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Avatar f tn ve had swollen gums with all 3 of my pregnancies but unfortunately their isnt much u can do but mine would hut in the back of my mouth to where it was hard to even open it. Its painful i know.
Avatar f tn I did have a very mild problem with sores in the corner of my mouth, in my first TX back in 2006,i found a stevia extract liquid applied directly helped and i also used a mild cortizone cream.
Avatar f tn Hello about a month or so ago i had performed unprotected oral sex on two different women. A week or twp later my gums became really sensitive and sore as well as my inner lip. There also seems to be soreness on my tongue that comes for a day and then goes away but comes back sometimes. The gums between my front two teeth are the most sensitive. Could this be herpes? It hasn't gone away yet but ive noticed no outbreak externally.
Avatar f tn My throat neck and mouth was very sore. The back of my throat was very red and I could feel the lymphadenopathy on the right side of my neck. The area where my gum hurts looked like a sore was forming right around there. Monday I went to the doctor and I was negative for strep but my doctor still treated me for it. I've been on a heavy dose of penicillin for days now and no change. It seems like the sores have spread and their on the roof my mouth, the lower and upper part of my gums.
Avatar n tn Hello, for around 6 months I have had pain in my front upper teeth/gums, I went to my regular dentist a few days after this started. The dentist took x-rays, he said he could not find anything wrong, I have been back since and have had my teeth cleaned, I told him I am still having mouth pain. I went to another dentist with this problem, he did a examination, did not seem to find anything wrong.
5432782 tn?1368806956 Hi guys I'm now in week 17 of 24 weeks of triple with incivik, problem is now my mouth is starting to get really dry and sore. I think i need a prescription mouth wash ,but problem is its a long weekend here in Canada and can't get into see Dr till Tuesday . If any one has suggestions it would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn Im I the only one who has very sore gums during pregnancy ugggggg all I had was one bbq wing and had to due ti soreness of my entire mouth
Avatar f tn In other words, rub your gums with an orajel numbing gel let it work for a while and then place in your denture. If you can quiet it the nerve sensation in your gums, maybe it will no longer recognize the denture as causing it. Might be worth a try. Good luck and let us know how you do.
Avatar f tn I used to have issues with my lips when i was younger, they got very red for a while and the corner sof my mouth would constantly split and have a sore on each side. Now one sore is back on the left side of my mouth where my top and bottom lip connect. If i open my mouth too wide it tears and hurts. This is a new problem but it seems to be happening around the same time that all of the other things are happening.
Avatar f tn However, you need to get this diagnosed first. Other possibilities are a bad gastric reflux causing chemical burn in the mouth, deficiency of iron, vitamin B, vitamin C or bad oral hygiene causing bacterial infection. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar f tn I am asking you this because i have been suffering from severe outbreaks of mouth ulcers (on my gums, back of throat, tongue) on and off for the past 5 months straight (only 5 days total in 5 months without any). Sometimes, i have 10-12 painful large sores at once. I also was tested for herpes but since i have always gotten mouth ulcers since i was little (only once or twice a year though), my doc wasn't too concerned but tested it anyways. the test was negative.
Avatar m tn We had open mouth kissing where there was saliva exchange.I do not remember any incidence of blood or sore in her mouth and we exchanged saliva and her teeth made a small mark in my gum.Assuming she is +ve is there any chance that i may get this infection.Please help.While browsing net i accidentally stumbled into this site.After that this anxiety is too much.Please someone help me.
Avatar f tn Thank you. Ive been using the sensidine tooth paste but doesnt help, hopefully the dentist can help when my appointmemt comes around!
Avatar n tn It looked like cracks in my mouth and blood spots. One of those bumps is enlarged, white and sore. My mouth is constantly very sore. More recently, I've been getting sores after I drink alcohol. I first noticed this one morning when I felt pain on the front of my gums and felt a big hard bump there that was quite sore. This sore has since become more soft, as I can move it around with my finger and feel off what apears to be dead skin but it hasn't gone away after a month.
