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Avatar f tn Several friends said they got sore throat early on, I was just curious if that was a common thing.
Avatar m tn And i have sore throat with fever, i was wondering that my throat got infected due to my Gums and due to sore throat i got fever. Right now iam taking augmentin and panadol for fever.Is it OK to take these tablets? Iam 25 weeks pregnant. Regarding mouthwash, its ok to used it?
Avatar f tn All of that but also an antihistamine would be good many times our sore throat is from mucus running from oyr sinuses down our throat. Dr.
Avatar n tn The tooth has been digging into my gums and is uncomfortable to open my mouth too wide. Recently I have a frequent headaches and sore throat that also feels tight by the adam's apple. Is it common to have these side effects with chipped teeth?
Avatar f tn Your body has more blood in it and your mouth get sensitive my teeth/gums always Bugs me when I'm pregnant and so for sore throat is your nose plugged I all ways wake up with dry sore throat bc my nose is all way pluged
Avatar n tn after the second or third dose or antibiotics, my gums were practically back to normal and of course my sore throat and the pus covering my tonsils started to clear. i am going back to the doc today because as luck would have it, the same exact symptoms are showing a year later. hope this helps.
1649664 tn?1301496185 I have an 15 year old cat who seems might have a sore throat. She trys to eat dry food but can not. She will eat a small portion of canned food. She also has been drinking water and going to the bathroom ok. I will be taking her to see the vet but is there anything I can do right now to make her more comfortable?
Avatar m tn 3 days later my mouth became sore, almost like i had cuts on my gums and cheeks. I went to the doctor and was tested for STD's and came back clean (blood and urine tests), my sore throat and mouth pain cleared up after a week, but my mouth still feels "off"..... i have one small bump on my gums, could this be a bacterial something? or STD?
Avatar f tn The first couple of days, I did not have a sore throat. The third day, I developed a sore throat as well as multiple canker sores on my gums and way back near my wisdom teeth. My gums in certain areas are tender and feel blistered and the roof of my mouth has the same feeling as if I burnt it on something hot. I have been using "Kanka" to numb my mouth because it is almost impossible for me to eat, but other than that, I don't know what to do or why this has happened.
Avatar m tn I later got a sore throat (so sore that I can hardly eat and have difficulty even swallowing water). I reached a 103 degree fever, had headaches, had nausea, very stiff neck, cold chills.. etc... I got tested for strep and mono and both were negative. Almost all of my symptoms have passed except for my sore throat, but now I am developing a large amount of canker sores... I have 4 on my lips, 4 on my gums and 2 on my tongue... my gums are swollen and my tonsils have many white spots on them...
Avatar m tn Seen my doctor and he put me on Amoxicillin. My strep cleared up for the most part (the white crap all over my throat). Throat is still sore and have ulcers in a few places around my mouth. Not to worried about that, what does worry me is now my gums are killing me. I cannot even tough them with a brush. No blood as of yet from them. Is this the last of the infection retreating?
Avatar m tn Muscle pains, migraines, coughing, sore throat etc. I also had a dentist appointment on the third day of that week, Tuesday. They did their job, and cleaned my teeth blahblah, but my gums were really pooofed up? I also have braces .. and when they were cleaning, it was way bloody. Ever since, my gums has been hurting like hell. On that same day, I also went to the doctor, I thought I had the Swine Flu, I was really afraid so I wanted my mom to take me there and check me out.
Avatar m tn I have had a sore throat for almost 14 days now, accompanied by infrequent stabbing pain in my jaw. I know that it's not normal to have a sore throat for this long (it's on my right side, same side as jaw pain) and I'm starting to become concerned. I saw a dentist, thinkin that it was tooth related, but the dentist said he could not attribute it to any tooth problems. He took my temp, felt glands, applied pressure to gums. Nothing, but the pain still persists. What could it be ?
Avatar m tn Throat has been sore for around 12 days now. It's not unbearable, just noticeable. Occasionally I will get a sharp pain in my jaw around where my wisdom teeth were. I went to the dentist, he felt my neck, took temperature, etc pressed on my gums around the tooth. Nothing, no pain. Looked at my throat and said that it just looked irritated, and that he's seen a lot worse. I know that having a sore throat for this long is not normal, and I'm just a little concerned.
Avatar m tn 2 and a half weeks later I have a sore throat and swelling around my throat _ I am scared this is HIV symptons as the internet is full of sore throats and throat swelling as a sign of HIV and the coincidence of my contracting a sore throat and swelling at this time seem to much so I can only presume it is HIV symptons I do not have any other symptons eg rash or fever etc I know people will say I am worrying over probably nothing but I have not had swallen glands for over 30 years and I neve
Avatar f tn Considering that the other person is HIV infected. And the person is having cut, sore , bleeding gums, or sore throat and even a cut on genitalss.
Avatar f tn but thats the only symptoms i have white slimy spots at the back of my throat and cheeks, sore and bleeding gums (that went away) but still have the white spots at the back of my throat. I also have this red small pinkish pimple on my arm for two weeks now it wont go away so im very very very worried. My skin have been itching but i always had very dry itchy skin. My doctor also looked at the pimple and said it was nothing. But i am very worried now.
Avatar m tn my throat isnt really sore, it just kinda hurts in one spot and im not even sure if its in my throat it feels like it is but it could be where my nasal passage way is.
Avatar f tn I woke up last Friday very fatigue with a very sore throat. As the day went on I felt like my gums on the right side were sore and I thought it was maybe due to my bottom impacted wisdom tooth. The pain seem to get worse and worse. My throat neck and mouth was very sore. The back of my throat was very red and I could feel the lymphadenopathy on the right side of my neck. The area where my gum hurts looked like a sore was forming right around there.
Avatar f tn You could be biting your toung or cheek? GUMS bleeding? Are you on blood thinners? Do you cough up blood? Do you have sore throat or varices (varicose veins) in your throat? Do you smoke? THESE ARE THINGS YOU NEED TO DISCUSS WITH A DOCTOR. It could be something simple or something more involved. This is not an easy answer. There are too many possibilities. PLEASE SEE A DOCTOR ASAP TO EXAMINE YOUR MOUTH, GUMS, BACK OF YOUR THROAT MEDICATIONS YOU TAKE AND PERHAPS YOUR LUNGS FOR A DIAGNOSIS.
Avatar n tn I took Augmentin 500 3x/day for 10days. After the 10days I still had a sore throat that feels like an ulcer down my throat, and I also still had about 10 mouth ulcers as well as swollen gums. I went to my Internal MD and he put me on Medrol dose pack and Levaquin. This initially helped w/ the mouth ulcers but the one down my throat got much worse. I was given a Celestone inj and put on Orapred. Also taking Pepsid. Throat neg for strep and mouth ulcers neg for Herpes.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning with what I guess I would call a sore throat, except it doesn't feel like the same kind oof sore throat I usually get with colds. It only hurts when I swallow and feels like its closer to the back of my mouth, possibly before the tonsils, than my throat. The pain is also only on the left side. From what I can tell I don't have any swelling in my neck or anything. This is yet another of odd mouth symptoms that I have had in the last few weeks.
Avatar m tn , red rash on left wrist, sore throat and strep throat, sore and burning gums). All of these according to various articles on the Internet are early signs of HIV. I am just wondering with the accumulation of symptoms that I have not sero converted despite the negative test results. 5. Given all of this, should I feel confident that further testing will be negative ? I assume that you have a record or recall of my previous questions dealing with the actual exposure and risks.