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Avatar f tn I tend to agree with your Dr. to some degree about the breast pain. This is rarely associated with Breast Cancer, especially when it's been an ongoing problem. I'm a bit surprised that you are still on HRT as this has been proven to be quite a serious risk factor for developing Breast Cancer. This could certainly be a factor in your breast pain. If your tests are negative I doubt there is anything to be terribly concerned about.
Avatar n tn Sorry I am too new at the hrt thing myself. I have just been relying on my doctor to tell me what is best for me.
Avatar f tn Hi, Nipple discharge and pain could be due to the estrogen increase in your body and also because you are going through menopause.I don't think that breast cancer would present this way,as pain is almost never associated with it. You should discuss with the doctor about HRT.Theoretically, estrogen dominance can contribute to breast cancer especially if you have a breast lump.
Avatar n tn The treatments for fibrocystic breast condition are directed at the individual components of the condition, including the relief of breast pain and tenderness and the correction of hormonal irregularities. It is however recommended to have a baseline mammogram between the ages of 35-40 years and subsequently every year from age 40 onwards. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Please do some research about HRT before you decide to use it, google the topic etc. You will find HRT has a possible link with breast cancer. You don't need HRT. There are other alternatives. You say osteoporosis runs in your family. Even so you don't have to take HRT. A family member took HRT for almost 20 years plus actually. Her genecologist put her on it. Five years ago she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I wish you the best.
Avatar m tn if I take a very low dose of HRT, how much am I really increasing my chances of breast cancer? The lack of sleep is numbing and makes it very difficult to function and impossible to feel good.
Avatar n tn I have my breast checked on Jan 2012 and was told I am ok.The burning pain is quite worrying and your advice is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I just recently started having chest pains on the left side on the top of my breast. I also have a lot of little lumps in both breasts. My left breast has a hard area where it feel stiff and lumpy. My breast also appear to be getting swolen and sort of mishaped. Is this something to be alarmed about? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/261950'>Breast lumps with nausea, arm and chest pain</a>.
Avatar n tn As for HRT, this was proven several years ago .... there has been a decrease in breast cancer since HRT has stopped being prescribed the way it was years ago. The rule of thumb now is the lowest dose possible for the shortest time but none is even better. This was a huge discovery and one of the first known to prevent many cases of breast cancer. HRT is a bad thing .... I would certainly recommend stopping it as many women have in the past few years. It's rarely prescribed these days.
Avatar f tn My sister noticed a difference in her breast tissue and the cancer was discovered through an ultrasound. Does this type of breast cancer usually run in families?
Avatar n tn Before my first mammogram, I had been taking HRT,. I have been trying to come of HRT, so 2 weeks prior to my mammogram, I stopped taking HRT. I was recalled as I had some calcification in my right breast. I NEEDED a Biopsy and was told it was Benign, but to still continue on the 3 yearly screening programme. I have NOT taken HRT, for over a year now, my next mammogram is due next month, I am really worried cannot wait for it too be over with.
Avatar f tn t been on HRT as this has been proven to definitly increase your risk of developing Breast Cancer. It should be avoided if at all possible in the future. Please do investigate the bloody discharge; it could be serious but at the same time it could also be a comparitively simple issue. Take care ....
Avatar m tn Estrogen is not associated with an increased risk of any type of cancer (except endometrial/uterine). Studies that compared estrogen-only HRT with combine HRT showed an increased risk of breast cancer for combined but NOT for estrogen-only. Intact women's ovaries produce hormones into their 80's for optimal health and well-being.
Avatar f tn First of all I'm quite surprised that you are on HRT as it is rarely prescribed these days since it has been proven to increase the incidence of Breast Cancer. Of course it would depend on how long you've been on it and also what dosage but I certainly wouldn't advise HRT under most circumstances. You should be sure to inform the Breast Specialist / Surgeon that you are on HRT though. Now to your initial questions ...
Avatar f tn I have a follow with my specialist on June1/15, about HRT that he wants me to go on. I had a hysterectomy due to a polyp on my cervix, thickening of the lining and also endometriosis. My doctor wanted to leave my ovaries, but having read a lot on your site about other women who ended up going back in for surgery within two years to have there ovaries removed, and also that the ovaries are what also helps your endometriosis grow, I insisted they be removed.
Avatar f tn I hope you find it helpful, but zouzi is right---rarely is breast pain associated with breast cancer. I agree with her that you should see your doctor and follow any recommendations for testing. Instead of being scared, you'll be informed and know exactly what is going on in your particular case. Hopefully, you'll have peace of mind instead.
Avatar f tn I am receiving conflicting information regarding treatment for hrt. I have a uterus in tact I was prescribed combined hrt progesterone and estrogen estarlis patches. Then I went to another gyno who said that recent studies have proved that estrogen only with uterus in tact is safer that in fact it's the progesterone that is toxic. Is anyone receiving the same advice?
Avatar f tn I am a 19 yr old MTF trans patient who has yet to undergo HRT. While I desire the physical feminization provided by the typical t-blockers & estrogen HRT plan, I hesitate because I do not desire the inevitable breast development caused by estrogen. The idea of having breasts causes me great dysphoria. I am wondering if supplementing a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) with t-blockers and estrogen would allow me to feminize my body while preventing breast tissue development.
Avatar n tn I was having increasing breast tenderness for about a month and then a heavy period-like occurance with immediate relief of the breast pain. I went to my gyn about this and he said that because of the breast pain, the post menopausal bleeding sounded hormonal which would likely mean the ovaries are involved, even though he said he didn't feel any ovarian thing during my exam. I am having a transvaginal ultrasound and he said we need to do a d and c.
Avatar n tn // All the best...
Avatar f tn This is why we recommend that women with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer avoid HRT as well as soy and other “natural” estrogen products.
Avatar f tn That seems to work great, no more real low moments but the last week I have noticed ( been off hrt now for 16 months ) that I am experiencing alot of vaginal dryness, cotton mouth, breast tenderness and the dreaded hot flashes. I do not know what to do. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn As to your appointment tomorrow, I would ask for a referral to that Breast Specialist and when you see him/her I would ask about the HRT dosage ..... many, many cases of breast cancer are Hormone related and HRT is always discouraged, no matter what the dose. I certainly can understand how stressed you are about this current issue due to your family history but don't go overboard just yet. See the Breast Specialist, have some tests and take it one step at a time but do it soon.