Avatar f tn I also have sores on the side of my tongue, where it attaches to the back of my throat is red, irritated and white skin forms over it, but it peels away easily (like the crevices). It has become impossible to eat anything besides oatmeal without experiencing excruciating pain, from swallowing and my gums. Food gets stuck easily between my teeth and it seems as though my gums are receding. My periodontist told me this was the worse case he had ever seen in 25 years in someone my age; I am 21.
Avatar n tn put a teaspoon of salt in some warm water and rinse around inside your mouth for 2-3 mins as many times as poss throughout the day. If there is no longer any bleeding then ask for the stitches to be removed this will help the healing process.
Avatar m tn I have had one cold sore and it has gone away. Now, I am getting little cuts inside my mouth, mostly on the gums of my mouth. Is there anything I can do to minimize the cuts from happening, because they are pretty painful and bother me.
Avatar n tn Sorry to hear of your problem, I understand how uncomfortable it is, because I myself have also suffered from this as well as having a swollen tongue in the past I learned that Vitamin B deficiencies are one of the most common deficiencies that can affect mouth and teeth. So I bought Vitamin B12 tablets that you place one under the tongue from the health shop. And this helped. Because you are medications, some of these can cause dry tongue and can also cause Thrush in the mouth.
302488 tn?1337551241 Orally hygiene is super important with any chronic disease, especially hep c. The virus is in the RNA and in every cell in your body....not just the liver. Rinse with warm salt water and keep clean.
Avatar n tn I have recently noticed due to stress and anxiety of thinking I have contracted hsv(herpes) inside my mouth that my lower part of gums/jaw under my tongue is swollen. I believe that it looks similar to pictures I have seen of mandibular torus but not so rounded more longish following the bone structure but sticking out a few millimetres. There are two similar growths on either side, the one on the left is slightly larger then the right but almost the same.
Avatar n tn Once it did is when the fun began, just beofre that bought of brushing i was getting the aformentioned cold sore, then the painful gums, strange my gums only hurt on the back side, like behind my front top teeth, not the front side, bottom too same thing. I've always had some gingivitis, I hope it's not something like trench mouth, i think my new brush is just a tad to hard.
Avatar n tn A week or so after, my gums on both the back top right and back top left side of my mouth began to become very sensitive and painful (more painful on the right side). The pain and sensitivity on the back left side of my gums has started to subside but its still acute on the right side. I'm concerned I could have a case of herpes inside the mouth, on the area(s) described above. I went to my dentist yesterday and he said it was not/ did not think it was herpes.
Avatar f tn Almost two weeks now and only the blisters are gone but I have an area where it feels like there is a hole in my palate and my gums on that sound of my mouth are turning bright red. My dentist has suggested an oral surgeon. Could this be a food allergy? I don't think I've eaten anything different in my diet. I have started taking a lot of vitamins. Maybe a vitamin caused this????
Avatar m tn I don't think so....I would call your doctor....are you coughing?? I mean I'm no doctor so I'm not sure but I don't think that's normal. Your blood supply is very high right now so you may simply have an irritated throat or mouth sore that's bleeding more than it normally would...but I would call the doctor.
Avatar f tn i had to stop the riba for a couple weeks because of really bad anemia and now know what sx were caused by it alone....corners of my mouth cracked and sore...gums real sensitive ..sores in my mouth...bad taste...all gone now that i had to stop the riba...once i start again i'm sure it will be cando says magic mouthwash helps...good luck....
Avatar n tn after the second or third dose or antibiotics, my gums were practically back to normal and of course my sore throat and the pus covering my tonsils started to clear. i am going back to the doc today because as luck would have it, the same exact symptoms are showing a year later. hope this helps.
Avatar n tn My gums are very sore and at times bleed when I brush my teeth. It seems that they are sore but it goes away and then comes back again. Not sure if this is an infection??? What else I can use besides tooth paste and mouthwash to help them??? How did I get this I brush my teeth all the time???