Breast pain third trimester

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Avatar f tn Oh and I use to get really bad migraines first trimester and now in my third trimester my feet are constantly aching
Avatar f tn I'm 34+3 and can say for me the 3rd trimester is so painful and uncomfortable!
Avatar f tn Any moms find out they were pregnant and never experienced any breast pain??
Avatar n tn How far long are you? I'm 27 weeks and I had very tender breasts at beginning of my pregnancy for first trimester and some of second its just that your breasts are growing and the hormones making them hurt to is went away for me nipples are still sensitve but breasts are ok now I'm in third trimester so it'll prob start again soon ....
Avatar f tn I myself don't feel any different from second Trimester. I'm 33 weeks Ftm and don't find third trimester uncomfortable she just never stops moving lol.
Avatar f tn Yes the third trimester is the hardest for sure. The back pain only gets worse and it gets to the point where you feel like you cant breathe. It gets harder to get comfortable which makes it harder to sleep..
8927222 tn?1415432715 Hello Ladies I just got into my third trimester I have 90 days left. Yay!!!! Any advice on what to expect my last couple of mmonths. In a ftm. I've been pretty lucky through most of it the only symptom I've really had is heart burn. And getting fat. Lol.
Avatar f tn t stretch anymore ik it can and is prolly stretching but it just makes me think if this is how the first few days before the third trimester then is it only going to get worse has anyone else been doing on their third trimester??
Avatar f tn Today I'm officially in my third trimester! Anyone else? Only three more months and Im not even that big. Its so hard to believe. Its like some weird dream!! She's kicking like crazy now too after being pretty calm for the last couple of weeks!
5739386 tn?1378836460 You may or may not experience this but this is what ive had te joy of experiencing in mu third trimester! Lower back pain, as ur belly gets bigger its easy to pull a miscle or put your back out so be careful and bend with your knees always! lots of pressure in the vagina from all the weight on your pelvis, increased discharge, frequent urination, harder time eating full meals until after baby drops, i got more headaches, increased.
Avatar f tn I know exactly how you feel I've got 7 more weeks and I'm still working 12hr shifts. Although I'm still capable of preforming all my duties with no problem I'm so tired after to where i have my husband pick me up. I won't drive this tired. It's like a mini workout everyday doing things. On my days off i just sleep and eat lol oh and go to the restroom about 50times. I think I'll be taking my leave in a few weeks. Best wishes mommy we're almost there.
Avatar f tn t stretch anymore ik it can and is prolly stretching but it just makes me think if this is how the first few days before the third trimester then is it only going to get worse has anyone else been doing on their third trimester??
5615074 tn?1378316840 Even though this app counts the 27th week as the third trimester I count the 28th week, because that is what my doctor is counting by. I am finally in the third trimester! I can't believe it! I'm happy lol. Hopefully this trimester will go by fast so I can meet my handsome son. :) For those just about or already in the third trimester how are all of you feeling? Have you started doing kick counts? How is the time going?
7166590 tn?1408351416 So they day the first and third trimesters are horrible and the second is a nice break in between. And I am sure I'm about to agree. I hit the third trimester tomorrow (27 weeks) and am already uncomfortable and over it haha the second trimester wasn't a walk in the park for me but have to admit it did end up getting better than the first. But in the last week I have become increasingly uncomfortable, frequently urinating, lack of sleep and heart burn has been kicking my butt!
Avatar f tn I have notice no changes at all in my breast, no pain,no sore, ntn, its just as normal like always. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn 31 weeks, and I've been up all night for the last week with stomach pain && back pain. It literally feels like I'm just going to blow up my toilet (have diarrhea, but I never do) my stomach starts doing these really awkward noises and the back pain is so painful as well as the abdominal pain. Could it be the food I eat? What are some natural ways to relieve the pain?
Avatar f tn Second pregnancy and real bad breast pain and nipple pain what can I do to ease the pain without taking pain medication didnt have much pain like this my first pregnancy
Avatar f tn I'm nauseous again, vomiting, and a pain between my belly and chest, epigastric pain?? I'm 32 weeks...
Avatar f tn Mine grew in the second trimester and towards the end of third trimester. I heard they get bigger once you breastfeed. Just like the other ladies mentioned. It just depends though because some ladies don't grow at all which doesn't mean they can't breastfeed.
422823 tn?1229736847 Last night while I was sleeping I woke up to a strong throbbing/burning pain in my left breast. It is on the outer edge. I tried rubbing it and it didnt help. There is no swelling or redness. Thus far my bb's have just been sore, is this burning and throbbing normal?
Avatar f tn Okay so can I just vent a little about the third trimester. I'm SOOOO achey... My back my hips my head. I feel like I'm dying. Love my little one so much but i want my body back! I still have a ways to go I'm only 31w and not really a big belly or anything just feel awful. I told someone the other day that I actually kind of enjoyed being pregnant... Well I spoke TOO SOON. I'm so ready to give birth because I wanna meet my little girl and i feel miserable...
8975030 tn?1402144712 My mom bowled in her lasts trimester but she said it have her contractions! Not extreme but enough to make her stop!
Avatar f tn im not in the third trimester yet but im close, im 25 weeks and still getting sick.
Avatar n tn I'm so happy that I finally in my third trimester today. Now hopefully it will go by fast. I Want To See My Baby.