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196469 tn?1365391575 What side effects have you experienced since starting HRT. I started 1 week ago today and I still have hot flashes and I have been very emotional the past few days. Is this normal? I am on antibiotics and have been for 4 weeks for wound separation. Could this affect the performance of the hormones?
3112831 tn?1341772104 I started Prempro 10 days ago and quit taking it 3 days ago because of extreme pain and a burning sensation in my right breast from nipple through to my back. Since stopping HRT, the pain has decreased but is still present. Should it take a while for the pain to go completely away, or should there be cause for concern?
1090423 tn?1286291250 So it's quite possible to experience some of the same discomforts one has during menopause during this stage, including breast tenderness. You should also be aware that breast pain is linked to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) If you are taking this medication to ease the discomfort of menopause,you should discuss with your doctor about it because women on HRT have health risks that exceeded the benefits.
1267464 tn?1270264205 If I have maintained a consistent high level of estradiol naturally, and have had neg mammograms on L breast for 3+ yrs, can I take some form of HRT? I did not have an oncologist because no chemo/radiation was prescribed. That's why I'm posting this question. PLEASE HELP???!! Thank you for any reply, and thanks for this website!!!
Avatar f tn I tend to agree with your Dr. to some degree about the breast pain. This is rarely associated with Breast Cancer, especially when it's been an ongoing problem. I'm a bit surprised that you are still on HRT as this has been proven to be quite a serious risk factor for developing Breast Cancer. This could certainly be a factor in your breast pain. If your tests are negative I doubt there is anything to be terribly concerned about.
Avatar f tn Many women actually find relief, when it comes to breast pain, when they cut back on how much caffeine they consume (chocolate,coffee colas). Although breast pain is rarely associated with breast cancer,I would urge you to see a Breast Specialist for a clinical breast exam, including a mammogram, to make sure that there is nothing there to worry about. Best wishes...
Avatar n tn I'm 31 years old. The breast pain that I've been having its not only during my menstrual cycles, not every day but lately its been more painful and in more areas. When I had my ultrasound done I told the nurse that when I started having the pain about 2 months from now that there was a white discharge coming out and she told me that I should worry only if it comes out with blood, is this so? I would like to know, if someone has breast cancer would it always show on the first mammogram done?
Avatar n tn Try some breast massage, warm compresses and breast exercises for the pain and also take OTC pain relief medications for a few days. Try some local application of analgesic gel. If the symptoms still persist, consult your doctor about it. Do let us know about how you are doing. Hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Also breast pain is not normally associated with breast cancer particularly if the pain is bilateral. Cyclical breast pain accounts for nearly 75% of all breast complaints.Even though you had a hysterectomy and if you have one ovary left, it would still produce hormones in your body that could cause breast tenderness. If both ovaries were also removed,then the breast pain is non-cyclical.
Avatar f tn please give me any info regarding breast pain. I am having pain on the left that extends at the back. I am 49 on my menopausal stage. I just had my mammogram 3 weeks ago it was normal however there is breast tissue dense.
Avatar f tn old, have had a complete hysterectomy 10 yrs ago and have had saline implants for 17 yrs. The passed 3 months I've had breast pain on the left side, mostly upper quadrant and under my left arm. Also burning pain on the right mid area of my left brest. It is sometimes very sharp pain in that area. My breast often feels heavy, but that seems to come and go. Just the wieght of my arm resting on my body in the night causes me to wake up from the discomfort of my arm and breast.
Avatar n tn For about 6 months I have been having a good deal of pain in the left breast area plus the breast is very warm and hurts. The pain has moved to under my left armpit and lymph nodes are swollen. The pain at times has been so severe that taking 4 advil tablets does not touch it. Also, there is a stabbing pain in the left breast and feeling of heaviness and something just not quite right. Anyway, I had a mammogram that showed a mass and then an ultrasound that showed a cyst.
Avatar n tn I have pain in my right armpit which has spread across into the right breast and a little pain in the shoulder and arm. It just started when i was sitting chatting to my mother so i know its not a strain. I had a total hystorctomy when i was 32 (9 years ago) I did take HRT but i stopped it of my own accord. I have had the pain for three days now (it wakes me up at night too) I take some painkillers for this but it does not take the pain away completly.
Avatar n tn I have a pain in my left breast, my arm and my back. My pain in the left breast first began one morning. That night I was sleeping wearing a bra, and the wire was poking out of my bra and digging into my skin. Also, when I checked the breast there was a red mark on it. The pain was there for almost 2-3 days, after that every thing was normal, the mark was gone and I didn’t feel pain any more.
Avatar n tn Today, while both the fever and nasal issues have subsided, the throat pain, hoarseness and swollen lymph node are the same. Otherwise I feel fine and don't feel sick. I do not have a "sore throat" like when one has a cold. BACKROUND: I'm 38 and have been on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) for almost 3 years primarily due to testosterone and growth hormone deficiency. As part of the therapy, I was prescribed a thyroid medication.
