really congested and had tonsillitis and gave me Omnicef. Today is Wedensday and I am really not feeling that much better and still have the white patch on my tonsil. Shouldn't I be feeling better by now?
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn has anybody experienced sore gums and bleeds when brushingteeth ??? im 7 weeks gums been sensitive .