Avatar n tn I am not on HRT, although I did a 1 year trial of HRT that ended 7/07. Pre-HRT endo biopsy and trans-vag US were normal. After 3 weeks of extreem breast/nipple tenderness, and nausea/bloating, I started bleeding vaginally last week. Pelvic exam (while still bleeding) was very painful. I had a trans-vag and abdom untrasound today (no results yet) and I received test results showing a negative CA 125 and an elevated CEA.
Avatar n tn I have my breast checked on Jan 2012 and was told I am ok.The burning pain is quite worrying and your advice is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Recently I started having chest pain on my right side around and behind my right breast. I am taking the following meds- premarin 1.25, micardis 80mg,cymbalta 60mg,allegra 180's,clonazepam 0.5mg and prevacid 30 mgs x2 daily. My breasts have been leaking and the pain is getting unbearable. At my doctors appt. in August I had an inflammation in my chest wall and was given naproxen for pain. That did help for a while and now pain in chest is worse and now breasts are leaking.
Avatar n tn The reason for breast pain is not clearly understood, and is not usually associated with breast cancer. Breast pain is sometimes associated with hormonal variations and is then called cyclical breast pain. Noncyclical breast pain does not seem to be linked to hormonal variations and is often localized to one area of the breast tissue. Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast.
Avatar n tn I went off my HRT for 2 weeks and the doctor put me on vitamin E. Most of the pain went away. I am back on the HRT now and have blood coming from my right nipple. I squeezed it because it felt sore and sometimes getting that "colostrum" out helps. Now I'm worried. Any other causes for this than cancer? And should I just stop the HRT altogether because of thios and the family history?
Avatar n tn This soreness interfers with my daily life at home and at work. Mammograms have been ok. Not on hrt. I have tried tight bras, everything imaginable. any suggestions as I am really, really tired of this pain.
Avatar m tn If you had the ovaries removed you will begin menopause after surgery, but if you retained your ovaries you will experience menopause earlier than is typical. Many women suffer severe breast pain and tenderness when approaching menopause,due to unbalanced levels of hormones (Estrogen)and in many cases this will continue through and after menopause.Also breast pain can be caused if you are on hormone replacement therapy .
Avatar n tn I just recently started having chest pains on the left side on the top of my breast. I also have a lot of little lumps in both breasts. My left breast has a hard area where it feel stiff and lumpy. My breast also appear to be getting swolen and sort of mishaped. Is this something to be alarmed about? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/261950'>Breast lumps with nausea, arm and chest pain</a>.
Avatar f tn Breasts pain can get worse with changes in your hormone levels or changes in the medicines you are perhaps taking,particularly if you are receiving HRT (hormone replacement therapy).Stress can also affect breast pain. As a rule,women who are 40yrs old,should have regular mammograms or other test that the doctor may recommend.So, please make an appointment with your doctor(preferably a Breast Specialist) for a clinical breasts exam. Take care and best wishes...
Avatar n tn What other symptoms were present? Non-cyclic breast pain, most common in post-menopause, is usually localized. And aside from hormone changes, this can be caused by infection, injury or may be caused by referred pain from chest, ribcage or underarm region. Also, imbalances in fatty acids contained within cells may also occur during menopause, causing increased hormonal sensitivity in breast tissue which results to breast pain.
Avatar n tn I think you pain has nothing at all to do with the hrt...your endo could be causing pain ( its rare drs get it all) you may have developed scar tissue or adhessions. Upon re-reading your post I must clear up that yes hrt can feed endo, my origional thought was you where asking if it could feed cancer cells. Id for sure get one more opinion from a gyno preferebaly a oncoloyisit gymocologist just to err on saftey side.
Avatar n tn If the pain is still too much, you should try some OTC pain relief medications, wear lose clothes, breast massage and breast exercises to help with the pain. It would be best to schedule an appointment and see your doctor for a proper clinical examination. Do let us know how you are doing. Hope this helps. Good luck.
599170 tn?1300977493 I could pull up reasurch to support or not support most any theroy.some say HRT is good for the bones and heart(bio identical) some say HRT increases cancer risks especiallly breast andits a very tough decision. Once decision is made if women decide to go with HRT its even harder to get the right med or combo for each and every one of us have different needs and body chemistry.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me how long it takes for HRT to start working? I have been taking estradiol and norethindrone acetate for almost two weeks and so far I don't feel very much better. It has helped the hot flashes somewhat but the other symptoms are about the same. Isn't it supposed to help with sleep. This is so miserable. I still cry everyday and the shaking is still bad. This menopause is the worst. I wish I could have been one of those who breezed through it.
4936507 tn?1365365267 (It has just been the past couple of weeks) Saturday morning I woke up with pain in my left breast that got worse as the day went on. By that night it was very painful. Since then, it has still been painful but not as bad as it was Saturday night. I'm 48 and had a hysterectomy about 18 years ago, and haven't been on HRT for several years. Any idea what might be going on? Thanks.